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The Banned Fuck Me Silly Demo Videos

At the beginning of 2010, we released our first Mega Masturbator called Fuck Me Silly under our Pipedream Extreme Toyz brand. We knew we had a great item on our hands, but we never realized just how popular she would become!

We get emails from customers on a daily basis and Fuck Me Silly was definitely the most asked about product of 2010. In September, we made a video demonstrating the product and put it on a video sharing website. In two short weeks before it was removed, it received THOUSANDS of views.

Since then we’ve released several new “Fuck Me Silly” mega masturbators, each offering a way to live out various fantasies, with a demonstration video for each one. All of them have received tens of thousands of views each and all of them have been removed from YouTube, xTube and a few other sites. In fact YouTube deleted our official company page and banned Pipedream from its website.

We have been receiving a lot of emails asking where the videos can still be seen, so we’ve made them available here on our company blog hosted by our very own PDTV channel. Embed codes to share them on your website are available by email request.

Fuck Me Silly 1

Fuck Me Silly 2

Fuck Me Silly 3
***NOTE The video for FUCK ME SILLY 3 has been removed. The video explained how to customize your doll to put stockings on it or panties. Doing this will cause the inner core to be exposed between the legs, if you do not want the inner core foam to be exposed, do not cut the legs apart.