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Mmm Pecker Cookies!

The long holiday weekend is officially over. When we go to work this morning we found these photos in our inbox from someone who made cookies using our Pecker Cookie Cutters. We can only imagine the look on grandma’s face when these came out to the dinner table after the ham and taters were cleared away.

If you have photos of edibles made using any of our cooking and baking ware send them to us:

How to Properly Heat or Cool Icicles Glass Massagers

Icicles No. 17

Icicles No. 17

Our Icicles hand blown glass massagers, like all borosilicate glass toys, are great at holding heat or cold making them perfect for ‘temperature play’.

Temperature play is where objects or substances are heated or cooled to stimulate the neuroreceptors of the body during sensual play and love making. Here are step by step instructions for heating or cooling your new Icicle hand blown glass massager. These rules apply to all of our Icicles massagers, but please note that you do not want to heat, cool or get any of the motorized parts wet.

The safest and proper way to heat or cool your new Icicle hand-blown glass massager will take about half an hour. Heating or cooling glass toys quickly or exposing them to drastic temperature differences can compromise the strength of the glass.


· Make sure your Icicle is at room temperature and place it in a large bowl or pan.

· In a separate pan boil water; you will later add this to the first pan.

· Turn on and adjust the water flowing from your sink to a moderate warmth, this is to gradually warm your glass toy.

· Fill the bowl or pan containing your Icicle with the moderately warm water from the tap, until it is completely submerged and let it sit in the water for five minutes.

· Carefully drain 2/3rds of the water out, leaving the Icicle partially submerged.

· Add the boiling water until your Icicle is submerged again and let is sit away from any heat source for another 20 – 25 minutes.

· Your toy is now heated and ready to use if it feels comfortable. Allow it to sit longer if it is still too hot.

· Be sure to test it before inserting it into any intimate areas to avoid burning yourself.


· The cooling process is similar to the one used to heat your Icicle.

· Have a bag of ice ready and easily accessible.

· Make sure your Icicle is at room temperature to start with and place it in a large bowl or pan.

· Run water from the cold side of the tap only and fill the pan containing your Icicle until it is completely submerged.

· Let it stand for five minutes.

· Add ice cubes to the water covering your Icicle and let it sit for an additional 20 minutes.

· Freezing your Icicles is not recommended as a frozen glass toy has potential to stick to your skin.

Remember to use this gradual heating or cooling process and always avoid extreme cooling or heating methods. Exposing your Icicle to drastic temperature differences can compromise the strength of the glass.