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Sex Toy Tips: Using a Toy For The First Time & Caring for it After

We get many questions sent in to us from customers and potential customers a like. Many are answered directly and privately to each person individually, but sometimes we get questions that we’re certain others might want to know and could be too afraid to ask.

Over the weekend we received and email asking if you should wash your butt plug before using it for the first time.

Answers on this topic could vary depending on whom you ask, but yes, we always recommend washing your new sex toy before using it for the first time. Unlike getting a new pair of jeans that will be worn on your body, sex toys get inserted or used on intimate areas of the body. It’s always a good idea to clean your toy really well before enjoying it for the first time or even after its been sitting in your toy box.

Pipedream offers a few different toy cleaners for you to choose from. All are anti-bacterial, yet mild enough not to have a harmful reaction with most skin types. First there is the Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner in traditional spray or the new foaming varieties.

We also have Monica Sweetheart’s Toy Cleaner and the new Pipedream Extreme Toyz spray cleaner. These are the same anti-bacterial toy cleaner you know and love, just branded to match your favorite male masturbators.

Pipedream Toy Cleaners

Pipedream Toy Cleaners

Here are instructions for caring and maintaining your toys before and after use.

1. Remove toy from package and spray with anti-bacterial toy cleaner or an anti-bacterial soap.
2. Rub the entire product vigorously with cleaning agent and rinse with hot water using caution if any parts of the toy are not waterproof.
3. Pat dry with a towel, apply some Moist lubricant and it is ready to use!

1. Rinse away any after masturbation debris from toy with hot water.
2. Apply anti-bacterial toy cleaner or an anti-bacterial soap and rub the entire product vigorously to clean it.
3. Rinse until clean with hot water and pat dry with a towel.
4. Allow to air dry completely before storing in a moisture free environment.

- If using a masturbator made of Fanta Flesh, be sure to dust with Pipedream Revive Power (RD238-03)
- Always make sure your toy is water proof before submerging under water or while cleaning the product.

Be sure to check out our new Fanta Flesh Care Kit. Available early Spring 2011.

If you have a question about any Pipedream Product or sex toys in general, we have an area of our website dedicated to helping. Just ask a Sexpert!

Fanta Flesh Care Kit - RD237

Fanta Flesh Care Kit – RD237

Something Weird This Way Comes

We're #1 For Fun! 2011 Catalog

People like to blog about all things weird.

Our Oral Sex Light has caught attention of tech bloggers like Gizmodo and Inventors Spot as well as Nerd Approved, Kill Some Time, and, just to name a few.

Most recently we saw it top the list of 10 Weird Sex Toys posted by a mommy blogger in Finland who says she would “need a disguise” just to shop for it online.

Pipedream has always been known for its wide variety of novelty and gag (ie. weird) gifts. In fact, we have an entire catalog dedicated to exactly these types of products.

So we’ve decided to do a giveaway for fans of weird novelties.

And what is the prize? Our brand new Tuggie, which has its very own Facebook fan page (that we didn’t start) and was featured in a post by Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.

So how do you win The Tuggie?

1. Leave a comment below on this blog with a link to your favorite weirdest Pipedream Product and a link to where it can be purchased (our site or your favorite retailer).

2. Share this contest on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr or your blog so others can join in the fun.

3. A winner will be chosen through a drawing and announced next Tuesday, 01/11/11!

The Tuggie: The fuzzy sock that warms your cock!

It’s a New Year, Why Not Try a New Type of Lube?

Moist Water Based Water Cooler Shaped Dispenser (PD9729-00)

It’s a new year and award winning author Mitzi Rae wrote a blog about her first lubricant experience of 2011 using our Moist Gel. She also included some Master Sexpert Tips for you to make your ‘me time’ (masturbation) or playtime with a loved one even better in the new year.

Check out her full review here.

And remember… there is a variety of Moist lube for just about everyone. What is your favorite?

1. Moist Water Based.
2. Moist Silicone.
3. Moist Gel.
4. Moist Heat.
5. Moist Mist.
6. Flavored Moist.
7. Moist Lite.
8. Anal Moist.
9. Other: ________