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Vibrators 101: Part 2 G-Spot Vibes

Diagram of the G-spot

The “G-spot” is short for Gräfenberg Spot and refers to a small bean shaped area of the vagina that when stimulated properly can result in more powerful orgasms and/or female ejaculation.

It is located about 1 to 3 inches up from the vaginal wall between the opening of the vagina and urethra. There is debate over the proof of its existence, yet countless women swear by it and many toys are now designed with G-Spot stimulation in mind.

For a more technical inside look at the G-spot, female prostate and more information about female ejaculation visit The Clitoris dot com.

For now, lets delve into Part 2 of our Vibrators 101 blog series focusing onG-Spot Vibes!

PD1149-11 Pretty Pearl G-Spot Massager in Pink

Pipedream Products has nearly fifty vibrators designed for G-spot stimulation. Why so many?

Because everyone is built a little differently, so its best to visit your gynecologist and familiarize yourself with the landscape of your own anatomy so you’ll have a better idea of what length or girth will work right for you.

In part 1 of our Vibrators 101 blog series, we mentioned the Le Reve Curved Massager. It’s a great place to start if you are new to vibes or attempting to discover your G-spot for the first time.

Our Pretty Pearl G-Spot Massagers are made of flexible medical grade TPR and offers moderately powerful vibration, perfect for the beginner. It’s silky smooth, non-porous and waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath.

Another vibe that has received numerous rave reviews for G-Spot stimulation is the Slender G. Made of hard plastic, a little lube will go a long way with this vibe. One reviewer officially dubbed it the “squirt whisperer” in her review of the vibe. In her own words:

“…if you have a vagina, and you want to see if you can squirt, this is your best bet. Hell, even if you don’t want to squirt it’s a great toy, it provides a good range of vibration, and it’s only around $16!”

PD1015 is available in Pink or Purple

Women who prefer to stimulate their clitoris externally while massaging the G-spot internally should definitely check out our Hannah Harper Butterly Vibe. It’s waterproof, boasts 7 functions, is made of silicone and curved to hit the G-spot with small nubs for increased sensation. This one is better for those who’ve already discovered their sweet spot and want even more stimulation!

HH114-00 Offers G-Spot & External Clit Stimulation

Be sure to check out our entire range of G-spot vibrators and if you have questions about any specific vibe, feel free to ask one of our Sexperts!

Vibrators 101: Part 1 – Simple, Classic Vibes

Vibrators are no longer taboo. Women and men from every walk of life proudly use them to enhance their pleasure and overall sexuall wellness. But with so many different types of vibrators on the market these days, it leaves many vibrators newbies to wonder, ‘just which vibrator is right for me?’

So many choices. But which vibrator is right for me?

So many choices. But which vibrator is right for me?

With Vibrators 101 we will give a complete overview of the different types of vibrators we offer. In this first installment we’ll discuss Simple, Classic Vibes.

Once you understand the functions and purpose of the different types of vibrators, choosing the one that is right for you becomes much easier.

Take a moment to think about what you’re looking to achieve in the bedroom. Is it, better self pleasure when alone? Better orgasms than you’re getting during regular intercourse? Stimulators that you can use with a partner? A vibrator that will help you reach that elusive G-spot orgasm?

Once your sexual wellness goal is clear in your mind, read on and check out the best selling & best reviewed vibrators we have linked in each category and let Pipedream make your orgasms even better!

Simple, Classic Vibrators

If you have never tried a vibrator before, start with one that is simple in design and features. The Original Wanachi plugs into your wall and offers the most power of any vibrator in our catalog. Wanachi also comes in a variety of sizes and functions including multiple speeds as well as attachments to enhance your experience.

PD3020-00 The Original Wanachi

PD3020-00 The Original Wanachi

Another simple vibrator comes from our Neon Luv Touch slim line and features an easy to adjust dial control that lets you pick the setting that is right for you. Neon luv Touch Slims feature a soft velvety plastic coating and are available in full assortment of colors including pink, purple and blue. It’s also available in a ribbed version if you’re looking for extra texture in a variety of colors.

PD1109-11 Pink Neon Luv Touch Slims

PD1109-11 Pink Neon Luv Touch Slims

PD1125-11 Pink Ribbed Neon Luv Touch Slims

PD1125-11 Pink Ribbed Neon Luv Touch Slims

Our Le Reve Slimline G massagers have been touted as a perfect beginners vibe due to their ergonomic design and multispeed function. It’s waterproof and perfect for bathroom alone time. Award wining author and sex toy reviewer Mitzi Rae reviewed this vibrator and calls it “an interesting massager with a perfect shape to stimulate the G-spot.” You can read her complete review on her blog to learn even more about this perfect first timer’s vibe.

Le Reve Slimline G PD1163-11

We will discuss more about G-spot vibrators in another installment of Vibrators 101. For now let’s focus on a few more simple, classic vibes and finish up this category.

Penis Shaped vibrators have been around since the dawn of the dildo and are still a favorite for many women. These are ideal if you are looking for a vibrator to mimic real sex with a male partner when one isn’t available (or is too busy watching the game). What you should know about these vibrators is they are available in a variety of materials from soft jelly to hard plastic (completely firm) and many choices in between including latex (moderately firm) , realistic Fanta Flesh (soft) and rubber (moderately firm).

PD4240-21 Basix Rubber Works 6" Vibrating Penis Shaped Vibe

PD4240-21 Basix Rubber Works 6" Vibrating Penis Shaped Vibe

Take some time and click through our website to see the many choices we offer and come back to our blog soon for part 2 of our Vibrators 101 guide. Our website also features many demonstration videos. When you see the play video icon under a product, click on it so you can get an even better idea as to the size of the vibrators as well as some of its functions.

Now that you’ve read this you can probably narrow down the choices a bit better. If you still have any questions about specific vibrators or any item on our website, you can ask one of our Sexperts for more information so we can make sure you pick the vibrator that is right for you before shelling out any of your hard earned money. Be sure to link or include the item number(s) you’re asking about so we can answer you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Shock Therapy 101

E-Stim is an abbreviation for electro stimulation (aka electrosex) and is a sexual practice, popular in some fetish communities that involves applying electrical stimulation to the nerves of your body. Some choose to apply the e-stim to the genitals, back or extremities (arms/legs/hands/feet) before or during sex.

Electro stimulation can be dangerous if not performed properly and it is highly recommended that you consult your physician before trying it for the first time. Additionally when purchasing any e-stim product from Pipedream’s Shock Therapy line, read the included instruction and warning manual in its entirety before operating the unit.

PD3723-00 Shock Therapy Kit

Our Shock Therapy line is from the Fetish Fantasy Series and includes the Original Shock Therapy Kit as well as newer additions to the line including the Pleasure Probe, Cock Cage and Nipple Clamps.

PD3723-04 Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

PD3723-04 Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

PD3723-02 Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

PD3723-02 Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

The original Shock Therapy kit is a device used for e-stimulation / electrosex, a fetish that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. This video will give an over all demonstration for how to set the kit up and use it for the first time.

If you decide to purchase the kit and try it for yourself, you’ll want to be sure to read the included instructional pamphlet COMPLETELY before trying to operate the unit as well.

PD3723-00 Shock Therapy Kit


Our Shock Therapy e-stim devices are made with the electrosex beginner in mind. Those who are more experienced would probably want to pick up our Electro Sex Gel, which will increase the intensity of the stimulation. We also have Shock Therapy Replacement Pads when you’re ready for new ones.

PD3723-03 Shock Therapy Cock Cage

Additionally, we offer smaller Shock Therapy units that are specific to other parts of the body including the Shock Therapy Cock Cage, Pleasure Probe, and Nipple Clamps. These body part specific units can be powered by the box that comes in the original Shock Therapy Kit, but the 4 adhesive pads cannot be operated using the smaller power box with these units.

PD3723-01 Shock Therapy Replacement Pads

Demonstration videos for the original Shock Therapy Kit, the Pleasure Probe and the Cock Cage are all embedded below.

Shock Therapy Kit: FAQ & Demo Video

Shock Therapy Cock Cage FAQ & Demo Video

Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe FAQ & Demo Video

Customizing Pumps For Your Penis Pleasure

Photo by:

Photo by:

We get emails asking if it’s possible to customize pumps at all. You see, not everyone who uses a pump has a small penis, though they’re normally manufactured with the less endowed men in mind.

Case in point is this question from a customer, which we received earlier in the week.

I recently bought the Classix Vibrating Power Pump, and I love it, but I am having trouble getting my penis out of the sleeve without pulling the sleeve off the pump and the sleeve staying around my penis. What do you suggest to help me release from the pump smoothly with my erection still in tact?

To remove your penis without the sleeve coming off of the pump, be sure to use plenty of MOIST Lubricant, which is available in several formulas. Also use one of your hands to hole the sleeve on the pump itself and pull your body away from the pump slowly. If it’s lubricated properly and you’re holding the sleeve to the pump when you pull away with your body, your penis should come out of the pump without pulling the sleeve off of it.

We also found this review from a real life user of this very pump who had to customize it in order for his penis to fit inside of it. He says:

“However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years working with sex toys – and there is – it’s that sex toys aren’t as fragile as you might think, and they can be adapted. So I grabbed some scissors and made some… modifications.”

Once customized to fit his penis correctly, just listen to what the vibrating pump did for him:

“Normally my dick is around 7 inches when fully erect, but it was being stretched to well over 8 inches when I came inside the pump… I came like the cum was being sucked right out of me – which it was. I experienced the same thrilling panic I’d felt when I was 13, the first time I’d felt that vacuum sensation… And then the best – and most unexpected – bit happened. As my erection dropped inside the pump, I hit the valve that releases the pressure, and it brought on a secondary orgasm that produced yet more cum.”

To read his complete review and see how he got his start experimenting with household appliances to try to pump his penis, click here.

Photo by:

Photo by:

Penis Pumps 101

Different men use penis pumps for different reasons including penis enlargement, aiding in achieving better erections, erectile dysfunction, or simply for pleasure. They are also a great alternative for those who do not wish to take prescription medication to achieve an erection.

Whatever the case may be, how to use the pump is the same. Below you’ll find written instructions as well as a video* demonstrating how to use two basic types of pumps on a real penis.

*This video is #NSFW and shows a model using a pump on his penis.

Apply lubricant to your penis and the inside of the donut shaped orifice on the opening of the pump. We recommend using a water based lube such as our Moist Personal Lubricant to avoid any issues with the rubber or latex ring.

Slide your penis into the cylinder and press the base firmly against your body until you have an airtight seal. Then squeeze the bulb (hand piece) to increase air pressure inside the cylinder. This causes an increase in blood flow to the penis.

If you are new to using pumps, start SLOW. We recommend the Classix Power Pump or our new Beginner’s Power Pump. We also have a new Digital Power Pump that features an LED lit display allowing you to see the exact amount of pressure that is inside the chamber. Check it out here along the complete PUMP WORX collection.

Digital Power Pump PD3263-23

Begin pumping a little at a time, you don’t want to over pump, especially if this is your first time using one. Continue pumping until your penis is firmly erect and stop for a moment to listen to your body and make sure the pressure is comfortable to you. Using a penis pump should NEVER be painful. Look to make sure there is no unusual discoloration or veins that look like they are bulging excessively.

If things feel ok, pump a little bit more and pause to access how you are feeling again. If it is uncomfortable or painful in anyway, use the quick release air valve to release the pressure inside the cylinder.

If you are new to using pumps, its recommended to limit your pumping time to 20 minutes or less. This can be increased to about 30 minutes after you are more experienced using pumps and understand your limits.

If you are using a pump for enlarging your penis, know that pumping results are temporary and you will need to maintain a pumping ritual for up to six months to see enlargement results. Even then you will need to keep a routine going to maintain what you have achieved.

Beginner's Power Pump, purple (PD3241-12)

Beginner’s Power Pump, purple (PD3241-12)

Men have reported success using penis pumps to enlarge the size of their penis by regularly pumping 3 to 4 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. It is important to give your body recovery time between sessions. You should also be aware that the enlargement will be seen more in the girth of your penis as opposed to the length of your penis.
The only way to permanently enlarge your penis, without a regular pumping routine, is through surgery. If you experience pain when using the a penis pump, you should immediately cease use of the pump and contact your physician.

If you want to add some fun to the equation, check out some of our pump masturbators and vibrating pumps!

Spontaneous Vs. Receptive Desire

A man’s desire is more spontaneous in nature, while a woman’s is what is called receptive desire. At least according to Susan Crain Bakos, the author of The Sex Bible For Women.

In an excerpt from her book, Bakos states:

“Men’s spontaneous longing for sex sets the tone for the general definition of desire, even though desire in women is more often receptive than spontaneous. A woman doesn’t see her desire (the way a man does), in fact, she might ignore it altogether until touch stimulation awakens it.”

So with this in mind gentlemen, it’s more important than ever to be equipped with the right pleasure products, especially if you’re like those of us who aren’t gifted with their hands!

Enter Pipedream Products and the plethora of ways you can spark that receptive desire in your special lady by touching her the right way, with the right instrument. All you have to do is find the right time!
Take a tour through our website where you’ll find bullets for external stimulation, clit ticklers, G-spot vibes, affordable glass massagers, do-it-all high end vibrators and much much more.

Unlike a man, whose desire can increase when sex is infrequent, women need sex regularly in order to have their sexual responsiveness heightened.

Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler MD cited in his book Love Cycles that in addition to boosting desire, boosting the frequency of sex can have other benefit for women. These benefit include: better fertility, stronger bones, better cardiovascular health, less depression, and fewer menopausal symptoms.

So remember the more often you keep her happy, the more she is going to respond to you when you are ready for some lovin!

Silent Night, Horny Night

Do you enjoy vibrators but hate how loud some of them make?

Don’t despair, here is some information on how to pick a vibe that generates less noise and how to quiet the loud ones you already have in your collection.

• More power equates to more noise. Vibrators with larger batteries tend to pack a more powerful punch where it counts, but with that comes more noise.

• Vibrators made of plastic or other hard, non-porous materials are traditionally louder than softer pliable materials such as Silicone TPE or TPR.
01_Hard vs Soft

• Try a remote control vibrator. These are designed to be quieter because people are more likely to use them in public.

• Where you use the toy can play a role in how loud your vibrator sounds. For instance, bathrooms have hard surfaces, which will increase decibel levels. Using the toy in your bedroom where there are softer surfaces will help absorb sound waves.
Bathroom Towel

• Place a blanket (or towel) over the part of the toy housing the motor. This will help muffle the loud noises it makes.

• Use the toy under a big comforter or thick blanket to smother sounds from those who could be in an adjacent room.

• Cover up the noise with your favorite mood music. Turn the volume up just loud enough to tune out the sound of the vibrator.

Remember, there is no such thing as a completely silent vibrator. Perhaps one day technology will provide us a way to offer this to people, but for now we hope these tips, tricks and techniques will help you enjoy your favorite vibe.

If you have any questions about a specific vibrators you’re thinking about picking up, be sure to ask one of our Sexperts so they can help you make the right choice!

Photo courtesy of Towel Collections