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Traveling with Sex Toys

A customer wrote in this week asking: “Can you legally pack a sex toy in your luggage and check it in on an airplane flying within the United States ?”

The answer is yes, so long as you can handle the potential embarrassment that could come with it.

TSA screens and Xrays all luggage, but you can still bring your sex toys with you without letting all the other passengers know about the transportation means to your “other arrivals.”

TSA will x-ray luggage and see what's inside.

TSA will x-ray luggage and see what's inside.


1)You should also be sure the batteries are out of your vibrating items. Smaller, more discreet toys attract less attention on the x-ray screen.

2)If possible, store your sex toys in your luggage, not your carry-on.

3)If you must place it in your carry-on — especially for those long international flights — then put it inside a zip lock bag and place it deep inside the caverns of your bag.

4)And lastly, if the TSA do end up pulling out your toy and ask you what it is, tell them the truth because lying can get you in a whole lotta more trouble, THEN tell them you got it from Pipedream Products!!! … jk

TRUE STORY: On the way home from a trade show Jane Doe’s suitcase was vibrating. She’d left the batteries in her vibrator samples from the show and they were buzzing like mad. This got her pulled aside and scrutinized by security. They didn’t give her any trouble except for a mild scolding about the danger of batteries in the toys and cabin pressure. Needless to say she was blushing.


Products carries several items developed with traveling in mind including the Perfect Travel Companion bullet kit, which is designed to look like a make up compact and tucks away discreetly in a purse or suitcase.

If you want to give an extra “charge” to your trip, then try our Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit, which comes with 4 shock therapy pads, a cock cage, and nipple clamps — all of which can be hooked up to the shock remote to give you incredible electric sensations all over your body. YOU WILL DEFINITELY NEED TO PUT THIS IN YOUR LUGGAGE, NOT YOUR CARRY-ON!!!

Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit

Products of interest for him include our Full Service Travel Trio and Full Service Travel Trio with Pump kits.

Sex toys are a great way to spice up your sex life while on vacation as a copule. You don’t have to worry about the kids finding them or how loud you are because you’re experiencing out of this world orgasms you don’t get to enjoy at home.

So aside from the potential embarrassment one might feel with a TSA screening, it is totally legal to travel with your favorite sex toys.

PD2084-00 Full Service Travel Trio With Pump

PD2084-00 Full Service Travel Trio With Pump

A Penis Extension For Him

Many penis extensions and designed to enhance length and / or girth of the wearer which will help satisfy his partner better. Most of them are made to surround the tip of the penis and part of the shaft. This leaves the wearer unable to experience normal sensations during intercourse, which is fine for the guy who is only interested in the pleasure of his partner.

A customer recently wrote asking if we have one the would allow the tip of the penis to be ‘poke out’ and still get full sensation while adding to the size of his penis. The answer is YES!

Real Feel Penis Enhancer PD1859-00

Real Feel Penis Enhancer PD1859-00

Our Ready-4-Action Real Feel Penis Enhancer will add girth to the penis, features a vibrating bullet that will turn your penis into a real life ‘power tool’ and has a stretchy band that will wrap around the shaft and/or balls (depends on wearer’s preference) to help achieve a stronger, more powerful erection. It’s also waterproof, cordless for hands free operation, and includes batteries.

To see our complete range of Penis Extensions, visit and search ‘extensions’. We have a large selection so grab one that will satisfy you (the wearer) and a second one to satisfy your partner!