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PDTV Guide

If you’ve read about the new PDTV area of Pipedream Products website, but aren’t sure exactly how to navigate it or put it to use, this guide is for you.

PDTV Home Page

PDTV Home Page

PDTV looks like a tube site and performs like a tube site. You can share and embed directly from our site instead of relying on YouTube or Vimeo, who have been known to delete some of the videos because of their content. It is easy to share & get to by typing in into your web browser.

Easy to embed & share.

Easy to embed & share.

Our tube site is mobile device friendly & should play smoothly on most smart phones and tablets. This will benefit sales people on the road.

Mobile device friendly.

Mobile device friendly.

You can search by item number or the name of the item. For instance, if you search ‘CUFFS’, all items with the word cuffs will be retrieved.

Search by item name or number.

If you wish to search by category, click on the pd tv home button at the top right and you’ll be taken to the main page where all videos are broken down by categories. (Fetish Fantasy Series, Cockrings & Stimulators, Vibrators & Massagers, Basix Rubber Works, Dongs & Strap-Ons, Anal, Kits, Blowup Babes, Pipedream Exclusives and Signature Collections).

Categories can be found on the PDTV home page.

Categories can be found on the PDTV home page.Under each video there is a link todownload to your computer if you wish to store a copy of the video itself and upload it direct to your web or social networking sites.

Download the excel spreadsheet to help you navigate.

Download the excel spreadsheet to help you navigate.

You may also download an excel spreadsheet detailing all of the items which have videos. This spreadsheet is a great reference to have so you can quickly find the item number for an product that you already know at least part of the name of. The spreadsheet can be found at the very bottom of the PDTV homepage or you can click here.

We hope you put PDTV to good use as a sales tool to increase your bottom line. If you have any questions, please write us at

Cleaning & Maintaining Masturbators

From pocket sized to full scale body part replicas!

Male masturbators need to be cleaned and maintained properly between uses to keep them fresh, lifelike, supple, and to increase the lifespan of your investment. We get asked all the time how to clean and store masturbators correctly, so here is an easy to follow step by step guide to walk you through:

1. After you’re finished enjoying your masturbator, wash it thoroughly with hot water and Pipedream’s Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner specially formulated for our Fanta Flesh and TPE masturbation sleeves and body part molds. You can also stick the opening to the tunnel up to a faucet to flush debris or use an enema to clean the inside out.*

1. Clean

2. Absorb all of water you can with a towel, including the water toward the end of the love tunnel openings. Let stand to air dry an additional 15 minutes.

2. Towel Dry + Air Dry

3. Dust the exterior with Revive Powder and spread around entire exterior of masturbator. This will absorb any residual moisture that is left on the piece.**

3. Revive to get any residual moisture

Spread the openings (1 at a time) and sprinkle Revive inside. Run through as far as possible with your fingers. If necessary you can sprinkle more in. Once it’s dry to the touch and your finger slides through easily, you’ve absorbed the residual moisture inside.**

Following these steps will lengthen the life of the toy, keep it feeling more lifelike and pleasurable while using it. Not following these steps will cause the material to deteriorate quicker and become ‘sticky’ during future use.

Be sure to check out our new male masturbator Care Kit too!

Everything you need to clean, enjoy & maintain your masturbator collection.

Some choose to wash their masturbator before using it as well as after. Follow the same basic procedure outlined above to clean the toy before, but do not dust it with Revive powder.

* If Pipedream’s Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is not available you may use a household anti-bacterial soap, such as DIAL.
** If Pipedream’s Revive Power is not available you may use a powder such as cornstarch or talc as a substitute.

Additional questions can be directed to

Pole Dancing… Not Just For Strippers Anymore

Private Dancer

There was a time in the not too distant past that yoga had such a strong tie to religion that many couldn’t imagine using it as a fitness medium. Today yoga is offered at most gyms and health clubs.

Similarly, even though more women than ever are using dance poles as a sexy way of staying in shape, the majority of the population still associates dance poles and dance fitness with ‘strippers.’ This trend will change over time and there will likely come a day that pole fitness is offered in health clubs between pilate classes and yoga.

In the meantime, Pipedream has provided an affordable and sturdy pole that is easy to install in your home where you can use it for whatever you desire including a private show for your lover, burning calories, or gearing up to compete in the national pole sport championships.

What is the diameter of the pole?

Fantasy Dance Pole demo by Celeste Starr

- 6.25-inches (measured around)

What is the weight limit of the pole?

- 180 lbs.

The Fantasy Dance Pole is fully adjustable up to 9 feet and in the box you will find everything you need to install it and turn your home into a private dance studio.

Here is an easy to share, easy to print or even bookmark on your smart phone (go green) guide to get you going.



Here is an easy to share, easy to print or even bookmark on your smart phone (go green) guide to get you going.


Kit includes: Pole, Mounting Bracket, 4 Screws, 4 Washers

What you’ll need: Ladder, power drill (or screw driver) and a stud finder.

CAUTION: The Fantasy Dance Pole was designed to install in virtually any flat ceiling and uses a sturdy bolt-in mount. Vaulted ceilings, acoustic ceilings, and false ceilings aren’t recommended. Always check the durability of both the floor and the ceiling prior to installation to ensure sturdiness and safety. If you aren’t sure about installing the pole yourself, contact a qualified handyman to ensure proper installation.

STEP 1: Before you begin, locate a ceiling joist on your flat ceiling using a stud finder.  Once you have found the ceiling joist, place the ceiling mounting plate on the ceiling and screw in the (4) provided screws. Make sure the washers are put on the screws first, then drill the screws into the ceiling to attach the mounting plate securely.

Stud Finder

STEP 2: Next, attach the long pole to the short pole by twisting the steel tubes together until they are snug.  Make sure the grey rubber slider is on the pole closest to the ceiling and the rubber stopper is facing towards the ground.  The pole length can be adjusted between 7’3”-9’3”, so measure your ceiling first to make sure the pole can fit.

Pole to Pole

STEP 3: Raise the pole up to the ceiling mounting plate and place it in the opening of the coupling plate.  Twist the pole clockwise until it locks into place in the ceiling mounting plate.  You’re now ready to adjust the height of the pole using the built-in spring inside of the extendable pole.

Mounting Plate

STEP 4: Twist the pole clockwise until the non-skid rubber stopper is firmly secured to the ground.  With each clockwise twist of the pole, the length of the pole extends, making it tighter and more stable with each twist.  When you can no longer twist the pole any longer, the pole is ready to test out.  Make sure the pole is perpendicular to the ceiling and test the pole for tightness and stability before use.  Once you are confident the pole is properly installed, you’re ready to give it a try.

Twist Pole into Place

Now you can practice those same sexy dance moves in the privacy of your own home and enjoy a great cardio workout at the same time. Your lover will be amazed and aroused at how easy it is to seductively tease and please just like the pros. Go ahead, give it a twirl and explore your fetish fantasies!

X-Rated Ways to Celebrate National Lollipop Day

Little Pecker Hard Candy Suckers PD7434

Did you know that July 20 is National Lollipop Day? For real’s, google it.

In honor of this bizarre holiday, we’ve rounded up some ways Pipedream can help you celebrate. It also just so happens to be Hump Day, so you have no excuses, we expect you all to get laid or pleasure yourselves tonight and make your coworkers jealous of your FFF glow you have the rest of the week.

Our Award-winning MOIST lubricant comes in several flavored varieties including Strawberry, Cherry, Passion Fruit and Kiwi. It’s the same formula as our original Moist lubricant that Women’s Health Magazine awarded best lubricant and so tasty it will make his lollipop even more scrumptious than it already is when you plan for oral sex to lead to intercourse.

If you’re merely planning for an oral adventure, check out our Tasty Treats Body Toppings available in Berry Dream Strawberry, Very Cherry Vanilla, and Sinful Citrus Orange Creme. Its creamy and leaves the skin moisturized, fragrant and all over kissable.

Tasty Treats Very Cherry Vanilla

For chocolate lovers, Pipedream offers its ever popular Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping in Raspberry, Strawberry, Almond or Cafe Mocha. All four are available in sampler sizes as well as 8 oz tubes if you know which flavor you already prefer.

Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping Sampler

If you’re like some of us and still recovering from your sexual exploits over the past weekend, you can still celebrate National Lollipop Day the old fashioned way… with candy! Our Lil Pecker Hard Candy Suckers and All Day Boobie & Pecker Suckers are perfect to get your oral fixation while you let your knees finish recuperating.


Rest them up so you can do it again next Saturday!

Be Gentle It’s Your First Time

If you have never explored your prostate, using a toy for the first time can be a confusing, scary experience. So we put together some tips & advice from our in-house ‘prostate whisperer’ to help your first experience go smoother and be more enjoyable.

You wont believe how it feels until you experience it yourself!

You wont believe how it feels until you experience it yourself!

The prostate is one of the most tender areas of the man’s body. Those who are brave enough to put masculinity and sexuality aside and give it a try might still be fearful of doing harm, inflicting pain, or permanent damage. All of this can be avoided and you can enjoy it, even the first time if you do some preparation and pick the right toy to start off with.

Drink plenty of water a day or two before.

Drink plenty of water a day or two before.

Plan a day to embark on your new adventure and then a couple of days before drink more water than you normally do and avoid spicy foods. Being hydrated and having a blander diet for 72 hours before anal activity will ease discomfort.


Having an enema before any type of anal play is a good idea. Not only is it more sanitary, if you use warm water it will help relax the muscles so you can insert the toy easier.

PD2733-00 Unisex Enema

PD2733-00 Unisex Enema

If you wish not to take and enema before your prostate play, we recommend getting some thin latex or nitrile gloves that can be disposed of easily after you’re done. Gloves will also prevent any jagged nails or rough fingertips from disrupting your pleasure.

Be good to your backside and it will be good to you.

Be good to your backside and it will be good to you.


Do some stretches. Lay with a heating pad under your buttocks for 15-20 minutes after the enema and before anal activity. This will not only relax the muscles in your behind region, it will give you time to be sure you’ve expelled all the water before beginning play. It’s also a good idea to use a towel under you, just in case.


Thicker lubricants formulated for anal play are best for prostate exploration, but if you have a favorite lube you want to use, feel free. Just be sure if you are using a silicone toy, not to use a silicone lube. If you have a water-based lubricant, have a little cup or bowl of water nearby. A couple of drops can reactivate your lubricant and make it slippery again and last longer, saving you money in the long run.


It’s best to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with your nether regions using your fingers. Feel around and get an idea for where you are most sensitive both at the point of entry as well as throughout your perineum. When you feel you are ready, apply some lubricant to the tip of your index and middle finger and slide it around the entire point of entry.

You can't handle a toy until you can handle a finger (or 2)

You can't handle a toy until you can handle a finger (or 2)

When you are ready insert your well lubricated finger, slowly. You will need to get the entire canal lubricated, so it might take a couple of tries and some extra drops of lube. Once you’ve successfully inserted your finger all the way inside, feel around again upward toward your testicles so you can know exactly where your prostate is before inserting any toy.

If you experience discomfort, just pause, breathe deep and try to relax. Take your time, a mind blowing P-spot orgasm is worth the wait and if you rush yourself you’ll scare yourself off from going through with it and experiencing that pleasure.

PD9718-00 - 1 oz. MOIST ANAL LUBE

PD9718-00 - 1 oz. MOIST ANAL LUBE

When you think you are ready, grab the toy you have chosen, lubricate it and maybe put a couple more drops on and in the point of entry. When it comes to anal play, PLENTY of lubricant is important to make the experience enjoyable and more comfortable. This is another reason its good to have a towel under you.

Insert the tip of the prostate massager and push in gently until you feel any type of discomfort. Then stop, take a deep breath and exhale and try a little more. If you feel it isn’t working for you, just slowly remove the toy and do some more deep breathing and stretches. Just keep trying and slowly, gently explore until you can get the toy inserted in you all the way.


If you haven’t chosen a prostate stimulator yet, be sure to check out our post explaining the varieties we offer for the beginner. Pipedream has plenty of toys to graduate to over time when you are ready to take it to the next level.

NOTE: Some might think using an anal desensitizing cream to be the answer. These creams and sprays are better for those who are more experienced with anal play. The people who know their bodies and limits who are ready to push them further. So if you are new, take some time, be patient and breath through it. Once you have a little more experience under your belt and know your prostate better, then you can dabble with some desensitizing sprays or creams to help get you to the next level of play.

Prostate Stimulator Overview Pt. 3: Advanced

You’ve mastered the art of P-spot play with our stimulators for the beginner and novice, now you’re ready for something a little thicker and perhaps more powerful.



The first logical step up from the novice level to the more advanced prostate stimulation device would be our Silicone P.E. Vibe Spiral. It’s just a bit of a step up from the novice vibrators in terms of length and girth with a graduating shaft that you can literally ‘screw’ into yourself slowly until you get used to it. As always, be sure to take your time and don’t try to graduate to the next level before you are ready.



We also have the Silicone P.E. Vibe Large with moderate graduating ridges that taper up from 1-inch to 1 3/8-inch wide. The base has two holes for your fingers and a twist dial cap that will allow you to control the power. Its waterproof and made of firm yet comfortably flexible silicone.

For the guy who’s tried the rest and ready to take the test, we have our 5 Function P.E. Vibe, the largest of our vibrating prostate stimulators. It starts out at 1.25-inches at the tip and works up to 1.75-inches once fully inserted. It’s curved to send its powerful vibrations into your prostate gland, features a twist cap control dial for its multiple speeds, and has nubbed perineum stimulators. It’s waterproof and has a chord to go around your wrist for aquatic fun in the bath or spa. NOTE: This item is made of latex.

Check out the complete listing of prostate stimulation devices on our website to see all of the varieties Pipedream has to offer. Looking for an even LARGER dong? Check out our Basix Rubber Works collection. If you have any questions feel free to pop a question to one of our in-house Sexperts.

Prostate Stimulator Overview Pt. 2: Novice

Once you’ve grown accustomed to the prostate stimulators we offer for beginners, you’ll need to take it to the next level to continue pushing your pleasure to new heights.

Pipedream offers a wide variety of prostate stimulators and vibes for the novice and more advanced. Here is an over view of the offerings we have for guys in this mid-level range of P-spot exploration:



Our Silicone P.E. Vibe Small starts out narrow at 15/16-inch at the tip and graduates to 1.24-inches wide at the base once fully inserted. The ‘beads’ will help you stretch along the way and give you a ‘break’ in between which allows you to rest for a minute and get comfortable again before pushing on further.

The Jester P.E. Vibe is a waterproof vibrating prostate massager with handles that are easy to grip and control during play. It’s cleverly curved to hit you where it counts and has an easy single push button control. Its made of ABS plastic and non-porous so its super easy to clean and comes with batteries. It’s just one step up in size compared to our beginner P-spot stimulators, and a perfect stepping stone to larger toys.

PD2738-12 "Jester P.E. Vibe"

PD2738-12 "Jester P.E. Vibe"

Our Vibrating Waterproof Silicone Prostate Stimulator has curved to cradle your prostate once in with beads to give some texture as it makes its way in. The external handle will keep you in control with an easy to reach dial to adjust the vibration to a level and power that is right for you. The external nubs will vibrate and excite your prostate externally as it presses against your perineum. Also waterproof and perfect for your alone time in the shower after a hard day at the office!

Once you’ve conquered these prostate palpitates, be sure to check out our post (coming soon) on P-spot stimulators for the more advanced player.

Prostate Stimulator Overview Pt. 1: Beginner

Beginner group - V1-ftw

For those unsure of which first time prostate stimulator is right for them, here is an overview of the options Pipedream offers for the newbie.

Our Silicone Curve and Twist Prostate Stimulators are the smallest P-spot toys Pipedream offers and the least intimidating for the newbie. If you’re really shy about going where no finger has gone before, these are a good place to start.

Classix Prostate Stimulator (black or pink): It is cleverly curved to stimulate the prostate both internally through direct contact and externally through contact with the perineum. (That wonderful spot between your butt and your testicles). It’s unique shape will feel great when you move the handle around or simply by laying back, relaxing and squeezing your sphincter muscles around the toy.

If you want to really kick your p-spot orgasm into gear we offer two small Silicone Vibrating Stimulators, each shaped to provide pleasure, while being small enough not to intimidate the newbie.

Both the Silicone Waterproof Prostate Stimulator & Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator are waterproof with a removable bullet. You can try them without the vibration at first and once you are used to the toy, turn up the dial until you reach the desired level of vibration that is right for you.

Both of these will provide external stimulation as well pressing against the perineum and gives you a small handle to stay in control of the toy and retrieve it easily when you are finished. The silicone is firm, but soft and a bit flexible, which many guys new to anal play seem to like instead of an unforgiving hard plastic device.

Part 2 of this series discusses our prostate stim toys for the mid-level, novice man.

Sex, Chocolate, and You

Chocolate or sex... which do YOU prefer?

Chocolate has been said to be a natural aphrodisiac and has been said to increase libido as well as improve your sex life. Chocolate has even been said to help women when suffering from premenstrual tension and some have even joked that chocolate is better than sex.

Nothing is better than sex in our opinion, but to each their own!

July 7th is Chocolate Day (apparently, there’s more than one). So we have rounded up some interesting facts about our second favorite treat:

- Mayans created a ritual beverage shared during marriage ceremonies made from cocoa
- Approx. 40 million people worldwide depend on cocoa for their livelihood
- Most of the world’s chocolate comes from West Africa
- Cocoa beans once served as money in South American civilizations
- Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural substance said to produce a feeling similar to falling in love
- Chocolate melts in your mouth because the melting point of cocoa butter is just blow 98.6 degree F
- Allowing chocolate to melt in your mouth produces brain activity similar to passionate kissing

Most of the world's cocoa supply comes from West Africa

Most of the world's cocoa supply comes from West Africa

Since it increases sex drive and produces feelings similar to love or kissing, chocolate can be just as good a friend to the single as it can a couple celebrating a romantic occasion (ie. wedding, honeymoon, Valentine’s Day, divorce).

Fudgy Fun For Lovers!

Fudgy Fun For Lovers!

Pipedream’s Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping is one of our most popular items for couples. It’s available in 4 scrumptious flavors including Raspberry, Strawberry, Almond, and Cafe Mocha. It’s available in pillow pack samplers, 1 oz. trial size or 13 oz bottles for those who know the flavor they like best.

We hope you make the most out of Chocolate Day whether you’re single, partnered or in between!