Cleaning & Maintaining Masturbators

From pocket sized to full scale body part replicas!

Male masturbators need to be cleaned and maintained properly between uses to keep them fresh, lifelike, supple, and to increase the lifespan of your investment. We get asked all the time how to clean and store masturbators correctly, so here is an easy to follow step by step guide to walk you through:

1. After you’re finished enjoying your masturbator, wash it thoroughly with hot water and Pipedream’s Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner specially formulated for our Fanta Flesh and TPE masturbation sleeves and body part molds. You can also stick the opening to the tunnel up to a faucet to flush debris or use an enema to clean the inside out.*

1. Clean

2. Absorb all of water you can with a towel, including the water toward the end of the love tunnel openings. Let stand to air dry an additional 15 minutes.

2. Towel Dry + Air Dry

3. Dust the exterior with Revive Powder and spread around entire exterior of masturbator. This will absorb any residual moisture that is left on the piece.**

3. Revive to get any residual moisture

Spread the openings (1 at a time) and sprinkle Revive inside. Run through as far as possible with your fingers. If necessary you can sprinkle more in. Once it’s dry to the touch and your finger slides through easily, you’ve absorbed the residual moisture inside.**

Following these steps will lengthen the life of the toy, keep it feeling more lifelike and pleasurable while using it. Not following these steps will cause the material to deteriorate quicker and become ‘sticky’ during future use.

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Some choose to wash their masturbator before using it as well as after. Follow the same basic procedure outlined above to clean the toy before, but do not dust it with Revive powder.

* If Pipedream’s Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is not available you may use a household anti-bacterial soap, such as DIAL.
** If Pipedream’s Revive Power is not available you may use a powder such as cornstarch or talc as a substitute.

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