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FAQ: Remote Controlled Thrusting Butterfly / Remote Rabbit

Pipedream recently released two new do-it-all rabbit vibrators and questions are coming in from people who want more information before deciding which one is right for them. We present this FAQ to help you decide along with a video demonstration explaining how to properly insert the batteries, material info, and so you can see the functions in action.

- What type of batteries do they take and are the batteries included?

The remote control requires 1 N battery (included). The vibe requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

Waterproof Remote Controlled Thrusting Rabbit Pearl

- Why are there four arrow buttons on the vibe but only two one the remote?

The arrows on the remote control the speed of the shaft and clitoral stimulator simultaneously. On the base of the vibe itself, the left arrows control the speed of the clit stim by itself and the right side arrows control the speed of the shaft. The button in the middle on the base of the vibe cycles through the vibes 7 functions as does the button marked ‘F’ on the remote control.

Waterproof Remote Controlled Butterfly

- I’ve inserted the batteries and it isn’t coming on?

Be sure the batteries are inserted as per the embossed directions in the battery carriage and the cap is screwed on tight.

- Are the materials on each the same?

The Black Waterproof Remote Butterfly is TPR (rubber) and the Pink Remote Thrusting Rabbit Pearl is made of TPE (elastomer) which has a softer, velvety finish.

- Will one remote control both vibes?

Yes. In fact, the remote will control any vibrator in your collection programed to the same frequency. Be sure other vibrators you aren’t using that are controlled by remote have the batteries taken out.

- Are they phthalate-free?

Yes, Pipedream ceased using phthalates in any products several years ago.

- Are they the same size?

The pink vibrator is 1 inch longer than the black one and features a thrusting shaft. The black remote butterfly vibrator features a rotating shaft.

More information can be found on our website. Additional questions should be directed to

The pink vibrator is 1 inch longer than the black one.

Enema Guide for the Newbie

In addition to creating a cleaner experience when engaging in anal sex, enemas can be good for one’s health. Performing an enema for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have a professional or experienced partner to help.

We present the following guide and miscellaneous tips to help you make the first time through the process a more enjoyable experience.


Make sure you have everything you need ready. We recommend having the following ready and easily within reach and if possible, be within a few steps to the restroom:

- A towel & clean rag/washcloth
- Your equipment ready & assembled
- Lubricant

- Assemble and fill your enema / douche as per manufacturer instructions, leaving it in a place that is easy to get to and safe from being knocked over.
- Spread your towel and lie down on your back or side.
- Lift or spread your legs and apply lubricant to your anus and tip of the enema.
- Insert the tube or tip of hose and let the water flow in slowly.
- Once empty, pause and see how ‘full’ you are feeling. If it is your first time, you wont be able to handle as much liquid as someone who more experienced.
- Continue lying down until your urgency to flush cannot be held anymore.
- Flush out on the toilet.
- Repeat as necessary until you are comfortable that the expelled water & liquid are clear enough for a clean anal sex experience.

Enema of the State album cover feat. Janine


- Some prefer to use gloves for a more sanitary experience.
- Avoid excessively spicy foods 48-72 hours prior to performing an enema or any type of anal play.
- When using a bag type of enema system with a connecting hose, be sure to hold the bag higher than your body by 2 or 3 feet. The higher the bag of water, the quicker the water will flush into your body.
- Unlike eating, where your body takes approximately 20 minutes to register that it is full, your body will immediately tell you when you are full and ready to flush.
- The longer you are able to hold the liquid in, the deeper the cleanse will be. Some prefer more repetitions with less water held inside for shorter periods of time, while others prefer more liquid held for longer periods of time.
- Don’t be afraid to ask your partner or lover to help. Many use the enema process as a kinky form of foreplay or fetish play prior to intercourse.
- With some experience, most are able to hold liquid for approx. 10 to 15 minutes before expelling.
- The newer you are to the process the less water you will be able to hold and for a shorter amount of time.
- Don’t push yourself, go slow and listen to your body through the process.

For information on the different types of Enema & Douche systems Pipedream offers, please check out our blog post on our most popular products with information on how to assemble our beginner’s Enema Bulb.

FAQ: Cleaning Shock Therapy

Now that so many people know what e-stim is and how to use our Shock Therapy line, many are asking; “What is the proper way to clean their Shock Therapy kit? – - – Specifically the adhesive pads of the original unit.

Cleaning your Shock Therapy kit & pads, because of the nature of the electricity involved, is a bit different than how one would clean other toys in his or her collection.

Power box, wires, and parts conducting electricity should not be submerged in water.

1. Never submerge the power supply box or wires in water. Always use a damp cloth to spot clean where necessary. You can use our Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner with a damp rag.

Adhesive pads can be used in water for cleaning purposes.


2. The adhesive pads that come with the original Shock Therapy kit may be submerged for cleaning in water, once they are detached from the lead wires. Use a mild anti-bacterial soap or our own Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner to clean them. After washing, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly before storing.

NOTE: Use original clear acetate sheets for storage, to increase the life of the adhesive gum on the pads. The adhesive gum on the pads cannot be reapplied once it has worn off. However, Pipedream has created a set of 12 replacement pads which are available for purchase separately. One box contains 3 sets of replacements.

Probe, Cock Cage & Nipple Clamps not to be used in water.

3. Use the spot cleaning technique for all other parts that come with the Shock Therapy kit you have purchased & remember the only parts safe for submersion in water are the adhesive pads. Do not use water on the probe, cock cage, nipple clamps, wires, or any power boxes.

We hope you enjoy your new Shock Therapy kit. For more information or instructions on how to use your new Shock Therapy item, check out SHOCK THERAPY 101. You may direct additional questions about this or any Pipedream product to



Fantasy Swing Assembly Instructions

Fantasy Swings make new positions possible!

For those of you who’ve misplaced or never received the printed instructions that come with our Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing, we offer this online guide to help you during the set up process.

If you would like to receive a print resolution PDF of the instructions, please email with “Fantasy Swing Instruction Request” in the subject line.


The only difference between the Original and Spinning Fantasy Swings is the Swivel Clip
















Installation is quick and easy requiring only a few common tools:

-       Pencil or sharpie

-       Claw Hammer

-       Screwdriver

-       Drill (optional)

-       Stud Finder

Read more

FAQ: Mini Mite

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about our Mini Mite Massagers, which come in a wide range of colors and varieties. Search ‘mini mite’ on our wholesale site to see the entire line.

7 Function Mini MIte PD1104


Question: Why is one Mini Mite more expensive than the other, the plastic feels the same on both?

Answer: Our Neon Luv Touch and Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Mites are less expensive than the 7-Function Luv Touch Mini Mite, which has more features and pulsations. Both have the same soft velvety Luv Touch coating on the plastic.

Question: How do I insert the batteries?

Answer: Positive (+) side into the body of the Mini Mite as the arrow on the side indicates.

Insert battery + side toward center of massager.


Question: If i use a Mini Mite inside of a vagina will the head of the mini mite come off?

Answer: Yes, the caps, which each provide their own unique sensation are removable. These have been manufactured with the intention of using them for external and clitoral stimulation only.

CAUTION: The Mini Mite is intended for external & clitoral stimulation.


We also encourage you to review these video demonstrations for more information:

Classic versions of the Mini Mite demonstrated by british toy retailer.

If you have additional questions please email

Fanta Flesh & Lube Compatiblity

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about Fanta Flesh and lube compatibility. Besides water-based lubricants, what other types of lube can be used? Are silicone & oil the same thing?

Fanta Flesh is compatible with any Moist brand lubricant.

Our Fanta Flesh is a TPR blend is unique to Pipedream Products. Other faux flesh materials made by other manufacturers, while similar just aren’t quite the same as our proprietary blend.

Pipedream has tested and can recommend any of formula from its line of MOIST lubricants, manufactured in its facility in the United States. This includes waterbased MOIST, Anal, Gel, Lite, Glycerine Free, Mist, Heating or even our MOIST Flavored lubricants.

Silicone Moist is also compatible with any Fanta Flesh product, but it should be noted is not an oil based lubricant. Silicone and oil are two different substances and should not be confused. Pipedream does not make any oil based lubricant, which is also not recommended for use with any Fanta Flesh product.

Not sure which Moist is right for you? Try a sampler pack first.


Pipedream has not tested the compatibility of other manufacturer’s lubricants and cannot confirm compatibility of other lubes with Fanta Flesh products. Oil based lubricants are also NOT recommended for any items made of Fanta Flesh. This includes our male masturbators and Real Feel vibrating dongs.

We also recommend reviewing our Cleaning & Maintenance instructions to keep your Fanta Flesh in optimum condition and help extend the life of your new product.

Additional questions can be emailed to