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A Guide to Pt. 3

Part 1 of this blog series gave you an introduction to our wholesale website & guided you through the home screen and top pull down menus.

Part 2 we discussed the left side column navigation of product categories and sub-category menus as well as how to shop by brand, the difference between “Pipedream Exclusives” vs. “Signature Collections” and basic search functions.

Here we dive into the more robust product detail pages our revamped wholesale site has.

When you click on a product you’ll get to it’s product detail page with the item name, product number and a general description of the product. Distributors, retailers & bloggers are welcomed to use any information and images on these product detail pages, but you might want to rewrite the description enough that it wont look like a copy/paste job for SEO purposes.

Scroll down further on the page and you will see product specifications such as UPC code, case counts, weights & measurements, features, country of origin and more. You will also notice tabs next to Specifications for Downloads and Suggested.

Downloads give you access to any available additional assets available for the product such as Hi-Res Jpegs, Hi-Res Layered TIFF images and a zipped folder to download all available images for the product easily with the click of your mouse.

The Suggested tab is where we have included some products that you might also be interested that will compliment the product you’re looking at perfectly.

If there is a product demonstration video available for the item you are looking at you will see a Video Tab as well. If there is not Video tab, that means a product demo is not available for that item.

Product demo videos are also available in one easy to navigate area of our site, pdTV, which we discussed in Part 1 of this blog series.

Should you have any troubles with Pipedream Products website or have any more questions be sure to email us so we can help you!

A Guide to Pt. 2

Part 1 of this blog series covered the home page highlights and walked you through the pull down menus at the top of the page.

Now we want to help you find the brands, products and product information you need.

If you know the name of the product or item number, simply enter it into the search field at the top left under About Us. If you are shopping by category, use the menu & explanation after the jump.

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A Guide to Pt. 1

By now you have no doubt seen our revamped wholesale website, The site not only got a new look, we moved some things around to help you find what you need quicker.

This guide is intended to help you navigate the the tabs and links on the website so you can get on to the other things you need to do with your day, like using one of your favorite Pipedream Products!

Part 1 covers the main home page and all of the pull down menus and tabs across the top. We will be back with part 2 to discuss product detail pages and product category navigation.

If you have any questions about the site that aren’t answered in this post, please email us.

At the main home page you will find a scrolling carousel ad banner with some of the latest products you might be interested and Hot Sellers beneath you are definitely going to want to make sure to stock up on!


Under the About Us tab you will find a link to the story of Pipedream, the latest company news, and an overview of awards we have received.

Next in the Downloads tab, you’ll be able to save paper by using electronic versions of our supplement sized catalogs, as well as print quality image downloads including brand logos, current advertisements, headers/banners and Plan-O-Grams to help you merchandise your store.

The middle tab will take you to our in-house tube site, pdTV, where you can easily get embed codes to share our short for product demo videos as well as download them to your own computer.

The Social Media tab has links to take you here to our official blog and the Ask A Sexpert page where you can get more information about products before purchasing. Here is also where you’ll find links to a variety of other popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

Racy, Racier… JUST RIGHT!

On our Facebook you will find updates with the latest information from Pipedream for a more PG13 type of crowd. Twitter takes it a step further with PG13 to R-rated posts and Tumblr is where those who don’t worry about the #NSFW hashtag and want to see the full monty!

Next door to Social Media, you’ll find the Customer Service menu where you have access to the Contact Us form where the general public can write us, our Retail Store Locator service, our Product Registration Warranty form, recommended online retailers, a Feedback Form where wholesale customers can write us, Newsletter signup, and finally where you can order print versions of our catalogs.

Wholesale customers who have established accounts can login via the last pull down menu on the top right of the home page.

Part 2 will provide information on navigating categories, finding specific products, and the sub-category links on the left side of the website.

Part 3 will delve into product detail pages.