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Shock Therapy Instruction PDF

Below are links to where you can download the high resolution (print quality) PDF sheets of the instruction pamphlet that is included with our original Shock Therapy kit.

Shock Therapy Instruction PDF - Page 1

Shock Therapy Instruction PDF - Page 2

Additional information is also available on our Shock Therapy 101 blog post, complete with video demonstrations.

FAQ: Fuck Me Silly DUDE Demo Video

Pipedream has a new stud in its Fuck Me Silly mega masturbator stable, the Fuck Me Silly DUDE. A torso and frontal mold of a real athlete’s body, complete with six pack abs and beefy pecs. Here is a demonstration video which answers frequently asked questions including:

RD180 Fuck Me Silly Dude Molded After a Real Athlete

How big is it?
Is there a love tunnel or is it just a cock?
If so, is it ribbed?
Where does it drain out?

These and more questions are answered in the video above. If you have any other questions please email us.

Interested in seeing how durable the cock is on Fuck Me Silly DUDE? Be sure to check out or endurance test video.

FAQ: The Lowdown on Latex

Latex is a popular material used in fetish apparel and BDSM gear. When worn properly it literally is like a second skin on the wearer. When latex apparel is worn to look its best, garments are tight and fit snugly, which can make it tricky to put on and take off. Pipedream manufactures many items made of latex from ball gags, to leggings, to masks and assorted apparel, such as skirts, boy shorts, peep hole bra tops, gloves, and more. So we get a lot of emails from customers about how to care for, wear and maintain our products that are made of latex.

Rubba-Wear Latex Apparel by Pipedream

What’s the best way to put on or take off latex clothing? How should you care for latex between uses? How can you get that slick, shiny look you see on others wearing latex out at the nightclubs?

Latex hoods & apparel from Fetish Fantasy Extreme

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Pipedream. This blog post will serve to answer these questions and more.

Putting on & taking off latex apparel can be tricky. Pulling too hard on it can leave permanent finger marks, stretch and even tear the material. Use a generous amount of baby powder inside of the garment and have patience using the palms of your hands to slide into the garment. Once on, use your whole hand to shift the material around from side to side until it is comfortable enough to wear.

A little silicone Moist goes a long way!

Some prefer to use a good silicone lubricant (or other non-oil based) lubricant when putting on latex garments. One method is no better than the other, it is just a personal preference of the wearer.

To remove latex garments, use the same ‘shift and slide’ method in reverse of pulling the garment on.

Washing Your Latex - It is important to wash your latex apparel and gear after every use to remove the sweat and any odors that accumulated while wearing it. NEVER use any type of solvent or oil-based cleaner on anything made of latex. Use a mild cleaning agent, such as our Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner or a household soft soap and lukewarm water.

Never 'wring-out' your latex garments while washing.

Never ‘wring-out’ latex garments and do not scrub them. This can damage the latex permanently. Use a soft cloth to wipe and gently shake the garment to get rid of excess water. Pat dry with a towel to soak up water and hang to air-dry in a room temperature setting. Remaining water can be wiped away gently with your soft cloth and residual moisture can be evaporated by dusting with some baby powder. This will also prevent the latex from sticking to itself while drying.

Storing Your Latex - Keep your latex gear and apparel in a dry environment, preferably one that is dark and just under normal room temperature. Plastic hangers and garment bags are a great way to keep them folded nicely and protected from the surrounding environment. NEVER use wire hangers, store in direct sunlight or store in any place that is near a heat source.

You can also use silicone lubricant to ‘shine’ the exterior of your garments once they are on. Remember a little Moist silicone lubricant goes a long way, so start with a little so you don’t waste any. Some apply a few coats to get the look they are searching for, while others are happy with a single coat of silicone lubricant.

Additionally, use caution with sharp fingernails, jewelry, watches and sharp objects when putting on or wearing your latex. Metals including copper, brass, and bronze can stain latex and should be avoided. Since latex is porous, perfumes and makeup can not only be absorbed into the material, it can stain or break down the quality of the latex. ALWAYS avoid any oil-based products to clean or care for your latex.

Who’s That Girl? Fuck My Big Fat Titties

Click on the above photo to read more about Fuck My Big Fat Titties

Who is that busty beauty on the packaging of our Fuck My Big Fat Titties mega masturbator? It’s a question we get asked on a regular basis. The model is Shay Laren, an adult actress and model with a growing fan base.

Shay was one of the best days of shooting we have had in our photography studio and has personality to match her stunning looks. Speaking of, here is a small photo gallery with select portraits from her shoot with Pipedream. Enjoy!


FAQ: Fuck My Big Fat Titties

One of our most asked about products is our Fuck My Big Fat Titties mega masturbator from the Pipedream Extreme Toyz brand of male masturbators.

How big is the bust size? Is there a foam core? How does it differ from Fuck Me Silly 2 and the new Mega Fuck Slut? Is it waterproof? Is there a drain hole to flush it like the other Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators?

These and other frequently asked questions are answered in the video below:

Shay Laren getting into makeup for Fuck My Big Fat Titties photoshoot.

Wondering who that beauty is on the box? Shay Laren.

FAQ: Bootylicious Love Doll

More Cushion for the Pushin!

Many people write in about our Bootylicious love doll asking what her measurements are and what sets her apart from the other dolls in our collection.

The following video includes answers to these frequently asked and more.

FAQ: Caring for Spandex

Since Pipedream offers a few hoods and masks made of spandex, one question many people ask is how to care for them properly. Should they be hand or machine washed? Can they be put in the dryer or ironed?

Spandex Hoods from the Fetish Fantasy Series

We hope this cleaning & care guide for your Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex Hoods (or any spandex item in your collection) helps you get the most enjoyment out of your purchase.


1. Spandex should never be machine washed. Instead, hand wash using a mild detergent and lukewarm water.

2. Do not twist or “wring-out” your Spandex hood when hand washing. Instead, gently knead it (like you would dough) and then rinse with cool water.

3. Never place any spandex hood or garment in the dryer. Instead, air dry by placing it on a flat surface in a ventilated area.


1. Ironing your spandex isn’t recommended, however some people who find it absolutely necessary to iron all of their garments choose to do so on the lowest temperature setting with a cloth between the iron and the spandex. Quick light strokes across are sufficient. Leaving the iron on for any length of time will damage the material.

2. Dry Cleaning spandex can cause the fibers to “swell” and cause mis-shaping of the garment in addition to retaining the fragrance of the dry cleaning solution. Avoid dry cleaning any spandex item unless the garment’s inside label instructs you to do so.

3. Never bleach your spandex (especially those made of black).

Pipedream currently offers three hoods & masks in the Fetish Fantasy Series made of Spandex, click on the read more button below.

Read more

FAQ: Fuck Me Silly 2 vs. Mega Fuck Slut

Our Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators are quite possibly the most asked about products that we offer. We receive emails every day from men asking about them before making their decision on which to buy, feedback about the products, suggestions on what people want in future mega masturbators we release, and even real users who send us videos of themselves using the products.

The most asked about of the mega masturbators is our new Mega Fuck Slut, which is a complete female body mold (from the neck to the hips) that includes both the front and back side.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are about how it compares to our Fuck Me Silly 2 mega masturbator. Below is a video that answers these questions and more. Scroll down for a side by side photo measurement comparison as well.

For those wondering about how it compares, side by side to the Fuck Me Silly 2, here is a photo with measurements.

Mega Fuck Slut vs Fuck Me Silly 2

Mega Fuck Slut: 27″ long x 14″ wide (8″ high)

Fuck Me Silly 2: 20.5″ long x 12.5″ wide (6″ high)

Unlike Fuck Me Silly 2, which is flat on the back with an exit hole to flush out debris, our new Mega Fuck Slut has a fully formed backside that is bendable, posable and can be used for a wide variety of positions and sexual fantasies.

When cleaning out the Mega Fuck Slut after use, place a nozzle in one hole and run water to flush debris out of the other hole. Never submerge the Mega Fuck Slut under water. 

For more information on Fanta Flesh masturbators and what they are made of, click here. If you would like more information about how to care for and maintain your Fanta Flesh masturbators, click here. For information on lubricant compatibility, click here.

If you have any more questions about this or another Pipedream Product, ask a Sexpert!

Cockrings Pt. 2: The Which

Now that you know how to use a cockring and why they are a favorite ‘go-to’ toy for so many men, we want to let you know about some of our most popular cockrings we are sure you’re going to want to check out!

To learn more about this product, click on the photo.

The Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit features two intensely powerful bullets that slide into the TPE material above and below the shaft. These bullets send two sets of small ticklers into a tickling frenzy to stimulate both the wearer underneath his balls, and to stimulate his partner as well. It features a hard wired remote control with true multi-speed dial controller, giving the wearer (or his partner) control of the intensity.

Perfect for garage sex & blue collar fantasies!

Our U Got Nutz cockring is perfect for any man who thinks sex toys and even cockrings are too feminine for a man to play with. (Yes they still exist in 2011). They are simple, sleek and easy to use. Depending on the size of the wearer, some men prefer to wrap these around the shaft only, while others wear them around the shaft and testicles. They make a great gift and are a fun way to live out some blue collar, garage sex fantasies.

The Vibrating Pleasure Ring is a disposable cockring that boasts the power of one you can use over and over. Maintain firm erections and prolong ejaculation with this one-shot Vibrating Pleasure Ring. This super-stretchy ring has a powerful micro stimulator that can be used to tickle her clit or his balls, resulting in extra explosive orgasms and long-lasting fun for the both of you. The body safe TPE is phthalate-free, condom compatible, and perfect for beginners. The one-time disposable bullet delivers up to 40 minutes of powerful vibrations.

For sizing, click on the above photo.

On the other end of the cockring spectrum, we have our Metal Worx cockring for those looking for something more luxurious and more permanent. Metal Worx cockrings are made of high quality steel and will last you a lifetime with proper care. This is why we’ve included a sturdy latching case with removeable labels so you can store it discreetly or travel with it. It makes a great gift for that special man in your life, or a good way for a guy to spoil himself. Be sure to measure the girth of your penis so you can get the size that is right for you! Metal Worx cockrings are available in medium (1.75″ diameter), large (2″ diameter) and extra-large (2.25″ diameter).

These are just a few of the many different types of cockrings Pipedream has to offer. Be sure to visit our wholesale website to see the entire range of offerings.

If you would like to know which of our rings other men enjoy the most, here is a list of our top sellers:

1. PD2219-99, Mega Stretch Rings, Assorted Colors

2. PD2365-12, Vibrating Pleasure Rings

3. PD2319-00, Mini One-Touch Cockring

4. PD2332-12, Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit

5. PD2244-99, Mega Stretch Doughnut Rings

6. PD2219-23, Mega Stretch Rings, Black

7. PD2315-11, Wonderful Wabbit, Pink

8. PD2320-12, Cockring Cuties, Butterfly

9. PD2322-12, Vibrating Ball Banger Cockring

10. PD2271-00, Mega-Stretch Designer Rings

Who’s That Girl? Strapless Strap-on

We get lots of mail every day from people asking all sorts of questions. It’s why we’ve created a dedicated area of our site where you can ask all sorts of questions.

One of the things we are asked time and again is about the gorgeous girls on our packaging. This week we received a couple of emails asking “Who’s that girl on your Strapless Strap On box?”

PD3882-24 Fetish Fantasy Series Strapless Strap On

That is Cassia Riley, a former Penthouse Pet of the Month and California babe. The all natural 5’4″ beauty has captivating curves on her 34C-26-34 body. Here is a photo gallery of Cassia from the Pipedream photo shoot vaults for you to enjoy.



If you have a “Who’s that girl” question, drop us a line and we’ll make put a photo gallery of her for you to enjoy.