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Fetish Fantasy Elite Plan-O-Gram Contest

DATES: February 1, 2012 – March 31, 2012

$10,000 in Cash & Prizes for Top Stores!

Retailers, click on above photo to fill out entry form online.

Pipedream is having a contest for ALL brick & mortar retail stores.

The Challenge: Design the most creative and outstanding Fetish Fantasy Elite retail display in your store. Think of it as Project Runway, but with Universal Harnesses, Silicone Dildos, Silicone Rope and Silicone Ball Gags.

Pipedream will provide stores with complimentary signage and a photo of a basic Fetish Fantasy Elite Plan-O-Gram as a starting point. It is then up to the retail store to get creative and set up the best-looking, most effective in-store Fetish Fantasy Elite display.

“With this contest, we are encouraging retailers to create more than a mere Plan-O-Gram in their stores,” explains Pipedream CEO, Nick Orlandino. “You’re creating a destination center for the Fetish Fantasy Elite program. Your finished display should be powerful enough to draw customers over so they will want to spend a few minutes exploring the brand.”

To enter the contest, click on the Plan-O-Gram Contest Graphic above or click here. Fill out the form and your Pipedream representative will contact you to arrange shipment of the complimentary signage.

Once entered, all participants will have from February 1, 2012 until March 31, 2012 to build their displays, photograph them and submit at least 5, but up to 10 photos to Pipedream. Photo submissions can be done through the online form or via email to

Beginning April 1, 2012, all photo submissions will be displayed on Pipedream’s Facebook page. Fans can then vote on their favorite in-store display (between 04/01/12 & 04/15/12) and winners will be chosen based on the number of Facebook likes and by Pipedream’s merchandising team. Winners will be announced April 15, 2012.

Any questions can be directed to

For the complete Official Rules, click here.

FAQ: Is that your cake pan?

With the buzz floating around the internet about a certain pop star being photographed in “disgusting” and “sleazy” poses with a penis shaped cake, emails are coming in asking if it is in fact the Pecker Cake Pan sold by Pipedream.

Colossal Cake Pan PD8409-00

While we cannot confirm for certain, we can tell you that the shape seems to be nearly, if not completely identical to a cake you would get using our large pan.

So don’t be the last person on earth to get one of these cake pans so you can have some sleazy fun just like Mylie!

FAQ: Who’s That Girl? RD177

Now that we’ve answered the myriad of questions we’ve received over the last few months about our new Mega Fuck Slut mega masturbator, guys are starting to wonder who the hottie is on the packaging.

Sofia Santa as seen on RD177

The model on the PDX Toyz Mega Fuck Slut is Sofia Santi.

Sofia Santi on RD177

Fuck Me Silly DUDE & Pornstar DJ NUDE!

Cybersocket Magazine cover - Issue 141

In December, Cybersocket magazine’s “Road Test” article featured our Fuck My Tight Ass mega masturbator, wherein pornstar Austin Wilde reviewed & shared his experience with the product.

Last week we took Pornstar DJ, Dominic Pacifico our new Fuck Me Silly DUDE mega masturbator so he could also do a product “Road Test” in an upcoming issue of Cybersocket.

While we will have to wait until the issue hits news stands in the spring to hear his feedback, he was kind enough to tweet us this photo of him getting ready for the road test.

Looks like a match made in thousand thread count heaven!

Dominic Pacifico with PDX Toyz Fuck Me Silly DUDE!

FMS 1 vs. FMBBA Product Comparison Video & FAQ

By popular demand, we’ve created a side by side comparison of our Fuck Me Silly 1 and Fuck My Big Black Ass mega masturbators.

Video answers these questions we’ve received from customers and more.

- Are they the same shape and size?
- How does the color compare side by side?
- Are the tunnels connected?
- Are they waterproof?

Wondering which Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators are waterproof for soaking wet fun?

Waterproof Fuck Me Silly

Important Message for ANY Store Selling Fuck Me Silly

An important message to any brick and mortar retailer selling the larger Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbators.

Video / skit to demonstration how and why you should save your master cartons for the larger Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators.

Research indicates, stores who aren’t saving the master carton are losing sales. The above video will demonstrate why and how you can avoid this.

Watch the above video if you sell Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators.

FAQ: Does Phthalate-Free Mean Latex Free?

One question we’ve received from a few customers is if they see “phthalate-free” on a product, does that also mean it is latex free.

The answer is no. Phthalates are plasticizing agents used to soften plastic, PVC and rubber. They are used to manufacture many common products including adhesives, shower curtains, and nail polish.

Latex is a material itself, not an additive. Latex is a type of rubber. All latex is considered rubber, but there are some types of rubber that are latex-free, like our Basix collection.

Since some are allergic to latex, be sure to check the material information on the product detail pages of our site. If you see an item with material listed with anything besides latex (ie. TPR, Silicone, TPE, etc) then you are safe. If an item is made of latex, it should say so on our site.

If you find a product detail page missing material (or any other important information) you are invited to report it so we can update the site.


Phthalates are plasticizers, an additive to materials such as plastic and rubber in order to make them softer and bendable. Phthalates can be found in everything from baby bottles to makeup and even the interior of the car you drive.

There was a study conducted several years ago that concluded that phthalates might be cancer causing and/or have other negative consequences on your health. There still exists a debate as to whether or not they are in fact dangerous in products that you don’t internally ingest.

Being a company concerned for the safety of its customers, Pipedream ceased using phthalates in the manufacturing process of any of its products in 2007.

Any products manufactured by Pipedream since 2007 are ALL phthalate-free. You will see a logo on many of our product detail pages or in the item’s description.

If ever in doubt, feel free to submit a question to one of our Sexperts.

FAQ: RD169 vs RD200 Bad Girl Vibrating Ass

Some have noticed the similarities between RD169 and RD200, both named “Bad Girl Vibrating Ass” and are writing in wanting to know, “ARE THEY THE SAME PRODUCT?”

They are almost the same product. Here is an overview of the differences.

RD169 vs RD200 New Packaging to Showcase Item Better

1. Updated Packaging

The new packaging for RD200 fits the Pipedream Extreme Toyz brand and features a better view of the product so everyone knows there is also an anal entry in addition to the vaginal. The old packaging left many to wonder if there was an anus on the masturbator.

2. Upgraded Vibrating Bullet

The vibrating bullet included in RD200 is better than the bullet we offered when RD169 came out several years ago.

RD169 vs. RD200 - Bullets and Samples Upgraded

3. Better FREE Samples

RD169′s free sample was a temporary tattoo that could be applied to the Fanta Flesh. RD200 now comes with FREE samples of Revive Powder, Toy Cleaner and Moist Lubricant so you are ready to use this Bad Girl right out of the box and can clean and maintain her properly at no additional charge.

Fuck Me Silly Dolls So Hot They’re Being Stolen

Click on photo to read the original post.

In 2011 a man drove his truck into an Adultmart store in Ohio in order to steal a Fuck Me Silly 3 mega masturbator. Police have yet to capture any suspect.

Click on above photo to read the original post.

Just this week another sex shop bandit held up a Romantix store clerk at knifepoint in order to get his hands on a Fuck Me Silly 1.

We know it’s a hot item, but had no idea they would literally be ‘hot’ items. To all of the men out there considering stealing a Fuck Me Silly mega masturbator, we do have less expensive alternatives that feel just as amazing!

Try one of our smaller masturbators until you can save up the money for a mega masturbator.

Click on image to go to site where report is available.

The police report of the original theft in 2011 is also available to view for those who are curious.

FAQ: Is it supposed to have that 2nd hole?

Sleeve with 2nd hole (L) and without (R)

Because some of our masturbation sleeves have a second hole on the back side of them and others do not, we receive questions all the time like:

Is this a defect?
Is there a purpose to the hole?
Does it affect the way the sleeve performs?
Can I cut a hole in mine if it wasn’t made with one?

Juicy Cyber Snatch has second hole

Not a defect:

Just like some masturbators have ribbed love tunnels and others don’t, the 2nd hole on the backside of a male masturbator is there for a reason. A few reasons actually. . .

Purpose of the hole:

Some feel the 2nd hole makes applying lubricant inside the sleeve before use, and cleaning out debris after use, easier.

Affects performance:

However, many feel that sleeves that don’t have a ‘drainage’ hole offer a tighter grip and more intense suction during use. If your sleeve has a second drainage hole, you can intensify suction by plugging it with one of your fingers (try a few different ones on either hand to figure out which is most comfortable for you while masturbating with the sleeve).

Customizing your sleeve:

Just like you can plug the 2nd hole on a sleeve when you want more intense suction, you can also cut a hole in a sleeve that comes with a fully sealed back. You can use a pen one would write with to put a hole in their sleeve. A small hole is all you need for easier drainage and that sloppy soft feel so many love in a masturbation sleeve.

PDX Toyz Cumfy Clam does not have drainage hole on back