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The Benefits of Frequent Sex for Women


Winnifred B. Cutler, M.D.

According to author Winnifred B. Cutler, M.D., frequent sex (2 – 3 times per week) has many benefits for women including:

- Boosting desire
- Regular cycles
- Improved fertility
- Stronger bones
- Better cardiovascular health – Less depression
- Decreased menopausal symptoms

Cutler says that women experience these benefits whether or not they reached orgasm.

For those women having trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse & sex with a partner, there is hope.

Women who spend time exploring self & reaching orgasm regularly on their own, increase their chances of reaching climax during intercourse with a partner.

What better excuse could you have than to treat yourself to a new massager to help you through this process?



FAQ: Elite Universal Harness Compatibility

This video answers several frequently asked questions about our Beginner’s & Breathable Universal Harnesses from the Fetish Fantasy Elite collection.

Includes answers to the following questions and more:
- What dongs are they compatible with?
- Can I use them with a dong I have at home?
- How do I put the dong in the harness?
- What material is the Breathable Harness made of?

Who’s That Girl: Jana Jordan

One of the models seen on many Pipedream products who is the most asked about the most is Jana Jordan.

According to WikiPedia: Career

Jordan was initially a commercial model who transitioned to nude modeling at 18. Jordan started in the adult industry doing webcam work under the name of Jana Foxy. In February 2007, she became a contract girl with Michael Ninn’s company, Ninn Worx, having initially met the company at the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo. In March 2008, Jordan left Ninn Worx due to creative differences. In May 2008, she launched her website. Together with her fellow pornstar and friend Jayme Langford, Jordan has also founded a band called Pajamaband.

We hope Jana’s fans enjoy this photo gallery we’ve put together from the photo shoots she has done here in the Pipedream studio.

Who’s That Girl: Spider Gag Edition

To the customer who wrote in this week asking who the model is on the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag, the answer is Halie James.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag

Halie can also be seen on several other product packages, including our award nominated Fantasy Web Restraint System.

Enjoy these photos of her.

FAQ: Lil Mini Vibe

If you are having trouble figuring out how to get the batteries in your new Lil Mini Vibe, you are not alone.

PD1027 LIL' MINI VIBE - available in pink or purple

This is a frequently asked question. This video will explain how to get the batteries in properly to get your Lil Mini Vibe working.

If you follow these steps and your vibrator still wont operate, email us a copy of your receipt to see if you qualify for our warranty replacement program.

Lil Mini Vibe is available in pink, or purple.

FAQ: ‘How Do I Use A Pussy Pump?’

Fetish Fantasy Series PD3221, High Intensity Pussy Pump

Pussy Pumps operate under the same basic principals of a penis pump. You apply the pump to your vagina, making sure there is a seal between the perimeter of the pump and your genitals. Then you draw air into the cup with the squeeze bulb pump in your hands.

This creates a suction effect to the clitoris and labia which increases blood. You leave it on for a few minutes and once you remove it you’ll experience greater sensitivity during masturbation or intercourse.

Like with penis pumps, you’ll want to start slow and work your way up and never leave the pump on too long until your body gets used to it. Be sure to consult your physician prior to embarking on this journey to make sure there are no preexisting medical conditions that might be aggravated by using a pump.

Cease use of pump if you experience any pain or discomfort.

For a more in depth guide to pumping, visit our blog post about how to use a penis pump for the first time here.

Fetish Fantasy Elite featured on ’5 Products in 5 Minutes’

Adult novelty distributor Honey’s Place recently featured our Brand Ambassador Cheryl and Account Executive, Liz on their Honey’s Place LIVE webshow for a 5 Products in 5 Minutes webisode.

In this video, Cheryl & Liz discuss our Fetish Fantasy Elite collection of high-end silicone dongs and super comfortable Universal Harnesses.

FAQ: Waterproof Wall Bangers Butterfly

Thrusting shaft moves approx. 3/4 of an inch

This video answers some frequently asked questions about our Waterproof Wall Bangers Butterfly including battery insertion, how far the shaft thrusts, how many insertable inches and more.

Suction cup sticks to almost any flat surface!

FAQ: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Latex Leggings

"One Size Fits Most"

With “one size fits most” as the only sizing information on our Fetish Fantasy Extreme Latex Leggings, many are writing asking for exact measurements before purchasing.

Celeste Star for Fetish Fantasy Extreme Latex Leggings PD3639-23

We hope these measurements and photos will help you know if these leggings are the right ones for you.

32″ long from opening of leggings to tip of toes
8″ – wide at opening of leggings
4″ – wide at the narrowest point (ankles)

32" / 8" / 4"

If you need more information on how to care for latex or tips on how to wear latex apparel, check out our “Lowdown on Latex” blog post.

Finally, to those wanting to know who that hottie is on the packaging, that is Celeste Star.

FAQ: Rabbit Pearl Strap-On

Click on the above photo for more information about PD3387-00

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Rabbit Pearl Strap-On is a great way to make strap on play more interesting. It has all the features you love about a rabbit style vibrator, but with a harness so that you can using during intercourse and pegging.

We offer this video to answer many of the frequently asked questions about this item such as how the remote functions, is the suction cup base functional, what waist size does it fit, what type of batteries and of course how do you get that large suction cup base in the smaller hole on the harness.

Rabbit Pearl Strap-On, PD3387-00