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FAQ: Is Spanish Fly Safe For Pregnant Women?

Frequently, we are asked whether or not Spanish Fly is safe for pregnant women to take.  While we like to play doctor from time to time, none of us have taken the Hippocratic Oath or put in the years of schooling it takes to become licensed, practicing medial doctors. We can, however, weigh the facts and issues surrounding this valid question in order for you to make an informed decision.

Let’s start with a brief history of the product itself and how it became synonymous with the aphrodisiac it is widely known for today.

Spanish Fly is an actual insect (a beetle) whose body produces a powerful, blister-inducing substance called Cantharidin. It is this substance that — for years, dating back to the Roman times of Augustus Caesar — was considered to have aphrodisiac-like properties because the substance itself has irritant effects on the genital and urinary tract areas of the body. With advances in medicine, by 1810, the substance was isolated by a French chemist and identified as toxic and poisonous. To this day, it is illegal in most countries. Through modern medicine, though, Cantharidin has been mimicked in the lab (minus the toxicity and poisons) and is still used to some degree — mainly in the product we today call Spanish Fly.

Modern day Spanish Fly (for her / for him) consists of a multitude of ingredients that, while not FDA-regulated, are categorized as safe, homeopathic, herbal supplements. Ingredients like Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid and water are all compounded in Spanish Fly, and are good for your body in certain dosages. As with anything, depending on the brand you buy, this list can vary. Add to that a fruit-flavored Spanish Fly and you will be adding another ingredient to the supplement.

Now, let’s combine what we know about Spanish Fly with what we know about pregnancy.

Doctors generally concur that sex during pregnancy is safe. Certain factors will disrupt a woman’s ability to have sex during pregnancy, though, such as the psychological causes of a decreased sex drive including depression, stress, and anxiety, or physical causes such as hormonal changes. Sometimes the medications taken during pregnancy can interfere with the sex drive too.

Common sense says listen and pay attention to your body. If you are healthy enough to be pregnant and healthy enough to have sex, than you are wise enough to include your doctor in this decision. Now that you are thinking of the little one too, you wouldn’t want to do anything potentially harmful. A good suggestion is to bring the above list of ingredients to your doctor and see what he or she thinks about sex and Spanish Fly during pregnancy.

One Wall at a Time in South America

Here is a video from a recent expo in South America showcasing Pipedream brands displayed at their best… One wall at a time!

FAQ: Where is the Glycerin used in your MOIST® lubricants derived from?

It’s no secret that personal lubricants add slickness to one’s sexual experience. Adding a drop or two to the vagina or anus — or even to one’s own hand during masturbation— allows sex parts to glide into position with ease and makes sex itself more pleasurable.

Think, if you will, of the pistons in your car’s engine. When the motor is well-oiled, your car runs efficiently with minimal wear and tear. Your body is no different.

Keeping a bottle of lube around for those special moments is good practice for maintaining your tip-top performance. And with so many personal lubricants available, you’re sure to find just the right one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

MOIST Flavored Lubricant contains PLANT derived glycerin.

Basically, there are two different types of lube available — water-base or silicone-based. While silicone-based is super-slick and long-lasting, it can be less easy to clean up. Water-based lubes are prepared with a compound called Glycerin. Glycerin adds a lasting viscosity feature to lube while still being water soluble thus making it easier to wash off. Through the wonder of modern science, there is even a Glycerin-free formula available that is just as effective.

MOIST Free contains no glycerin.

Frequently, we are asked where the Glycerin in one of our most popular lubricants — MOIST® — is derived from. This is a valid question since, after all, with water-based lube, we are applying it onto our most private areas. Below are some facts that will shed light on our intimate friend Glycerin.

Glycerin is a fatty compound that is a by-product of soap and biodiesel manufacturing — those of which are primarily derived from animal fat and vegetable oil. While that may sound like a harsh beginning, the by-product itself is colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting and is FDA-classified as a “caloric macronutrient” — which means that it is safe for human consumption and application. This compound is used in a vast array of everyday items ranging from food and beverage products to personal care lotions and creams. Glycerin is perfectly suited for lube because of its slick and smooth consistency. The Glycerin used in Pipedream’s MOIST® lube is plant-derived — which is great news for you animal lovers and vegetarians!

MOIST Voted Best Lubricant by Women's Health Magazine

Pipedream’s MOIST® lube — voted BEST Lubricant by Women’s Health Magazine — is available in various formulations, shapes and sizes. Extreme® MOIST® Lube is available in the handy 4oz size. MOIST® Anal Lube is specially formulated for anal pleasures, and is also available in the 4oz size. For those of you on the go, MOIST® Anal Lube Insertz™ makes those anal encounters easy. Our Glycerin-free MOIST® Free is specially formulated for women and anyone who has an allergy to glycerin. It’s also long-lasting, condom compatible and water-soluble. Or for those of you who like to dish around the water cooler, try the MOIST® Lube Dispenser. It’s the refreshing splash of lube you and your sex partners have been waiting for!

Celebrate National Puppy Day – - – The Kinky Way

If you didn’t already know, March 23rd is National Puppy Day, which is described by the official website as “a special day… to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.”

A lil' obedience training can go a long way

With that in mind, we offer some fun and kinky ideas on how you can celebrate with your special pup tonight at home!

Do It Doggy

PD3923 Doggy Style Training Kit

We offer a couple of doggy style enhancement products. First is our Doggy Style Training Kit. This pink doggie harness allows you to get the right angle every time and penetrate deeper than ever before. The soft, plush-lined waist strap fits around your partner’s midsection comfortably, while two adjustable nylon straps ensure a firm grip when the action heats up. After the fun, reward your pet if they behaved or punish them more if they refuse to listen!

PD2156 Do It Doggie Harness

Next is our Do It Doggie Harness. A favorite amongst lovers is this Doggie harness. The velvety-soft harness cradles your lover, while the durable, adjustable handles give you the grip you desire. This one comes in black and is probably going to appeal to those of us who have a little more to love since the pad is a little thicker and wider than the pink version.

PD3719 Doggie Hood & Leash

Pick up our Doggie Hood & Leash to take it a step further with some role playing and obedience training – you can reward him (or her) after they’ve been a good pup. This high-quality, fully adjustable hood laces up in the back and buckles at the collar, with two vented nostril holes that allow your pup to breathe easily and a zippered muzzle under its snout. The blindfold snaps to the hood and can be easily removed while the collar has a D-ring which can attach to your favorite leash or tether.

Happy National Puppy Day!

Guys Who Use Sex Toys Have Better Sex

In recent years, sex toys have been much more acceptable by the mainstream. But there are still plenty of guys (and some gals) who are leery of bringing them into the bedroom.

But guys, what is holding you back? They make sex so much better!

When you’re willing to give them a try, just to get you started, here are some basic toys you should consider and some ideas on how to use them:


Basically, vibrators have two purposes. One is to place it on top of her clitoris while you are inside of her, causing her to experience a mind-blowing orgasm. The other is to insert the vibrator inside one of her orifices and alternate her penetration between it and you. With so many good vibes on the market, we had a tough time narrowing it down to just one recommendation. However, Pipedream’s Waterproof Slender G has been nick-named the “Squirt Whisperer” because of the powerful orgasm it can induce. Its simple, classic style, powerful motor and bent egg shaped tip are the perfect combo many women swear by, and now it is available in 6 NEON colors.

Also available in pink, orange, yellow, green, and purple.

But you don’t have to stop there, we offer over 300 different vibrators & massagers, which you can learn about here.


Each has it’s own texture & sensation.

Bullets & vibrating “egg” type massagers are also great for clitoral stimulation. If you haven’t incorporated these types of vibrators into playtime, we suggest starting with one of our three most popular and well-reviewed bullet vibes such as our Le Reve 3-Speed Bullet, the Basix Rubber Works Jelly Egg, or our Waterproof 10Fuction Remote Control Bullet.

Cock Rings

Some men have problems with cock rings, claiming they are too tight, which in turn prevents them from getting off. Cock rings, like underwear, are available in different sizes and materials (stainless steel, leather, neoprene, etc). The purpose of a cock ring is to trap blood flow in the penis causing a harder, longer lasting erection.

We make a lot of different types of cock rings from the luxurious to the on-the-go, vibrating disposable ones you don’t have to worry about hiding later. With so many styles to choose from, we are sure you will be able to find one that is right for you.

One in particular may be just the starter ring for you: Pipedream’s U Got Nutz™ cock ring. Comfortable and effective, its industrial grade silicone construction stands up to anything you can give it while still allowing ease of movement. Plus, its nut-and-bolt look is masculine as heck.

A Good Wedge

Inflatable Position Master PD2173

“Wedges” are placed under a woman and allow for the man to have easier access to her g-spot, making just about any position more pleasurable. Most women will tell you that, for her, it’s all about hitting the right spot.

Use it as a wedge. Use it as a vibrator.

Pipedream has a couple of great “wedge” products. One is the Fetish Fantasy Series® Inflatable Position Master. It’s portable, easy to use and care for. Another one turns your ordinary pillows into wedges: the Fetish Fantasy Series® Pleasure Pillow Case Set™. Fleece-lined and machine washable, clean up is a breeze.


From Kink to Light Pink

Kink can be an exciting way to spice up anyone’s sex life. Anything like handcuffs, scarves, blindfolds — even binding tape — can add a little level of kink to your playtime. An assortment of restraints can be found here , but we personally would like to recommend Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series® Bedroom Bondage Kit. Like “kink for beginners”, it includes everything you need to explore the light-BDSM side of your sexuality. Not ready for all of that? Another Pipedream product may be just the thing for you: the Fetish Fantasy Series® Silk Scarf Restraints. They allow you to ease your way into bondage play while still exploring the sexy side of restraints.

DP: It’s Not Just For Threesomes Anymore

DP can stand for a lot of things… when it comes to sex, however, it usually refers to “double penetration” — the act of inserting phalluses or toys simultaneously into the vagina and anus. The notion of this act

can make first-timers nervous or anxious.

Once couples have made the decision to explore the pleasures of DP, they may not be ready to bring a third person into their sex play. They’ve tried involving a toy, which — unless one partner is a contortionist — can make matters complicated and clumsy, and takes the focus off your sexy fun.


Another form of anxiety may arise for women: will her anus be able to handle having a phallus inserted without pain? The old adage “No pain, no gain” does not apply here. The best advice we can offer is to listen to your body and ease into anal play. Just remember that your anus will adjust to accommodate phalluses and anal sex will become an intensely pleasurable experience. The bottom line (pardon the pun) is that DP is a hot and healthy way to expand your sex life.

If you first-timers can relate to these scenarios, we have some options for you:

PD3740 - Fetish Fantasy Series Double Trouble

Pipedream has a solution that gives you what nature didn’t: the new Fetish Fantasy Series® Double Trouble™ Strap-On Dong. Designed for the man to wear, its durable, skin-friendly, PVC construction acts as a performance-enhancing cock ring while the larger bottom ring loops around his balls for a snug fit. Complete with a tapered-end, TPR, 5.5″ dildo (hypoallergenic and easily inserted into her anus), it is a hands-free way to add DP to your sex life without bringing in a third person! More information on the Fetish Fantasy Series® Double Trouble™ Strap-On Dong can be found here.

We also offer this in a non-phallic shaped, 100% medical grade Elite Silicone version. Learn more about it here.

Pipedream also has two products that reduce the sting and make up for the fact that the anus does not produce natural lubrication like the vagina does. The first one is Anal Eaze Desensitizing Lube. Available in .5 or 1.5oz sizes, there is plenty to take the edge off first-time anal play and make insertion easier. Its cherry flavoring adds to the sexy fun! More info on Anal Eaze Desensitizing Lube can be found here.

The second one is Moist Anal Lube. Voted BEST Personal Lubricant by Women’s Health Magazine, Moist Anal Lube is available in 1 or 4oz sizes, and is water-based for easy clean up. More info on Moist Anal Lube can be found here.

Remember: If you decide to use a desensitizing cream, such as our Anal Eaze, be sure to use caution and your best judgment, listening to your body as you insert the dong for the first time. You don’t want to do it too fast & cause yourself any discomfort in the long run.

And there you have it — all you need (and need to know) for a pleasurable and sexy DP without having a threesome! Enjoy!


FAQ: Nipple Erector Set

Celeste demonstrates the Nipple Erector Set in purple.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Erector Set, which has been available for a few years now is a product that eludes many people who are trying to understand the exact function.

This blog post will answer some frequently asked questions including:

What are they for?

Nipple Erectors are a set of pumps which you use to increase the size and sensitivity of the nipples. Small rubber O-rings are included, which you put on your nipple after plumping them.

Once nipple is plumped, then put the rubber ring to keep it “erect”

What size are the rings?

There are 4 sets of rings consisting of 2 each of four different sizes. These are included because nipple sizes may vary. You can either measure your nipple prior to using your erector set, or try them all to find the size you like the best.

The approximate thickness of the included rings (all sizes) is .075″ and the width for each included ring is listed below.

XL = .6″
L = .525″
M = .440″
S = .375″

Do you sell replacement O-rings?

No, the rings come included in with the Nipple Erector pumps. Additional rings require purchasing an entire new unit.

I want to buy my own rubber rings, what size should I buy?

If none of the included rings fit right, you can try purchasing your own from another source.

How come in the package it looks like one big thick ring?

Directly out of the clamshell packaging, the included rubber O-rings are bundled together and can be easily separated. Line them up next to each other to determine how to pair each size up.

How the rings look right out of the package.

Are they available in multiple colors?

They are currently available in purple or flesh colors.

Available in purple or flesh colors.

If you have more questions after reviewing this information, contact our Sexperts.

FAQ: How Do I Get The Battery Door to Stay Shut on Elite Remotes?

If you are having trouble getting the batteries inserted on your new Fetish Fantasy Elite remote control, you are not alone.

Fetish Fantasy Elite Remote Controls

This video will show you how to go about it properly, so you can get to enjoying your new Elite vibrating dong sooner rather than later. It also answers a few other questions including why some are pink and black while other dongs are red and lavender.

If you have any more questions about this or another Pipedream Product, please email our Sexperts.

FAQ: Is that Open Bra still available?

We’ve been getting lots of emails asking if the open bra pictured on our Fetish Fantasy Series O-Ring & Nipple Clamp set is available.


The bra pictured was donated to Pipedream for the photo shoot we did for those Nipple Clamps several years ago. Pipedream does offer a similar design in the form of our Sinner’s Teddy from our Fetish Fantasy Lingerie collection.

PD4718 - Sinner's Teddy Set

It is available in standard sizes and plus-sized, Queen or Diva.


PD4718 - Plus Size

Who’s That Girl: FMS 3 Edition

Who is that gorgeous model on the packaging of our Fuck Me Silly 3 mega masturbator?

Celeste Star

It’s a question lots of guys (and girls) write in and ask us. So here is the answer along with a model bio and some photos you might enjoy from the Pipedream photo studio vaults.

You can also follower her official Twitter: @MissCelesteStar