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Learn About Ancient Sex Toys

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Humanity around the world and across the centuries have been using sex toys since the dawn of civilization. 

This month, the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition at Discovery Times Square in NYC featured a collection of ancient Chinese sex toys dating back to 221 B.C.E. 

According to the exhibit’s press release, these sex toys were created for the First Emperor’s afterlife and all its pleasures – a few dynasty dildos can definitely spice up the spiritual journey (HuffingtonPost).

PD2127 Yoga Sex Swing

One of the historical erotic artifacts seems to be made from jade-like stone with a loop harness attached to the base, and another one looks like a hollow stone dildo with intricately-designed jape carvings wrapping along the shaft.

The Chinese might not be first people the create sex toys: In 2010, remnants of a siltstone phallus was discovered in a cave in Germany (FoxNews). After scientists pieced the 30,000-year-old parts together, the shape was undeniably phallic. In addition to bringing our ancestors to prehistoric orgasms, this was also used as a tool to start fires – talk about heating things up! 

Penis extenders became a popular in Asia around 1700 B.C.E (SexInfo101). They were most likely the first version of the strap-on, and the Kama Sutra advised men to fashion these things out of wood, leather, ivory, and even buffalo horn. 


Other civilizations such as the ancient Greeks and the Japanese also had their own version of sex toys. What does this tell us about our species? We are highly intelligent creatures who seek to pleasure ourselves and each other, and that we like to create devices from nature to help us get it on.

Now in the year 2012, Pipedream is bringing pleasure aids to everyone around the world – not just emperors. 30,000 years from now, what do you think a space-traveling archeologist will say about our Yoga Sex Swing or our Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator? 


Do chastity belts symbolize a lack of trust or is it something more?

Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Chastity Belt


A Background on Chastity Belts
Is the chastity belt a symbol for lack of trust between couples or is it something more?  
Popular myths date chastity belts to the Middle Ages at the time of the Crusades when brave knights would leave their ladies behind and go off to war in the Middle East to reclaim the birthplace of Christianity.  Understandably, these epic missions would take years to complete. The lady of the castle would spend endless lonely nights with nothing to do but figure out how to unlock the cold metal chastity belt that her loving, but distrustful, husband put her in, right? Not really. As romantic as it sounds, there isn’t any evidence supporting this practice (Psychology Today).
It wasn’t until the 18th century that chastity belts found its way into our pants and under our dresses.  During that time, the leaders of Western medicine thought that boys and girls shouldn’t masturbate because it can lead to insanity (this way of thinking can put a serious damper on the sex toy industry today). Therefore, chastity belts were produced to “help” everyone stay normal and sane—all the way up until the 1930s.

Metal Worx Cock Cage


Today, chastity belts are mostly used as play-gear for bondage fetishists; couples also use it to tease each other in the bedroom. And, of course, the goal is NOT aimed at preventing masturbation!
80 years after the masturbation-makes-us-crazy myth was taken out of medical books, Pipedream is now making recreational chastity belts for fetish enthusiasts and naughty couples everywhere! 
Our Chastity Belt-style lingerie from our Fetish Fantasy collection and Cock Cage from our Metal Worx series can spice things up in the bedroom, leading to very un-chaste sorts of activities. Your lover will feel tortured and crazed with lust but only you have the power to unlock his penile prison.

For more info/questions about the chastity belt history or usage, email us at

FAQ Video: Fetish Fantasy Series Ball Gag Training System

Looking to step up the intensity of your playtime while still easing into things? Check out the Fetish Fantasy Series Ball Gag Training System (PD3841). The Ball Gag Training System is perfect for beginners who are new to being gagged, yet versatile enough to satisfy a pro. The 3-gag training system allows you to start with a small gag and gradually work your way up to the larger one – and go from mild to wild as you progress! Each gag is fitted with holes to make breathing easy. You’ll teach your partner the meaning of submission in no time at all – remember practice makes perfect!

In the video below we answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • What are the dimensions of each ball gag?
  • Can it be worn by men and women?
  • Why are there holes in the ball gag?
  • How do I put it together?

If you have a question email us at

The Ball Gag Training System by Pipedream Products is perfect for anyone who wants to spice things up with their partner by trying a little bondage play.

Perfect for the first timer, the training system comes with 3 different size gags: small at 1.5-inches, medium at 1.75-inches and large at 2-inches when measured across.

Each gag is made of plastic and features holes so that the wearer can continue to breathe easily while wearing the Training System.

To connect each ball gag to the leather strap, simply wrap each end around the metal o-ring and snap it shut – you can also unsnap it and switch to a different size.

The extra long , black leather strap easily adjusts to fit most sizes, so it can be worn by both women and men.

The Bag Gag Training System also comes with a free mask inside so that when you put it on, sensations and the element of suspense are heightened.

Now you are ready to experience an exciting session of bondage play that is sure to arouse both you and your partner!

If this is your first time dabbling in BDSM play, make sure to practice appropriate safety measures and know one another’s limits by communicating openly before engaging .

When you are finished, cleanup is a breeze with Pipedream’s antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

FAQ VIDEO: Fetish Fantasy Extreme 10″ Hollow Strap-On

Take strap-on sex to the extreme with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow 10″ Strap-On (PD3662). This heavy duty hollow strap-on features a phthalate-free rubber dong on a comfortable harness held together with durable O-rings. Anyone who says size doesn’t matter hasn’t experienced this massive strap-on!

Learn more and get answers to frequently asked questions like:

  • How do I adjust the harness?
  • Can the harness be worn by either sex?
  • How big is the dong?
  • How do I get it into the harness?
  • If you have any additional questions, email us at

    Take strap-on sex to a whole new level with the Hollow 10” Strap-on from Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Extreme series.

    This heavy-duty hollow strap-on features a 10 inch long, 2.5” inch thick phthalate-free rubber dong, which is held in place by a steel O-ring and leather harness.

    The comfortable harness can be easily adjusted to fit most sizes and the durable metal O-rings hold the dong securely in its place.

    A hollow plastic tube, approximately 1 inch in diameter, is placed inside the rubber dong, making it perfect for both sexes to wear.

    Slip both legs into the harness and adjust and tighten to fit your body. Now are you are ready for exciting strap-on sex without having to worry about firmness and maintaining erections for prolonged periods of time.

    When you’re done, cleanup is easy with Pipedream’s Toy Cleaner and warm water.

    Length (shaft): 10″ || 25.4cm
    Length (inside): 5″ || 12.7cm

    Width (shaft): 2.5″ || 6.35cm
    Width (inside): 1.25″ || 3.17cm

    Girth (shaft): 6″ || 15.24cm

    Length (harness crotch area): 20″ || 50.8cm
    Width (waistband): up to 50″ || up to 127cm

    FAQ Video: Icicles No. 30


    In the FAQ Video below we overview our Icicles Glass Massagers No. 30. Icicles No. 30 is gorgeous and hand-crafted to be bold and durable. When cared for properly, your glass massager can last a lifetime!

    Below in the video, we get up-close so you can see a hands-on view of Icicles No. 30 and it’s features. We will answer your frequently asked questions like:

  • “What ways can I use both heads on this massager?”
  • “What is the best way to clean it?”
  • “How do I keep the massager in the best condition?”
  • Check out the video below!

    Length: 6″ and 2.5″ || 15.25cm and 6.35cm
    Width: 1.5″ || 3.81cm
    Girth: 4.5″ and 2.5″ || 11.43cm and 6.35cm

    FAQ VIDEO: Icicles No 28

    icicles no 28


    Want know know more about Icicles No 28?

    Then watch this demonstration video that will answer frequently asked questions such as:

    - How big is it?
    - What type of glass is it made of?
    - How do I wash it?

    … and more!

    If you have a question about this or another product that Pipedream makes email us at

    Length: 7″ || 17.75cm
    Width: 1.5″ || 3.81cm
    Girth: 4″ || 10cm

    Cock Ring Safety Tips


    Last week in Southern California, the Laguna Beach Fire Department was called upon to help a man remove a cock ring that was constricting him for 3 consecutive days. According to a news article from (read the article here), the man slipped on a 2-inch metal cockring, took a dose of “Superman” viagra, and unwittingly suffered through a 72-hour-long erection that resulted in sweatiness and pain. After he was handed some lube, the man was finally able to remove it before it could do any permanent damage.

    Cases like these come up every so often. Earlier in June this summer, an Englishman in Manchester was admitted to a hospital for a similar problem.

    You might be curious as to know why these cock ring constriction cases occur at all. To brush up on the fundamentals, the purpose of a cock ring is to constrict blood flow during erections so that men can last longer and when they do ejaculate, they experience more intense orgasms because the penis was filled with more blood than usual (GoAskAlice).

    Cockrings fit over the shaft and stay in place before, during, and after an erection. Some C-rings are made from various materials such as rubber, metal, and TPR; there are others that are adjustable and those are usually made from leather or rawhide. Whichever type of C-rings you choose, make sure that it fits your most valuable member! If it’s uncomfortable or it feels too tight, take it off immediately. It’s best not to leave cockrings on for more than 30 minutes at a time – especially if you are a beginner – because this can cause blood coagulation or even serious damage to erectile tissue–in other words, “Superman” viagra and a METAL cockring is not a recommended route to erection ecstasy.


    Pipedream offers a variety of cockrings that are stretchable for easy slip-on and removal. If you’ve never used a cockring before, try our bestselling easy-to-use Cock ring Cuties Bunny–it comes with an attached vibrating bullet with a vibrating clit tickler in the shape of bunny–you and your lover will love the tingling sensations! Another bullet-attached cockring is our soon-to-released beginner’s Neon Vibrating Cockring, a stretchy C-ring made from TPR that slips on comfortably and comes in 6 dazzling neon colors. Another “bi-party” C-ring is Pipedream’s silicone-based Ball Banger Cockring–this little guy comes with swinging balls to give you and her extra stimulation.

    Pipedream wants to help you have the greatest time in the bedroom with your lover–or by yourself–and we want you to do this with a good dose of safety. For more questions/info about cockring tips email us at

    FAQ VIDEO: Icicles No. 31

    Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. Icicles No. 31 is no exception!

    For the latest entry in our helpful series of FAQ Videos, we created a hands on with Icicles No. 31 to answer some of your most asked questions like:

    What is it made of?
    What are the measurements?
    Is it made for men or women?
    What is the best way to clean it?

    Be sure to watch the video below for answers to these questions and more!

    Length: 9″ || 22.86cm
    Width: 1″ || 2.54cm
    Girth: 2.5″ – 4″ || 6.25cm – 10cm

    PHOTO GALLERY: Pipedream Days at Condom World

    Pipedream Days at Condom World

    Condom World recently held a “Pipedream Days” promotion and it looks like they had some fun with the visual displays. Take a look at what they did for our brands like Bachelorette Party Favors and Fetish Fantasy Series.

    LeRoy the love doll even came out to play!

    Thanks Condom World for sharing the photos on our Facebook. For more examples of retailer merchandising displays, check out our One Wall At a Time photo gallery.

    What’s so great about the new BASIX Universal Harness?

    Available in Regular & Plus-Size

    Want to try a little strap-on action with your partner but can’t find the right harness?

    The Universal Harness (available in standard & plus size) from Pipedream’s BASIX Rubber Works line is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use harnesses out there!

    The harness can be used with practically every dong from the BASIX line, in addition to any other ones you may have in your collection–even those from non-Pipedream brands.

    Own a collection of dongs ranging from finger-small to missile-big? The harness set comes with 3 differently-sized, stretchable, and interchangeable silicone rings (1.2”, 1.6”, 2”), giving you the option use any size dong you choose. Whether you want to “ease into” or “stretch out” your lover is entirely up to you!

    Another feature for added comfort is the adjustable strap which can fit up to a 36-inch waist on the standard and 50-inch waist on the plus-size version!

    We will soon be uploading a tutorial video on how to use the harness, so stay tuned! If you have any specific questions you would like answered, leave a comment below and we will include it in the video.

    Pick your Universal Harness today and enjoy an evening of fun strap-on play!

    For more information about other harnesses at Pipedream, email us at