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How to Tease Your Lover

Teasing is one of the greatest seduction arts. It is a highly erotic—and sometimes sophisticated—game of giving and denying, often cruel but leaving your subjects pining for more. Reveal a glimpse of your sensuality and your passion and let their imagination build up their fantasies of and desires for you.

The bedroom is a prime ground for teasing. Your lover might assume you are ready to be taken and that you can’t wait any longer, but in order to draw it out a little more you must exercise some self-discipline and control. Pipedream has a few items to help you master this powerful skill.

Instead of jumping right to the “main course”, offer to give your partner a sensual massage using Body Heat, an edible, warming massage lotion (available in 10 flavors including cinnamon, mint, peaches n’ cream, and pina colada). Apply it anywhere you like, but you might want to steer clear of the popular destinations—remember, give a little but hold back a lot more and this can greatly increase desire.

If you are having difficulty keeping your lover from ravishing you (a common problem for masters of teasing), then you might want to restrain him or her with the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Cuffs. After they are secured in place, you can tease them with a Feather Tickler or blindfold them…the rest is up to you!

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Cuff

Lingerie is a classic teasing instrument. For the ladies, The Bella Gown from the Fetish Fantasy Lingerie collection is sexy and romantic, yet its layered tier back and front covers just enough of the essentials until you are ready to show it all. As for the gentlemen, the See-Thru Sexy fishnet tank-and-brief set is a must-have for a teasing exercise: the thin tank is the only thing that separates your body from your partner, and the zippered brief provides instant access—only when you grant them permission. Robert Greene, the author of The Art of Seduction, writes that showing a glimpse of flesh can tease the imagination, “stimulating the desire not just for sex but for something greater: the chance to possess a fantasy figure.”

The Bella Gown

Lastly, teasing starts first and foremost in the mind. Toys and lingerie will help you with the final stages of teasing, but your words and body language are the main ingredients for setting your lover’s imagination on fire.

A little kiss here, an unexpected grope there, or a few open-ended words that can seem like promises for an evening of wild lovemaking—using all of these techniques and more will let your partner know the depths of your desires and the care with which you take in planting little seeds along the road to full-blown sexual bliss.

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Bondage Crop Safety Tips

If you’ve purchased a bondage crop for first time and you can’t wait to try it on your willing partner this weekend, then you should read this blog which touches on all the safety tips of using this popular bondage toy.

The National Leather Association has some very important safety tips that we’d like to share with beginners. First, be very careful where you hit the body with a paddle, strap, or crop. Avoid areas like the kidneys, lower back and the spinal column. Do not hit anywhere on the body that is bony or not well padded with muscle such as the shin, shoulder, knee, feet, neck, etc. Although there are veteran BDSM practitioners who enjoy playing with breast and genital areas, it is imperative that extra care is exercised if you are planning on doing so as a beginner. If your partner is on the thin side, you should be VERY gentle at first.

A good position for the “submissive” partner is that of one lying on one’s stomach. Safe areas to hit are generally the buttocks, thighs, and middle back. If you partner is lying on his/her back, then the chest and abdominal area are the safest regions.

Mistresses in black leather cat suits and thigh-high boots, a sexy dominatrix taking a stinging swing at her slave, a submissive being tied up and blindfolded as he/she begs for more smacking — these images arouse and trigger something inside us, conjuring desires and fantasies that take us out of our normal selves and into a world where we can assume almost any identity.

As the fetish-and-bondage culture becomes increasingly popular in the mainstream arena, curious couples are exploring this world by purchasing toys such as paddles and crops to bring new excitement to the bedroom. Discovering and learning more layers of your sexuality via newfound activities like bondage play can be healthy and promotes your growth as a sexual being. However, couples should take the time to educate themselves about certain safety tips before they dive right in.

Pleasurable pain is one of the major pillars of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Submission, Masochism) psychology, and so is TRUST. Even if you are lightly playing with a crop, you are essentially responsible for the physical and mental safety of your partner. Be aware of any health conditions or recent surgical procedures.

A good beginner’s bondage crop is the classic equestrian-style Fetish Fantasy Series Riding Crop. This black, sleek crop makes for an easy grip and commands instant authority. If you’re looking to explore sensation play, try the Feather Crop — you can run the angel-soft feathers over the freshly-smacked area!

Start slowly and communicate with your partner on pain tolerance, what feels good, and what causes discomfort. As mentioned in a previous blog, establish a “safe word” prior to proceeding. A safe word is basically a word that either party can utter to immediately stop bondage play, especially if one feels uncomfortable for whatever reasons. A safe word should be something completely unrelated to the play session at hand: “elephant” or “dishwasher” are good examples. Keep it fun and safe!

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Pipedream University Graduates El Dorado!

Over the weekend, Pipedream University (PDU) successfully graduated its 3rd class — the crew of Eldorado Trading Company. PDU’s 2-day course educational seminar is gaining momentum and will be holding more sessions as we ride into fall and winter 2012.

Below is a video recap of 2-day training courses.

International Lingerie Show (ILS) in Vegas Photos


Earlier this month from September 10th – 12th, Pipedream exhibited its new collection of lingerie and bondage products at the International Lingerie Show (ILS) in Las Vegas, located at Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, which also hosted the AVN Adult Novelty Expo the very same week.

ILS is the largest platform where lingerie and intimates are showcased by top industry production houses and designers in the US and around the world.

Our team showcased Pipdream’s 14 new men’s fetish-style lingerie pieces (available in 3 sizes), 12 new women’s fetish-inspired bedroom costumes, as well our unique line of bondage-inspired toys from the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition.

Here are some mention-worthy photos from the Event of the Unmentionables.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures!

Real User Video: Pipedream Extreme Toyz Titty Fuck-Her

You might be on the fence about which Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbator to buy, or maybe you liked our NSFW Product Video for the Titty Fuck-Her and now you want to see more. Well, one of our users posted a hot video to XTube, playing with his Titty Fuck-Her and other toys. There’s a preview above, click through to get the uncensored gritty details.

Sex Toys For Boobies

Boobs. Just the sound of the word itself can be therapeutic. We want to squeeze ‘em, suck ‘em, lick ‘em, play music on ‘em, fall asleep on ‘em, and if mountains are shaped like boobs, we would climb ‘em.

Breasts have mesmerized men—and women—since the beginning of time. Evolutionary psychologists theorize that these divine pair of fatty tissue evolved to signify fertility, indicating milk production, health and fitness. According to anthropologists, societies around the world exercise boob stimulation during foreplay (PsychologyToday). Even the Bible recognizes the joys and pleasures of breasts: “Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight,” Proverbs 5:19.

The chests of chimps and the bonobos swell during mating periods however, the human female is the only primate that maintains a full, plump set of bodacious tatas on a 24/7 basis (TheGuardian).

Here at Pipedream Products, we know that this boob-rich world is diverse, so we’ve created different types of toys for many types of boobs. Nipple clamps are perfect for boobs that enjoy a little pleasure mixed with pain. Try the Vibrating Nipple Clamps and experience incredible vibrations on your nipples. If you’re putting on a sexy strip tease for your partner, then accessorize those assets of yours with the elegant, glitzy Boobie Tassels.

For gentlemen we have some of the world’s most realistic boobalicious masturbators: Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator, Titty Fucker-Her, Fuck My Big Fat Titties, and more! These breastworthy masturbators are made from lifelike FantaFlesh material, giving you instant access to bouncy, perky 36DDs. What you do with them is up to you…

Our exclusive line of Fetish Fantasy Lingerie features some sizzling pieces with cupless cuts like Dragon Lady, White Hot Corset, Chambermaid and more. Slip into these red-hot fetish lingerie sets and show off your “treasure chests” in the bedroom, driving your lover absolutely wild!

We don’t blame you if you want to skip the toys and lingerie and go straight for those blessed breasts with soldier-like level of concentration on sucking. Why not enhance it with a drizzle of Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping? A boobs-and-chocolate combo is paradise on earth.

Boobs are one of the greatest gifts from nature and Pipedream is here to help you better enjoy this wonderful present.

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Why We Love All That Junk Inside That Trunk

A pair of nicely round, spank-inviting, grope-worthy buttocks is euphoria to men in almost every culture on earth. Those titillating rear cushions on a woman have been enchanting us for countless generations—can we say that they’ve made vast contributions to the rapid growth of the human population? One look at those luscious, supple cheeks on a mate and the next generation is right on schedule.

Why does a great ass get us all hot and excited? Let’s explore this question from an evolutionary point of view. In 2008, scientists found amazingly intact 1.2-milion-year-old pelvis fossil remains of our species’ relative, Homo erectus, in Gona, Ethiopia. The pelvis measurements were much larger than previous finds, suggesting that the female’s hip and buttocks needed to be much wider in order to give birth to babies with large craniums (The Telegraph).

Bobbie S. Low, an American sociobiologist, wrote in her book, Why Sex Matters: A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior, that hips and buttocks are strong indicators of a woman’s ability to bear children. A healthy amount of fat distributed to those target areas means she can probably metabolize food efficiently, and safely give birth to healthy babies.

Darwin’s assistant, who studied the South African society, the Khoikhoi, found that this group’s ideal beauty is “a truly sexy woman who was unable to rise from level ground because of the weight of fat on her buttocks.” (Bobbi S. Low)

Health and fertility are all part of the ass package—arousal and reproduction are almost inseparable. Seeing a bodacious booty can instantly trigger our animal instincts to pass on our genes.

Pipedream Products understands this possible Darwinian connection between a sweet badonkakonk and the survival of the species. Our awesome line of Fuck Me Silly masturbators and our Peek-A-Boo Pleaser features some of the most realistic, ripe-for-smacking, perfectly rounded, and bouncy booty imaginable.

Get yours today and enjoy incredible hump of the rump!

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Need Hi-Resolution Product Photos?

In case you weren’t aware, all of our products have hi-resolution images available directly from Pipedream’s wholesale website,

Because of the large file sizes, we cannot send these via email.

Here is an overview of the various ways you can get the downloads you need from our website.

If you have additional questions or needs you can email us at

If you are looking for a specific product or a handful of products the best route is to retrieve the images from the product detail page. You can choose from a large RGB formatted jpeg (best for web) or a high resolution TIFF file that are CMYK formatted (best for print).

You can search on our website by product name, but most people find more accurate search results by entering an item number in the search bar. All Pipedream Products have an item number. Most start with a PD followed by 4 numbers with a 2-digit extension to represent the color of the item.

If you are searching by item number you only need the first four numbers; including the PD in front of the item number is optional. We recommend not including the 2-digit color extension so you can retrieve all color options available for the item you are looking for.

NOTE: Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbators have 3-digit item numbers and begin with RD instead of PD.

If you’re looking to get more than a few images, don’t worry – you do not have to look up every item individually. Pipedream has a robust downloads area on where you can get images downloaded in large batches.

First up on the downloads area is our Catalogs, which are broken down by brand and/or category. From here you can get a PDF file of all content in the catalog, low-res images, hi-res images, thumbnails, and descriptions.

If this is more than what you need and you just want hi-res photos, then those are listed with links to download everything in each of the categories listed on the left side of the home page of our website. (ie. New Releases, New Galley, Anal, Bachelorette, etc).

What’s the difference between New Releases and New Galley?

New Releases include all of our newest offerings and include many that are available for pre-order only.

New Galley narrows it down to new releases that are freshly available for immediate shipment.

When you click on a link to a category (ie. New Releases, Latest Galley, Anal, Blowup Babes, etc.) it will automatically begin to download the zip file to your computer. If you accidentally click the wrong link, you can cancel the download by right-clicking and selecting “cancel” in the pop up menu.

In addition to all this you can also retrieve logos, advertisements, headers & web banners as well as plan-o-grams — each links directly to that section of the downloads area.

How To Introduce Bondage Play To Your Partner

These days, everyone is talking about 50 ways to whip things up in the bedroom. Pipedream released a whole line of bondage toys and fetish-style lingerie. “Kink” is no longer an elusive little word to describe less-than-common sexual practices—it is a word that sells! Everyone is reading about or thinking about dipping into bondage play. Only 20 years ago it was considered perverted and only practiced by the mentally disorderly, but BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism) is now at the footsteps of countless bedrooms in America and around the world.

You’ve read that steamy book series with the silk necktie on its cover. You’ve licked your lips as you wondered about what it would be like to spank or tie up your lover. You might have even placed an order for a flogger or two. And now you just need to go through the final steps before you dive into the fantasy—introduce bondage play to your partner.

How? You might worry about your partner’s reactions. They might be uncomfortable, or even unwilling. But before you let any of those fears stop you from approaching your partner, stop and think about this: have the 2 of you ever been aroused from a little spanking during sex? If so, your partner’s response might be more receptive than you think.

The best thing to do is talk to your partner in an open, no-pressure, and light-hearted way about your desire to explore some of your BDSM fantasies. It’s best to start with something light such as using a spanking paddle, tying up your hands with rope or tape, or blindfolding yourself as your lover runs soft feathers up the down your body. Remember, gently ease into all of this and always make sure that both parties are comfortable.

As things began to heat up and the both of you are ready for “advancement”, try a set of nipple clamps, a ball gag, a flogger, or shock therapy!

The BDSM world encourages all players—beginners and enthusiasts alike—to establish a “safe word”. A safe word is basically a word that either party can utter to immediately stop bondage play, especially if one feels uncomfortable for whatever reason. A safe word should be something completely unrelated to the play session at hand: “burrito” or “monkey” are good examples.

As always, clearly communicate with your partner about the various bondage fantasies you want to explore. Start off with light toys and gradually progress to more extreme ones once you two are more comfortable and more experienced. Keep it fun and safe!

For more tips on introducing your partner to BDSM or its safety precautions, email us at

FAQ VIDEO: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Full Contact Hood


Learn how you can experience the thrill of complete sensory deprivation in this Full Contact Hood from our Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection of BDSM gear.

Find out about the materials, how it fits, and complete features of the hood in this short demonstration video that will answer the most frequently asked questions.