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Get Her Wet!: Which Mega Masturbators Are Water Safe?


Our Fanta Flesh Mega Masturbators feel so real, you might like to treat them to a romantic bubble bath or a fiery romp in the pool! But just like any other intimate affair, don’t forget to practice safe sex with your rubber lover. Before indulging in some wet and wild fun, make sure your girl or guy is safe to submerge. Below you will find two lists that decipher the Mega Masturbators that are safe to completely submerge in water, and those that are restricted from submergence.

GET HER WET! The following toys are a-okay to completely submerge in water:

Pipedream Extreme Jizz Junkie, RD275


DO NOT GET HER WET! The following toys are absolutely unsafe to completely submerge in water:

Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Big Black Ass! RD174-23


If you can’t keep these lists handy, here are some tips on how to determine whether your Mega Masturbator is safe to submerge:

Check her holes! If your Mega Masturbator is unsafe to submerge, you will find a hole on the backside* where foam has been inserted. This foam is used to fluff her up while remaining lightweight for easy handling. When you spread the hole on the backside, you will see evidence of foam almost immediately. This is the ultimate proof that your toy is unsafe to submerge. Any water that comes into contact with the foam may permanently damage the material.

The “backside” and foam-filled hole.

Another way to check for submergence safety is to finger all the holes, both penetrable and not penetrable. Reach through one side with one hand, and the other side with your other hand. If your fingers can touch in the middle, proving that all holes are connected by one tube, then you’re ready to take your Lil’ Fuck Her for a dive!

Though it’s unsafe to submerge some of these toys completely, you can still wash them with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water – just be extremely conscious of that foamy hole! For additional tips on how to care for and maintain your Fanta Flesh Mega Masturbator, click here and here. Click here for more information about the materials used in our masturbators. See a video demonstration using some of our Fuck Me Silly toys here. You can also send questions to our Sexpert or email us at!

*Decoding Pipedream terminology: The backside we are referring to here is not to be confused with the actual buttocks of the toy. In this case, the “backside” is the flat side where you will find the hole that the foam has been inserted into.

Get Extreme This Halloween: New Terrifying Takes on the Fetish Fantasy & Fetish Fantasy Extreme Series

Crazy Wabbit Queen Size, PD4729-08

Halloween has become a night full of revealing bunnies and sultry black cats — and we’re definitely not going to complain about that! In fact, this modern interpretation of the holiday isn’t too far fetched from its origins. Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a time when it was believed the ghosts of the dead would return to Earth. This time was also spent celebrating the New Year on November 1st, marking the harvest and the beginning of the dark and cold winter. Like us, the Celts wore celebratory costumes too — though we tend to reveal skin, whereas the Celts bared actual skin, dressing in animal heads and hides.

If you’re not one for prancing around in perished pelts, you can still celebrate the eerie holiday season in the vain of the Celts with some faux skin… for your pleasure pole, that is! Surprise your partner by disguising your member in a Fetish Fantasy Series Hollow Strap-On. Hollow Strap-Ons are a great way to combine the intimacy of sex with a long-time partner, and the excitement of experiencing a new joy stick! With over thirty Hollow Strap-Ons, there is an array of peckers to choose from. Complete your Jedi get-up by morphing your meat into a light saber with our glow in the dark Vibrating Hollow Strap-On!

Fetish Fantasy Series Glow In The Dark Vibrating Hollow Strap-On, PD3367-32

Swing into the Halloween spirit with a Fetish Fantasy Swing, and you’ll go batty as you take flight while you bang the night away! Experience new sensations by stretching and twisting into new positions with the Yoga Sex Swing. Not only does it improve flexibility, increase stamina, and build core muscles, but it relieves you of the tremendous skill and exertion typically required to execute the most difficult and stimulating positions imaginable.

Continue your celebration of the dark season by finally exploring your sinister sexual fantasies, and inspire your inner spook with our Fetish Fantasy Extreme line. Put a sexy spin on some Celtic-inspired animal looks. Experiment with Animal Roleplay by turning our Fuck My Face Hood into a latex-obsessed elephant whose trunk is fuckably phallic! If animals aren’t your thing, channel your inner sub by roleplaying inanimate objects — wear our Cum Bucket hood and instantly transform into a jizz-guzzling garbage disposal! You can even bring scary movie date nights to life with our Hannibal Hood. Reminiscent of Dr. Lecter, this hood is sure to flip the silence of your sex life into a screaming good time!

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Fuck My Face Hood, PD3648-23

Challenge your arachnophobia with our Spider Gag while finding yourself tangled amongst a web of Bondage Rope! There’s no need to fret if you never passed the knot-tying portion of Scouts, because first timers can practice the ancient Japanese art of Kinbaku with ease with our pre-knotted Beginner’s Silk Rope Bondage Set or Silk Rope Hogtie.

Still not scared enough? For more suggestions on how to get extreme this Halloween, or for answers regarding any other Pipedream product, email us at or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

FAQ VIDEO: Heavy Weight Nipple Clamps

Want to experience some intense nipple teasing? Then try our newly-released Heavy Weight Nipple Clamps (PD3615-23) from our Fetish Fantasy Series.

Watch the video below to learn about this items’ amazing features like its adjustable nipple clips, and its unique weight that’s designed to bring you extra stimulation. Just be warned, the video might cause you to experience double nipple erections!

For more info on our wide selection of nipple clamps, email us at or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

FAQ VIDEO: Basix Rubber Works – His and Hers G-Spot (Glow in the Dark)

The His and Hers G-Spot (PD4261) dildo from Pipedream Products is here!

Check out the video below to learn about all its amazing features like its suction cup base, its flexibility, and the fact that it GLOWS IN THE DARK!

For more information about our Basix Rubber Works dildos or dongs, email us at or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

Lady Balls: A Beginner’s Guide to Ben-Wa Balls


Guess what girls — we’ve got balls too! Ben-Wa balls, that is. But unlike those nature-made, testosterone-induced ones, our Fetish Fantasy Series Ben-Wa Balls are about the size of a marble, and made of metal or glass. Other versions of the Ben-Wa balls are hollow with a smaller, weighted ball inside that rolls around with movement. They can come as a pair of two separate Ben-Wa balls, or connected with a string to ease removal.

Inserting a Ben-Wa ball is quick and simple as long as you are properly lubricated. Lubrication is key to safe and enjoyable sex of any kind, so if you need a little help getting wet, try our Moist Personal Lubricant. Once you’re all oiled up, just place the ball against the vaginal opening and gently push it inside with your fingers. To ease insertion, be conscious of your vaginal muscles —  make sure they’re completely relaxed as you push the balls inside, one at a time. If you’re tensing up, it may help to play with yourself a bit prior to insertion.  Massage yourself with a super cute Neon Luv Touch vibrator to aid with both lubrication and relaxation, and penetrate to help stretch the vaginal opening and canal.

Once the Ben-Wa balls are in, you can enjoy them alone or with a partner, but do not engage in penetration while the Ben-Wa balls are still inside of you. Getting off with Ben-Wa balls is all about external stimulation. In fact, most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, though penetration does enhance a clit-stimulated orgasm. As you gyrate your hips, use your vaginal muscles to hold the balls in place. If you’re using hollow Ben-Wa Balls, the inner balls will bounce around inside of you, creating vibrations that enhance sensation in your vaginal canal.

We benefit from Ben-Wa balls beyond just an intensified orgasm. When you’re not at play, Ben-Wa balls are a great tool in strengthening your lady parts, too. Don’t forget that your vagina is a muscle that will benefit from working out just like any other muscle. Strengthening your vagina by coupling the Ben-Wa balls with keggle exercises improves sexual performance — just imagine how great a tighter grip on his dick will feel for the both of you! Strong vaginal muscles are also imperative when preparing to give birth, as well as increased vaginal elasticity, which will improve with continued exercise. Keggling is also used to treat mild urinary incontinence by enhancing bladder control. In fact, Taoists and Tantra practitioners credit the Ben-Wa ball directly as an important tool in exercising control, as well as exploring one’s sensuality.

If you’re looking for more variety of Ben-Wa balls, then stay tuned for our soon-to-be released handblown glass Ben-Wa balls from our Icicles collection!

Ben-Wa balls are not butthole-friendly! The anus leads to the rectum where objects can be easily lost. This is due to the rectum’s shape – which is in the shape of an S — so those curves can make it impossible to retrieve items without medical assistance. It’s important that the only objects inserted into your anus are specifically designed and labeled for anal play, such as our Ready-4-Action Vibrating Anal Beads or Wallbanger Waterproof Jelly Butt Plug (and don’t forget our Moist Anal Lube!)

Be sure to clean your Ben-Wa balls before and after each use with our Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. If you have more questions regarding Ben-Wa balls, or any other Pipedream Product, email us at or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

Pipedream University Graduates Nalpac

We just held our fourth Pipedream University weekend training course with Nalpac, our distributor from Michigan.

The full weekend of meet-and-greet, fun, learning, and entertainment can be watched in the video below.


For more information about Pipedream University, email us at


Midget Man Gets Down and Freaky with Williams Trading Company

In the last two days, one of Pipedream largest distributors, Williams Trading Company, held their 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Weekend. Our Sales Executive, Steve Sav, was on the scene and managed to sign up 50 new people for our revolutionary Pipedream Planogrammer to use in their brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Accompany Steve was none other than our notorious Midget Man, who, after just returning from an epic week at eroFame, is already rubbing shoulders — and other body parts — with the ladies and gents of Williams Trading Co.

The following gallery is a testament to Midget Man’s insatiable appetite.

For more information about the many erotic adventures of Midget Man, email us at

FAQ: Are All Pipedream Extreme Toyz Masturbators Phthalate-Free?

Ahhhhhh! RD224

Every single one of the Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbator/stroker is phthalate AND latex-free. The FantaFlesh material that they are constructed from is a proprietary blend of TPR (thermo plastic rubber), TPE (therm plastic elastomer), and Silicone — all of which is designed to mimic the look and feel of real human skin.

Fanta Flesh is completely waterproof (click hereto read cleaning tips), light-weight, super-stretchy, and ultra-soft.

The Gape-Her RD204

Take take one home tonight and enjoy thrills over and over again — by yourself or with your partner!

For more info on Pipedream’s toy materials, email us at


Pictures from eroFame 2012

Our “Dream Team” returned from eroFame trade convention this month with a slew of awards, including an award for Innovation of the Year for Pipedream’s Planogrammer software. Check out the gallery below to see Pipedream’s week in Hannover, Germany.

For more information about Pipedream’s week at eroFame, email us at

FAQ: How Do I Care For My Fuck Me Silly 2?

You can wash your Fuck Me Silly 2 masturbator with mild soap and warm water, as well as with Pipedream’s Toy Cleaner and warm water.

The original Fuck Me Silly, however, should only be cleaned with the Toy Cleaner. Why? Because the back of the toy has a small round opening that leads directly to the foam material used to give it all that volume. Any water that comes into contact with the foam may permanently damage the material. To watch a video of this, click here.

Fuck Me Silly 2, on the other hand, is completely covered with FantaFlesh, the lifelike material used to make this toy. Therefore, it is safe to submerge FMS2 in water and gently wash it with mild soap.

For more info on the proper care of Pipedream’s male masturbators, email us at