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Screw the Gym – Get Buff in Bed!

There have been plenty of studies linking exercise to sex since it releases endorphins, stimulates sex hormones, and promotes genital blood flow, all of which increases sexual arousal. Beefy muscles can always improve your sex life, especially ones aided by Ben-Wa balls, because orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity. Some people even claim to reach orgasm solely while exercising! But no one can deny that the very best way to sweat your way to ecstasy is with an ancient form of exercise – sex! Both our physical and mental health can benefit from sex – it improves sleeping, increases immunity and cardio-vascular health, as well as self-esteem and emotional intimacy… and it burns some calories too! About eighty-five calories per half-hour romp, to be exact. So screw the gym! Tone that tush in preparation for Santa’s lap, and sweat out those toxins by screwing yourself tonight.

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Glide, PD3761-00

Encourage your partner through some sensual squats as they bounce onto the Fetish Fantasy Series Lap Dancer Thigh Strap On. A dong on the thigh relieves your own parts, making it easier for you to pleasure yourself while your partner is titillated to toned thighs! Send thrilling vibes up their spine with the Lap Dancer’s sister, the Vibrating Thigh Strap On. Or try another new technique of giving or taking a pounding with the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Glide, and pogo your way to pumped up pythons with this self-powered fuck machine.

Other intricate, toy-less sex positions are well suited for a hard pounding and a hard workout. With the lunge position, the person on top sits with one leg planted in front of them while the other leg extends behind them in between the bottom partner’s legs. This position provides new sensations by accessing pleasure points from different angles, as well as working the quad, hamstrings, core, and butt. Sex while stranding also engages your core muscles and, depending on the specifics of your position, can work leg muscles and improve arm strength. This is definitely a more challenging position, though, but can be easily accessible with our Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing!

The lunge sex position, courtesy of

We all hate working out, so if these steamy workouts are still a bore, dress it up with some animal roleplay, and pounce your way to pleasure. Make your partner beg for your bone with the Fetish Fantasy Series Doggie Hood and Leash, or combine our Fetish Fantasy Extreme Heavy Duty Leash & Collar with our Cwazy Rabbit or Karnal Kitty from Fetish Fantasy Lingerie for a diverse pack of carnal critters.

After your work out, use our Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy to massage those sore muscles, or for an extra bolt of energy to prep for another round of fun! And don’t forget – it’s important to gradually bring your body temperature down after an intense workout, so try a cool down round with a frozen Icicle!

Feel free to anonymously inquire with the Sexperts for more information about sexercising or any Pipedream Product, or email me directly at

Get Stuffed! A Guide to Beginners Anal Sex

Kayden Kross and Nick Jacobs

We’ll ease your anal anxiety in no time!

Traditionally, we express our Thanksgiving gratitude by shoving mounds of turkey and pie down each other’s throats. When contemplating my last Thanksgiving, though, I recalled not the tasty meal prepared by my best friends, but the stuffing that took place following our meal. Thanksgiving of 2011 was both an eye and ass opening evening for me. It was the first night I successfully and enjoyably took a pegging, so I’d like to take this opportunity to officially redefine Thanksgiving. As a life-long fat kid I am first to enthusiastically partake in any feast, but I think it’s important to satisfy our sexual hungers as well. So this Thanksgiving, why not give thanks to your loved ones with a different kind of stuffing — in the butt!

I’d been inherently against anal sex for a long time due, unfortunately, to partners who’d gone about it the wrong way. My number one rule for any type of sex is to be 100% certain that this is an entirely consensual act. If you have to really beg and persuade your partner to do it, they’re probably going to give in half-heartedly, tainting the experience for the both of you. If your partner isn’t into it, especially a partner on the bottom, they’re not going to be as comfortable and relaxed as one needs to be during a first-time pegging. And when it comes down to it, it’s just not fair to pressure your partner into anything — ever. Instead, try talking about it when you’re not in the midst of intimacy. Express your anal interests while clothed. Do some research on how to ensure that it’s an enjoyable experience for the both of you. Don’t just beg and plead. Show your partner that you care about their experience just as much, if not more, than you’re concerned about your own.

Our chocolatey Real Feel No. 9 is a perfect post-turkey dessert!

The second most important aspect of anal sex is lube. Use it. Use a LOT of it. Seriously, you can never, ever, ever use too much lube when preparing for rear entry. Our Silicone Moist lubricant is your best bet, as silicone lube won’t dry out, maintaining slick and easy entry through the entirety of your playtime. Never combine silicone lube with a silicone toy, though. The silicone molecules can bond together and create holes in the toy, which promotes the growth and spread of bacteria, making it impossible to sterilize. So if you prefer a condom-less silicone toy, our water-based Moist lubricant will suffice, though you may find yourself re-applying more frequently.

Avoid using numbing ointments when diving into your behind. Yes, anal can hurt, but that’s usually only because you’re rushing into it! Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right. If you numb the area you run the risk of being completely unaware in the event that something goes wrong. You really don’t want to numb yourself in order to take a pounding because as a beginner with absolutely no anal experience, anal tearing is a distinct possibility if you rush into rough anal sex. Anal rips can heighten the risk of STIs, as well as just being generally painful as hell! Be nice to your butthole and ease into it, because if it’s your first time, you need to gradually work up to a hardcore anal pounding no matter how much you may crave it.

It’s best to experiment with smaller probes before jumping into rough penetration. Your ass hole really is elastic, but it needs a bit of guidance to reach easy elasticity. Start with a finger. Massage the opening (with lube!) to really relax yourself and the area before slowly prodding it (with more lube!), then eventually slipping the entire finger in (where’s that lube at?!). Once you’re anally acclimated to the girth of a finger, try some toys.

Heat things up on this chilly Thanksgiving night by placing our Icicles No. 2 in a warm bowl of water prior to playtime!

Patience is key in gradually stretching your anus in preparation for a nice, hard pounding. Start with our Anal Fantasy Collection Mini Silicone Plug, it’s only 1 inch in girth at its widest point, before slowly graduating to our larger AFC Silicone plugs until you reach your desired size. Once you’ve mastered the AFC anal training plugs, move on to a slightly larger toy like the Fetish Fantasy Elite 7″ Vibrating Dildo. This luxurious, super-smoooooooth silicone toy should slide in with ease (with lube, yes, more lube!) You can even stick it on the wall for hands-free penetration while tickling your tush with seven vibration patterns.

The Icicles No. 2 is also a great, gradual stretcher as its smallest bulge has a girth of only 4 centimeters. Glass toys are a ton of fun for temperature play, too. Send shivers up your rump by freezing your Icicle, or heat up those buns by placing the toy in a bowl of warm water prior to use. If you’re going to use a toy like this, though, be sure to NOT insert it very far. The safest toys to put in your butt hole will have wide, flat bases that are wider than the widest point of the toy. If it doesn’t have a base, you mustmustmust practice extreme caution.

High five! You’re no longer an anal amateur and can graduate to the real stuffing! Those with two holes should definitely check out our Real Feel Deluxe No. 8 7.5″ Double Penetrator for more wall-bangin’ satisfaction. The squishy Fanta-Flesh material mimics the softness of real skin, while remaining stiff enough to penetrate that tough heinie hole. But beware — these toys feel so real, you might just lose your appetite for the real thing!

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FAQ: Fuck Me Silly versus Fuck Me Silly Petite

Two of our most popular Pipedream Extreme Toyz are going head-to-head in a battle for the title of Most Fuckable Toy! Okay maybe not, as all of our mega masturbators are perfectly penetrable, but we’ve definitely received quite a few questions in regards to their size. Here are their measurements and some side-by-side photos.

Fuck Me Silly Measurements:

Item Length: 14.5 in. – ( 368 mm )
Item Width: 14 in. – ( 356 mm )
Item Height: 9.75 in. – ( 248 mm )
Item Weight: 22 lbs. ( 9.98 kgs )


Fuck Me Silly Petite Measurements:

Item Length: 10.5 in. – ( 267 mm )
Item Width: 11.25 in. – ( 286 mm )
Item Height: 6.5 in. – ( 165 mm )
Item Weight: 10 lbs. ( 4.42 kgs )

Learn more about the Fuck Me Silly in our previous blog entries. Email for more information about Pipedream Extreme Toyz or any other Pipedream product, or ask the Sexpert!

Pipedream University Receives Recognition from Nalpac

Last month, Pipedream University (PDU) graduated its fourth class, Michigan-based adult toy distributor Nalpac. Here’s their “Thank You” video to express their gratitude for the fantastic weekend, and to name PDU as “Best Manufacturer Training”.

Thank you Nalpac!

We’re all looking forward to a prosperous 2013!!!

Pipedream University Graduates East Coast News!

Over the weekend, Pipedream University (PDU) just added another alumni to its list of graduates — adult toy distributor giant East Coast News (ECN). For two entire days, the ECN crew were given an inside look at our shipping, receiving, manufacturing, and day-to-day operations.

Below is a video recap of all the fun and learning that took place!

Let The People Come!: Be Sure Your Partner’s Not Faking It

According to a UK study*, 80% of women fake their orgasms. A smaller fraction — 31% — of men fake it too! Uneven cum-tallies are sure to fuel, if not spark, an argument, so why not ignite your sex life instead of a fight! Here are some of our favorite ways to ensure that your partner’s vulva (or fun valve!) va-va-vooms to ecstasy.

Sometimes foreplay is more important than the sex itself. It takes more than just a stick and poke to get someone all riled up, so why not try a long, wet, sultry massage to calm them down and loosen them up. With our Liquid Love warming-and-flavored massage lotion, you can use your fingers and tongue to rub those knots and kinks away. But please don’t mistake this lotion for lube — sugar-infused oils, lotions, and lubes are never to be used internally.

Teasing is a foolproof method for turning anyone on. Learn more about this particular art of seduction here

A majority of the vag-wielding population cannot cum from penetration alone, and some can only reach a thrilling, genuine climax with clitoral stimulation. First and foremost — if you can’t find the clit, just ask! There’s nothing more awkward than combating a lost soldier. Communication is key to steamy, passionate sex, so if dirty talk feels a bit awkward, try our Glow In The Dark Erotic Dice or, for a kinkier convo, our Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Dice. It’s always easier to battle anxiety or embarrassment with a little guidance, so let these dice lead the way and you’ll be whispering your own desires and demands in no time!

Don’t limit your toys to solo playtime. Once you’ve conquered their fun buttons, incorporate a breathtaking buzz while simultaneously penetrating. Our Wanachi massagers are a perfect fit, with an intense range of vibrations and a large handle that remains easy to grip even during the most rigorous romp. Try its waterproof sister for steamy shower fun, or prepare for some naughty public pleasure by keeping a Mini Wanachi by your side. Our high-end silicone WOW! No. 4 is another elegant option, featuring luxurious lines of vibes that are sure to tickle and titillate your partner to completion!

Be sure not to ignore the back door, either! The anus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings, so even a massage without anal penetration can enhance pleasure and keep them coming all night long!

For more tips on how to tip your mate’s orgasm overboard, email our in-house Sexpert directly at, or submit an anonymous question to our Sexpert page.

*Check out this article for the study’s conclusions in a less academic manner.

Do You Really “Like” Us? – Here’s Your Chance to Win a $1000 Sex Toy Shopping Spree!

Did your dog eat your Tuggie? Maybe you’re low on Body Heat. Whatever the case, we’ve got $1000 worth of sex toys to help keep you warm during this frosty holiday season.

Whether you’re a good little elf who wants to spread the wealth, or a Grinch who’d rather hoard the goods to themselves, to reap the benefits of our gift-giving generosity, all you have to do is click a few links!

Simply “like” our Facebook, share the page with friends, then comment on the official giveaway post and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $1000 Pipedream shopping spree! Want to increase your chance of winning? Then submit your most titillating tale from a past holiday season. Ever bang Santa? Did your Bubbie give you 8 days worth of awkward sex advice? Tell us about the weirdest holiday gift you’ve ever received, or your kinkiest XXXmas adventure and send it us at or in a Facebook message!

Deadline to submit your XXXmas story is DECEMBER 15th, 2012!

Combat the cold with your very own Icicles, or ignite a kinky holiday eve with the Fetish Fantasy Series Xmas Plush Cuff Set. Whatever your pervy preference, you’ll get a whole grand to spend on any item from any Pipedream line.

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So go ahead - like us, follow us, leave a witty comment… and most of all, keep those orgasms coming because, baby, it’s cold outside!

Step Into a Winter Wonderland with Icicles This Xmas!

Does the weather outside make you want to hibernate in the paradise-like comfort of your blanket-landscaped bed until spring? If so, why not bring along a sinfully smooth, ultra-bright, hypnotically handsome friend—the Icicle!  These glamorous glass massagers are hand-blown, handcrafted, and made to give you the most intensely heated climax ever!

Heat things up with the Icicle Strap-On PD29326-00

Designed to please the choosiest of users, every piece of our Icicles 40+ collection is nonporous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and uniquely shaped to reach all those sacred spots that need a little warmin’ up this winter.  The vast collection has tempting pieces for endless fun such as anal, vaginal, strap-on, and bondage play.

To heat up your Icicle, simply submerge it in warm water or heat it in the microwave for up to one minute (click here to learn more).

Snow is falling and frost is forming, but your Icicle is the furthest thing from giving you more bone-deep chills. Just heat ‘em up and melt into ecstasy as you feel the all-consuming heat of the glass awaken every frozen cell in your shivering body. Or, if you’re left all sweaty and steamy from none other than mind-blowing passion, stick your Icicle in the freezer for a refreshingly cool sensation.

So what are you waiting for? This Christmas holiday, create your very own wild winter wonderland with the sensual collection of Icicles!

For more information about holiday-themed sex toys and massagers, email us at or ask the Sexpert!


Industry’s Reaction to Measure B at the Free Speech Coalition Summit

Summit 2012

Pipedream's Sexpert/Editor Sabrina Dropkick with FSC Board Member Sid Grief”

Pipedream Sexpert and Writer Sabrina Dropkick was proud to represent us at the inaugural Free Speech Coalition Summit yesterday, which promised to inform adult entertainment professionals of emerging industry issues, as well as celebrate our strength and unity. Though the disappointment of Measure B’s passing trickled throughout all conversations, a variety of panels comprised of adult industry leaders covered pertinent topics such as assertive ways to expand business domestically and internationally, battling unfortunate perspectives of adult entertainment, and how the recent election effects the industry as a whole.

In place of a previously planned hour-and-a-half break, the Measure B discussion was a heated one, though FSC CEO Diane Duke was sure to keep our heads up with her relentless encouragement, “Measure B may have passed, but we gained a massive comradery through campaigning.” The law’s specifics are still to come, so filmmakers are urged to shoot as much as possible before implemented.

It was unanimously agreed that a lack of funding is to blame for this loss, and it seems that not everyone effected by Measure B was pitching in. FSC board member and Vivid founder Steve Hirsch pleaded that we can’t survive as an industry if we don’t provide the funds required to protect ourselves — relying on mega companies to foot the bill is unfair. Any donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small, including volunteer work. Many last minute donations made it hard to advertise properly in the days leading up to the election. There was a massive shift in the public’s decision after eight days of televised advertisements, and it’s been projected that only four more days of TV ads could have pushed us to success. Other concerns were how to properly convey the possible destruction of the industry due to Measure B, and educating the public about the rigorous testing already in place for performers. The New York Times released this article reinforcing that these procedures work, but unfortunately this article came too late.

The Measure B panel lead by FSC CEO Diane Duke, with head of the No on Government Waste Committee, Susan Burnside, and No on B Communications Director, James Lee.

Our rivalry with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation was made clear when they registered a representative under a fake name in order to slither into the Measure B meeting, recording almost half of the discussion before being recognized and escorted from the premises. Michael Thorn, Instigator Magazine Editor and AHF patient, spoke out against the AHF. He questioned where their funds are going – how are they funding this massive campaign while patients are suffering, forced to wait over six weeks to see a doctor.

In spite of these set backs, there have been positive gains from the campaign. No on B was the only campaign to ever receive endorsements from every Los Angeles county newspaper. They missed only one newspaper endorsement due solely to scheduling conflicts.

The fight isn’t over as litigation is in motion. The adult industry needs to “come out” as a united community, because silence is what fuels abuse. The FSC’s meeting with the Los Angeles Times was historical, marking the first time any adult industry representative had even entered their premises. The LA Times made endorsements against the adult industry twice in the past, so to receive their endorsement for No on B is unheard of and a massive triumph. They were surprised by how pleasant, intelligent, and respectful the FSC representatives are, and their honesty and respect was key to this shift in perspective. It’s imperative to continue this community outreach to squash negative stereotypes, as well as to maintain the newfound respect and support of the Chambers of Commerce.

The Measure B panel packs the house!

After a long day of intense discussion, the Summit was closed with an empowering and inspiring awards ceremony where production, internet, and novelty companies were recognized as Companies of the Year. Industry leaders were also recognized for their dedication and success both in and out of the industry. California Exotic Novelties founder and CEO Susan Colvin was granted the Legacy Award for her immense success over the past 27 years in this male-dominated industry. Jessica Drake was presented with a Positive Image Award for her work against Measure B, as well as her charity work overseas. We had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Drake after the ceremony, where she explained that she actually has to hide her profession from her charity work – otherwise, she would be asked to leave. We commend her for her commitment to the industry, to charity, and for continuously battling the unfortunate stereotypes of adult entertainment.

It was also announced that longtime adult retailer and FSC board member Sid Grief will be retiring from both FSC and the adult industry this year. He was recognized as a true leader with a fearless commitment to FSC and the industry as a whole. Praise is also due to FSC CEO Diane Duke for her tireless efforts in the long-time fight for our industry’s rights. Her uplifting energy filled every room through the entire day, and her message of strength and unity has encouraged us all, as she went on to exclaim, “We didn’t win the battle, but we will win the war.”

For more information about our industry’s fightback against unconstitutional legislation, email us at or ask the Sexpert!

Photos courtesy of Lloyd Brown, from

FAQ: Why won’t my Shock Therapy work?

PD3723-00 shock therapy

We’ve been receiving tons of inquiries about our array of Shock Therapy items, especially the original Shock Therapy, Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit, and Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition’s Shock Therapy kit.  The most common issue is that they don’t seem to turn on at all!

To properly turn on the digital power control, all 4 pads must be attached and placed on the body in order for the item to work.

Therefore, before even turning it on, place all 4 pads on desired areas of the body. A good place to start may be your shoulders since they’re tougher and can sustain more intensity. (Caution: DO NOT place pads over body piercings, or adjacent to regions that house surgically implanted medical devices. DO NOT use Shock Therapy if you have cardiac conditions or epilepsy. It’s best to talk to your physician about whether or not Shock Therapy is safe before you use it.)

Once all 4 pads are attached, turn on the unit. As soon as the “tap” mode appears, you should be able to press the “on”/arrow up button to increase the intensity. You will see the intensity bar increase on the bottom right corner of the screen.

All 4 pads must be placed on the body before turning on the digital power control.

If the intensity doesn’t seem to be increasing, you may have to click through all the modes, then once you’re back to the tap mode again, try increasing the intensity again. To switch to speed, simply press the s/p button, then the “on”/arrow up button to increase the speed.

Click here for more Shock Therapy guides and safety tips. For more information regarding our Shock Therapy products, or any other Pipedream product, email us at or ask the Sexpert!