FAQ: Fuck Me Silly versus Fuck Me Silly Petite

Two of our most popular Pipedream Extreme Toyz are going head-to-head in a battle for the title of Most Fuckable Toy! Okay maybe not, as all of our mega masturbators are perfectly¬†penetrable, but we’ve definitely received quite a few questions in regards to their size. Here are their measurements and some side-by-side photos.

Fuck Me Silly Measurements:

Item Length: 14.5 in. – ( 368 mm )
Item Width: 14 in. – ( 356 mm )
Item Height: 9.75 in. – ( 248 mm )
Item Weight: 22 lbs. ( 9.98 kgs )


Fuck Me Silly Petite Measurements:

Item Length: 10.5 in. – ( 267 mm )
Item Width: 11.25 in. – ( 286 mm )
Item Height: 6.5 in. – ( 165 mm )
Item Weight: 10 lbs. ( 4.42 kgs )

Learn more about the Fuck Me Silly in our previous blog entries. Email info@pipedreamproducts.com for more information about Pipedream Extreme Toyz or any other Pipedream product, or ask the Sexpert!

4 comments on “FAQ: Fuck Me Silly versus Fuck Me Silly Petite

  1. Great. I already own 3 of the original FMS and love them.
    Now that we’ve covered that niche market…

    As a lover of super voluptuous women and die hard ASSMAN, can you next make a MEGA round bubble butt version, larger than the original FMS? Somewhere in the 18-19″ wide and 43-46″ circumference? That’ll be awesome.

  2. Sabrina Dropkick on said:

    Hey Curtis! We’ve actually been getting big booty requests quite often lately, so I’ve talked with our VP of Development to let him know about the demand. We look forward to satisfying this market soon! :)

  3. It would be great to make a solid sex doll with the same FMS material.

  4. Ok dokie thanks, Sabrina.
    Really looking forward and hoping it’s not too far down the pike.

    Let Pipedream not go conservative regarding “fantaflesh” material on the next project. I don’t know how realistic my proposed dimensions are taken into consideration, as long as it’s significantly bigger than the original, i’m happy.

    Also, i hope that the new one will have more jiggly wiggle and bounce than the original. In another words keep improving on the fantaflesh formula.

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