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New Ways to Ride: Reinventing the Strap-On

Cameron Dee and Hannah Reilly loved our new Fetish Fantasy Extreme 8″ Vibrating Silicone Ribbed Strap-On!

I love ladies and I love dicks, so you can probably imagine how I feel when ladies and dicks are combined. Strap-on sex is one of my favorite ways to fuck (thought not necessarily reserved just for the ladies!) I love that it allows you to choose from the plethora of types of dongs that you can be fucked with. Even more, I love being able to experience a role in sex outside of the boundaries of my cis-gendered body.

The range of strap-on accessories is mind blowing, and we all know Pipedream is no stranger to innovation. We’re pushing the boundaries of strap-on sex and re-thinking the ways you pound your partner with passion! Here are some of the new strap-ons that have my ladyparts aching with anticipation.

You’ll be bobbing for orgasms with our trio of Silicone Face Fucker Gags! These 2-in-1 gags have something for the both of you – a smooth, round gag to shut your subject up, and a stiff dong, butt plug, or anal beads that turns them into a real-life fuck toy! If your sub needs to be further stuffed for silencing, the Elite Silicone dongs double as a reversible gag.

We’re redefining oral with our trio of Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Face Fucker Gags!

I’m really excited about our Thigh-High Strap-On because of all the freedom it gives the wearer. The thigh is strong enough not to tire while your partner gives you an X-rated lap dance, and it frees up your cum zones so you can get off while you enjoy the show! The 7” dong features a suction-cup base and can be removed from the harness for a good, ol’ fashioned wall banging. The elastic harness lets most sizes help keep everything in place when the action heats up, and it’s light enough to forget it’s even there!

There are a few double-sided, harness-free strap-ons out there that just don’t jive with my grind. Bulbous penetrators on the wearer’s end never feel quite right to me, and it can be hard to keep inside if you’re not caught up with your keggles and Ben-Wa balls. Never fear, because Pipedream is here and we’re on everyone’s side for pleasure! With our new Vibrating Double Delight, you can fill yourself up just as much as your partner! Both dongs will send a buzz of excitement up your pleasure parts, and each dong has their own controls so you’re both in control of the power.

Fiending for more about strap-ons? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

Drop Loads, Not Bombs!

We don't wanna blow you up... but we would like to blow your mind!

This week in 1936, President Truman announced his support of the development of the H-bomb, thought to be hundreds of times more powerful than the atomic bomb. Whoa, that’s some pretty scary stuff. We here at Pipedream would prefer you drop loads, not bombs! And to help you have the most powerful orgasm ever, we’ve developed some extreme new toys to make those nether parts go BOOM!

Near and dear to my little hornball heart is our Inflatable Ass Blaster, one of the very first items I ever named for Pipedream – awww, how sweet. I’ve always found that the more I’m stuffed, the more intense my orgasm can be. And with this hardcore inflatable dong, you’re in control of how much stuffing you can take!

This is one instance where you may not mind saggy balls.

For those with balls, you’ve gotta check out our new Ball Stretcher. Typically as you reach orgasm, the scrotum pulls the testicles into the body. By stretching and resisting this pull with the Ball Stretcher, your body tries even harder to retract, making you cum harder than ever! Don’t be nervous if ball stretching is new to you – the weights can be detached and added gradually as you become more acquainted with this practice.

Considering all of the stuffing that happens in my life, you can probably imagine how hard it is to make me cum. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always needed it hard and fast. But finally, with innovations like pussy pumps I’m able to enjoy slower, softer sex too. Some people love the swollen look of pumped nipples or pussy lips, but I love how sensitive it makes the pumped area. Our new Clit N’ Tit Power Pump is next on my wish list — not only can you use this pump above and below the belt, but its vibrations and ticklers can get you off just as well as it pumps you up!

For more information about any of our Fetish Fantasy Extreme products, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at You can also always anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

Turn ‘Em On With Tuneage!: Pipedream’s Pervy Playlists

Sure, there are heavenly chocolates and sensual scented candles to turn your partner on, but nothing compares to this ancient aphrodisiac – music! It’s been proven time and time again that music can improve one’s mood and turn you on. We know your wallets can be sad sometimes, but with all we can access on the internet these days, there’s no reason why you can’t pamper your partner with a pervy playlist. Here are just a few of my favorite songs that, quite literally, scream sex!


If you know me, you know about my beard fetish… and Les Savy Fav's frontman gets two boners up!

Lips N’ Stuff, Les Savy Fav

Let’s pretend we’re innocent
We’re just friends with benefits
We don’t even say we kiss
We just touch our lips up to our lips ‘n stuff

New York-based Les Savy Fav is my go-to band for the revolving door called “my bed”. Their punk rock vibe is loud enough to muffle those late-night sounds you’d rather hide from roommates. Frontman Tim Harrington’s got enough beard for all the ladies to sit upon, and the energy to keep us up all night long! And at the end of the night, their hormone-charged lyrics leave us to believe that they are so totally DTF!



See! Even Trent Reznor knows how to set the mood with sultry silhouettes and candles!

Closer, Nine Inch Nails

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like animal
My whole existence is gone
You get me closer to god

Duh. Who hasn’t heard this song and felt a trickle from their ladyparts? It’s a no-brainer that the super-explicit lyrics force a tingle in anyone’s pants. But he’s not just begging for sex. He’s hurting, and not only do you turn him on, but you mend his empty soul and keep him alive! How romantic…




There are no captions worthy of this photo.

Hit It Hard, Peaches

Wanna get you home, wanna make you moan
Wanna get you in my pleasure dome
Wanna make it hot, get your pistole cocked
Gonna get ya if you’re ready or not!

With other titles like “Fuck the Pain Away”, “Diddle My Skittle”, and “Stuff Me Up”, Peaches is a must for any pervy playlist. She’s equal parts lust and laughter, combining high-energy electronic beats with the raunchiest rhymes. If her salacious songs aren’t enough to turn you on, then maybe you can track down Chromezone XXX, directed by and starring Peaches herself!  


Wanna talk to a Sexpert? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

We’re The Shit: Reviewer Roundup

Just one of 15 awards we've received in 2012 alone!

I know that you know that I know how amazingly incredible and awesome Pipedream is, but I also know that you know that I work here. If our plethora of awards, including the 15 accolades received last year alone, isn’t enough proof of our awesomeness, then maybe some real-life testimonies from reviewers of, where we were listed in the Top 5 Favorite Brands of 2012, will do the trick.

I will never stop talking about our Icicles, and it’s so cool to see that other people share my passion for alternative materials and interesting designs. The IT Guy and his Secretary were so excited to finally receive our Icicles No. 18, as it’s in high-demand and always out of stock. Seems like it was definitely worth the wait — “Well we ended up liking our last Pipedream purchase [Icicles No. 13] so much that… there was not any question of what company we would look at for our new glass toy.”

Prepare for double-sided fun with the Icicles No. 18!

One of their favorite aspects of our Icicles is that they’re made of Pyrex, so they’ve got a super high resistance against breaking. “Because of its molecular structure, it is very difficult to break, and if it were ever to break, Pyrex doesn’t shatter like regular glass… [it] actually tends to break up in big chunks instead of splintering into small, sharp pieces… [making] it safer than normal glass.”

But my favorite part of the Icicles No. 18? I’m sure you recall what a pleasure glutton I am, and those tendencies are completely satisfied with this multi-functional glass massager. Not only does it have some awesome raised bumps across the entire base (yay texture!), but you can actually use either end for penetration, and they each provide a different sensation. The curved shaft is perfect for G-spot stimulation, though I wouldn’t suggest it for P-spot play since there’s no wide base to ensure it doesn’t slip completely inside of your anus.

Five months later and this couple still loves their Icicle! “I think we actually like it even more than when we first reviewed it!”

Along with glass toys, I can feel an upcoming obsession with Shock Therapy brewing in my ladyparts. I’ve been researching the topic a lot lately, and with my recent discovery of the hands-free orgasm one can apparently achieve through electrosex, I’ve craved electricity lately more than during any blackout! I’ve consistently used our Shock Therapy device on my tense shoulders and bad back, but can’t wait to take it to the bedroom. One reviewer agrees that it’s “far more than a toy… Outside of the sexual realm, it is a fantastic muscle massager. When using it on my shoulders and neck at a low, pulsating speed, I was so relaxed after ten minutes that I almost fell asleep!”

If you ♥ electrosex like me, then you must be dying with anticipation for the release of our Shock Therapy Luv Gloves!

But, hey! Don’t lose your boner, because I promise we haven’t forgotten about the sex! If you’re bored in the bedroom, you can jolt your sexcapades back to life with this device’s broad range of intensities for an array of sexual experiences. “On the lower settings, it’s an exciting way to enjoy foreplay with your partner. Dial it up a bit and it’s a sexual stimulator that can get the juices flowing well. Dialed up to the highest setting and it will please just about any BDSM practitioner who wants to get/give some punishment/pleasure.”

And you can rest assured that our Shock Therapy is just as reliable as it is useful. Three months later and “it has been nice to find out that the batteries are lasting a long time, and that the adhesive pads also last when care is taken with them.”

We all know why the once dark, mysterious, and sorta scary world of BDSM has suddenly blown up in the mainstream, so much so that two kink-inspired documentaries produced by James Franco premiered at this week’s Sundance Film Festival. Along with this mainstream acceptance, the response to our Fetish Fantasy Series has been phenomenal.

Our Wartenberg Wheel looks even better against a hot girl!

More and more people are satisfying their more sinister curiosities, as did Lori and Hubby while experimenting with our Wartenberg Wheel. “If you are curious about pinwheels, this is sure to be the perfect toy… Made with short, petite teeth rather than the standard spikes… when using this pinwheel you can be assured that there will not be pain, but rather a firm, tickly type sensation as it glides across your tender areas.”

If anything, you have to check out their review for their steamy, NSFW demonstration video.

Do you review sex toys or are interested in doing so? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick for more information. And don’t forget, our in-house Sexperts are always hungry for questions!

Shock Therapy 101, Part 2

shock therapy

Holy shit you guys, I just stumbled upon a gold mine! It’s heaven! Pure bliss! I’m serious! Are you ready for this? Because I’m about to change your life with three simple words…

Hands-free orgasm.

Did you hear that? I don’t think you did. Let’s try this again.



Just when you thought you needed online dating for free sushi and effortless orgasms, here comes electrosex with its ability to make you cum without even having to touch yourself… and no commitment required! I can finally delete my OkCupid account, THANK GODDESS!

Okay but seriously, if you think about it, it’s a super plausible case. An orgasm is simply a contraction of muscles. Our Shock Therapy products stimulate your muscles, causing involuntary contractions – so with just the right placement, you too may be able to reach total ecstasy without a vibe or rubbing one out.

E-stimulation is pretty big in the BDSM community, but it’s been blowing my mind to see how many uses this one device has. The very same item that will discipline your slave with a jolt, also made for an awesome Christmas gift for my mom! “We’ve all got ‘em,” said Sales Exec. and my office roomie Cheryl. All of my lovely colleagues here at Pipedream Headquarters boasted about how great it works for aches and pains when used on the lower settings since it mimics the stimulation of a massage. With my herniated disc and frequent roller derby batter, I finally joined the crowd and got a Shock Therapy unit for my desk too.

I have to admit though, I was pretty lost when first operating our Shock Therapy device, and it seems you all get a little confused too, what with all the Sexpert inquiries we get in regards to this item. Here I hope to clarify some things, offer safety tips, and leave you with just a few (of many!) options for pad placement.



1. Those things that look like iPod ear buds? Connect a pad to each one.

2. That wire that looks like a headphone jack — plug it into the control unit.

3. Remove the plastic film from the pads and stick them on the desired area. The area should be smooth and clean — make sure the skin isn’t oily, and if you’re hairy then you might need to shave the area because the pads won’t stick through the hair. Too much hair may also interfere with the conductivity. All 4 pads must be connected and placed on the body in order for the item to work.

If you’re using the Shock Therapy Electro-Sex Gel, apply it directly to the skin prior to placing the pads. We highly suggest using this gel since dry skin has a relatively high resistance and may cause sharper, more painful shocks. The gel also magnifies the intensity and provides maximum conductivity.

4. Press the “On/^” button. A bunch of stuff will blink on the screen. When the flash show is over you will see the speed level on the left, then the timer, an image of a body, a blinking fist, and then “power” or the level of intensity. Let me explain these functions real quick:

- Speed and Power are adjusted by clicking the “On/^” button. You can switch between the two by clicking the “S/P” button. When you first turn the unit on, it will be automatically set on the Power level, so if you press “On/^” it will adjust the Power level first, and you’ll have to click “S/P” to adjust the Speed.

- The timer is set for 15 minutes and will automatically turn off when the time passes. Contrary to what the box says, you actually can’t adjust the timer. Sorry about that… :(

- The little body image is separated by areas of the body. When you cycle through the body using the “Mode” button, you can choose the area of the body that your pads are located, and it will then use a variety of e-stim patterns designed specifically for that area of the body. The “hands” that appear above the body signify which mode is being used.

The modes are as follows:

- The first mode that appears when you turn the unit on looks like a fist. This is the tap mode, which promotes blood circulation with short, quick throbs.

- The second mode, the one that looks like a flat hand, is modulation. It releases fatigue and relaxes muscles with long, even throbs.

- The third mode, kneading, looks like a hand inside of a circle. It gradually releases neural or muscular pain by providing deep, pressure-point stimulation in 20-second increments with 10 seconds of rest in between.

These modes will be used in different patterns when choosing a mode for a specific area of the body. If you just want to consistently use one of the three modes, then click the “Mode” button until you’re back to the fist, hand, or hand/circle thing.

If you turn on the unit and can’t immediately increase the Speed or Power, then just cycle through all the modes and when you get back to the first mode (the little “tap” fist) you should be able to increase them.



Never, ever, ever place your Shock Therapy pads near the heart. If a current goes through the heart it could cause ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest, or other serious heart complications. We do offer Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps, which are much preferred, as it will confine the electrodes to the small bit of flesh between the clamps.

Do you have a pacemaker or other heart conditions? Then you probably shouldn’t use any electrosex devices. Ever. Consult with your doctor if you simply can’t resist.

Never handle the pads while the Shock Therapy unit is on… or you will die. Okay, that’s a bit harsh — but really, if you’re handling the pads with your hands with the unit on, you could very easily inadvertently pass currents through the heart area. Remember how dangerous that is? You fuckin’ better!

You probably shouldn’t place the pads over piercings, either. It may confine the current to that super small space, making it way too intense and possibly causing damage to the tissue.

It’s best to play with e-stimulation while sitting or lying down. Say you use it on a leg while you’re standing — the involuntary muscle contractions could very well cause a fall.

Our Shock Therapy Pads aren’t made for internal use. We have a Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe made specifically for internal use, as well as a Cock Cage and Cock Strap.

Click “Read More” to find images of examples for placement of your Shock Therapy pads. There really are a plethora of options — just stay away from that heart!

Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at for more information about Shock Therapy, or any other Pipedream product. You can always anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

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Foot Fetish & Flip N’ Fuck Me

Ever since the Flip N’ Fuck Me was released a month ago, we’ve been getting a plethora of questions about this Mega Masturbator. Why? Because this is the FIRST ONE THAT COMES WITH FEET!!!

Some of you might be scratching your heads and wondering what’s the big deal … but a large number of folks are utterly thrilled about this feature. Foot fetishism, according to many psychologists, and Psychology Today, is perhaps the most common “fetish” among men all over the world. Most of the time if occurs among straight men who are fixated on the feet of women. There are, however, a good percentage of gay men and lesbians who also find their counterparts’ feet very arousing.


The term “foot fetish” (AKA podophilia)is used very casually and loosely today. It can be used to describe someone who appreciates a nice pair of feet (sometimes pedicured and encased in sexy, strappy high-heels), someone who is sexually aroused by the sight of women’s feet, or even someone who CAN ONLY derive sexual arousal from feet. Psychologists, when technical, usually apply the term to the last category, but for the sake of the casualness of this blog, let’s steer towards the first 2 categories.

What is the origin of a foot fetish? The answer to this question has been debated for decades, and we still don’t know. Some theories suggest that it roots back to early childhood stages in which one of the first memories of boyhood involves crawling around his mother’s feet. Others think that the feet are extensions of the female genitalia, so there’s an instinctual arousal when seeing feet similar to when seeing the vagina. Dr. Christopher Badcock (really?) from London University shows that the sensory circuits in the brain cortex wired to genitals is located next to those wired to the toes and foot, so he thinks this can occasionally result in “overlapping”. Whatever the reason may be, foot fetishists are everywhere on a global scale (there are even foot fetish parties where men pay women to play with their feet), and that it may be something natural to our wiring.


This baby is 11″ in length, 20″ wide, and 9.5″ tall. It weighs at a total of 17.5 pounds. Each foot is about 6″ long, and 2.5″ wide — that’s roughly an 8.5 in USA kid’s shoe size.


Like all of our other Mega Masturbators, the Flip N’ Fuck Me is made from our proprietary blend of FantaFlesh, a mixture of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) material created to mimic the look, feel, and softness of real human skin. FantaFlesh is hypoallergenic, body-safe, phthalate-free, latex-free, durable, and compatible with water or silicone-based lubricants.


You should not fully submerge the Flip N’ Fuck Me in water because the backside has an opening that leads directly to the foam-like material inside the FantaFlesh. This material should not come into contact with water or else it will be permanently damaged.

Click here to learn more about which of our Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbators are waterproof and which ones are not.


You can place her in any position you can think of, but the most common ones are missionary and doggie.



Yes, you can paint her toe nails in any color you want, just be very gentle when taking it off with nail polish remover.

For more info on Pipedream’s bestselling Mega Masturbators, email us at



Ball Gag Safety Tips for Beginners

pd3697-00 ball gag

Silicone Breathable Ball Gag PD3697-00

Shiny, clear saliva dripping from the corner of your mouth as you bite down on the ball after a painfully pleasurable whoosh of the paddle. You look up at your lover, eyes wide open, a trickle of fresh tears traveling down the side of your face, begging for more punishment but unable to say so…

The imagery just described and other similar fantasies are what make you want to try a ball gag tonight — and rightfully so! The ball gag is a classic BDSM toy, evoking feelings of sweet surrender and total submission. Try one with an eye mask and you and your partner will never run out of options!

If you’ve always wanted to play with ball gags and you want to try it soon, then this blog is for you. As with any bondage toys, PRACTICING SAFETY is key!


Ball Gag Training System PD3841

It is important to note the size of the ball. If you’re not used to having ball in your mouth, you should start with something with a small diameter in order to get acclimated to the sensation and size. Pipedream’s Ball Gag Training System is perfect to start off from small to big. It includes 3 interchangeable balls, 1.5″, 1.75″, & 2″ in diameter, so that you can work your way up as you ease into your comfort level with the different sizes in your mouth. For an extra fun time, try the Candy Ball Gag, a gag made from candy so that you can suck your way down to the size you want!


Pipedream has over 30 types of gags to choose from, and the materials range from PVC to latex, plastic to metal, silicone to sugar, and more. Ball gags made from PVC and latex give a nice resistance when biting down, but you might find the smell of those materials to be somewhat funny. Plastic and metal are odorless, but as a beginner you should consider how hard you might bite down in the heat of the moment, and if you’re not used to those materials, they can be hard on your teeth. Silicone is perhaps the best material for ball gags — it’s hypoallergenic, body-safe, nonporous, phthalate & latex-free. The Ball Gag & Mask from Fetish Fantasy Elite is a perfect starter gag for those who want quality and/or are sensitive to other types of materials.

Silicone Open-Mouth Gag & Mask PD4547 (Left), Silicone Ball Gag & Mask PD4545 (Right)


Pipedream gags come in many forms for all varieties of bondage play: there are closed ball gags, breathable ball gags, gags with dong attached, bit gags, gags with nipple clamps attached, O-ring gags, and more. There’s even a Spider Gag for the more extreme players! Regardless of gag style, you should start with something comfortable and small. The Silicone Breathable Ball Gag has 3 holes in the middle of the ball so that you can breathe easily during bondage play. If you want to start off with something “multifunctional” but not too intimidating in size, try the Silicone Face Fucker Gag #1, a 2-in-1 gag that has two firm anal beads at the end of the gag so that you can also pleasure your partner!

Pipedream has gags for every fetish and fantasy!


When putting on a gag, make sure that the straps wrap firmly around your head and the ball fits snug inside your mouth. The ball SHOULD NOT be pushing into your mouth so much that it causes discomfort and thus may cause vomiting, which may lead to suffocation. Since you cannot speak while gagged, you and your partner MUST establish a “safe” signal ahead of time — in other words, you must be able to give your partner a sign that you want to stop playing immediately. This can be in the form of dropping an object in your hand, or shaking your head 3 times, etc.  It’s imperative to practice this safety technique because if the gagged person starts to have trouble breathing, the other partner needs to take off the gag immediately. DO NOT LEAVE SOMEONE ALONE WHILE HE OR SHE STILL HAS A GAG ON!

When gagged, it is best to be in a standing or sitting position so that saliva buildup doesn’t cause any further gagging.

If it’s your first time being gagged, you should play at 5-10 minutes at a time to see how well your jaw muscles can stand biting down on something. If at any point it becomes painful, take it out immediately. We don’t recommend that you use gags if you’ve ever experienced jaw or mouth injuries.

For more information about Pipedream’s variety of gags and safety tips, or any other Pipedream product, contact Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!


Photo Gallery: Fun Times at ANME January 7-9, 2013

The Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo isn’t all about business — well, maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean the folks in our industry don’t know how to have fun at a trade show. Check out the gallery below of silly product demos, goofy sales reps, boogie fever, “afro” sightings, hula hoopin’, PRETZEL WORSHIP, and more zaniness at the first sex toy trade show of 2013!

For more info on trade shows/expos that Pipedream is attending this year, email our Public Relations Manager, Helen Zhang, at

FAQ: How Much Water Does the Elite Douche Hold?

The silicone-based Unisex Douche/Enema system from Fetish Fantasy Elite can hold up to 5 ounces of water.

Need help with your own Pipedream douch/enema kit? Email our in-house Sexpert, Sabrina Dropkick at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.


As Seen On TV: Pipedream Steals the Show on Showtime’s “Gigolos!”

We may get pretty dirty sometimes, but Pipedream is no stranger to mainstream entertainment. In fact, our products have been featured on tons of primetime, network television shows including The View, Two and a Half Men, Raising Hope, and Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23.

We most recently appeared in the Showtime reality series, Gigolos. Yes — even men who fuck for a living acknowledge the importance of sex toys, and encourage their use between couples. Stud-muffin Brace explains, “I think people are very uptight about sex toys, and even sex, and what I have found is that most guys don’t use sex toys on women… they haven’t been exposed to it, but they really want it… Sex toys are amazing. So many uses!”

Brace takes his date to a Las Vegas adult shop where the walls are clearly decked out with our Basix Rubber Works dongs. The couple immediately gravitates towards our Edible Crotchless Gummy Panties, where Brace promises to “chew them off you like a wild animal!” Um, yeah, it’s definitely a no-brainer when they snatch them up. They also leave the store with one of our vibrating glass massagers, the Icicles No. 19, and promptly put our products to good use during a mid-day romp in the back of a limo! Ahh, how lovely to see just a few more satisfied customers…