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Throwback Thursday: Jesse Capelli

Kinky Canadian Jesse Capelli thwarted onto the adult scene in 2000, picking up a slew of FAME and AVN awards throughout the decade including Hottest Body three years in a row and Best All-Girl Sex Scene. She was Penthouse Pet of the Month in April 2004 and performed exclusively in scenes for Club Jenna. Jesse has even paved her way in mainstream entertainment with a recurring role on the TV series Battle Dome, as well as feature films Van Wilder and Not Another Teen Movie.

We had the pleasure of shooting her in 2005 for our Fetish Fantasy Series and Rubba-Wear collections. Check out these never before seen shots including the fun behind-the-scenes!

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Getting Intimate With Pipedream: CEO Nick Orlandino

Check out this exclusive interview with our incredible CEO Nick Orlandino in this month’s edition of EAN Magazine!

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Pipedream Partners With Logo TV’s That Sex Show

You can catch That Sex Show live every weeknight at 11PM on Logo.

Pipedream Products will sponsor the first SMS and social media sweepstakes for LGBT network Logo TV’s That Sex Show. The late night relationship and sex advice talk show, hosted by LA radio personality Heidi Hamilton, premiered on February 4 and features ex-porn star Katie Morgan, psychic Dougall Fraser, and psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow.

The SMS sweepstakes, a mobile-based contest where viewers are encouraged to enter via text message, is set for Thursday, February 28 featuring the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Dance Pole, followed by three once weekly Twitter retweet contests for unique Pipedream prize packs valued at over $50. Designed to promote fun and healthy sex lives, prizes will include Moist Personal Lubricants as well as items from the Fetish Fantasy Series, Neon, and Bachelorette Party Favors collections.

Lookout for That Sex Show's SMS sweepstakes for your chance to win our Fantasy Dance Pole!

“We’re thrilled to partner with That Sex Show!” says Briana Honz of Pipedream’s sales team. ”We can’t wait to see one lucky winner unleash their inner bombshell with our Fantasy Dance Pole. Pipedream has always celebrated sexual wellness, so we are very happy to support the show.”

Keep an eye on the show’s Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win these one-of-a-kind Pipedream prize packs. You can catch That Sex Show live on Logo TV every weeknight at 11PM. Check your cable or satellite provider for channel info.

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Pipedream Products Make A Splash On PDTV!

With sophisticated products comes sophisticated technology! Learn more about your favorite line of luxury vibrators in our latest product video for Le Réve personal massagers.

Along with the new Le Réve video is an updated demonstration video for the Wanachi line of massagers, as well as a video for our newest line of Juicy Jewels jelly massagers.

Distributors can enjoy this video and more on PDTV to download for use on their own web sites or in-store, as well as our new interactive catalogs. For more information contact Sabrina Dropkick at

The Basix Bakery: How Dicks Are Made

Each piece from Basix Rubber Works is “baked” and inspected by hand right here at Pipedream Headquarters in Chatsworth, CA.

We all know how babies are made, but what about dicks? Well, when rubber and metal love each other very much…

Okay, so there are no feelings involved when it comes to inanimate objects, but things certainly heat up! In fact, it takes almost 300° for our American-made cocks to cook. But before they reach the oven, our latex- and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, body-safe PVC rubber must be mixed, then poured into one of over 30 styles of phallic molds. Once “baked”, they’re inspected for imperfections and hand altered accordingly. Check out the gallery below to get up-close and personal with our Basix Bakery, housed right here at Pipedream Headquarters in Chatsworth, CA.

I love this line because most of the dongs feature a suction cup base, making wallbanging an absolute necessity! The waterproof design lets you turn shower time into pleasure time, though the suction cups will stick to most other floors and walls as well. They’re perfect for use with a harness too, since the suction cup will keep your strap-on snug in its place.

(Above) Nothing goes to waste! We recycle all unused materials from altered dongs. (Below) Fresh from the oven, our His and Her G-Spot is ready for inspection.

When I’m the one doing the pounding, our purple 10” Dong with Suction Cup is my number one erection selection. The insertable length of almost 9” with its widest point of 4” makes it perfect for this size queen. As a fabulous femme, I prefer my peckers not so natural, so the see-through purple shaft makes this one of my prettiest.

Our His and Her G-Spot is exactly what you need when exploring your hidden pleasure points. This is a typical suggestion for those who are new to anal. It’s small, smooth, and tapered – everything needed for easy insertion, with tons of Moist lubricant, of course! We suggest silicone lube because it won’t dry up as quickly as water-based lubes do. Less application means less interruptions and your bottle will last a hell of a lot longer.

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Cinema de la Sex: Erotic Entertainment Beyond Fifty Shades

Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Bondage Rope, PD4414-23

I gotta be honest – I don’t know shit about Fifty Shades outside of our line inspired by it – Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition – and that it sparked the one and only conversation I’ve ever had with my mother about BDSM. I do know about some other super hot and kinky entertainment, though, for those of you who’ve gone through the trilogy and are fiending for more!

Having previously been a stripper and call girl, writer Mary Gaitskill basks in the taboo. Her debut collection of short stories called Bad Behavior chronicles topics such as prostitution, addiction, and sadomasochism. She’s applauded for her honesty and the ability to bring a sense of humor into even the darkest of situations. From The New York Times: “Ms. Gaitskill writes with such authority, such radar-perfect detail, that she is able to make even the most extreme situations seem real…[her] reportorial candor, uncompromised by sentimentality or voyeuristic charm…underscores the strength of her debut.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal & James Spader in Secretary

Secretary is a film starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, based on a short story of the same title from Mary Gaitskill’s anthology. Socially awkward Lee is released from a psych hospital and finds a job as the secretary for lawyer E. Edward Grey, who becomes aroused by her submissive behavior. Long story short – they enter a super hot workplace D/s relationship, including over-the-desk spanks and bathroom stall masturbation. Seriously guys. So. Fucking. HOT! Plus, it’s won a bunch of awards including the Special Jury Prize for Originality at Sundance Film Festival, and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.

Less kink and more sex, Shortbus comes from cult filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and revolves around different couples’ sexual difficulties, bringing them together in an art/sex salon. It’s said the movie is based on a series of underground artistic and sexual gatherings in New York City. And when I say “more sex” I mean much more, like seriously a fuck ton of sex. You will see tits and dicks and ass, lotsa fucking, orgies, masturbation, at one point a dude films himself trying to suck his own dick. The range of characters and sexualities confronted are so diverse, you’re bound to connect with something or someone.

Told ya! There’s all sorts of sex in Shortbus!

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Throwback Thursday: Celeste Star

We shot bombshell Celeste Star just a year into her adult performance career. Now she’s a huge star, featured in big-time studio films from the likes of Penthouse, Hustler, and Vivid. In celebration of this Throwback Thursday, enjoy Celeste’s natural figure and sultry gaze!

Achieving Positions From Out Of This World!

So the Air Sex World Championships are a real thing… and the competition is stiff! This past Friday, the 4th annual National Championships were held in Austin, Texas, where this copulatory competition was first conceived.

Neon workout garb and power tools are essentials for any person's play time... right?

We’re a lot like Air Guitar, but instead of rocking out with an imaginary guitar, you’re making sweet and/or filthy love with an imaginary sex partner. You choose a clip of music, you show up in whatever sort of wardrobe you like, and you come up on stage and show everyone how you do it. Or how you wish you could do it. Or how you once had it done to you, and oh my god was that a bad idea and while it’s embarrassing to show that act to a room of strangers, you know that you need to do it now in order to make sure that no one else falls down the same rabbit hole you got stuck inside. Or, you know, just do it however you want.

I can only dream to one day incorporate power tools into my fuck routine. Until then, here are some other equally exciting items that can actually make some of these crazy positions quite tangible.

Prinzzess Felicity takes flight with our Deluxe Door Cuffs!

Remember that time you were like, “Damn, I really wish I could ride my partner reverse-cowgirl style… WHILE FLOATING IN THE MOTHAFUCKIN’ AIR!!!!!!” Well we’ve got these Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Door Cuffs that will bring your (Pipe)dreams to life! All you need is a door and a partner willing to pound the shit out of you while you hang from this heavy-duty suspension device. The sturdy metal tubes remain secure and won’t damage your door while it’s closed, and the luscious leather cuffs are strong enough to safely hang from, while remaining soft as to not cut off circulation.

How about that other time when you went to the gym like, four days in a row and you were so sore by Friday night that you couldn’t even spread your legs, let alone lift them up to reach all your sweet spots? Well thank Goddess for the Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master With Cuffs. Part bondage, part convenience, and all pleasure! These sturdy straps and cuffs hold your legs in place so they don’t tire just when things are heating up. There’s a cushioned neck harness too, for maximum comfort whether you’re on your back or flipped to your front.

Malena Morgan makes any position look good and easy with our Position Master With Cuffs!

I know we’ve all thought to ourselves, “Man, I really wish I was fucking on a cloud right now…” Well guess what – a hot and heavenly lay can finally be achieved with our Fetish Fantasy Series Ultra Position Master! This inflatable fuck furniture lets your relax into any position without sliding off, and features EX-Grip love handles to help you maintain those difficult positions without being thrown off! And the PVC material is just what you need to ensure those lube and love stains are easily washed away.

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College of Copulation: The BDSM Vocabulary Lesson

twisted sister
twisted sister

Twisted Sister Bree Daniels contemplates just how she’ll punish you if you don’t pay close attention to this vocab lesson!

With this Grey phenomenon going on, I’ve received a ton of inquiries about our plethora of kink-inspired products. As a Sexpert, nothing brings me more joy than to see and help people branch out of their comfort zones to explore their curiosities and challenge the boundaries of sex. But as a person in the BDSM community, it concerns me that people may be blindly entering practices that they don’t have a complete understanding of. So attention, boys and girls, because the College of Copulation is now open, and it’s time for your BDSM vocab lesson!

BDSM: A combination of three abbreviations — BD (Bondage and Domination), D/s (Dominance and submission), and S&M (Sadism and Masochism). The combination of these terms doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone in the BDSM community practices every single aspect.

Bottom: A synonym for submissive.

Discipline: The correction and punishment given by the dominant to the submissive.

Dominant: Also shortened to Dom. The participant who takes control, administers discipline, and decides what happens within a scene, i.e. they spank their sub or tie them up. Many Doms like being referred to as Sir. The D is almost always capitalized as a form of respect.

Our Extreme Compliance Kit has everything you need to silence and discipline your sub!

Domme: A female Dominant. Other terms include Domina and Dominatrix. Many Dommes like being referred to as Mistress. The D or M is usually capitalized.

Fetish: A sexual obsession that is imperative for the participant’s sexual arousal and gratification. A fetish is typically not sexual in nature, like an armpit or shoe fetish.

Masochism: When pain, degradation, and humiliation causes sexual gratification. This is most often what defines a sub.

Master: The Dom of a Master/slave relationship, which typically involves a 24/7 lifestyle. The Master has absolute control over their slave. Females often like being called Mistress. The M is always capitalized.

Puppy: A sub who acts as a puppy in role playing scenes.

S.S.C.: Safe, sane, and consensual. The rules of a BDSM relationship. Safe: Knowledge of the techniques and safety concerns for your specific practice. Sane: Mental stability and being aware of the risks of your specific play. Consensual: All parties agree on and are aware of the limits to the activity; consent is given by both parties.

Sadism: The act of becoming aroused or sexually gratified when inflicting pain or humiliation onto others. This is most often what defines a Dom.

Safe Word: A pre-determined word or signal, usually used by the sub, to alert the Dom to stop.

Our Shock Therapy Collar & Cuffs is perfect for training even the naughtiest slaves!

Slave: Someone who has completely given up their freedom to their Master in a structured relationship to satisfy their need to serve another. The term and even the slave’s actual name is often written in complete lower case letters as a way to show respect to the Master by signifying their ownership of the slave.

Submission: The act of consensually surrendering one’s control to a Dom.

Submissive: Also shortened to sub, and usually written in lower case letters, they are the passive participant who receives the sensations of a scene i.e. the person being spanked or tied up.

Switch: A person who isn’t an exclusive Dom or sub. They enjoy and alternate both roles at different times.

Vanilla: A term used to define those who are not into kink, implying “plain” or “normal” sexual practices.

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive… London Andrews’ Boobs!

After posting a PG-13 shot of London Andrews rockin’ our Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Crotchless Corset Strap-On, a fan wondered why we would shoot something so risqué without showing a little boob! Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t a fan of boobs and will ban you if you don’t follow their rules and regulations. Well, thank Goddess for the rest of the interwebs! Check out some of our favorite behind-the-scenes photos from our super-hot shoot with London… and her boobs!