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Hopping Through The Holidays With Pipedream!

Always the #1 in fun, Pipedream is spreading spring cheer this holiday weekend by hosting another of their ever-popular social media giveaways.

“Distributors and fans alike have been seriously utilizing our FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr lately,” explains PR Coordinator Sabrina Dropkick. “They’re really taking advantage of this alternative forum for customer support and are thrilled to become personally acquainted with their favorite manufacturer.”

In true Pipedream fashion, the manufacturer expresses their gratitude for their customer’s loyalty and support by continually offering prizes to social media followers. This week, the unique Easter prize-pack will include a Le Reve Silicone Bunny, Fetish Fantasy Extreme Honey Bunny Latex Hood, the Crazy Wabbit bondage ensemble from Fetish Fantasy Lingerie, as well as a variety of Basix Rubber Works Jelly Eggs perfect for a grown-up Easter egg hunt!

“Retailers can also take advantage of the holidays by cross-merchandising our other themed items with ease,” says Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “Create an eye-catching Easter basket display with vibrant rabbit and egg-style vibes in the hands of a mannequin masked with our Honey Bunny Latex Hood - that one always gets their attention!”

Distributors and retailers are encouraged to guide their customers to the official Pipedream blog and social media sites to increase their chances during this and future giveaways.

For those who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available online in multiple formats, including spankin’ new interactive supplements. Product showcases are also available to download for in-store and e-tailer use on PDTV.

For more information, contact Sabrina Dropkick at or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Pipedream Heats Things Up With Spankin’ New Icicles Showcase

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail…

No, we’re not just talking about our luxurious line of glass massagers here—we take just as much pride in our media supplements as we do our manufacturing! Just like the Icicles it depicts, this sophisticated and elegant product showcase will leave you breathless!

Distributors, retailers, and e-tailers alike are encouraged to share product demos via our Vimeo channel, and can even download all videos from PDTV for use in-store or online.

Sex Toy Secrets: Alternative Uses For Adult Products

In light of my recent shock and awe at the possibilities of e-stim beyond sexual arousal, I’ve been finding more and more interesting ways that sex toys can be incorporated in everyday life beyond the bedroom.

Vibrators can be used to improve a singer’s range!

Bullet Vibrators 

One vocal coach uses small bullet vibrators to massage his students’ throats as it “relaxes tension in the larynx [and] improves range and projection.” University of Alberta teacher David Ley goes on to explain, “What I’m trying to do is help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy.” Some may assume students would be uncomfortable when being introduced to a sex toy in school, but it turns out they’re actually more comfortable with the toys on their necks rather than an instructor’s hands.

Powered by a whisper-quiet motor, the Mini Wanachi massager is the premier choice for revitalizing tired muscles.

Wanachi Personal Massagers 

Any Wanachi is perfect for an all-over massage. Their sturdy wand design makes it easy to handle and the bendable head can be easily manipulated to reach even the tightest spots. The relaxing vibrations of the whisper-quiet Japanese motors can relieve tension and reduce muscle fatigue, giving your aching body the recharge it deserves!

Moist Personal Lubricant 

Lube is a great addition to any all-over massage. It helps your fingers or massager slip through muscles easier, and water-based lube won’t be as messy as massage oils since it dries up. You can also use lube to help yank off a tight ring, untangle chains and hair, and can even use it to replace your household lubricant!

For more sex toy secrets, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Making March Our Little Bitch With Spankin’ New Fetish Releases!

We’re closing out the month and making it our submissive bitch with 17 spankin’ new Fetish releases! Our Fetish Fantasy Series, also known as the number one selling bondage line in the world, continues to grow with 5 new items, while its hardcore counterpart, Fetish Fantasy Extreme, completes our new galley.

Fetish Fantasy Series

Okay guys, let me tell you how absolutely friggen’ psyched I am to see the release of our Shock Therapy Luv Gloves. Not only were they the talk of the town at January’s ANME, but I’m really excited about introducing a friendlier e-stim device to the couples-friendly collection. I’ve recently hopped on the electrosex bandwagon after having been floored by the array of pleasurable possibilities e-stim provides. But the term “shock therapy” makes people nervous, probably due to the connotation derived from that terrifying practice of psych wards.

So there I am, chasing my roller derby friends around with those 4 little adhesive pads with hopes of releasing the tension of their sore muscles… but all they can imagine is being fried Cuckoo’s Nest-style! A foreign device with a negative connotation can be extremely intimidating — the Luv Gloves offer a much more familiar design that will ease the minds of those new to electrosex. And the mere fact that you get to utilize your own hands as a method of transmitting electrodes makes for a way more intimate experience!

Fetish Fantasy Extreme

As a material snob, I was thrilled to see our award-winning Elite Silicone introduced to our Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection… but what really got my panties wet were our new Face Fucker Gags! My most favorite toys are ones with multiple uses, because any good slut seeks the most bang for her buck! Not only do these gags shut your bottom the hell up, but they turn them into your own personal fuck toy, letting you ride your partner in a whole new way!

Distributors, be sure to contact your sales rep to place an order ASAP! For more information about these lines, or any other Pipedream product, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Pipedream Reports Shocking Pre-Order Numbers! Highly Anticipated Shock Therapy Gloves Now In Stock and Shipping

Pipedream’s best-selling Fetish Fantasy Series continues to impress with the latest addition to their award-winning Shock Therapy line. Building on the success of the original Shock Therapy device, the couples-friendly e-stim collection has expanded to include the incredible Shock Therapy Luv Gloves.

“We’re so excited to release one of the most well received items unveiled at January’s ANME,” says Sales Manager Lynn Swanson. “The Luv Gloves provide so many electrifying options, it’s no surprise they were such a big hit!”

For seductive solo play or an all-over electro-massage, the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves provide two-way electro-stimulation for both the wearer and whoever they touch. Simply slip a pair of latex gloves beneath the Luv Gloves to prevent shocking the wearer. You can also utilize the control unit by switching it to the “IN” mode for use as a relaxing hand massager.

“Our Luv Gloves are the perfect solution for electrosex beginners. The familiar design of a glove is much less intimidating than other Shock Therapy units,” explains Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel. “Plus, allowing the user to combine Shock Therapy with the organic movements of their own hands offers a much more intimate e-stim experience.”

Other recent Shock Therapy additions include the Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit for all-in-one e-stim on-the-go, and a Shock Therapy Paddle for an electrifying spank. In response to massive consumer demands, Shock Therapy Replacement Batteries have also been released.

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available online in multiple formats. See the entire list of today’s new releases here.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick at

Pecker Parties: They’re Not Just For Bachelorettes!

Anne and Leslie are two single ladies who vouch for pecker parties for all!

I like to put all sorts of things in my mouth: beer, candy, chips, dicks. Our Product Development team must have taken note, because they’ve combined all of my favorite things into 40 spankin’ new items for our Bachelorette Party Favors collection! The funny ladies of Parks and Recreation agree with the renowned sense of humor of our gag gifts – just put a pecker on it! And that’s exactly what we’ve done, bringing you a plethora of new pecker products perfect for any party.

Any loyal weekend warrior will kill for our Party Pecker Beer Bong. Not down with a phallus? Don’t sweat, ‘cause we’ve got a Boobie Beer Bong for your beer suckling needs as well. Still not drunk enough? Fill our Pecker Shot Glasses with your favorite booze, but not before grabbing the Naughty Cocktail Shaker to mix-up those chasers!

The perfect snack for your next COCKtail party!

Munchies are an inevitable reality of inebriation, and we’ve got you in the snaxxx department too! Pecker gummies and candy rings for sweet teeth, and those with a more savory taste can look forward to the upcoming release of our Pecker Party Puffs! No one wants to be “that guy” who burns out before the rest of us, so don’t forget to stay hydrated with a Dicky Sipper!


Photo booths are a sure-fire way to encourage shenanigans, and we’ve got everything you need to stage some pervy pics that’ll be worthy of all the Facebook likes! Decorate a corner with Caution Tape and Pecker Balloons, and setup a dress-up table with Pecker Boppers, Pecker Lei Necklaces, Pecker Boas, Masquerade Glasses, Gaga Glasses… even find multiple uses for our Dick Head Hoopla game, and become a real dick head for pics between the game!

If only every pecker dispensed beer…

In need of more party ideas? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

And be sure to check out the fancy new Bachelorette Party Favors interactive catalog! Ooooh, ahhhhh…

We’re The Shit: Reviewer Roundup #3

Icicles No. 21 mages courtesy of EdenFantasys writer XxFallenAngelxX.

We gave poking your flower a whole new meaning with our Icicles No. 21. The floral design isn’t just cute, but creates a delightful sensation with its slight raised texture. As all of our Icicles glass massagers, it rates 10 out of 10 on material safety due to its nonporous Borosilicate glass. This little flower fucker is ranked in the Top 100 Classic Dildos and Dongs with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. These superstar statistics are only cemented with this reviewer’s thoughts: “[Pipedream] always has some of the best glass toys on the market. The Icicles No. 21 is no exception.”

One of her favorite aspects of the massager is that it’s suitable for any gender to enjoy. The slightly curved shaft is great for G-spot stimulation, and the flared base makes it safe for anal, so you can take advantage of this for P-spot stimulation too. It’s dully noted that the size may be a bit intimidating to beginners, so just be sure to generously lube up and very gently ease it inside of you. Never force anything (or any body part, for that matter) inside of you if your holes seem to be too tight. Forcefully penetrating yourself can cause tears or bruising, and the last thing we want to hear about is our Pipedreamers getting hurt! If you’re not ready for a large toy, that’s okay! You just need to work up to it and train your holes by progressing with smaller items first.

She also raves about the multiple uses she’s found for her Icicle. “This Icicles No. 21 can be used for a deeper tissue massage on the body, such as the back, thighs, shoulders, calves, buttocks, and other areas of your choice, because the head of the toy is larger and can really get deep into the muscles. The toy works really great for muscles that are tense and tight.”

It appears more people like being spread wide and open than who would probably like to admit, because our Fetish Fantasy Series Spread ‘Em Bar and Cuff Set have been ranked in the Top 10 Swings and Spreader Bars, with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Though I have mixed feelings about the book that inspired our Limited Edition Collection, it did open up a world of pleasure for tons of typically vanilla people. So after seeing this reviewer’s testimonial about how helpful our products have been for beginners, well, it just made this Sexpert’s heart flutter with delight.

Spreader Bar images courtesy of EdenFantasys writer Jessica (Buttercup Green).

“As a couple who is a beginner to BDSM gear, we love this set. It comes with everything you need including a storage bag that can be locked.” Even being fetish noobs, they found it super easy to utilize the set in as many ways possible. “…This set has so many possibilities that it will not become boring. Spreader bars are mainly used to keep your submissive’s legs or arms immobile and widely spread. This can be very helpful when torturing your sub by tickling, flogging, orgasm denial, or making them have as many orgasms as they can.” They even give a few suggestions for positions with this toy: “The first time we tried the spreader bar, my husband had me flat on my back with my ankles and wrists attached to the long bar… The second position, I was standing with my wrists attached to the small bar and my ankles attached to the long bar… The spreader bar can be used in the front of the body or the back of the body in a hogtie type of position. You can use the bars separately or together. The collar can be attached to the bars, which helps give a choking sensation.”

The item’s materials, also highly rated at 9 out of 10 for safety, proves the best choice in maintenance, durability, and comfort. “It is resistant to dirt and other dirty things, so keeping it clean is very easy. Neoprene is stretchy to a point, and it is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It also breathes well, so it doesn’t make the skin overly hot or sweaty… Each session was very comfortable and pleasurable. I was in certain positions for a long period of time (30-45 minutes), while sometimes I was only strapped to the spreader for 5-10 minutes. Either way, I never had to ask to be uncuffed because the cuffs are super comfy. “

Icicles No. 36 images courtesy of EdenFantasys writer Ryuson.

With the increasing popularity of alternative materials, we reinvented the classic strap-on by creating one for the Icicles line. The Icicles No. 36 has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, ranking within the Top 50 Harnesses and Dildo Sets. This reviewer urges curious couples – “If you’re looking for your first harness as a couple, this is a pretty cheap, very attractive choice that is super adjustable. As long as your partner is used to penetration, this would be a great investment.”

Although the stiff material may not be suitable to first time strap-on users, you can use the dildo and harness separately until you’ve mastered the art of penetration. Whether used alone or with your partner, the curvy shape is right on point for both G and P-spots, with a flared base that makes it safe for anal and keeps it snug inside a harness. The harness itself is super easy to use. “While I have never owned a harness before, I had myself strapped in and wiggling my hips confidently within about 60 seconds. It’s a breeze to put on and adjust, so you’re not going to have to worry about disappearing for 20 minutes into the restroom to untangle yourself before sexy time.” She impressed with the sizing of the harness as well. “The harness is listed as ‘one size fits most’ and it really is. I have unusually large hips for my body size (about 42 inches) and this fit with oodles of room to spare… I think that this will easily fit about 95% of the population. You can adjust for both thigh and hip tightness, so if you have small hips and wide thighs, or wide hips and slim thighs, this is still going to be great for you.”

Do you review sex toys or are interested in doing so? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at for more information. And don’t forget, our in-house Sexperts are always hungry for questions!

Extreme Strap-Ons For Extreme Fantasies! 17 New Silicone Strap-Ons Now Shipping

Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series is the number one selling bondage line in the world, and our two-year old Fetish Fantasy Extreme line has seen equally impressive results. The award-winning Elite Silicone has now been introduced to this collection, featuring 17 new high performance strap-ons made to withstand even the most extreme fetish play.

“Requests came pouring in for more heavy-duty products, especially from women,” explained Rob Phaneuf, VP of Product Development. “So we combined our best-selling designs with the finest materials and strongest construction to create high-quality strap-ons with optimal comfort at an affordable price.”

Made from the same premium silicone as our Fetish Fantasy Elite collection, new Extreme styles range from solid G-spot stimulators to hollow strap-ons sturdy enough for anyone to use. Each new body-safe dildo is complete with an ultra strong suction-cup base suitable for strap-on use, as well as wall-banging fun. The heavy-duty vinyl harnesses feature adjustable leg and waist straps, three silicone O-rings, and exclusive clip-on holsters for the waterproof remotes of vibrating strap-ons.

“The packaging is just as hardcore as the product design,” said Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “The risque girl/girl imagery will appeal to a different market in addition to fetish-aficionados. When arranged with the unique Fetish Fantasy Extreme Planogram, these eye-catching boxes provide a welcome profit center to any retail environment.”

For customers who haven’t already received one, the 2013 Fetish Fantasy Extreme catalog is available in multiple formats, including a brand new interactive catalog which can be viewed here.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick at

FAQ: I can’t give my wife an orgasm!

Charlee Monroe and Ryan Driller make getting hot look way too easy!

Q: My wife doesn’t know when she gets off and when she does, it is really hard to get her off. I want her to squirt so hard and know she is having an orgasm. Any help?

First of all, can we give this guy a round of applause for giving a shit about whether or not his wife gets off? I’ve been around the block too many times to count, and it’s been few and faaaaaar between that dudes actually care about getting the woman off, or even simply ask her how she likes to get off, or they pretend to care but then they touch your clit for two seconds before totally forgetting you even have the ability to cum and just pound away until they dispense a puddle of jizz on your fresh and favorite zebra print sheets just two minutes later. 1. Ew. 2. Rude!

Okay but seriously, your concern for your wife’s orgasm is really wonderful, and she’s super lucky to have scored such a thoughtful and patient hubby. Don’t feel bad that she has a hard time reaching orgasm, though, because this is a very common issue for those of us with vaginas. I, myself, have issues reaching orgasm too, especially when other people are involved. Here are some things I’ve learned on my personal journey to a big, wet and roaring O.

Talk about it! Communication is key. Ask her what feels good, how she wants you to touch her, or if she’d rather touch herself as you penetrate. Before engaging in anything, try masturbating together. Mutual masturbation can be just as hot as penetration, and you’re in control of your own orgasm. You can watch the way she brings herself to ecstasy so you can mimic it when you finally rub her out yourself.

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Cuff & Tether Set comes with a free Love Mask to enhance your tease with sensory deprivation!

Get ‘em riled up! It takes me a while to really get in the mood if I’m not the one initiating sex, so foreplay is imperative — if I’m not in the mood then I’m definitely not gonna cum. Just because your lower head is ready doesn’t mean you should jump right into the fucking. Be patient and seduce your partner, for once! Start out with a wet and warm erotic massage – this allows your partner to relax and loosen up, and gives your hands a chance to wander when your partner’s ready for more. I’m a sucker for teasing as well. Restrain their arms and legs and slip a love mask over their eyes as you trace their body with your tongue or a feather tickler.

Jayden Cole loved playing with our Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump!

Blow ‘em up! Okay, maybe I should rephrase that – we don’t encourage fiery explosions, but I’m a huge advocate for giant pussy lips. Though some people get off on the aesthetic, I’m more interested in the sensitivity provoked by pussy pumps. One of the reasons I have a hard time cumming is because my vagina and clit aren’t very sensitive. When using a pussy pump, blood is rushed to the area as it swells up, just like how an erection occurs with a penis pump. This rush and swell creates additional sensitivity, making it much easier to reach orgasm. The nipples are obviously a super erogenous zone too, so playing with them along with genital stimulation should definitely help make them cum. If the nipples are lacking in sensitivity, well, we’ve got pumps and clamps for those too!

Don’t forget the clit! Most people with a vagina cannot cum from penetration alone. Personally, I have never reached orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Yep, you read that right – never! The clit is imperative, so be sure to pay just as much attention to that pleasure button as you do to the hole! Whether you massage it with your thumb as you penetrate, or introduce a vibrator into the mix – if she can have an orgasm from clit stimulation alone, then combining it with penetration is sure to take her over the edge! I’d suggest a long sturdy massager, like our Wanachi Rechargeable Massager — it’s easy to grip and the flexible head will remain in place even as the action heats up. For those of us with “hidden” clits, you might want to use a G-spot vibe so that the curved tip can more easily access your clit during external massage.

With our Icicles, temperature play is simply achieved with just a bowl of water!

Heat things up! Temperature play is the easiest way to create new sensations with the toys you already have. Our Icicles and Metal Wörx collections are perfect for temperature play, as they can be safely heated or cooled in a matter of minutes with just a bowl of water. If you haven’t got your hands on these toys yet, try our Moist Heat warming lubricant, or even a few ice cubes! Rub their pleasure parts using an ice cube in one hand and massaging with the other, or try a mouth full of crushed ice while performing oral.

Check out this blog post for more suggestions on how to help your partner get all riled up!

Thar she blows! (Squirting) I’ve heard various sides of the squirting debate. Some say only 8% of women can squirt. Others, like my good friend Dr. Susan Block, suggest that anyone can squirt with enough patience and practice. Personally, I’ve never entirely squirted. I felt the urge just once, with a very specific partner who fucks a very specific way (intricate positions, very deep and very hard). I got nervous and suppressed the squirt before instant regret when realizing the gorgeous geyser I probably missed out on!

Anyway, don’t fret! Just because you don’t see her ejaculate doesn’t mean she isn’t having an orgasm. An orgasm is just a contraction of muscles, so if you’re inside of her you as it happens, you’ll feel the contractions of her vaginal walls (and probably hear a harmonious howl of relief!) But if you’re still interested in learning how to squirt, check out Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salon.

For more help with ensuring your partner’s satisfaction, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

PDU Graduates Another Class with Honors!

Pipedream University (PDU) wrapped up another successful instructional seminar at their main campus in Chatsworth, this time graduating Holiday Products with honors in a fun-filled one-day event. Holiday was the sixth US distributor to graduate from the educational program, which was designed to give Pipedream’s distribution partners the training and tools they need to effectively merchandise Pipedream’s award-winning brands.

The Holiday team was given an inside look at Pipedream’s shipping, receiving, manufacturing, and day-to-day operations. The staff also received hands-on product training and a first look at Pipedream’s award-winning Planogrammer software, followed by a festive graduation ceremony and dinner celebration in Pipedream’s traditional style of hospitality.

“PDU was more rewarding and informative than I expected,” said Holiday Vice President Ken Sahn. “Our entire team has been energized and motivated by what they learned and are anxious to put the training to use. The PDU team led by Rob and Lynn did an incredible job and didn’t miss a beat. We are a better company for making that two block trek to PDU!”

Pipedream Sales Manager Lynn Swanson agreed. “The Holiday Products team really embraced the training and their energy and enthusiasm showed. We’d like to thank Ken and his entire team for helping make PDU a huge success.”

Click here to watch the video.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick at