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Pipedream’s Ceramix Pleasure Pottery Now Available!

After months of buzz with stellar debuts at ANME and eroFame, Pipedream’s impressive new collection of Ceramix Pleasure Pottery is now available. The eco-friendly collection is in stock and shipping, and customers are encouraged to place their orders while supplies last.

Made from natural, recyclable materials, these organic handcrafted massagers are body-safe, hypoallergenic, and nonporous. The range includes six vibrating and six non-vibrating pieces that are whimsically hand-glazed and infused with Yttrium for exceptional strength and polish, the same ingredient used by high-end jewelers. From incredibly smooth anal plugs to ribbed G-Spot stimulators, you simply cannot achieve these types of designs and textures with any other material.

What really sets this collection apart is the incredible potential for temperature play. Ceramic is the only material that will immediately attain the desired temperature and maintain it for up to twenty minutes – the same way a coffee mug keeps your beverage warm.

Best of all, you won’t have to pause your pleasure time to wait for your hot or cold toy – the hollow pieces feature a silicone plug at the base, allowing you to fill them with water for immediate warming or cooling.

“When our customers feel these they are blown away. It really is a very tactile experience,” explains Ceramix designer Kristian Broms. “The vibrating models are incredibly quiet and powerful, and the non-vibrators are so hot and so cold. Once you hold them in your hands, you’ll understand that feeling is believing.”

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Ceramix interactive supplement. Ceramix product videos are also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.

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Ceramix Pleasure Pottery: Back to Nature

Our spankin’ new Ceramix Pleasure Pottery has been the talk of all the trade shows this season. But just what makes this eco-friendly collection so damn special? There’s no one better to discuss these ceramic masterpieces than the man who designed them! Kristian Broms spoke with ETO Magazine about the wonders of this ancient art form, from the laborious production process to their potential for incredible temperature play.

Read the entire interview below. Click here and here for magnified versions.

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Throwback Thursday: Johnny Castle

Jersey boy Johnny Castle ain’t your stereotypical jock. Though he always excelled in sports and fitness, the dude also excelled in education. He graduated in the top of his high school class, graduated cum laude from his undergrad studies, and went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Psychology. No matter this success, Johnny just wasn’t satisfied. He couldn’t imagine fulfillment within the confines of the typical 9 to 5 job. After posting some pictures online, he quickly received adult offers, and soon enough Vivid was calling to encourage him to relocate to LA for a full-time porn career. To date, Johnny’s shot over a thousand films, and has even been featured in mainstream men’s fitness magazines.

We got to drool over Johnny’s sly smirk and six pack back in 2006. Check out the exclusive shoot alongside porn star Courtney Cummz.

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We’re The Shit: Reviewer Roundup #6

One of the many reasons I’m proud to work for Pipedream is the fact that we are the only major manufacturer that caters to certain demographics that other manufacturers won’t even give the time of day. As a lifelong fat kid, I’ve always had a hard time finding clothes – cute and sexy clothes, especially. Most designers want to cover us up with obnoxious patterns and way too much fabric, and this only feeds into insecurities and bad body image by forcing us to hide our bodies instead of embracing them. When reviewing our Metal Mania Teddy Set from Fetish Fantasy Lingerie, Krissy Novacaine raved about the accessibility to a plethora of sexy plus-size designs.

This design is really refreshing because it doesn’t hide my body. It flaunts it unabashedly. Fuck yes!

I hate that the majority of what is on the market (or at least being carried by retailers) is pretty, lacy sacks that obscure or flat out hide my body. Yes, I am a bigger gal. In fact, you can call me fat. I like my shape. It’s curvy. It’s sexy. It’s feminine.

Enter the Fetish Fantasy Lingerie series from Pipedream. One, it is edgy which makes my punkness quite happy, but the important thing for me is that they have each design in every size. What a fucking thought? The fact that companies only make some of their lingerie styles in plus size is fucking insulting to me. It’s like they are saying that I am too gross to wear that design, so I need to wear this to cover up my monstrosity of a body. Fuck that.

Cultural body shaming rant aside, I am in love with the whole line. Sure there are some piece in it that I maybe won’t wear because it just isn’t my thing, but by and large, Pipedream won my heart with this line.

And more specifically about the teddy, Krissy offers a fun suggestion that’ll really turn you on –

The “teddy” (quotation marks because, let’s be honest, this isn’t much or a garment, not that it is a bad thing) is a collection of metal chains that goes around the neck and back (butt). This, I can happily report is sturdy and tons of fun with a violet, neon, or twilight wand. Yes, it is electrically conductive. shiver

Ready Krissy’s entire review at Kink With Krissy. For a male perspective, check out Mr. Will’s review of our plus-size White Hot boxer briefs.

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Pipedream’s Extensive Anal Fantasy Collection Now Available!

Pipedream’s massive Anal Fantasy Collection is now available in its entirety after its highly successful European debut at eroFame. The 70+ piece collection is now in stock and shipping, and customers are encouraged to place their orders while supplies last.

The range includes everything needed to explore back door bliss - from beginner-friendly ABS plastic plugs, to high-end silicone stimulators for the anal aficionado. Each box includes a free 5-Piece Prep Kit to help customers ease into comfort and clean up afterwards.

“The unisex packaging makes this collection especially enticing and less intimidating for newer, curious customers,” said Pipedream’s VP of Sales Steve Sav. “Best of all, smaller custom Planograms are available to fit the needs of any retail environment.”

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Anal Fantasy Collection interactive supplement. The AFC product video is also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.

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eroFame 2013 Gallery and Video Recap!

I know, I know, you’re already missing Germany, just after recovering from your beer and pretzel hangover, of course. Well have no fear! Because you can forever reminisce about our extravagant eroFame booth, bar, and Hugo’s 40th Anniversary party right here.

Download the video for your own in-store or online use from PDTV. No worries if your luggage was lost overseas, because all of our catalogs are available online in multiple formats.

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Pipedream Returns From Another Award-Winning Week at eroFame!

Pipedream has returned home from another successful eroFame trade show in Germany, where its “Dream Team” impressed attendees from around the world and the company continued its rapid global expansion.

The U.S. based manufacturer took home four more industry accolades, including awards for Best U.S. Manufacturer and Best Selling Brand of the Year for the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Series.

Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino was also honored with a lifetime achievement award for his lasting contributions to the adult industry, and named Business Man of the Year for the third consecutive year.

As always, the Pipedream team entertained show attendees from around the world with their signature blend of business and pleasure.

“It’s amazing for me to watch our continued growth and success on a global level. As the awards continue to pile up, each one we receive renews my commitment to building Pipedream into the largest brand in the world,” said CEO Nick Orlandino.

“I want to thank my whole team for their hard work and dedication, and I would like to personally thank EAN and SIGN magazine for these honors. Going into my 30th year in the industry, it’s extra special to be recognized for my life’s work.”

The three-day trade convention, which is Europe’s largest international B2B trade show, took place from October 9-11 at Expo City Hannover, Germany.

With over 185 exhibitors present, Pipedream’s booth stole the spotlight and reached max capacity each day, as attendees were eager to see the latest offerings from the company’s award-winning brands.

Well-stocked with freshly baked pretzels and ice-cold German beer on tap, the huge booth featured beautiful wall-to-wall graphics and over 500 products on display, making it once again the talk of the show and the center of attention at eroFame 2013.

In true Pipedream fashion, the manufacturer held a private dinner party at an upscale restaurant in downtown Hannover to celebrate the company’s 40th year anniversary.

The invitation-only gala drew an unprecedented mix of Pipedream’s top foreign and domestic customers, who all came together under one roof to celebrate forty years of Pipedream’s success.

“Our dinner was a personal thank you to all of our customers around the globe for helping make Pipedream the #1 brand in the world. It was amazing to see all the major players in our industry partying together — it was a night I’ll never forget!”, said Orlandino.

The show featured the European debuts of Pipedream’s three newest lines: Ceramix Pleasure Pottery, Pure Aluminium, and the Anal Fantasy Collection, as well as the release of Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Big Box Set catalog collection.

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage ’70s Pipedream Catalogs!

Working in the adult biz, you get to see a ton of cool shit. And I gotta tell you, this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen since coming to Pipedream – vintage catalogs! What better way to kick off this week’s Throwback Thursday!

Ever wonder where the name “Pipedream” came from? Well, it stems from our original business – pipes! Original Pipedream founders (and family!) Gene, Bob, and David Feldman started selling pipes out of the back of a van in Ohio, where it blossomed into an all-out smoking accessory distributor.

Here you’ll find our first ever catalog from 1973, where the first page boasts a minimum order  of just $15 – my, how we’ve grown! Now, you can’t open an account with Pipedream for less than $25,000! I learned a little bit about old school smoking techniques too. Superstones were a big deal back in the day – a small, flat stone with a hole through the middle where you place your joint for easy, burnt-lip-free smoking! Fun fact: Bob told me the dude they’d purchase these from made his entire living off of just this one product.

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Getting Intimate with CEO Nick Orlandino!

The big boss man has spoken! Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino has dished out a ton of personal fun facts in this month’s “Personality Talk” in SIGN Magazine! Learn everything from what he did before getting in the biz, to what his current CEO days look like, and even what movie character he’d wish to be!

View magnified pages here and here.

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NEWSFLASH!! Quit Doing This Thing That You’ve Probably Always Done and Never Thought Twice About!

mini vibe battery tab

You know when you buy a new toy, there’s usually that little tab between the cap and the batteries that you have to pull out in order for it to work? 

And then there’s usually also a paper or plastic liner inside the battery compartment that wraps around the batteries?

My paranoid ass always tore that liner out too, thinking, “Oh my god, the batteries are definitely gonna get hot and set the paper on fire and then my pussy on fire and holy shit, I knew this toy would get me fired up but DAMN…” Well, it turns out my colorful imagination only encourages my anxiety, because our Development team assured me that my pussy will never catch on fire, at least not from our toys. There’s not nearly enough energy in just a couple batteries to spark a flame, and even if there were, that liner in question — it actually fights against the flame! Wait, so you’re telling me that that paper and/or plastic liner serves a purpose other than just telling me what direction the batteries should be facing? Long story short — uh, yeah.

The battery liner actually insulates the batteries so that the toy doesn’t overheat. It also keeps the contact tight, and holds the batteries in place to eliminate noise. Most importantly, though, it ensures that your batteries live a long, healthy life.

See those metal lines on either side of the battery compartment?

Well, some batteries can make contact on all sides, like the small LR44 batteries required for most small vibes. Without the liner, the batteries can make contact with that metal line, turning the toy on without your permission. Not only will this drain your batteries, but could you just imagine if you thought you were discreetly toting around your favorite Neon Lipstick Vibe, only for it to make its presence known with a sporadic buzz. Oops, sorry boss!

So there ya have it – quit removing the battery liner in your toys! It serves a bunch of purposes, and we promise that the only thing to catch fire will be your passion. And just in case it slips your mind in the heat of the moment, we’ll be placing this casual reminder inside our vibes from here on out.

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