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REAL TALK! Introducing Threesomes… to Your Boyfriend

I’m flooded with sex ed questions, both in and out of the industry, now that word’s spread I’m a Sexpert. REAL TALK! will cover, well, real questions that real people have really asked me, and the answers that I really gave them, and really, truly believe in. 

Question: I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a total slut… but I LOVE threesomes. When I first met my boyfriend I thought he like, cured me of needing double the dick. But puppy love has faded and now I’m craving it again. How could I ever ask my boyfriend for a threesome without the risk of losing him? HELP!!!

I've totes had this conversation with my boyfriend. Not only did we survive, but we still actually like each other!

By the way, I’ve totes had this conversation with my boyfriend before. Not only did we survive, but we actually still really, really like each other too!

Answer: Okay, first thing’s first – yeah, you kinda do sound like a slut… and there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, we really, really love sluts! Seriously, I’m a huge slut advocate and was bred by generations of sluts. I’m not sure when “slut” became a disdainful term, but all it means is someone who has a lot of sex.  I’m pretty sure a decent majority of the world has sex and probably really fricken’ enjoys it… so why are we trash talkin’ our friends who get to have a lot of it? (Pure jealousy, that’s why.)


The ring on the top of the shaft acts as a performance-enhancing cock ring, while the slim, veiny dildo features a tapered tip to ease insertion, offering the thrill of double penetration without involving another partner!

Anyway, my dear sister slut, there are two routes you could go with this – simply ask or don’t ask. Whichever path you take, honesty is going to be imperative. The shorter, easier answer is the latter, though, so let’s smack that one out the way.

Whether you’re into two in the pink, or one in the pink and one in the stink, we’ve got a plethora of DP strap-ons to satisfy your hunger for all of the cock with none of the additional partners. The pleasure possibilities are endless with our Fetish Fantasy Series strap-ons – we’ve got solid DP strap-ons, hollow strap-ons, vibrating and non-vibrating, realistic and non-phallic… We even offer a less invasive, more discrete harness-free DP strap-on – Double Trouble from the Anal Fantasy Collection.

Now, the first, more complicated answer is to simply ask; to be completely honest with yourself and with your partner about your sexual desires and needs. Reassure your partner that this in no way means they’re not good enough or even simply enough for you. Let them know how much you love their brain and heart and hard-on. Maybe even sneak a hand down their pants amidst the conversation, proving just how hot that both they and this new kinky possibility makes you. Indulge with them your fantasy, and don’t leave out one single wet, tense, and explosive detail. You may be pleasantly surprised by your partner’s reaction to this genuine expression.

If it doesn’t go quite as you had hoped, be sure to reassure your partner that you won’t abandon them over this, that you won’t cheat on them, and that you don’t expect them to understand or agree to such a sudden and unexpected request. Maybe they’ll digest the information and eventually come around to the idea. And maybe they won’t. But as long as you remain honest to yourself and with your partner about your feelings and needs, everything will work out just the way it needs to be.


Feast your eyes upon the greatest thing that’s ever happened to your vagina.

If your partner simply doesn’t enjoy any of the above and you can’t imagine a future without them, then we’ve also got tons of multi-stimulating vibes so you can get stuffed all by yourself! Our WOW! Total Ecstasy 2 was meticulously designed with a traditional rabbit ears clit stimulator, squirming shaft with rotating beads, anal teaser, three speeds, seven functions, and is sculpted to excite with our super-soft body-safe Elite Silicone. Needless to say, this vibe offers every single sensation you could ever possibly want or need for mind-blowing masturbation.

Inquiries, opinions, suggestions, and love can be sent to your favorite Sexpert anytime via email at

Vote Daily for Pipedream’s 3 TLA RAW Awards Nominations!

TLARAW2014After snagging the “Best Sex Toy” Award last year with the best-sellingPipedream Extreme Toyz Mega Fuck Slut, Pipedream has scored three 2014 TLA RAW Awards nominations.

According to TLA RAW, “[The] Awards spotlight the best of the best that the adult industry has to offer.  Unlike other awards, our winners aren’t chosen by dollar sales or committee decisions. No, the TLA RAW Awards are chosen by the fans. So pick your winners, cast your votes, and rest easy knowing that, at least here at TLA, democracy works.”

The manufacturer scored two “Sex Toy of the Year” nominations for their Pipedream Extreme Toyz Flip-n-Fuck Me and Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Head Teazer, as well as the coveted honor of “Best Toy Manufacturer”.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by such a pertinent retailer once again!” said Pipedream VP of Sales Steve Sav. “Knowing that our customers determine these awards makes this recognition especially incredible.”

Customers and fans are encouraged to cast their votes on a daily basis through April 14 Learn more about the award-nominated brands with online catalogs and downloadable product videos from PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail

Spring Into Bachelorette Party Season with Pipedream’s Award-Winning Novelties!

Head to to see how you can WIN our latest Bachelorette Party Favors!

Head to to see how you can WIN our latest Bachelorette Party Favors!

Make your girl’s last night out an unforgettable one with Pipedream’s hilarious Bachelorette Party Favors. Boasting over 120 products, this award-winning novelty and gag gift collection has everything and anything you’ll need to throw an unbeatable bachelorette party, from tiaras and sashes, to shot glasses and drinking games, to pecker puffs and lollipops.

“We design, create, and innovate the best party gifts in the world,” said CEO Nick Orlandino. “Our pledge is simple – we guarantee to make ‘em laugh!”

Don’t let that bride-to-be leave the house without her essential tiara. Give “dick head” a feminine spin with the faux fur-lined Deluxe Pecker Tiara, and everyone in the club will know who the night’s priority party girl is!

No bachelorette party is complete without ridickulous party games. Show off your 9-inch love rocket while your friends try landing a “ringer” with the hilarious Strap-On Pecker Ring Toss. And when the party needs a little help loosening up, you’ll need the Pecker Shot Glass Spinner to get the shots flowing and the fun times going! The game is simple: Fill the pecker shot glass with your favorite drink, take turns spinning the arrow, and whoever it lands on takes the shot. Spin. Drink. Repeat!

Just add air, and Pinky the Party Pecker is the life of any party! This giant inflatable pecker provides hours of raunchy entertainment and makes the ultimate photo prop for all your guests. He looks great in the club, at a restaurant, or as a fun home decoration.

Love is in the air, wedding bells are ringing, and Pipedream has everything you need for a bachelorette party that’s out of this world. The dedicated Dream Team urges customers to place their orders ASAP while supplies last. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Bachelorette Party Favors interactive supplement.


For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail

REAL TALK! Avoiding Painful Anal

sabrina_loves_anal_1000x1000_loNow that the word’s gotten out that I’m a Sexpert, I get flooded with sex ed questions both in and out of the industry. REAL TALK! will cover, well, real questions that real people have really asked me, and the answers that I really gave them, and really, truly believe in. Seriously! These are real concerns and curiosities that come up time and time again – so never feel embarrassed or ashamed because even though no one talks about it, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is all about the sexy times – so what’s wrong with becoming more educated about it? :)

QUESTION: A finger feels good back there but when we try anal – I cannot describe how intensely painful it is – we immediately have to stop. We’re wet, we want it, what’s the prob?

ANSWER: STOOOOOOP!!!! You can’t just hop from a little bb finger to a big, giant COCK!! You gotta do some anal training first. Gradually go from a finger, to a small anal plug, to a small (anal-safe) toy, then maaaaybe to a ween. Also, use a CRAP TON of lube. I like silicone lube because it hardly dries up, therefore less application / interruptions amidst your sexing – but you can neverever use silicone lube with silicone toys.

Remember to TAKE. IT. SLOOOOW!!!!! Any time you put something new in your butt, do it with a lotta lube and a lotta patience. If it hurts, stop. Don’t ever force anything that hurts. EVER. If it continues to hurt – even after slow, patient, gradual anal training – then your butt hole just might not be into teh penetrationz.

Check out our Anal Fantasy Collection – it has like, everything you’ll ever need to put in your butt. Our Silicone Plugs are available in 6 graduating sizes that make for a perfect anal training kit. For your initial tushy trial, though, I’d suggest our Beginner’s Fantasy Kit – it features an array of shapes and textures for easy experimentation.

If you want some more personal, custom toy recommendations for your butt sexpedition, you can contact your favorite Sexpert anytime via email at :)

Turn Your Bedroom into an Erotic Playground!

My top three most exhilarating feelings of all-time are as follows:

#1. Screaming just as loud as I was speeding mid-air through the treetops of a Wisconsin zip line;

#2.  My first orgasm; and

#3. Discovering I could experience my #1 and #2 top two most exhilarating feelings of all-time simultaneously.

The swing de la sexy times, in my personal experience of pleasure products (which is like, a freakin’ ton), has got to be the greatest, most widely recognized and applauded bang toy I’ve ever known. Sex swings simply offer that one thing that no other product in the entire world (other than spaceships, I guess) can provide – weightless sex.

Whether you’re a vanilla virgin or the kinkiest cuckolding couple – anyone can spice up their sex lives with the incredibly unique element that is experiencing the purest form of bodily pleasure amid the open air.

Before diving into your mid-air mojo, you should probably know about the variety of sex swings (yay, options!) There’s a diverse selection of Fetish Fantasy Series swings to satisfy any niche, from the original Fantasy Swing, to the Yoga Sex Swing for ultra flexibility, the Fantasy Bondage Swing for fetish fun, or even the Spinning Fantasy Swing for rollercoaster fanatics. Among the vast choices, though, are typically two types of sex swings – ceiling swings and door swings.

Ceiling swings are this Professional Pervert’s swing o’ choice, as you can permanently transform any room into your very own pleasure playground. Drilling our heavy-duty metal hardware into a secure ceiling beam offers the strongest application possible, so you can play and swing hard. You’ll experience the freest passion and truly defy the laws of gravity with a free-hanging swing. You know what’s even better than that fantastic flush feeling after doing it in the air? Leaving your swing out as fun, floating additional seating, and then watching your friends’ faces turn red when explaining what they’re sitting in really is.

Are you stoked about totally weightless sex but your landlord’s already pissed that your last birthday bash may or may not have “damaged” the walls? Have no fear! Pipedream’s Fantasy Swing Stand offers weightless sex without risking any more of your security deposit! All hardware is included with minimal assembly required (that’s less than ten minutes, by the way). There’s no drilling, it’s not permanent, it’s super-portable, and best of all – the frame features “Bondage Loops” to connect a variety of Fetish Fantasy Series restraints, cuffs, and ties for endless possibilities of pleasure.

Door swings offer a more discrete form of swinging. There’s no labor involved with these swings, outside of the labor of love, of course. Pipedream’s Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing comes completely assembled and ready to go – seriously, you’ll go from opening the box to swinging from your door in 60 seconds flat. Just drape the straps over the door, then close and lock it, strap yourself in, and get ready for a wild ride! No bulky hardware makes this swing the perfect on-the-go pleasure palace for honeymoons and long overdue getaways, and allows you to breakdown and safely store it in seconds. Hanging from the door also offers additional stability for the swinger, who can lean, thrust, or push off the door, as well as for the standing partner, who can also utilize doors and walls for a sturdy stance to hit all the right spots.

You don’t even need a partner to be a Pipedream swinger! Enjoy the freedom of weightless sex with a solo ride on the Fantasy Saddle. This must-have swing attachment takes the strain off your legs and thighs, and provides added comfort and thrills with a soft, cushioned seat and two interchangeable phthalate-free dildos.

With ten models to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect Fetish Fantasy Series swing for you, and discover that top three most exhilarating feeling of all-time for yourself. And if you’re still not sure which sinfully seductive swing to choose, your favorite resident Sexpert will be waiting for your call.

Pipedream Scores Most Adultex Awards Nominations!


Pipedream continues their path as the number one pleasure products manufacturer in the world with 11 total Adultex Awards nominations. Included are 4 nods for the best-selling eco-friendly Ceramix Pleasure Pottery, Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer, and recognition in a surprising new category - Best Social Media.

“We’re honored to receive this overwhelming number of nominations,” said Pipedream Vice President Ruben Deitz. “We’ve worked very hard for a very long time, together with CalVista, to permeate the Australian market, and these nominations are proof that our hard work and determination is all worthwhile.”

The manufacturer will anxiously anticipate the winners’ circle until the annual awards program on April 12 amidst the Adultex trade show. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Adultex is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest adult manufacturer and retailer expo, hosted over a three-day weekend at Jupiters Gold Coast Casino.

Pipedream’s total nominations are as follows:

  • Best Pleasure Product Design – Ceramix
  • Best Selling Pleasure Product Range - Pipedream Extreme Toyz
  • Best Pleasure Product Range - Ceramix
  • Best New Pleasure Product Range - Ceramix
  • Best Bondage, Restraints & Positioning Range - Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition
  • Most Innovative Female Pleasure Product - Ceramix
  • Most Innovative Male Pleasure Product - Pipedream Extreme Toyz Hot Ass
  • Manufacturer of the Year - Pipedream
  • Best Pleasure Product Packaging - Anal Fantasy Collection
  • Best Point of Sale - Pipedream
  • Best Social Media - Pipedream

Learn more about Pipedream’s award-winning brands with online catalogs and product showcases from PDTV.

Pipedream Wows Crowds at Two Major Trade Shows!

NEWS_ScalaECN_2Pipedream traveled the globe last week, attending both East Coast News’ Warehouse Show in Florida and the Scala fair in Holland. The manufacter has become an integral part of both shows, as both distributors are top Pipedream accounts. Presented in intimate trade show formats, the shows offered the opportunity to strengthen business relationships and educate customers about Pipedream’s best-selling products.

Showgoers snagged their first look at the manufacturer’s latest collections and received hands-on education about Fetish Fantasy GoldFetish Fantasy Series HarnessesPipedream Extreme Dollz, and Real Feel Deluxe. The Dream Team was on-site to offer up-close and personal training and support, allowing customers to familiarize themselves with the latest best-selling brands.

“ECN proves why they are the preferred US distributor by the level of service they provide,” said Pipedream Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “This was their most successful show to date, and we look forward to future growth and success together.”

The Scala fair marked Pipedream’s European debut of their four brand new collections -

“It’s always a pleasure to team up with my colleague, Raymond, and the Scala team for this show,” added Honz. “It was extremely successful and customers are always pleased to see our new products!”

“The Pipedream booth was bustling with activity,” said Pipedream European Sales Exec Raymond Houtenbos. “There were great people, the atmosphere and setup were of the highest standards, and guests were unanimously ecstatic about our newest products. We thank the entire Scala team for their hospitality and great efforts to make this show a success!”

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail at