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Pipedream Takes on the Big Screen in Sony Pictures Film!

ThinkLikeAManTooPipedream is no stranger to the mainstream spotlight, with products featured on major network TV shows including CBS’ Two and a Half Men, MTV’s Real World, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and Bravo’s Flipping Out. Now the manufacturer has stepped up to the big screen with a spotlight in Think Like a Man Too.

In this sequel to the original Think Like a Man, a crew of couples head to a Las Vegas wedding where the big event is threatened when plans for the romantic weekend go awry. The men and women split for their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, but the ladies were sure to bring one hunk along – the Tasty Tyrone Love Doll!

“It’s no coincidence that one of the best new movies requested product from the best adult manufacturer,” said Social Media Manager Sabrina Dropkick. “We’re so proud to consistently see our products reach such wide audiences, proving that Pipedream is everyone’s go-to for quality novelties.”

Think Like a Man Too took the number one spot at the box office opening weekend and continues to screen in theaters across the nation. Find your local screening then check out your favorite Bachelorette Party Favors’ interactive catalog.

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Kink Therapy for the Shockingly Vanilla

pd3723-00When you’re an eccentric individual and a sex toy enthusiast, stereotypes are a familiar, amusing, and occasionally annoying occurrence. Most outsiders and even close friends assume that the whips and chains, glass dildos and lifelike faux penises I use in my educational presentations come from my own bedroom. Contrary to what may seem obvious, my enthusiasm for adult toys goes beyond what I choose to bring into my personal life. Preaching the gospel of vibrators, lubes, and FantaFlesh is about helping others find their spark. It doesn’t matter that I’ll never have the applicable equipment to use the RotoBator or that giant ball gags aren’t on my wish list. When I teach others about toys, I carry my exuberance to every item regardless of how much I may or may not enjoy having a particular toy in my own collection.

Pipedream’s Shock Therapy line had crossed my path a few times while working in adult novelty retail. I’d bring the various pieces to the attention of customers who were looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, but I never really gave the products much thought beyond my sales pitch. Though I recently began working exclusively for Pipedream, the line still seemed like something I’d probably never have to touch with the batteries in place. Imagine my surprise when I viewed the toy roster for my first employee product training and found that I would not only have to speak knowledgeably about these torture devices, but I would have to demonstrate them before a group of trainees.

To say that I dislike pain is an understatement. I run screaming in the other direction from anything that could possibly be physically painful. With that said, consider how, with some coaxing from one of our sales reps, I am now a confident fan of Pipedream’s Shock Therapy products. Touching the metal of the Pleasure Probe or donning the Luv Gloves went from terrifying to fun in a matter of minutes. At first, the shock felt a little like touching a door knob in winter, better known as “static electricity,” but don’t let that description scare you. Once I overcame my fear and kept a handle on the conductive surfaces, the shock felt more like a vibrating pulse, albeit with an edge. The intensity of the shock and the quickness of the pulses can be changed with the flick of a switch, press of a button, or turn of the dial depending on which Shock Therapy product you’ve got zappin’.

pd3723-10_02This tiny device isn’t necessarily meant to punish a submissive lover, though it can certainly be used that way. The electricity causes the contacted muscles to contract, much in the same way that certain parts of the body experience contractions at the peak of sexual activity. After building up a lot of senseless fear over this rather delightful toy, the take-away from my experience is this: If I can do it, then so can you! And as for my first employee product training session featuring a live shock demonstration? The Shock line was a hit!

Colleen Godin is Pipedream’s Event and Training Representative and can be contacted via email at

Pipedream Wows Crowds, Scores 4 Awards at ETO Show!

eto_group_shot copy

Pipedream kicked off their first official ETO showing with a bang, scoring 4 ETO Awards and wowing UK crowds with their best-selling brands. Show attendees flocked to Pipedream’s booth for a first-hand look at the manufacturer’s extensive offerings, ecstatic to finally access the entirety of their award-winning collections.

“This was, by far, the best ETO Show – the energy was just phenomenal,” said VP of Sales Steve Sav. “We were so excited for the chance to show the UK just how comprehensive and well merchandised our lines really are, and our customers were equally excited!”

At the awards ceremony Sunday night, Pipedream took home 4 ETO awards, more than any other manufacturer. The manufacturers recognitions include Best Fetish Product Brand (Fetish Fantasy Series), Best New Product Range (Ceramix Pleasure Pottery), Best Product Marketing, and a special honor to Chairman & CEO Nick Orlandino for Services to the Industry.

“The UK market has always had a special place in my heart. It’s one of the first markets Pipedream sold to overseas and I’ve made many close friends there over the years,” said Orlandino. “The award validates all of my hard work and dedication to an industry I truly love. ETO has been a great partner with Pipedream since its inception and we’ve always been a major supporter. I believe in their concept and what they’ve done for the UK market, and I want to thank Lee, Dale, and their entire staff for putting together a great show and publication.”

Come See Pipedream at the ETO Show!

nav-logoPipedream is excited to make their UK debut, exhibiting at this weekend’s ETO trade fair for the first time. After receiving many requests for access to their entire catalog, the manufacturer will now have their own stand to showcase their best-selling brands including Anal Fantasy CollectionCeramixFetish Fantasy GoldFetish Fantasy Series HarnessesPipedream Extreme DollzPure Aluminium, and Real Feel Deluxe.

“UK customers are very familiar with our products – we regularly advertise in ETO, and our brands are already best-sellers there,” said VP of Sales Steve Sav. “We’re so excited to finally exhibit at the ETO Show, where we’ll be able to offer direct customer support, make new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.”

Hosted at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham this Sunday, June 22 and Monday, June 23, the ETO Show is the UK’s premier trade-only event. The ETO Awards will be hosted on the first evening, where Pipedream is nominated for 5 awards including Most Innovative Brand and Best Fetish Products Brand.

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Pipedream Distinguished “Most Creative Manufacturer” in Russia!

XShow_Award_2014Pipedream was named “Most Creative Manufacturer” at the 13th annual X’show, Russia’s biggest B2B and B2C adult trade show. The accolade, based on a survey of adult retailers, is a testament to the manufacturer’s strong international reputation.

“Pipedream’s international presence has grown tremendously within the last few years,” says Pipedream VP of Sales, Steve Sav. “We’re so proud to be acknowledged in this category – it’s a testament to our continuous efforts to produce the most innovative products unlike anything else on the market.” 

“Pipedream continues to grow and expand in every market around the world, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our latest award voted directly by the retailers that we serve,” said Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino. “Our wide selection, distinctive packaging, and dedication to branding and merchandising has made Pipedream number one in the world!” 

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Pipedream Receives Roaring Response from Russian Crowds!

200362_210592225624649_7044101_nPipedream spent the weekend in Moscow with a bustling booth at the 13th annual X’Show, the only Russian expo that caters to both B2B and B2C adult markets. The show welcomed customers from around the globe and was especially well attended by retailers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other regions of the Russian Federation.

“It’s always great to be with my friends and customers at the X’Show,” said Pipedream’s VP of Sales, Steve Sav. “Pipedream was well represented, as always, and was the dominant American company with the most successful brands.”

The Pipedream booth was the center of attention as sales execs were on deck to offer in-depth customer presentations and training for their latest best-selling brands. The Anal Fantasy Collection continued its success, appearing on every order, while the Pipedream Extreme Dollz stole the show in its official Russian debut. Sister company Jimmyjane was also in attendance and reported equal success.

“It was such a pleasure to be a part of the prestigious X’Show,” said Jimmyjane VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Alicia Sinclair. “Jimmyjane has been so well received in Russia and we are honored to become a leading brand. We would like to thank our partners for their support.”

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