HBO’s John Oliver LOVES Our Icicles!


We were SO stoked to find our Icicles No. 40 so prominently featured last night on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Not only was our name proudly displayed next to our actual packaging, but Oliver even gave our writers some kudos when highlighting our copywriting!

No. 40“It’s always exciting to find our products on one of our favorite shows,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “Our brands have incredible mainstream cross-over appeal, proving once again that Pipedream is the leading novelty manufacturer in the world.”

Just one of many mainstream spotlights, we’ve also been recently seen in Universal Pictures’ A Walk Among Tombstones, FX’s Partners, and a viral video on

Tell us which of our Icicles are YOUR favorite in the comments, and 3 fans will be chosen to win a FREE No. 40!

5 comments on “HBO’s John Oliver LOVES Our Icicles!

  1. The Pleasure Buzz on said:

    Icicles 5 – the spiral!! The piece is gorgeous! Though I really love all the Icicles products, the spirals on 5 are perfectly shaped ridges. The gentle curve hits the G too!

  2. Donald Feerer on said:

    The joys of Pipedream. As a single guy, I found by taking my date to the local Hustler Hollywood store, it not only breaks the ice for expectations, but also heightens the adrenalin as we browse the store. Your products are exquisite and colorful. By picking one out not only creates a shared item to call ours, but helps assure a pleasurable evening.
    The number 5 was the first one that I purchased for a young woman. Number 22 is a blend of wonderful colors, but it is number 30 that has brought much fun and excitement into the bedroom.

  3. Ernie Lacko on said:

    Being a male comfortable in my sexuality both me and my gf both practice anal sex and anal play i love the feel and fullness of the icicles line i personally own the icicles buttplug #44,#46,#54, the icicles strapon my gf has used on me and felt absolutely amazing but i have to say my favorite is #54 it feels great whether you having intercourse with your partner or just by yourself.

  4. I like Icicles #24.

  5. Nesca Crespo on said:

    Number 40 would be my pick! It looks perfect..perfect to play around with while the boyfriend is away at work ;}

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