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#pipedreamhumpday: Fulfilling Your HalloDreams!


Every day is hump day here at Pipedream, but who couldn’t use an additional reason to jump out of your panties and onto your lover! Through the entire month of October, we’ve introduced you to our best sex toys in pink as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we’ve got something spooky up our sleeve this week…

BOO!! It’s our creepiest, kinkiest favs! Vanillas BEWARE!

There is nothing more terrifying than being forbidden from pleasure. (Cue dramatic gasp.) For the ultimate All Hallow’s Eve tease, try on a chastity panty and leash. Perfect for roleplay, just throw on some kitty ears and pose on your hands and knees as your Master (or Mistress!) leads you to the final sex-stination of their choice!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.33.28 PM

We are avid preaches of all of the simultaneous sensations for intense stimulation and the most powerful orgasm… but I can already hear the spine-chilling shrieks of lovers who stumble across someone with a second, biological ween. Have no fear! That’s what strap-less DP strap-ons are for, duh. With super-stretchy rings to accommodate most sizes and put a squeeze on performance let downs, they hand just below your natural parts and feature smooth, tapered tips to ease insertion.


And there’s just no way we could even contemplate publishing a horror-centric blog without mentioning the Scream Queen of our Pipedreams, our signature star Bonnie Rotten! Snag her Make-A-Porno-Kit packed with temporary tats taken right from Bonnie’s actual bod. Slip into the free pair of thigh-high fishnets and you’ll be screwing like a porn star in no time.


Tell us in the comments about the fetish fantasies YOU are bringing to life this Halloween for your chance to WIN a Bonnie Rotten bundle of Deep Throat Spray, Spit Lube, Anal Lube, and our famous spiderweb boobie tee!

#tripleFfriday: Halloween Sexessories

Every day is Halloween for our contract girl Bonnie Rotten!

Every day is Halloween for our latest and greatest contract star Bonnie Rotten! Have you snagged her super realistic signature collection yet?

With dozens of seasonal pop-up shops, and even the taboo costumes and props that pop up in your local Target — Halloween is, by far, the greatest time year to stock up on sexessories. And though costumes and role playing are definitely fun all year round, we’re not always in the mood to squeeze into that tight PVC Naughty Nurse get-up every time you’re looking to get some. Wanna grab some kinky accessories this spooky season that won’t end up at the back of your closet for a year (or five)? Well then this Fetish Fantasy Friday, we’ve got the perfect year-round Halloween sexessories for you!

OB/GYNWere you scheduled for the Halloween shift before suddenly getting the night off? You know all the costume shops are emptier than the LA River by now, and the dollar store is already closed… Oh! We know who’s probably still open — your local sex shop, of course! Skip right on down to their fetish section to find masks cuter and weirder than any seasonal shop could offer — from masquerade and bandit masks to all-over doggy and pig hoods. Take one step further and you’ll find an array of bondage kits – sexy Dom/sub and Kinky Kitty get-ups to creepy OB-GYN and Nasty Nun Kits.

NeonPastySet_2Now on to everyone’s favorite costume – the costume with as little coverage as possible! This one’s easier than a porn star. Slap on a hot pink pasty and panty set with any pair of cute critter ears and tails and BAM! Sexy Bunny, Sexy Kitten, Sexy Mouse – check, check, and check. If you’re looking for something a little more intricate, grab some silk bondage rope in your favorite shade to wrap yourself up as Halloween’s most coveted treat!

CuffsAre you a Halloween junkie who’s costume was made months ago, but now you wanna kink it up? No worries friend, because a pair of fun handcuffs are the easiest way to sexessorize. Naughty nurse? Naughty Ghostbuster? Naughty Smurf? SHAZAAM! We’ve got hot red, neon green, and fuzzy blue handcuffs to satisfy any HalloDream! We know that handcuffs are a pivotal piece in everyone’s toy box, making these the most valuable Halloween sexessories of all!

Comment with which fetish fantasies you’ll bring to life next All Hallow’s Eve and three lucky fans will be chosen to receive the handcuffs of their choice!

3 New Ways to Love Our Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Lube Wrestling Ring!

pd3876-23_01We know, you can’t throw a bangin’ lube wrestling party every weekend. So what else can you do with your new 6’ by 6’ inflatable ring? We’ve got a few ideas for you on this Fetish Fantasy Friday…

The heat of this Indian summer is unbearable. The AC just busted and the community pool is closed for the winter… whatever will we do? BAM. Instant kiddie pool – supersized! You’ve already ensured the super sturdiness of this vinyl ring during cleanings, giving you the leak-free confidence to fill this bad boy up with almost two feet of ice-cold water.

Your cozy little two-bedroom loft has just been unanimously voted to host Thanksgiving weekend for the entire family (unbeknownst to you, of course). Your parents have called dibs on your room, and you’d just be a total jerk if you don’t give the pullout bed to your grandparents. You’ve outgrown your couches so those go to the kids…  Just as you’ve accepted the reality of the cold floor, you catch a glimpse of the Fetish Fantasy box as you retrieve your back stock of blankets from the back of your closet. BINGO! The ring is easily inflated with the included foot pump, then filled to capacity with the plushest pillows and comforters to become a DIY California king!


Now that you’ve sent shock and awe throughout your last few parties by introducing the Lube Wrestling Ring, it’s kind of lost its wonder and is now expected. Think outside the box! Next time, fill it with Jell-O or mud – just don’t let your partygoers forget a change of clothes!

Are you ready for your next big bondage adventure? Check out the entirety of our 2014 EAN Brand of the Year award-winning Fetish Fantasy Series – yep, you heard that right, the biggest beginner’s bondage line in the world just scored its ELEVENTH award!

Header_Awards_Wide (1)

#PipedreamHumpDay: Celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Our Favorite Pink Couples Toys

breast-cancer-awareness-day-ly4leeclEvery day is hump day here at Pipedream, but who couldn’t use an additional reason to jump out of your panties and onto your lover! Through the entire month of October, we’ll introduce you to our best sex toys in pink as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Last week we discovered our favorite pink vaginal stimulators, but this time we’ll invite our boo to the bedroom for some fun – check out our top 3 best pink couples toys!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.14.22 PMMost people probably assume that cock sleeves and extensions are relevant only to those with ED and premature ejaculation. But guess what – your sex life could very well be super awesome – but it’s a simple fact that 80% of women will not orgasm from penetration alone, and I bet 100% of those women also have a really tired hand. Cue our Vibrating Couples Cage. Not only does it feature a 1-inch extension at the tip for deeper penetration, but the fluttering clit stimulator offers dual stimulation without additional work.

3749-11The feather crop has got to be the most valuable and versatile tool in your bondage toy box. Tease your lover with the super-smooth vinyl crop, letting it gently slither across their skin as they anticipate the bite that’s to come… then smack! The small 2.5” crop offers precision accuracy without the intimidation of complicated motions, making this the perfect bondage implement for beginners. Every good Dom is will always comfort their sub with aftercare, so try soothing their rosy red rear with the plush feather tickler.

pd3961-11_02 (1)What better way to surprise your lover than with the gift of a good romp? Take it a step further and dust off those old high school theater method acting skills – slip into a pair of silky-soft bow tie cuffs, then wait in an unsuspecting room for your partner to arrive. Not only does shtuping in new geography spice things up, but displaying yourself as a present of passion for them to play as they please – now that’s got to be the hottest gift of all!

Which of these hump day enhancers would you choose for seducing tonight? Tell us in the comments and three frisky fans will WIN our pink Bow-Tie Bondage Kit!

Pipedream Team Rocks eroFame Once Again!

erofame2014Our team wrapped up eroFame’s first two days with our 2nd Annual eroFame Extravaganza, an exclusive invitation-only party honoring our global and domestic distribution partners. Hosted at Hugo’s in downtown Hannover, the party was packed with the who’s who of industry powerhouses, along with our signature blend of fun, food, and festivities. Over 300 party-goers enjoyed dinner, drinks, and dancing well into the night, while we mingled with partners and supporters.

“Our dinner was a personal thank you to all of our customers for helping make Pipedream the number one brand in the world,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “It’s amazing to see all the major players in our industry partying under one roof.”

There was even more to celebrate when we were honored with five more industry accolades, taking home SIGN magazine’s Novelty Manufacturer of the Year, and EAN’s 14e3sw8 (1)Best US Manufacturer, Brand of The Year (Fetish Fantasy Series), and Outstanding Hospitality for the party of the year. Nick was honored with his third consecutive Business Man of the Year award from EAN, adding another impressive honor to his list of personal achievement accolades.

“It’s incredible to watch our rapid growth and success on a global level,” said Nick. “As the awards continues to pile up, each one renews my commitment to building Pipedream into the largest brand in the world.”

Well-stocked with freshly baked pretzels and ice-cold German beer on tap, our gigantic eroFame booth stole the spotlight and reached maximum capacity. Crowds flocked to the booth for autographs and photos with our exclusive contract star Bonnie Rotten, who stole the show with selfies and signings at the European debut of her signature collection.

Nick continued, “I want to thank my entire team for their hard work and dedication, and to personally thank EAN and SIGN for the recognition and for hosting another great show.”

Hump Day (Pipe)Dreams: Celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Our Favorite Pink Vibes


Every day is hump day here at Pipedream, but who couldn’t use an additional reason to jump out of your panties and onto your lover! Through the entire month of October, we’ll introduce you to our best vibrators in pink as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

PD1415-11_01Rabbit vibrators are perfect for those of us who require a variety of sensations. A classic and coveted design, the internal and external stimulators compliment each other to bring you to climax that some report as their quickest and most intense solo orgasm. With a bulbous tip, fluttering bunny ears, easy-access multi-speed dial, and waterproof, body-safe materials, our Neon Luv Touch Rabbit Vibe is, hands down, the most powerful vibrator available to beginners.

pd1169-34_02A small clit stimulator is just the thing you need to take your sex life over the edge. Most women will not climax from penetration alone, so clit stimulation is definitely required if you want to be a pleaser, not a teaser.  Our Le Réve Silicone Bunny is the best vibrator for couples – its small, round body easily fits into the palm of your hand as the silky-smooth silicone ears perch snug around your clit, encompassing it with direct vibrations. Don’t let its small size fool you though, because this waterproof wonder has seven mind-blowing pulsation patterns, making it the most powerful vibrator of the most compact size.

pd2955-00_01Glass dildos are the luxurious alternative for when the average toy just doesn’t cut it. Sex toy connoisseurs live for the range of features that glass provides – 100% nonporous, body-safe material, incredibly unique shapes and designs that other malleable materials could never offer, quick and easy cleaning, and back-arching temperature play. Our newest Icicles No. 55 goes two steps further – not only does it offer double-sided G-spot bliss, but either side features a ribbed and a beaded texture. Hands down, this dildo offers the best hump for your buck!

Which Hump Day (Pipe)Dreams have YOU swooning? Tell us about the PD toy that you’ll be seducing tonight!

Whack! Slap! Sting!
Which Spanker is Right For Me?

From one of our fav kinky movies,
Secretary starring Maggie Gyllenhaal
and James Spader.

No matter how vanilla or grey your sexual preferences may be, we can all agree that a good spanking is a must for the steamiest sack sesh. Experimentation is the best-kept secret to maintaining a rock and roll sex life, so think outside of the box and the bedroom, and keep things hot and spicy with a variety of spanking implements. Not only is there a whole world of butt beating bliss to be explored – but every single different instrument and material offers a stunningly unique sensation.

The hand, the OG spanking tool we all know and love, provides an instant feeling of evenly distributed impact just as large as the Dom(me)’s hand, followed by a slight bite. The intensity of impact is altered by the speed and force with which the Dom utilizes – but generally speaking, hand spanking is super tolerable. Let’s keep these characteristics in mind, alongside your own pain tolerance, in comparison to the following Feels de la Fetish.

pd4463-23_02CROPS are perfect for fetish first-timers, whether you’re a Dom or a sub. The tip of a crop is typically pretty small, so Doms will achieve effortless pinpoint accuracy, while subs ease into impact before experiencing the graduated intensities that more advanced gear provides. The Dom can offer light love nips by using only the hollow tip when striking, or utilize the hard cane-like shaft to double the bite.

pd4438-99_02BDSM beginners and fetish aficionados alike will enjoy the incredible versatility of the metal ball chain FLOGGER. This piece offers a universe of spine chilling satisfaction. Let the ball chain tresses dance across your lover’s rear, teasing and tickling them until they beg for more. Increasing the Dom’s force will offer an acute sting, typically stemming from the tips of each tail. Alone and with a partner, practice swinging your flogger to perfect a fluid flogging motion. Check out the video below for technique demos and tips.

pd4440-23_04LEATHER PADDLES offer the most impact with the easiest maneuvering. Think of it as just an extension of the hand, offering a similar sensation, though probably tripled in severity. The force of impact will differ based on the size of the paddle, and some leather paddles even feature real metal studs for extra bite.