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Pipedream Welcomes Vice

VICE Media visited the Pipedream facilities as part of an upcoming pilot on manufacturing jobs in the US. Head of TV Development at VICE Media, Brendan FitzGerald along with director Lance Bangs contacted the mega-manufacturer earlier in the week about the project then arrived Wednesday with a full crew and comedians David Gborie and Jesse Elias of Flophouse who serve as the show hosts.Water trampolines Costco

Here are some photos…

IMG_5027 Pipedream Welcomes VICE Media 3/31/2016 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_17 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_20 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_44 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_49 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_53 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_562016Mar30_VICE-atPD_762016Mar30_VICE-atPD_1222016Mar30_VICE-atPD_992016Mar30_VICE-atPD_95 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_85 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_82 2016Mar30_VICE-atPD_812016Mar30_VICE-atPD_1332016Mar30_VICE-atPD_139IMG_5027