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Icky Goes From Fancy to Filthy Overnight!

pd3541-00_02Pipedream has released the Icky Love Doll, the latest inflatable Hollywood hottie from their controversial and best-selling Superstar Series.

In true Pipedream fashion, the nearly identical photos and hilarious copy poke fun at the young “Fancy” rapper, while the box image could be mistaken for the star’s video itself! The description on the back of the box reads:

Meet Icky, the down-under dirty girl who went from fancy to filthy over night! When this white trash wannabe isn’t busy busting out hit singles, she’s stuffing her snatch with more dark meat than a Thanksgiving feast! This big booty albino Aussie loves to rap, so pull out your man meat and watch her wrap her lips around your pleasure stick! Her stench-trench sucks dick up without a hiccup and she can’t wait to take you outback! Just add air and this light-skinned lezbo is ready to share her 3 luscious love holes with you!

“Nobody created products with mainstream crossover appeal like Pipedream,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “The publicity we receive when one of these celebrity dolls hits the market is priceless. Our customers will definitely experience rising sales as Icky blows up – literally!”

Customers are urged to place their orders now while supplies last.

News of Pipedream’s Ryan’s Secrets Hits, Production Sky Rockets!

Pipedream has most recently introduced Ryan’s Secrets to its controversial Super Star Series of celebrity-inspired blowup dolls. Now that the story has hit the press, the manufacturer is in high production and urges customers to snatch up the doll while supplies last.

Radar Online broke the news first this morning, while dozens of gossip rags have quickly followed suit to report that “the most powerful perv in television has a dirty little secret,” as suggested on the doll’s packaging.

Just a year after the media craze over the Just-In Beaver love doll, Pipedream catapults itself back into mainstream culture by poking fun at the world’s celebrity obsession with outrageously hilarious copy and photos that bear a striking resemblance to the stars. Within two days of releasing Just-In Beaver, experienced over two million hits, and the manufacturer looks forward to similar exposure.

“Nobody creates products with mainstream crossover appeal like Pipedream,” said Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino. “The publicity we receive when one of these celebrity dolls hits the market is priceless. Our customers will definitely experience rising sales as Ryan’s Secrets blows up – literally!”

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, as well as downloadable product videos for in-store and online use from PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via E-Mail:

Succumb to Beaver Fever with Our Latest Blow Up Boy Toy!

The Biebs is blowing up once again — this time, quite literally! He’s sweeping the nation, and not with prepubescent pop songs either. Now he’s warming our hearts and nether parts in the form of a vinyl love doll!

We are proud to introduce our little prude-turned-prick to our Super Star Series of Love Dolls. Just-In Beaver joins in on the infamy with other dolls including Lindsay BlowhanKinky Kim, and J-Ho, as well as the scandalous Finally Miley!

Our latest boy toy is sure to match the success of our prior barely legal babe — which sold out in less than 48 hours before production was permanently halted — so snatch up a bundle of blow up Biebs quick! If your local adult toy store or e-tailer isn’t already carrying your favorite teen superstar’s bangable counterpart, be sure to demand that they contact their Pipedream distributor or our wholesale department before it’s too late!

Warning: If you’ve experienced moist panties or erections lasting more than 4 hours, you may be suffering from a severe case of Beaver Fever!

Our inflatable pop icon is already creating a buzz! Check him out in the Huffington Post and Toronto Sun. Even Gawker urges you to “plan your Christmas shopping accordingly… [because this] inflatable companion is ‘unofficial’ and will most likely be pulled off the market before long.”

For more information regarding the Just-In Beaver Love Doll, or any other Pipedream product, contact us at or ask the Sexpert!

Screw The Con-Dumb Law!: Vote No On Measure B

As Election Day draws near, Los Angeles county residents will, for the first time, find porn on the same ballot as potential presidents! We here at Pipedream Products are proud to support the Free Speech Coalition in its fight against Measure B, the unconstitutional initiative dubbed as the “Con-Dumb Law”. Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino has firmly established his position on this issue, “Our company has always been a supporter, partner, and friend to the adult entertainment industry, and we will do everything we can to prevent this unmerited law from being passed.”

What makes this deceitful law so awfully dumb? It’s a waste of time and money, will deplete jobs in California, and disguises itself as a measure with performers’ health in mind when, in reality, it can hurt performers.

Safe sex is always sexy, especially with our Rubba-Wear Latex Gauntlets! But should it really be a government mandate?

If Measure B is passed, government inspectors will redirect their attention from outpatient clinics and other public health services in order to watch porn. Their sole purpose will be to inspect entire productions of adult films to ensure the use of condoms, rubber gloves, goggles, and lab coats while filming on set. Instead of making use of their expertise on real public health concerns, taxpayers will be funding over a million dollars to employ inspectors to watch porn. This does not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year required to cover administrative fees alone, as well as numerous other costs.

The induction of Measure B can strip California of over 10,000 jobs. The adult industry employs more than just talent — it hires filmmakers, electricians, caterers, and other craftspeople in the Los Angeles area who can lose mass amounts of work if the industry relocates. Many companies have made it loud and clear that they’re prepared to immediately abandon the Golden Sate if Measure B passes, jumping ship to places like Las Vegas or Miami.

The biggest advocate for Measure B is the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who have been on a witch hunt against the adult industry for years. They mask their intentions of shutting down the industry by saying that Measure B will protect performers and their health, but AHF obviously has not done their homework. There have been zero cases of HIV contracted on-set in California in eight years. All industry performers are required to undergo rigorous STD testing at least once a month, and any time a positive test is revealed, productions are immediately halted until all performers are cleared. In fact, excessive use of condoms — especially during day-long shoots — can cause internal tears, promoting the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Noteworthy opponents of Measure B include the Los Angeles Times and Daily News, as well as Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Peter Miao. Even Wicked Pictures, an adult studio notorious for promoting the use of condoms in their films, endorses No On Measure B.

Measure B leaves James Deen scared and confused! Screen shots from the No on Measure B PSA.

Renowned writer, pornographer, and sex educator Tristan Taormino is also fighting against Measure B. In her article for the Huffington Post she argues, “While I’m a strong advocate for safer sex and fair working conditions for sex workers, passing Measure B will not make workers safer nor will it help stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections… This measure was developed without input from adult industry professionals and does not reflect actual working conditions, realistic risk assessment, or the opinions of the people it is supposedly designed to protect.”

As for endorsements for Yes on Measure B? Not one political, media, business, or women’s organization has backed up this unconstitutional initiative. View the entire list of endorsers for No on Measure B here.

For more information visit the official No On Measure B website and Twitter. We also recommend Tristan Taormino’s Huffington Post article, and this PSA depicting a Measure B-shaped future featuring adult stars James Deen and Jessica Drake.

Are you willing to risk the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of jobs? Do you want to see your favorite performers in unnecessary “protection” that may heighten their health risks? Send us your opinion on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. You can also email us at with questions, or ask the Sexpert!


PD3270 - Max-Precision Power Pump

If you are reading this blog it’s probably because you (or someone close to you) would like a larger penis. Today we’re going to show you how you can ADD UP TO 1-INCH TO THE LENGTH OF YOUR PENIS* the first time you use the Max-Precision Power Pump from our PUMP WORX collection.

In the video you will see a real user — who is an “average joe” like most of us men — go from 4 inches to nearly 5 on his first use of the pump. No cuts or edits, just a solid clip showing what our Max-Precision Power Pump can do, even on it’s first use!

CAUTION: The video you are about to view is #NSFW and depicts a real user enlarging his penis using our pump. This video was produced for educational purposes only.


FAQ: Where is the Glycerin used in your MOIST® lubricants derived from?

It’s no secret that personal lubricants add slickness to one’s sexual experience. Adding a drop or two to the vagina or anus — or even to one’s own hand during masturbation— allows sex parts to glide into position with ease and makes sex itself more pleasurable.

Think, if you will, of the pistons in your car’s engine. When the motor is well-oiled, your car runs efficiently with minimal wear and tear. Your body is no different.

Keeping a bottle of lube around for those special moments is good practice for maintaining your tip-top performance. And with so many personal lubricants available, you’re sure to find just the right one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

MOIST Flavored Lubricant contains PLANT derived glycerin.

Basically, there are two different types of lube available — water-base or silicone-based. While silicone-based is super-slick and long-lasting, it can be less easy to clean up. Water-based lubes are prepared with a compound called Glycerin. Glycerin adds a lasting viscosity feature to lube while still being water soluble thus making it easier to wash off. Through the wonder of modern science, there is even a Glycerin-free formula available that is just as effective.

MOIST Free contains no glycerin.

Frequently, we are asked where the Glycerin in one of our most popular lubricants — MOIST® — is derived from. This is a valid question since, after all, with water-based lube, we are applying it onto our most private areas. Below are some facts that will shed light on our intimate friend Glycerin.

Glycerin is a fatty compound that is a by-product of soap and biodiesel manufacturing — those of which are primarily derived from animal fat and vegetable oil. While that may sound like a harsh beginning, the by-product itself is colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting and is FDA-classified as a “caloric macronutrient” — which means that it is safe for human consumption and application. This compound is used in a vast array of everyday items ranging from food and beverage products to personal care lotions and creams. Glycerin is perfectly suited for lube because of its slick and smooth consistency. The Glycerin used in Pipedream’s MOIST® lube is plant-derived — which is great news for you animal lovers and vegetarians!

MOIST Voted Best Lubricant by Women's Health Magazine

Pipedream’s MOIST® lube — voted BEST Lubricant by Women’s Health Magazine — is available in various formulations, shapes and sizes. Extreme® MOIST® Lube is available in the handy 4oz size. MOIST® Anal Lube is specially formulated for anal pleasures, and is also available in the 4oz size. For those of you on the go, MOIST® Anal Lube Insertz™ makes those anal encounters easy. Our Glycerin-free MOIST® Free is specially formulated for women and anyone who has an allergy to glycerin. It’s also long-lasting, condom compatible and water-soluble. Or for those of you who like to dish around the water cooler, try the MOIST® Lube Dispenser. It’s the refreshing splash of lube you and your sex partners have been waiting for!

DP: It’s Not Just For Threesomes Anymore

DP can stand for a lot of things… when it comes to sex, however, it usually refers to “double penetration” — the act of inserting phalluses or toys simultaneously into the vagina and anus. The notion of this act

can make first-timers nervous or anxious.

Once couples have made the decision to explore the pleasures of DP, they may not be ready to bring a third person into their sex play. They’ve tried involving a toy, which — unless one partner is a contortionist — can make matters complicated and clumsy, and takes the focus off your sexy fun.


Another form of anxiety may arise for women: will her anus be able to handle having a phallus inserted without pain? The old adage “No pain, no gain” does not apply here. The best advice we can offer is to listen to your body and ease into anal play. Just remember that your anus will adjust to accommodate phalluses and anal sex will become an intensely pleasurable experience. The bottom line (pardon the pun) is that DP is a hot and healthy way to expand your sex life.

If you first-timers can relate to these scenarios, we have some options for you:

PD3740 - Fetish Fantasy Series Double Trouble

Pipedream has a solution that gives you what nature didn’t: the new Fetish Fantasy Series® Double Trouble™ Strap-On Dong. Designed for the man to wear, its durable, skin-friendly, PVC construction acts as a performance-enhancing cock ring while the larger bottom ring loops around his balls for a snug fit. Complete with a tapered-end, TPR, 5.5″ dildo (hypoallergenic and easily inserted into her anus), it is a hands-free way to add DP to your sex life without bringing in a third person! More information on the Fetish Fantasy Series® Double Trouble™ Strap-On Dong can be found here.

We also offer this in a non-phallic shaped, 100% medical grade Elite Silicone version. Learn more about it here.

Pipedream also has two products that reduce the sting and make up for the fact that the anus does not produce natural lubrication like the vagina does. The first one is Anal Eaze Desensitizing Lube. Available in .5 or 1.5oz sizes, there is plenty to take the edge off first-time anal play and make insertion easier. Its cherry flavoring adds to the sexy fun! More info on Anal Eaze Desensitizing Lube can be found here.

The second one is Moist Anal Lube. Voted BEST Personal Lubricant by Women’s Health Magazine, Moist Anal Lube is available in 1 or 4oz sizes, and is water-based for easy clean up. More info on Moist Anal Lube can be found here.

Remember: If you decide to use a desensitizing cream, such as our Anal Eaze, be sure to use caution and your best judgment, listening to your body as you insert the dong for the first time. You don’t want to do it too fast & cause yourself any discomfort in the long run.

And there you have it — all you need (and need to know) for a pleasurable and sexy DP without having a threesome! Enjoy!


FAQ: Is that your cake pan?

With the buzz floating around the internet about a certain pop star being photographed in “disgusting” and “sleazy” poses with a penis shaped cake, emails are coming in asking if it is in fact the Pecker Cake Pan sold by Pipedream.

Colossal Cake Pan PD8409-00

While we cannot confirm for certain, we can tell you that the shape seems to be nearly, if not completely identical to a cake you would get using our large pan.

So don’t be the last person on earth to get one of these cake pans so you can have some sleazy fun just like Mylie!

FAQ: Who’s That Girl? RD177

Now that we’ve answered the myriad of questions we’ve received over the last few months about our new Mega Fuck Slut mega masturbator, guys are starting to wonder who the hottie is on the packaging.

Sofia Santa as seen on RD177

The model on the PDX Toyz Mega Fuck Slut is Sofia Santi.

Sofia Santi on RD177

FAQ: Does Phthalate-Free Mean Latex Free?

One question we’ve received from a few customers is if they see “phthalate-free” on a product, does that also mean it is latex free.

The answer is no. Phthalates are plasticizing agents used to soften plastic, PVC and rubber. They are used to manufacture many common products including adhesives, shower curtains, and nail polish.

Latex is a material itself, not an additive. Latex is a type of rubber. All latex is considered rubber, but there are some types of rubber that are latex-free, like our Basix collection.

Since some are allergic to latex, be sure to check the material information on the product detail pages of our site. If you see an item with material listed with anything besides latex (ie. TPR, Silicone, TPE, etc) then you are safe. If an item is made of latex, it should say so on our site.

If you find a product detail page missing material (or any other important information) you are invited to report it so we can update the site.


Phthalates are plasticizers, an additive to materials such as plastic and rubber in order to make them softer and bendable. Phthalates can be found in everything from baby bottles to makeup and even the interior of the car you drive.

There was a study conducted several years ago that concluded that phthalates might be cancer causing and/or have other negative consequences on your health. There still exists a debate as to whether or not they are in fact dangerous in products that you don’t internally ingest.

Being a company concerned for the safety of its customers, Pipedream ceased using phthalates in the manufacturing process of any of its products in 2007.

Any products manufactured by Pipedream since 2007 are ALL phthalate-free. You will see a logo on many of our product detail pages or in the item’s description.

If ever in doubt, feel free to submit a question to one of our Sexperts.