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FAQ: I can’t stay wet enough! Which lube do I use?

What kind of lube do I use with the King Cock 7″ dildo? I used a gel which I believe is water-based but it didn’t stay lubricated for long.

I just had to show yous my new favorite toy. The average dick can shoot cum at like, 28 mph and our new King Cock squirters totes give those biological weens a run for their money!

I just had to show yous my new favorite toy. The average ween can shoot cum at like, 28 mph and our new King Cock Squirters totes give those biological dicks a run for their money! Click the pick to catch the action on video.

A water-based lube is totally safe to use with your King Cock – or any toy that’s made with any material, really – and that’s the beauty of this concoction. But the downside of water-based lube is the fact that, well, it’s made with fucking water. And water like, evaporates and shit. So it’s totally typical for your water-based lube to to dry up and require multiple applications.

My current fave silicone toy, the Crush Cuddle Bear is the shit 'cause it has two motors - one in the head and one in the clit stimulator, the latter of which is perfectly thumb-shaped to press right the fuck up against your clit. It's a beautiful thing, really.

My current fave silicone toy, the Crush Cuddle Bear is the shit ’cause it has two motors – one in the head and one in the clit stimulator, the latter of which is perfectly thumb-shaped to press right the fuck up against your clit. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

The alternative that I always suggest is a silicone-based lube. This shit lasts foooorrrreeevvveerrrrr! And with minimal re-application comes less interruptions. It’s also super-duper slick and I especially recommend using silicone-based lubes for anal. BUT!!! There is also a downside to my favorite type of lube – you can’t use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys. The silicone components react to one another, causing damage to the silicone toy. So, sorry frandz, you’ll just have to buck the fuck up and tolerate the re-applications of water-based lube whenever you’re using a silicone toy.

Do you have further questions about sex and toys but aren’t sure where to turn? Check out these related blog posts, or send a message to Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick via the official Pipedream Facebook or Twitter.

A Guide to Choosing Your First Sex Toy

I know – you want your first dildo or vibe but don’t know what to buy ‘cause you’re not even sure what type of stimulation you want. Unfortunately this is one of those situations where you just have to take a ride in order to figure it out. Luckily, there are plenty of super affordable toys that span all of your options for pleasure.

Clit Stimulation

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.03.15 PMFor sole clit stimulation, the iSex Bullet is where it’s at. Not only is it super affordable, but you’ll never have to suffer the horrific reality of dead batteries. This baby roars to life with a simple plug-in to any USB port, and I mean it when I say it roars! This has seriously got to be one of the most powerful clit stimulators on the market. And best of all – it’s only ten bucks!

Dual Stimulation

pd1171-11_03The Le Reve Butterfly is legit the first thing I suggest to friends who ask for help when choosing their first toy. The rabbit-style vibe is definitely the most popular in dual stimulators, but some of them can be pretty intimidating in size. The Butterfly is just 3.25-inches long and 1.1-inches wide (think two fingers for size comparison). The feature that makes this vibe as so unicorn-special, though, is the butterfly’s antennas. Unlike typical rabbit vibes with flimsy, fluttering ears, the antennas are sturdy enough to push up against the clit, surrounding it with incredible vibrations.


pd5502-29_05Simply put – rubber dildos are always going to be the most affordable dildos on the market. It’s true – some people have allergic reactions to this type of material, but I can tell you that, personally, I’ve never had a problem. The porous material just means you have to be super-duper hygienic with your rubber dildo, cleaning it after and before use, and ceasing use immediately upon irritation. I’d suggest our 7” King Cock because its tapered tip allows you to slowly ease into its size. My fav feature about it has got to be the suction-cup base because if you’ve never fucked a wall before, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Anal Stimulation

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.49.20 PMWhen choosing an anal plug, dildo, or vibe, you gotta make sure it has a wide or curved base so that it doesn’t slip too far inside. (Yes, that’s a thing that can actually happen, so please play safe!) You’ll want to start with a finger before graduating to a small (I repeat, SMALL) plug or dildo, then work your way up to whatever size is best for you. When purchasing an anal toy, pay special attention to the measurements, specifically the width or diameter. I’d suggest first-timers try out our super-smooth Mini Silicone Plug from the Anal Fantasy Collection. And don’t forget the lube! Like, a lot of lube.

College of Copulation: ABCs of Strap-Ons

pd3679-15_02If you’re new to strap-on play, then welcome to the best thing that’s ever happened to you! Seriously, no feeling compares to wearing a cock for the first time. But before you do, make sure you do your research and get the lowdown on all things strap-on.

Dildo – Typically the strap-on is not simply one big piece, but made up of a harness and a dildo. You’re gonna want a dildo with a sturdy, flared base in order to fit snug into your harness. Whether it’s a super realistic King Cock with balls or a cute, smooth silicone Fetish Fantasy Elite dildo – half the fun is picking out the dick of your dreams!

Lube – There just ain’t no strap-on fun without lube! Just make sure you use the correct lube with each type of material. Silicone lube may last longer, but you cannot use silicone lube with your silicone toys, so make sure you’ve always got a stash of water-based lube to be safe.

pd3470-23_02Harness – The foundation of good strap-on play is a sturdy, solid harness. With a plethora of styles to choose from, be sure to do your research before investing in one. Consider fit – do you want them to fit like panties? Boxer briefs? Or do you prefer the extra-secure fit of a heavy-duty leather harness with thigh straps? Also consider cleanliness – and be honest! A classic harness like the Leather Fantasy Harness, in my opinion, will offer the most secure fit, but cleaning might be a bitch. If you’re lazy, you may want to consider a cotton panty or boxer brief instead.

O-Rings – These little guys will be a lifesaver, keeping your cock snug and in place. I suggest gathering a collection of O-Rings – especially stretchy ones – to accommodate any sized dick that might come your way.

Pegging – This is what it’s called when a lady uses a strap-on to fuck a dude in the butt. It’s the best thing in the world. If you don’t believe me, then just read my Pegging Manifesto.

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Screw the Rabbit!
Top 3 Dual Stimulators

And I don’t mean that in the ‘screw off” kinda way, either. I mean – literally, screw yo’ rabbit! The rabbit vibrator is the OG design for the dual stimulator, which is exactly what it sounds like – it stimulates two parts of you, the vag and the clit. Everyone knows that most people with vaginas cannot cum from penetration alone, so the dual stimulator is a staple in every sane sex fiend’s toy box.

pd4146-11_c3. Fantasy X-tensions Vibrating Couples Cage

Turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine! Sure, sex is already great with your partner – but let’s be real, there’s already enough to coordinate, so coordinating simultaneous clit stimulation is sometimes pushed to the back burner… and I say fuck that! The Vibrating Couples Cage offers hands-free clit stimulation, plus extra good feels from the texture of this super-cute pink cage.

PD5223-14_062. Crush Cuddle Bear

This clit stimulator actually takes the rounded shape of the thumb to give you the most bang for your buck – no, seriously! Instead of the light fluttering of a rabbit’s ears, the Cuddle Bear gets snug against your clit for direct, constant vibrations. This is a must-have for any vagina’s daily self-love routine.

pd1767-11_04 (1)1. WOW! Thumper

A new twist on the old classic, this thing is the ultimate solo sack sesh device. Like, if there was only one sex toy you ever owned for your entire life, it better fuckin’ be the Thumper. Sorry not sorry, but I always hated the metal beaded tornado that’s typical of the OG rabbit vibes – and the Thumper totes avoids it by creating an entirely new sensation, almost like a super tiny thrust. If you’ve never had multiple orgasms, then get ready for the most lip biting, toe curling, sheet grabbing time of you’re life.

Check out some of my other fav sex toys:

Pipedream’s Pervy Playlist No. 2

Everyone knows that music is essential to the best sack sesh, and this particular playlist is sure to get those juices flowing!

Song: Work It, Missy Elliott

Genre: Booty bumpin, high-energy hip hop. Missy always juxtaposes the dopest beats with super fun accent sounds (clapping, stomping, jingling, etc.) to bring us music that makes it physically flippin’ impossible not to shake dat ass.

Favorite line:

Girls, girl, get that cash
If it’s 9 to 5 or shaking your ass.
Ain’t no shame, ladies do your thing.
Just make sure you ahead of the game.


Song: Orgasm Addict, The Buzzcocks

Genre: We’re kicking it old school, 1970s punk with this one. These English idols are definitely one of the most influential bands in both the punk scene and indie record label movement, being one of the very first bands to establish their own label.

Favorite line:

You get in a heat, you get in a sulk, but you still keep beating your meat to pulp…


It’s a labor of love fucking yourself to death.

Song: I Fink U Freeky, Die Antwoord

Genre: Super intense, bass-y electronic, sometimes politically charged, mostly just silly as fuck. This South African duo produces like, the most entertaining and visually orgasmic videos you’ve ever seen. EVER.

Favorite line:

Motherfuckers get buzzed off the spice that I bring…

and of course the catchy ass chorus,

I fink u freeky and I like you a lot!

In need of a little extra tuneage? Then you gotta check out the OG PD Pervy Playlist.

Never Slip on the Nip Again!
A Guide to Unique Nipple Play

I’m not gonna lie – nip slips are pretty amusing… but NOT when your nips become a slip of the mind. I’m an “all or nothing” kind of lover – I want to feel all of the things all of the time! We have sex for pleasure, the pinnacle of which becomes your climax – so don’t you want that climax to rock your flippin’ world?! Come on, it’s just like, logic, you guys…

The not-so-secret to the most explosive orgasm you’ve always dreamt of is this: utilize every. single. delicious nerve ending that the Universe has so graciously bestowed upon us for our pleasure – AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM! Sure, it’s entirely possible to have some pretty good sex using only that stuff in your pants, but what if I told you that there’s even better sex to be had if you just paid more attention to the babes (and hunks, respectively) upstairs?

Yes, ladies and gents, the nips! Quit forgettin’ the nips! They’re totally underrated and under-stimulated. If you want all of the pleasure then you absolutely need to play with all of the things, and the nipples are key to completing that internal party of biological ecstasy. Today, we’re gonna venture beyond the traditional lotions and clamps, though, and check out some of the most unique ways to stimulate your nips

There are many types of nerve endings and the nipple contains four of them, one of which are the lamellar corpuscles – they’re the reason we make things like our Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos, because this type of nerve ending is responsible for sensitivity to vibration. The super cool thing about these little bad boys is that the bullet not only offers direct stimulation just beneath the nipple, but it shoots pulsations through the entire silicone piece, engulfing your whole nipple with vibrating goodness.

Nipples chains and hanging clamps are super sweet because they offer hands-free stimulation as they swing with every move you make. Most of these come in the form of adjustable metal clamps, though, and many of our friends who were new to kink were kind of like, “What are those jumper cables and why would I ever want to put them on my nips?!” Okay, okay, I guess I could kind of see that. But have no fear! There is still nipple fun to be had for you, too! This super soft polyester nipple chain offers that sexy swing with zero pinch.

One of my most favorite sex toys in the whole wide world happens to be one of the most underrated and totally misinterpreted toys on the market – pussy pumps. You want the most intense sensations without any work? Use a pussy pump. Just like a penis pump, a pussy pump promotes blood flow to the area, filling both your internal and external parts and offering the utmost sensitivity possible. Seriously, like, after pumping, a single poke is enough to unleash the flood gates, I swear! Well guess what – you can do the same exact thing with your nips! Our Nipple Erector Set performs the same kind of vacuum suction that boosts blood flow with other pumps.

Fun facts to inspire your nipple appreciation:

  • Hairy nipples are actually a good thing. The hair surrounding the areola adds additional sensory tissue. More tissue equals even more awesome feels!
  • The entire breast has a network of nerve endings – and it has the same number of nerve endings regardless of its size.
  • The male and female breast have a similar nerve supply but the nerves lie closer together in men, whereas in a female breast they are spread out more widely.
  • Perky nipples are actually a contraction of muscles similar to that of goose bumps.

Analysis Paralysis of the Pleasurable Kind
Choosing the Right Vibe in a Sea of Sex Tech

As a veteran of adult novelty retail, I can attest to the importance of an enthusiastic, knowledgeable sales associate. Before I hopped planes on a regular basis for Pipedream, my home was behind the counter of an adult store chain that prioritized sex education. I know from experience that a lackluster employee can easily dissuade a buyer from making the right purchase. Even worse, a customer might be convinced to pay for something that’s completely useless for their needs, painful to use, or leaves them with a terrible impression of the otherwise amazing world of sexual enhancement products. Before you drop a single dime on one of retail’s infamously unreturnable items, assess your needs, get educated, and impress your local pleasure retailer with your new sex toy geek status.


Figure Out Your Body’s Needs

Sex toys can seem relatively simple… until you step into an adult boutique. There are options for your insides and outsides (and sometimes both!), and toy design has moved far beyond skinny, plastic vibrators and The Rabbit. When I used to coach customers on how to choose a toy, the first question I asked involved thinking about what body parts are the most desirable to stimulate. Do you prefer stimulation internally or externally? Do you need a little of both to enjoy using a toy? Is anal play something you’d like to add? Once you figure out what parts you’d like the toy to please, the decision-making process becomes a lot easier.

Go Big or Go Home (Happily With a Small Toy)

I think we all know by now that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to sex. When I’m on the road working with retail sales associates, one of the most common complaints is that many toys, despite otherwise good design, are just too big. Think about what you like when you’re with a partner or alone, or what you’d like to try now that you have a plethora of toys from which to choose. If hearty girth and length feel good from a human, you might enjoy the same from something silicone. If a couple fingers or stimulation around the entrance are turn-ons, go for something small and powerful with multi-speed options or an insertable vibe no larger than your hand. It’s usually more comfortable to start small and move up in size if needed, but if you know you like it big, then go for it!

16237404051_92eb6e8e5f_z (2)

Need for Speed (or Not)

Vibrators have come a long way since “slow,” “medium,” and “fast.” The amount of rumbling, tumbling, and twirling options are enough to confuse even the savviest of toy connoisseurs. When it comes to power, there are different kinds of vibrations in addition to intensity levels. Some toys produce a “buzzy” vibration, which is a fluttery, surface-level sensation, often compared to what it might feel like to trap a large swarm of angry bees in a tin can. “Rumbly” vibes are the toy equivalent of a deep tissue massage. They resonate from the core of the vibrator deep into the body, and feel like sitting on the amp of a bass guitar. The best way to test whatever kind of vibe you’re seeking is to visit an adult shop that allows customers to view toys outside of the box, fully charged or with batteries. In the end, you might decide a good ol’ dildo without any power at all is the right choice.

Do Your Research

Before you begin browsing adults-only shops, you have lots of options to see how your toy of choice has fared for other users. There is a seemingly endless amount of pleasure product enthusiasts who regularly test popular toys for their personal blogs. Companies often distribute products to these veteran toy users for the purpose of a fair, unbiased review. Not every toy can be found on review websites, but all of the latest advances in sexual technology usually garner an opinion from the blogging community. When searching for a good blog to follow, look for a writer that takes different body types and activity preferences into account. A good adult toy reviewer will understand that a toy they thought was horrible might be perfect for someone else. You’ll have the best chances of understanding what a sex toy can do for you when a blogger pays attention to the material, functions, and options for use.


Hit The Shops!

Although it can be tempting to hide behind a computer screen, choosing a toy from a brick-and-mortar store is a smarter choice if you’re not 100% confident in your purchase. A reliable retailer will employ sales associates with knowledge of how to use adult products, what kind of experience most products provide, and the kind of questions to ask customers to ensure they’re sent home satisfied. Retailer websites and Yelp reviews can help you decide which store holds the most qualified employees. If possible (and it absolutely should be possible at stores that promote sex ed.), ask a clerk to let you take the toy out of the box. If it requires batteries, staff can usually get a vibrator up and running so you can see all the details for yourself. If it’s a rechargeable toy, many stores will already have a charged-up version on the counter. Some shops even hold classes and seminars on adult pleasure products and living a healthy, happy sex life. Finding the most up-to-date retailer in your area is the final step in upping your status as a sex toy tech geek (and being a geek of sex is never a bad thing).

SNEAK PEEK: Crush, iSex, and King Cock

We can’t keep our panties on in anticipation of ANME! Our massive booth has already been in production all week, we’ve got a slew of new products added to some of our already best-selling lines… but what we’re super-duper stoked about is the debut of THREE completely new collections!

Okay, this is the part where you run to the bathroom, check your hair and swig some mouthwash, because we’re about to introduce you to your new bedside besties!

crush-sweet-heart-3dJust like that special someone who runs through your mind all day – you’ll never forget your first Crush! This 18-piece collection of silicone vibrators is made from our exclusive medical-grade Elite Silicone that’s phthalate-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, and completely body-safe. These waterproof wonders feature 10 super-powerful pulsation patterns, 3 distinct sizes, and 18 completely unique shapes and textured. From sensuous and seductive clit stimulators to sophisticated and exquisite dual vibes, you’re sure to find a Crush that you can fall in love with over and over and over again!

news-anme-previewGive “plug-n-play” a whole new meaning with iSex, our 9-piece collection of portable USB-powered pleasure devices. There’s no need for batteries – just plug into the USB port of your computer, car, or cell phone plug, and you’re instantly ready for fun! We’ve included all your playtime essentials such as bullets, strokers, and even a vibrating nipple clamp, which are all easy-to-use, perfect for beginners, TSA-approved, and eco-friendly. They’re perfect for college students, long distance video chats, solo stroking sessions, office rendezvous, road trips, and any other time you need plug-n-play satisfaction.

We’re super excited about our first collection to be conceived and produced at our brand new manufacturing facility. King Cock is the ultimate collection of dildos that looks and feels just like the rock-hard stud you’ve always fantasized about! Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. Each dildo features a strong suction-cup base that sticks to nearly any flat surface and offers harness compatibility for strap-on fun. They’re all phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, hypoallergenic, and best of all, they’re proudly made in the USA so you can enjoy every masterpiece with confidence.


A Cure for the Common New Year’s Resolutions

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.01.47 PMWhen you’re looking for the most trustworthy sex toy advice, who better to go to than the woman that spends 40 hours a week playing with them? Colleen Godin, our Event and Training Coordinator, travels the country to represent Pipedream at our customers’ events. She also hosts hands-on training for any of our distributors and retailers who request one in order to educate their employees on the intricacies of our products, and to keep them up-to-date with the next great Pipedream innovations.

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Party less. Get out of debt. Be less stressed.

Ready for the onslaught of familiar, boring New Year resolutions? Keeping up with those January 1st promises isn’t easy, especially when going from one year to the next involves months and months of sweat and tears and struggle (i.e. life).

Instead of torturing yourself by attempting to create a “new you” for the year, why not resolve to accomplish some sexier goals that will do more for your self-esteem, stress level, and physical health than that prematurely cancelled gym membership.

PD3978-23_041. Feel Gorgeous in the Bedroom

A positive body attitude doesn’t have to take months of sweat and dieting. All a girl needs to feel gorgeous in the nude is some bling! Start accessorizing like a goddess with the Fetish Fantasy Gold line of beginner’s BDSM accessories. Perfect for the gal who likes to mix fetish and fashion, the Collar & Leash and Gold Cuffs can even be worn as jewelry outside of the bedroom. And first-timers can jump-start their collection with the Fantasy Bondage Kit! I dare you to not feel worthy of worship decked out in our gold!

2. Explore YOUR Pleasure

Too many bodacious babes are missing out on the simple, exquisite pleasure of getting to know their own bodies. The WOW! line of (mostly) silicone luxury vibrators promises to leave you feeling like a new woman. The Wonder Wabbit is perfect for exploring your external parts. A powerful Japanese motor sends intense vibrations up the twin ears to massage the clitoris and labia. Click through 7 vibration patterns until you’ve found your favorite, and plug-in this pink cutie to any USB-port to charge it up. If internal sensations sound sexier, try the Rabbit Rocker, made of super-soft silicone and loaded with 7 different vibration options. Take charge of your orgasm this year!

3. Try Something Scary


Earlier this year, I relayed my journey from pain wimp to shock champ in our blog and now it’s your turn to master the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy line! I promise it’s not as scary as it seems. The “shock” is similar to that of a TENS unit in the medical field and its purpose is to massage your area of choice with pleasurable muscle contractions. Start with the original Shock Therapy Professional Wireless XXXXXXXXX, complete with 2 butterfly-like adhesive pads that will transfer energy anywhere you decide to stick them. Get braver with the Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe, perfect for amping up a vaginal or anal orgasm. Once you’re the master of your domain, try my staff training favorite, the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves, and show your partner the benefits of conquering their fear of a good, old-fashioned zapping.

4. Play Dress-Up

Can’t seem to make a fast-enough transformation from your past-self into the sexy, bad-ass, and independent femme you’re envisioning for today? Fake it until you make it! Dressing the part will let your mirror image match your attitude, and Bonnie Rotten knows exactly how to display her ability to kick ass in the bedroom with the bad ass ink sprinkled across her body. Surprise your partner (and yourself!) with a make-over from the Bonnie Rotten Collection Make-A-Porno Kit. Complete with temporary tattoos a la Bonnie, fishnet thigh-highs, and a penis extension that adds girth and length to cocks or strap-ons — the only thing missing is the camera to record what you do with the included whip, blindfold, spit lube, ass lube, and deep throat spray. Just make sure to turn off your iCloud back-up before you hit “record!”

5. Buy Something Cute


Christmas may not be all year long, but the decorations never have to be taken down! Before you lose that last bit of holiday cheer, consider a unique addition to your toy collection. The Icicles No. 59 is a must-have for any big-time Christmas decorator or fan of glass sex toys. Shaped and colored like a traditional candy cane, this beautiful, borosilicate piece could stand next to any festive display without Grandma even batting a lash. Dip the stem into a cup of hot or cold water before you play and you’ll quickly learn why glass is one of most unique, versatile materials on the toy market. If you’re anything like us delightfully perverted folks here at Pipedream, then deriving pleasure from a candy cane won’t be the most interesting occurrence in your bedroom this year. 😉

#PipedreamHumpDay: Celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Our Favorite Pink Couples Toys

breast-cancer-awareness-day-ly4leeclEvery day is hump day here at Pipedream, but who couldn’t use an additional reason to jump out of your panties and onto your lover! Through the entire month of October, we’ll introduce you to our best sex toys in pink as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Last week we discovered our favorite pink vaginal stimulators, but this time we’ll invite our boo to the bedroom for some fun – check out our top 3 best pink couples toys!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.14.22 PMMost people probably assume that cock sleeves and extensions are relevant only to those with ED and premature ejaculation. But guess what – your sex life could very well be super awesome – but it’s a simple fact that 80% of women will not orgasm from penetration alone, and I bet 100% of those women also have a really tired hand. Cue our Vibrating Couples Cage. Not only does it feature a 1-inch extension at the tip for deeper penetration, but the fluttering clit stimulator offers dual stimulation without additional work.

3749-11The feather crop has got to be the most valuable and versatile tool in your bondage toy box. Tease your lover with the super-smooth vinyl crop, letting it gently slither across their skin as they anticipate the bite that’s to come… then smack! The small 2.5” crop offers precision accuracy without the intimidation of complicated motions, making this the perfect bondage implement for beginners. Every good Dom is will always comfort their sub with aftercare, so try soothing their rosy red rear with the plush feather tickler.

pd3961-11_02 (1)What better way to surprise your lover than with the gift of a good romp? Take it a step further and dust off those old high school theater method acting skills – slip into a pair of silky-soft bow tie cuffs, then wait in an unsuspecting room for your partner to arrive. Not only does shtuping in new geography spice things up, but displaying yourself as a present of passion for them to play as they please – now that’s got to be the hottest gift of all!

Which of these hump day enhancers would you choose for seducing tonight? Tell us in the comments and three frisky fans will WIN our pink Bow-Tie Bondage Kit!