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Fallback Friday: Goldie as Icky

We had a blast shooting with the stunning Goldie for our Icky Love Doll. The petite bisexual adult starlet was perfect for bringing our latest Hollywood hottie to life, and we couldn’t be more proud of the finished product.

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Throwback Thursday: Justin Bie- I mean, Tommy Reeves!!

So this one time we made the Just-In Beaver Doll. We didn’t think anyone could top the mass media frenzy that surrounded our Finally Miley doll, but it turns out the world is truly plagued by Bieber Fever! True story—our servers crashed around the release of this doll when millions of fans came pouring in to find their very own fuckable pop star. Super-hunk Tommy Reeves stepped in to play the part back in April 2012, and there’s not much more to say about that because his six-pack speaks for itself.

Fallback Friday: Ghost of ANME’s Past

Wow, it’s seriously SO jaw dropping to compare our showroom and ANME booths from 2005 and now. Once upon a time, every single one of our products fit on just a few walls. Ten years later, and we had to renovate our showroom and build more walls in order to fit our thousands of products!

Pipedream Headquarters is buzzing like a beehive as we prep for the two-day show next week. Until we can leak this year’s booth, let’s reminisce about ANME 2005!

Throwback Thursday: ANME January 2014

Coco and Ron Jeremy! Big Beautiful Becky! The fuck machine! The lube wrestling ring! All of your favorite ANME moments can be relived in this exclusive Throwback Thursday gallery.

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Throwback Thursday: Pipedream Through the (40!) Years

Pipedream turned 40 years young this year, and much like fine wine, we only seem to get better and better! In this month’s issue, SIGN Magazine celebrated our significant birthday by discussing our history and impressive growth with head honcho Nick Orlandino:

The evolution of Pipedream goes from paraphernalia to gag gifts to becoming a full-blown novelty manufacturer. When I came on board in 1992, I doubled the business in the first year, and the rest was history. 

Read the article in its entirety below, or view magnified versions here and here.

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Throwback Thursday: Sophia Lynn

Sophia Lynn burst onto the adult scene in 2006, shooting with the likes of Digital Playground and Pure Play Media before getting her real big break with Adam & Eve, where she became a contract performer. After just a few years, Sophia backed out of the industry, even appearing on ABC Primetime to discuss her struggles in the industry. This caught the attention of Celebrates Community Church, who reached out to the star to offer her a job and home with the South Dakota ministry. Sophia jumped at the opportunity but returned to the adult industry soon after in 2010, saying her time away from the industry helped her ”find myself and develop into a woman. I still love the church and will never regret anything I have done. Everything has helped me grow to be the woman I am today.” Though we’re not even really sure where that woman is today since her Twitter‘s been dead since 2011, we can reminisce about her soft blonde features and delicate curves in this exclusive 2006 photo shoot!

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Throwback Thursday: Johnny Castle

Jersey boy Johnny Castle ain’t your stereotypical jock. Though he always excelled in sports and fitness, the dude also excelled in education. He graduated in the top of his high school class, graduated cum laude from his undergrad studies, and went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Psychology. No matter this success, Johnny just wasn’t satisfied. He couldn’t imagine fulfillment within the confines of the typical 9 to 5 job. After posting some pictures online, he quickly received adult offers, and soon enough Vivid was calling to encourage him to relocate to LA for a full-time porn career. To date, Johnny’s shot over a thousand films, and has even been featured in mainstream men’s fitness magazines.

We got to drool over Johnny’s sly smirk and six pack back in 2006. Check out the exclusive shoot alongside porn star Courtney Cummz.

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage ’70s Pipedream Catalogs!

Working in the adult biz, you get to see a ton of cool shit. And I gotta tell you, this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen since coming to Pipedream – vintage catalogs! What better way to kick off this week’s Throwback Thursday!

Ever wonder where the name “Pipedream” came from? Well, it stems from our original business – pipes! Original Pipedream founders (and family!) Gene, Bob, and David Feldman started selling pipes out of the back of a van in Ohio, where it blossomed into an all-out smoking accessory distributor.

Here you’ll find our first ever catalog from 1973, where the first page boasts a minimum order  of just $15 – my, how we’ve grown! Now, you can’t open an account with Pipedream for less than $25,000! I learned a little bit about old school smoking techniques too. Superstones were a big deal back in the day – a small, flat stone with a hole through the middle where you place your joint for easy, burnt-lip-free smoking! Fun fact: Bob told me the dude they’d purchase these from made his entire living off of just this one product.

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Throwback Thursday: Hannah Harper

This blonde bombshell hails from the UK where she started modeling at 19. Just a year later she crossed the pond, heading to LA for a few photo shoots before quickly deciding to relocate here. She gained exclusive contracts with Legend Entertainment and Sin City Video, as well as appearances in High Society and Club International magazines. She was Penthouse Pet of the Month in April 2002 and Hustler‘s May 2002 covergirl and centerfold.

In 2006 Hannah left Sin City to shoot more softcore material while pursuing a degree in psychology. She’s appeared in Cinemax’s Co-Ed Confidential and landed a starring role in the low budget spoof horror Crustacean. 

Though Hannah doesn’t seem active in the industry anymore, you can still have an eternity of fun with her thanks to our Hannah Harper Collection! The love dolls, masturbator, and stroker are actually molded from the star’s very own pleasure parts, while the vibrators include some of Hannah’s favorite toys!

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Throwback Thursday: Monica Sweetheart

This Czech sweetheart dove right into the adult world just as she turned 18. Appearing in close to 300 titles from the likes of Vivd, Hustler, and Elegant Angel over the course of ten years, Monica was nominated for three AVN Awards – Best New Starlet in 2002, Female Foreign Performer of the Year in 2004, and Best Group Sex Scene in 2005 for Eye of the Beholder with Jessica Drake, Lezley Zen, and Tommy Gunn. In 2006 she appeared in a sketch on the Belgian comedy show Willy’s en Marjetten, playing herself as she’s bombarded at the airport by her fictional Official Belgian Fan Club. Though she may not be performing anymore, we’ve dug up this 2006 photo shoot to reminisce about her plump pout and perfect perky C-cups.

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