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Beginner’s Bondage Tips

10423654_10153009737899788_9038250081914617595_nWe’ve been anxiously anticipating the 50 Shades theatrical debut since the moment it was revealed, fantasizing about the breathtaking bondage scenes that will appear on the big screen in just 148 days (seriously, we’re that excited). While wondering which of our favorite fetish toys will grace mainstream screens, we quickly realized that upon this release, tons of closeted kinksters will very eagerly dive right into the vast sea of leather, clamps, and restraints. The incredible variety of BDSM gear can be overwhelming to a newbie. There’s just so much to choose from! How do I know which toy is right for me? Check out these BDSM essentials to get you started, easing your way into your very own favorite shade of play.

BLINDFOLD: Who knew that something as simple as a sexy silk mask could bring the most intense pleasures to life? Sensory deprivation is an incredibly simple and effective way of increasing the body’s sensitivity, muting one sense to increase the others. Try blindfolding your partner before teasing them with a feather tickler – you’ll quickly see how much more intense your lover’s trembles of satisfaction will become!

pd4458-23_03bNIPPLE CLAMPS: The nipple is one of the most sensitive spots on your lover’s body. In fact, for women, the sensation from the nipple travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina and clitoris. Logic will tell you that your climax can only intensify if you simultaneously pleasure your nipples along with your genitals. The next time you find yourself at play, add some feather nipple clamps to keep your nipples perked with pleasure, while the super-soft feathers delicately tickle your sensitive skin for even more stimulation.

CUFFS: Consensual restraint is another very simple way to quickly increase your partner’s pleasure. Very much like sensory deprivation, restraining a lover’s arms puts the dominant partner in complete power. Not only is this level of trust as sexy as you can get, but this leaves the comfortably cuffed partner with exceptionally heightened sensitivity as they anticipate what will happen next.


Recipes for Pleasure: How to Have the Most Vibrant Orgasm with Neon!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.54.13 AM

Look how stoked this silhouette is! It’s obvs ’cause she just had the WORLD’S GREATEST ORGASM!!!!

Even though I’m pretty proud of overcoming Only Child Syndrome, I can still get pretty bratty sometimes – I want it all, and I want it now! This totally spills into my solo sex life. I just want to feel all of the things so I can have the best possible orgasm, is that so much to ask?! Nope, not at all, and our newest Neon Luv Touch items offer everything you need to bring you the brightest blast off.


STEP 1: Warmup with the Fantasy Kit’s Warming Massage Lotion, rubbing it all over your most sensitive spots (don’t forget the nips!) Really get to know your body. Arousal doesn’t come solely from genital play. Pay attention to your most erogenous areas – maybe your neck or hips. The more you touch, the more you’ll find yourself riling up!

STEP 2: Once you’re super hot and need to get some juices flowing, grab the Lil Rabbit. Don’t let its small size fool you – this bitty bunny packs plenty of pulsating power. Begin by tickling your thighs and lips before slipping the fluttering ears inside to tease your clit, getting you wet and ready for the real rabbit rock show.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.02.35 AMSTEP 3: There are way too many pleasurable parts of our anatomy and, in fact, most people with vaginas can’t get off on penetration alone. But with the dual stimulating Rabbit Vibe you’ll kill two birds with one… uh… bunny. Squirt some Moist all over this sucker and the tapered tip will easily slip inside. The deeper you go, the closer the rabbit’s fluttering ears will flick against your clit as the bubbly textured shaft massages you with every thrust.

STEP 4: Two in the pink and one in the stink ain’t just a Shocker thing – it’s actually like, the best possible combo to have the most intense orgasm. Well, at least in my book, simultaneous clit, vaginal, and anal stimulation is the key to the ultimate climax. We’ll throw it back to an OG Neon item for this purpose, grabbing the P-Spot Stimulator and slathering it with Silicone Moist for the slickest and longest lasting lubrication. Although this toy is perfect for reaching its namesake pleasure point, people of all genders can enjoy this butt buddy.

STEP 5: Now that your entire pleasure palace is tended to, you’re ready for blast off! 3… 2… 1… CUM!!!!

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Recipes For Pleasure: “Can You Keep It Up?” Drinking Game

Our pledge is simple: We guarantee to make ‘em laugh! It’s not a party without Pipedream Products!

Compete in the ultimate blow job contest with this drinking game made so simple, even the booziest bachelorettes can play!


Each player must keep their pecker up (in the air) using only the breath from their mouths.

Game Pieces:


♥ Separate players into teams — one team of purple peckers, one team of pink. The teams must be separated evenly.

♥ Each player applies a Pecker Lipstick (before blowing up your respective pecker, of course).

♥ Fill your shot glass with your favorite booze, and keep the bottle nearby — you’ll need it throughout the game.

♥ The game begins once the peckers are up — in the air, that is. Simultaneously, one player from each team must toss their pecker in the air, blowing on it to keep it up. A player loses when their pecker hits the ground.

♥ The loser of each round must take as many shots as there are kiss marks on their balloon (the idea is that the player must try to blow on the balloon before it bounces off their face). Everyone on the losing team must also take a shot.

♥ Once all players have blown, the team with the most won rounds (and probably the more sober team) wins!

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How To Get Off… On-the-Go!

There’s been a ton of road trippin’ going on in and around my life lately. My roommates peaced out to New Orleans for ten days, my best friend moved his life back to LA from Chicago, and I’m getting ready to gay it up in San Francisco in just a few weeks.

There’s also been lotsa lovin’ going on in my life lately, and between this incessant need to venture and my incessant need to hump things, it got me wondering – how can I be sure my vag keeps up with my car? How am I gonna get off on-the-go?! Panicked by how to attain travelling orgasms, I went straight for our catalogs to browse my options.

Instantly transform any room into an erotic playground with the world’s first inflatable, multi-function Bondage Bed!

Whether you’re faced with questionable sheets at a shady motel or the hardwood floors that your friend’s boyfriend’s uncle so graciously offered for crashing – it’s always a safe bet to bring along your own place to sleep. Our Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Bondage Bed is the perfect blowup bed for any trip. The packaging is only 16×17” for easy packing and lugging. And best of all – it doubles as a place to rest your head and to get your ass beat red! Featuring a slew of kinky necessities – adjustable cuffs, bondage tape, nipple clamps, a paddle, and more – this multi-function cozy queen-sized mattress will transform any space into an erotic playground!

Use our Suction Cup Bondage Kit to access the best angles for deeper penetration!

If you’re strapped for space and time, our Fetish Fantasy Series Suction Cup Bondage Kit is perfect for on-the-go fetish fun. The durable neoprene-backed cuffs easily adjust to comfortably fit most sizes, and the super-strong suction cups stick tight to nearly any surface. Stick the cuffs against any wall and blindfold your naughty sub before strapping them in face-first for a little derrière discipline. The suction cups can also stick to themselves, offering an array of position possibilities. Try connecting the wrists to the ankles in a hogtie position. Personally, my favorite way to use these cuffs is while lying on my back with my arms cuffed behind my head. Then I bring my knees toward my face, suctioning the wrist and ankle cuffs together to provide the perfect angle for ultra deep penetration.

Our authentic Jute Bondage Rope is easy for beginners to handle, but durable enough for experienced bondage enthusiasts.

It might be weird to quote a kid’s show on a sex blog, but seriously – one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned came from Spongebob Squarepants’ KISS rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Less is more, especially when you wanna pack light for a cross-country trip. Don’t dismiss your sexual necessities, though – and bring along some Bondage Rope! You can choose just how much rope you bring, just how kinky you’re gonna get, and you can even reuse it in your travels! Bought way more souvenirs than space you’ve got in the trunk? No worries, just tie it to the roof with some Fetish Fantasy Series Jute Bondage Rope!

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Recipes For Pleasure: Molten Chocolate Lava Massage

Charles Dera knows just how to get Celeste Star all hot and bothered!


♥ Cinnamon Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion

♥ Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping

♥ Moist Heat Lubricant

Icicles No. 7 

♥ Bowl of warm water

Step 1: Follow these instructions for warming your Icicle.

Step 2: As your Icicle warms, massage the Cinnamon Body Heat into your partners sore muscles.

Step 3: Your Icicle should reach the perfect temperature by now and can be utilized as a massager. Use the round base to pinpoint and release kinks and tense muscles. The bumpy shaft is also perfect for rolling across muscles.

Step 4: Generously drizzle the Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping over your favorite body parts. Lick and suck your partner clean for a titilliating tease before…

Step 5: Massage your partners pleasure parts with Moist Heat before taking advantage of that Icicle’s intended use. ;)

We've got everything you need to create a Molten Chocolate Lava Massage!

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Step Into a Winter Wonderland with Icicles This Xmas!

Does the weather outside make you want to hibernate in the paradise-like comfort of your blanket-landscaped bed until spring? If so, why not bring along a sinfully smooth, ultra-bright, hypnotically handsome friend—the Icicle!  These glamorous glass massagers are hand-blown, handcrafted, and made to give you the most intensely heated climax ever!

Heat things up with the Icicle Strap-On PD29326-00

Designed to please the choosiest of users, every piece of our Icicles 40+ collection is nonporous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and uniquely shaped to reach all those sacred spots that need a little warmin’ up this winter.  The vast collection has tempting pieces for endless fun such as anal, vaginal, strap-on, and bondage play.

To heat up your Icicle, simply submerge it in warm water or heat it in the microwave for up to one minute (click here to learn more).

Snow is falling and frost is forming, but your Icicle is the furthest thing from giving you more bone-deep chills. Just heat ‘em up and melt into ecstasy as you feel the all-consuming heat of the glass awaken every frozen cell in your shivering body. Or, if you’re left all sweaty and steamy from none other than mind-blowing passion, stick your Icicle in the freezer for a refreshingly cool sensation.

So what are you waiting for? This Christmas holiday, create your very own wild winter wonderland with the sensual collection of Icicles!

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Get Extreme This Halloween: New Terrifying Takes on the Fetish Fantasy & Fetish Fantasy Extreme Series

Crazy Wabbit Queen Size, PD4729-08

Halloween has become a night full of revealing bunnies and sultry black cats — and we’re definitely not going to complain about that! In fact, this modern interpretation of the holiday isn’t too far fetched from its origins. Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a time when it was believed the ghosts of the dead would return to Earth. This time was also spent celebrating the New Year on November 1st, marking the harvest and the beginning of the dark and cold winter. Like us, the Celts wore celebratory costumes too — though we tend to reveal skin, whereas the Celts bared actual skin, dressing in animal heads and hides.

If you’re not one for prancing around in perished pelts, you can still celebrate the eerie holiday season in the vain of the Celts with some faux skin… for your pleasure pole, that is! Surprise your partner by disguising your member in a Fetish Fantasy Series Hollow Strap-On. Hollow Strap-Ons are a great way to combine the intimacy of sex with a long-time partner, and the excitement of experiencing a new joy stick! With over thirty Hollow Strap-Ons, there is an array of peckers to choose from. Complete your Jedi get-up by morphing your meat into a light saber with our glow in the dark Vibrating Hollow Strap-On!

Fetish Fantasy Series Glow In The Dark Vibrating Hollow Strap-On, PD3367-32

Swing into the Halloween spirit with a Fetish Fantasy Swing, and you’ll go batty as you take flight while you bang the night away! Experience new sensations by stretching and twisting into new positions with the Yoga Sex Swing. Not only does it improve flexibility, increase stamina, and build core muscles, but it relieves you of the tremendous skill and exertion typically required to execute the most difficult and stimulating positions imaginable.

Continue your celebration of the dark season by finally exploring your sinister sexual fantasies, and inspire your inner spook with our Fetish Fantasy Extreme line. Put a sexy spin on some Celtic-inspired animal looks. Experiment with Animal Roleplay by turning our Fuck My Face Hood into a latex-obsessed elephant whose trunk is fuckably phallic! If animals aren’t your thing, channel your inner sub by roleplaying inanimate objects — wear our Cum Bucket hood and instantly transform into a jizz-guzzling garbage disposal! You can even bring scary movie date nights to life with our Hannibal Hood. Reminiscent of Dr. Lecter, this hood is sure to flip the silence of your sex life into a screaming good time!

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Fuck My Face Hood, PD3648-23

Challenge your arachnophobia with our Spider Gag while finding yourself tangled amongst a web of Bondage Rope! There’s no need to fret if you never passed the knot-tying portion of Scouts, because first timers can practice the ancient Japanese art of Kinbaku with ease with our pre-knotted Beginner’s Silk Rope Bondage Set or Silk Rope Hogtie.

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Sexy Costume Ideas for Couples Halloween Night

Punky Pirate PD4735

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away! If you are planning on spending it with that special someone and you want to show a little Halloween spirit mixed with a little passion, then why not take a look at some of Pipedream’s costume-themed bedroom wear from the Fetish Fantasy Lingerie series? The 50-piece collection blends elements of kink, sex appeal, and comfort. Some are see-thru, some are cupless, and some just let you show it all — you will certainly find at least one piece to help you ignite all your fantasies on Halloween night.

Want to explore more erotic frontiers together? The Ride ‘em Cowgirl

Material Girl PD4703

is the perfect set to slip into and tame the wilderness of the bedroom. If you’re looking for an 80′s flare with a “twist”, the Material Girl mini dress-and-fishnet set is just what you need to reveal all of your most intimate blond ambitions.

Bad Cop PD4731

Need something to show off your adventurous side? The Punky Pirate is fun and sexy—it’s headscarf, eye patch, and elastic leg garter is guaranteed to please your bedroom mate! Or transform into a seductive Egyptian goddess with Pharaoh’s Slave.

Perhaps your fantasies lean more towards certain occupations? The Bad Cop costume comes with everything you need to arrest your lover’s eyes: ultra-sexy boy shorts, cop hat, waist cincher, “X” pasties, and a hot cop hat! Another Fetish Fantasy Lingerie favorite is the Nasty Nurse, a kinky, irresistible vinyl nurse set designed to improve your bedside manner….

It is Halloween after all and you might be looking for something a little more on the scary side. The lingerie series carries some of the hottest Halloween-themed sets like the The Reaper, the vampire-inspired Twilight Night, or the dangerous and freaky Femme Fatale. You won’t find a selection like this in any local costume store.

Twilight Night PD4736

All of our lingerie pieces are available in One Size and Plus Size. Additionally, everything you see on the package photo are included except for the shoes. Whatever your fantasies may be, Fetish Fantasy Lingerie will have a piece from its vast collection to bring pleasure and fun to you and your lover on Halloween!

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Celebrate National Pasta Month with Mama Peckeroni!

Love pasta? Love the male member? October is National Pasta Month and what better way to celebrate than to slurp up bowlfuls of Pipedream’s penis-shaped Mama Peckeroni pasta!

Created in 1996, Mama Peckeroni is still finding its way onto the plates and into the stomachs of pasta-and-penis enthusiasts. So grab a few boxes of Peckeroni pasta, invite your friends, invite your 18+ family members, invite the staff from your favorite Italian deli, invite Giorgio Napolitano (current Italian president), and whip up a meal they’ll never forget! Fun, food, and phalluses—we’ve got it covered!

Here’s a simple yet dicklectable recipe for your pasta get-together:

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup white wine

As much garlic as your heart desires, but 5 cloves is a good amount

¼ teaspoon of salt

1 cup freshly chopped parsley

20 ounces of Peckeroni pasta

  1. Combine cream, wine, garlic, and spices in a sauce pan over medium heat. Use the hand more frequently called upon for self-petting sessions to whip it diligently until soft peaks form.
  2. Do not let it boil, but allow it to simmer until the cream thickens.
  3. Serve over Peckeroni pasta cooked al dente—soft but firm enough for a satisfying bite-down (no analogies wanted here).
  4. Add parsley for garnish. Sprinkle—or pour—your favorite cheese on your plate of creamy penile paradise. Buon appetite!

To keep up with the theme of the meal (you might want to save this part for after your guests have departed), whip up an unbeatable dessert with the realistic Fanta Flesh-based Lasagna Lips stroker from Pipedream’s Extreme Toyz. Made to fill you up with pleasure and empty out your backed-up pipes, Lasagna Lips is the original Italian-American plumber.

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How to Tease Your Lover

Teasing is one of the greatest seduction arts. It is a highly erotic—and sometimes sophisticated—game of giving and denying, often cruel but leaving your subjects pining for more. Reveal a glimpse of your sensuality and your passion and let their imagination build up their fantasies of and desires for you.

The bedroom is a prime ground for teasing. Your lover might assume you are ready to be taken and that you can’t wait any longer, but in order to draw it out a little more you must exercise some self-discipline and control. Pipedream has a few items to help you master this powerful skill.

Instead of jumping right to the “main course”, offer to give your partner a sensual massage using Body Heat, an edible, warming massage lotion (available in 10 flavors including cinnamon, mint, peaches n’ cream, and pina colada). Apply it anywhere you like, but you might want to steer clear of the popular destinations—remember, give a little but hold back a lot more and this can greatly increase desire.

If you are having difficulty keeping your lover from ravishing you (a common problem for masters of teasing), then you might want to restrain him or her with the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Cuffs. After they are secured in place, you can tease them with a Feather Tickler or blindfold them…the rest is up to you!

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Cuff

Lingerie is a classic teasing instrument. For the ladies, The Bella Gown from the Fetish Fantasy Lingerie collection is sexy and romantic, yet its layered tier back and front covers just enough of the essentials until you are ready to show it all. As for the gentlemen, the See-Thru Sexy fishnet tank-and-brief set is a must-have for a teasing exercise: the thin tank is the only thing that separates your body from your partner, and the zippered brief provides instant access—only when you grant them permission. Robert Greene, the author of The Art of Seduction, writes that showing a glimpse of flesh can tease the imagination, “stimulating the desire not just for sex but for something greater: the chance to possess a fantasy figure.”

The Bella Gown

Lastly, teasing starts first and foremost in the mind. Toys and lingerie will help you with the final stages of teasing, but your words and body language are the main ingredients for setting your lover’s imagination on fire.

A little kiss here, an unexpected grope there, or a few open-ended words that can seem like promises for an evening of wild lovemaking—using all of these techniques and more will let your partner know the depths of your desires and the care with which you take in planting little seeds along the road to full-blown sexual bliss.

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