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Pipedream Featured on NBC’s Law & Order TONIGHT!!

Fetish Fantasy Series Furry Cuffs To Be Seen In Episode “Hot for Teacher”


Pipedream’s best-selling Fetish Fantasy Series Furry Cuffs will be featured on Law & Order’s “Hot for Teacher” episode tonight on NBC.

The faux-fur restraints are, once again, caught in the act with a couple mid-play, where the “student” is handcuffed to the bed.

“We are excited to see such consistent mainstream interest in Pipedream’s products,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “We want to thank Law & Order: SVU and their production team for continually showcasing Pipedream products in their long-running series. ”

A preview of tonight’s episode can be streamed at

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FAQ: I can’t stay wet enough! Which lube do I use?

What kind of lube do I use with the King Cock 7″ dildo? I used a gel which I believe is water-based but it didn’t stay lubricated for long.

I just had to show yous my new favorite toy. The average dick can shoot cum at like, 28 mph and our new King Cock squirters totes give those biological weens a run for their money!

I just had to show yous my new favorite toy. The average ween can shoot cum at like, 28 mph and our new King Cock Squirters totes give those biological dicks a run for their money! Click the pick to catch the action on video.

A water-based lube is totally safe to use with your King Cock – or any toy that’s made with any material, really – and that’s the beauty of this concoction. But the downside of water-based lube is the fact that, well, it’s made with fucking water. And water like, evaporates and shit. So it’s totally typical for your water-based lube to to dry up and require multiple applications.

My current fave silicone toy, the Crush Cuddle Bear is the shit 'cause it has two motors - one in the head and one in the clit stimulator, the latter of which is perfectly thumb-shaped to press right the fuck up against your clit. It's a beautiful thing, really.

My current fave silicone toy, the Crush Cuddle Bear is the shit ’cause it has two motors – one in the head and one in the clit stimulator, the latter of which is perfectly thumb-shaped to press right the fuck up against your clit. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

The alternative that I always suggest is a silicone-based lube. This shit lasts foooorrrreeevvveerrrrr! And with minimal re-application comes less interruptions. It’s also super-duper slick and I especially recommend using silicone-based lubes for anal. BUT!!! There is also a downside to my favorite type of lube – you can’t use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys. The silicone components react to one another, causing damage to the silicone toy. So, sorry frandz, you’ll just have to buck the fuck up and tolerate the re-applications of water-based lube whenever you’re using a silicone toy.

Do you have further questions about sex and toys but aren’t sure where to turn? Check out these related blog posts, or send a message to Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick via the official Pipedream Facebook or Twitter.

College of Copulation: ABCs of Strap-Ons

pd3679-15_02If you’re new to strap-on play, then welcome to the best thing that’s ever happened to you! Seriously, no feeling compares to wearing a cock for the first time. But before you do, make sure you do your research and get the lowdown on all things strap-on.

Dildo – Typically the strap-on is not simply one big piece, but made up of a harness and a dildo. You’re gonna want a dildo with a sturdy, flared base in order to fit snug into your harness. Whether it’s a super realistic King Cock with balls or a cute, smooth silicone Fetish Fantasy Elite dildo – half the fun is picking out the dick of your dreams!

Lube – There just ain’t no strap-on fun without lube! Just make sure you use the correct lube with each type of material. Silicone lube may last longer, but you cannot use silicone lube with your silicone toys, so make sure you’ve always got a stash of water-based lube to be safe.

pd3470-23_02Harness – The foundation of good strap-on play is a sturdy, solid harness. With a plethora of styles to choose from, be sure to do your research before investing in one. Consider fit – do you want them to fit like panties? Boxer briefs? Or do you prefer the extra-secure fit of a heavy-duty leather harness with thigh straps? Also consider cleanliness – and be honest! A classic harness like the Leather Fantasy Harness, in my opinion, will offer the most secure fit, but cleaning might be a bitch. If you’re lazy, you may want to consider a cotton panty or boxer brief instead.

O-Rings – These little guys will be a lifesaver, keeping your cock snug and in place. I suggest gathering a collection of O-Rings – especially stretchy ones – to accommodate any sized dick that might come your way.

Pegging – This is what it’s called when a lady uses a strap-on to fuck a dude in the butt. It’s the best thing in the world. If you don’t believe me, then just read my Pegging Manifesto.

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Best Love Quotes

Whether you’ve had a bad day, it’s that time of the month, or you’re just a big ol’ softy who flippin’ loves love — these love quotes are totes bound to make your heart swell.




Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.



Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

–Maya Angelou




Love one another but make not a bond of love.

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

–Khalil Gibran


Love is friendship that has caught fire.

–Eppie Lederer




We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

–Dr. Seuss


We love because it’s the only true adventure.

–Nikki Giovanni



Do NOT Fake it ‘til You Make It!!!!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when some jerk cums first and doesn’t even bother to get me off too. Actually, screw that, that ain’t a pet peeve – that’s just fucked up. But then I realized there was something I was doing to enable this type of behavior – I was faking my orgasm.

Faking your orgasm isn’t polite. Faking your orgasm doesn’t protect someone else’s feelings. Faking your orgasm does only one thing – piss. you. off. I guess I can only speak for myself but for real, if I have a lot of sex and only a little climaxing, I get frustrated and spiteful as heeeelllllllll. And you’re not just pissing yourself off either – it usually pisses off or totally bums out the partner(s) involved. Your partner (or at least a good partner) is fucking you for a reason – to make you feel good; to get you off. So instead of lying your way through another dry, fake orgasm, try these tips for amping up your arousal to finally get you the fuck off!!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.53.16 PM

1. Communication

I know, I know, waaaay easier said than done. But this is seriously the quickest, cheapest, simplest fix for this ish. All you gotta do is lead the way – ain’t nobody a mind reader! Tell them when and where to move, how fast or slow you need it. Some people may find it uncomfortable to talk during sex, though, and that’s cool too. Try talking about it during a lazy morning or late night chat in bed, when there’s a calmer vibe but still an intimate setting. You don’t even have to tell them you’ve been faking it, you can just be like, “Hey I tried this new thing with myself and I was hoping you could try it too.” Who knows, maybe soon after you’ll be showing them instead! Mutual masturbation is an even better, physical way of communicating your needs because your partner can then see exactly what it takes to satisfy you.


2. Toys 

I’ve always been a strong advocate of adding additional stimulation because DUH – if one thing feels good, and another thing feels good, and another thing feels good, then combining these forces of goodness can only result in three times the good! Add a clit stimulator or a cock ring or even a clit stimulating cock ring! Try toys that offer new types of sensations, like anal plugs for added pressure and nipple teasers that vibrate your most sensitive spots. I’m telling you, if you just go and stimulate all of the things, you will have all of the orgasms all of the time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.17.26 PM

3. Try On a Fetish

Maybe you’re just getting sorta bored with the type of sex you’re having. That’s okay! It doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you’re a human being who like, grows and changes and stuff – whoa, who’da thunk it? There are tons of fetishes you could explore and even more toys to help you do the exploring, whether it’s bondage, restraints, pegging, tickling, anal play, cock and ball torture, roleplaying, lingerie, Discipline/submission… the list goes on and mothafuckin on! You may be apprehensive about buying something you’re not even sure you’ll like, so consider what your typical fantasies involve (be honest!!!!) or browse some porn you wouldn’t normally check out. If you find something visually or mentally stimulating, it just may be the new fetish for you.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.46.34 PM

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Quit Dickin’ Around and Choose the BEST Possible Dick Device!

Whiskey dick ain’t just for the drunk – there are plenty of sober, healthy people whose junk are just in a funk. Whether you’re having a hard time staying, well, hard, or you cum too fast, or you need a little boost in size, rest assured that there are male enhancement options beyond those expensive pills and invasive procedures. In fact, there’s a plethora of dick devices that are just aching to wrap around your big, thick, rock hard cock, so keep these things in mind when prowling for the perfect device.


ENHANCE YOUR ERECTION! There are two particular elements to be aware of when looking for something to keep you harder, longer – the cock ring and the ball strap. That tight squeeze at the base of your ween is what’s gonna do the deed, so you need to measure yourself (and be honest!) to ensure that the ring on a particular item is going to be tight enough for you. For a super premium extra tight squeeze, try a stretchy cock cage instead of a simple cock ring. This way it’ll be like there’s a bunch of rings wrapped snug around your entire shaft to help keep as much of the blood within as possible. Plus, you’ll give your partner some extra good feels with the texture the cage adds to your cock.

Now, the ball strap is also going to assist in this maintaining of the hard-on, but it serves two additional purposes. When a cage, extension, or girth gainer features a ball strap, it ensures that the device will remain in place no matter how hard the pounding gets. But the really cool thing about ball straps? EXPLOSIVE!!!! ORGASMS!!!! If you thought busting a load was the ultimate ecstasy – do it with a ball strap on. See, when someone with a dick comes to climax, the balls retract into the body. With a ball strap, it forces the balls not to retract, making the orgasm a billionity times stronger than you could’ve ever imagined.


The ball strap and triple cock ring of this Vibrating Cock Cage is perfect for maintaining your boner, plus it leaves your cock open to still feel your partner AND it offers additional feels with the vibrating bullet strategically placed on top of the shaft.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right size for you or these choices just aren’t working out, then hollow strap-ons are where it’s at – in fact, they’re probably the easiest, quickest fix. You can get any size, any material, and the harness will keep it in place no matter how rough you get.

INCREASE YOUR SIZE! If you’re looking to grow yourself, you’ve got three options – extensions, girth gainers, and hollow strap-ons.

Extensions are going to make you longer and there’s a ton of great combinations of extensions that also provide girth, vibrations, and double penetration, and some that feature cock rings and ball straps. The best extensions are usually made of a flesh-like material so they’re stretchy and still feel real to your partner.


Length, girth, ball strap, AND vibrating clit stim?! It really doesn’t get any better than our Vibrating Reel Feel Extensions.

Girth gainers do exactly what you’d assume. With the same options as extensions, there is one additional type that will satisfy everyone involved. While many extensions leave no room for the wearer to feel much, there are some girth gainers with open tips so you can trim it for the perfect fit and still enjoy the natural feel of your partner.

Hollow strap-ons offer a much wider variety of sizes and materials since they don’t have to be malleable enough to wrap around your cock. They’re definitely going to be the sturdiest option, though the wearer will obvi not feel anything, well, besides the satisfaction of pleasuring your partner.

BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE! Maybe your biological gear is actually serving you pretty well, but you’re looking for something new to surprise your lover with. If you’re banging someone with a vagina, then I’m sure you’re aware that most of us won’t get off on penetration alone. (If you didn’t know that then you need to immediately stop fucking until you get yourself sex educated. Seriously.) The clit is where it’s at; the magic button to the Rubik’s cube of the vagina. Most would agree that dual-stimulating vibes are what get us off the best, so why not turn your cock into one? Usually featuring a bunny or a bullet at the base, there are plenty of clit stimulating devices that will turn you into a high-power turbocock!


These open tip toys are the shit – they offer girth while leaving the most sensitive part of your dick open to still feel sensation. This Double Trouble Girth Gainer even has the perfect slim, tapered dildo for easy anal insertion.

For the anally adventurous, there are double penetrating extensions and hollow strap-ons to fill ‘em up without the inconvenience of another partner or a handheld toy. I suggest DP items where the butt dildo is soft, slim, and tapered for easier insertion and more comfortable play.

PROLONG EJACULATION! Basically ALL of the options we’ve gone over can help prolong your sack sesh i.e. ensure that you don’t cum in two seconds. Even if you do cum fast, cock rings can help maintain the blood in your cock to keep your erection going. Extensions and girth gainers will minimize feeling to help you hold off, and hollow strap-ons completely subdue sensation so you can focus completely on your partner’s pleasure.

But seriously, let’s be real. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you both get off.


iSex: Pipedream Takes On Teledildonics

Teledildonics: I doubt Alexander Graham Bell was expecting that one. Now that we’re all carrying mini computers around in our purses and pockets, it’s only logical that the next step in telecommunications would involve diversifying options for phone sex. Teledildonics, or cyberdildonics, involves the use of computers to remotely control sex toys. This unification of pleasure products and t-comm has drawn interest from the tech community, leading mainstream designers, engineers, and other bright minds into the niche to create something unique and brainy.


We launched our iSex range at the January 2015 ANME trade show, making this concept more accessible to the average adult toy enthusiast. Though not technically within the realm of true telecom-toy integration, iSex is a great introduction to a new category with a lot of growth potential. These pearly-white classics cannot be controlled remotely, but they were created with computers in mind. All 9 pieces in the collection are USB-powered – and I mean powered not rechargeable. These little guys don’t require batteries or hours on a charging station. Just plug them in to start the vibrations and unplug them when you’re finished. No more embarrassing buzzing in your suitcase for travelers, either! iSex vibes are even TSA-friendly, and you’ll never have to figure out those confusing travel lock options included on most tech toys.


 Aside from iSex’s obvious tech tie-in, Pipedream kept things clean, simple, and user-friendly. The line sticks to tried-and-true favorites, like bullets, massage kits, and beads. The ABS plastic material is non-porous, meaning bacteria have nowhere to grow on these body-safe toys. The simplicity of the pieces makes them perfect for beginners while adding a novel touch for adult boutique veterans.


The future of pleasure products is limited by physics alone. Though teledildonics started as a sort of one-off trend, the growing number of designers and engineers behind the movement are changing the landscape of adult novelty. Not only is the bar being raised for manufacturers, but the niche itself is crossing into mainstream attention, and Pipedream is no stranger to shaking things up with every new release. If there is one thing of which PD product developers never tire, it’s growing to stay ahead of the game.

College of Copulation: ABCs of Anal Sex

Sabrina I Love AnalIt makes my pervy little heart swell with ecstasy to see that the anal sex taboo is beginning to ease. Every so often, though, my ladyboner is totally inverted by stories of first-time anal goers with sad butts because they went too big, too hard, too fast. Sure, the whole “learn by doing” thing usually works like a charm – but most people just cannot immediately go balls deeps into their butt. So please, keep your pants on for just another few minutes and get yourself anal-sex-educated!

Anal training: Not only do you gotta educate yo’ noggin, but your butt hole’s got some work to do too. See, the reason why anal sex usually hurts is ‘cause your butt hole is tight as shit (no pun intended… okay maybe a little…) Vaginal canals are naturally malleable, whereas butt holes need some assistance. Before you dive into that hardcore anal pounding, you’re gonna have to start small and slow. There are actually anal training kits that consist of a bunch of plugs that gradually increase in size to help your butt hole slowly and comfortably stretch and maintain elasticity. I suggest wearing a plug at least once a day, during sex or even during your chores, and level-up your size week by week. Never force anything in, though. If, even with lube, it hurts too much – STOOOPPPP!!!!!

Our AFC silicone plugs make the perfect anal training kit.

Our AFC silicone plugs make the perfect anal training kit.

Beads: One of the most common anal toys, most people dig anal beads ’cause of the popping sensation they offer when you shove ‘em in and yank ‘em out. I definitely suggest these for more experienced anal players – if your butt hole isn’t acquainted well enough (i.e. you haven’t done your anal training), then you definitely risk tearing with this type of play. Ouch. Yeah, I don’t think you need the details about this one – just trust me, a broken butt hole sucks.

Double Penetration: Usually abbreviated to DP, it’s when someone is penetrated in both their vag and butt holes simultaneously. If there’s two dicks/dildos in one butt hole, it’s considered Double Anal (DA).


This thin, tapered dildo is perfect for first-time pegging.

Lube: Okay, I know you know what lube is, duh. But I just had to include it because it’s like, the most important aspect of anal sex, next to anal training, of course. Your butt doesn’t naturally lubricate like a vag does, and we all know that too much dry friction during sex is, like, really not fun. To ease insertion and penetration, silicone lube is where it’s at. It’s super-duper slick and doesn’t dry up like water-based lubes, so your sack sesh won’t be interrupted for multiple reapplications. Just remember – you can never, ever, everrrrr use silicone lube with silicone toys because, long story short, silicone molecules play well with others but not with themselves. Translation: when two silicone items make contact, the materials kinda meld together and damage the toy(s).

Pegging: My all-time favorite kind of sex – out of the entire encyclopedia of awesome things that you can do with your genitals – pegging is typically defined as a cisgendered woman who fucks a cisgendered man in the butt with a strap-on. If you don’t know what cisgendered means, then check out this earlier College of Copulation of gender and sexuality vocab.

Plug: Probably the most common toy used for anal. I suggest using plugs for your anal training because (most of the time) they can sit comfortably in your hole and between your cheeks no matter how long the duration of play or wear. I really love glass plugs because they’re soooo smooooooth and usually ease in pretty well – plus the safety benefits and easy cleaning of a nonporous material.

P-Spot: The prostate gland is the thing that makes anal sex super ridiculously good for dick-wielding individuals. Think of it like the G-Spot of the vagina.

EXTRA CREDIT!!! Here are some diagrams of butts because education!

Welcome to the Freak Show
Exploring “Weird” Sex Toys, Part 3

PD3725-05 shock therapy electro massage kit

What the hell is “weird” anyway? Strange and bizarre; “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.” Sometimes we’re afraid of the unknown and instead of exploring our curiosities and filling ourselves with the knowledge of experience, we quickly dismiss things we don’t understand.

Well guess what — ignorance ain’t bliss, people, especially in your pants! You may have popped your cherry years ago, but there’s still like, an infinite source of sensations to explore. Broaden the horizons of your ecstasy and experiment with a new shape, a new texture, or even a new fetish!

Fantasy X-tensions Vibrating Real Feel 2” Extension

male enhancement

“But I can’t feel anything!” he may complain. Oh, well that’s convenient because I can’t feel anything either when you cum and I don’t. The female orgasm is so flippin’ underrepresented that some dinguses think it’s actually a myth. Just because it takes a little extra work to bring a vag to climax doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Most people can’t cum from penetration alone anyway – our clit is where the action really is. That’s where this bomb ass Fantasy X-tension comes in. Not only does it feature a super-powerful clit stimulator, but the tight shaft and stretchy ball strap will keep your partner hard so the pounding can prevail on even if his boner doesn’t. – no excuses!!

Shock Therapy Professional Wireless Electro-Massage Kit

electrosex, estimThe words “Shock Therapy” may instill some uncomfortable visions of like, lobotomies and shit, but I swear that electrosex is the shit! The OG Shock Therapy Kit is actually a staple in the day-to-day office life here at Pipedream Headquarters. I could name at least five employees other than myself who keep one at their desk for tense shoulders and achey backs – true story. Regardless of the intricate control unit, the OG Shock unit remains on of our best-selling toys. But we heard your pleas for an upgrade so we stepped up our game with the new-and-improved Wireless Electro-Massage Kit. The wireless pads allow more freedom of movement and the easy-to-use control unit even features a diagram with suggested placement inspired by the ancient Chinese pressure points. Enjoy a deep tissue massage or add some jolt to your next sack sesh.

Icicles No. 49

anal plug, bondage, floggerThis shit just makes me laugh – and that’s totally cool! Personally, I think a lot of people take sex way too seriously. If laughing is one of the most enjoyable feels in the world, then what’s wrong with combining it with the other most enjoyable feel in the world? The Icicles flogger is actually a top-seller and best-reviewed toy – and it deserves the title, too. The butt plug is everything an anal aficionado looks for – super-smooth, tapered tip, thin neck, wide base – and the flogger’s bunch of super-soft leather tresses offer everything from a light tease to a sharp bite.

You may be thinking, uh, okay, so what about this perfect product makes you giggle? Furries. Okay, maybe not furries themselves, because I’m not tryna dismiss anyone’s sexual taste, but wearing this plug totally makes me feel like some sorta BDSM horse goddess who doesn’t even need a Dom(me) ‘cause I can flog myself with this bad boy! We actually whipped it out during my last appearance on Veteran porn star Ginger Lynn’s podcast “Blame It On Ginger,” where my girl got a kick out of this Icicle in the very same fashion, popping it in and trotting around the studio – beaming – as we cackled every time she paused to swing her hips and wag her “tail” or spank herself. You gotta check out the show on

REAL TALK! A Pegging Manifesto

I don’t really know how else to put it – pegging is the shit. For the n00bs who have no idea what I’m talking about – pegging is the term for when someone uses a strap-on to butt fuck someone else. Seriously! It’s probably, like, my number one favorite sex act ever. I just really love screwing with gender roles and there’s a certain dominance that overwhelms me when I’ve got a grizzly dude on their hands and knees. Plus, what better way to stick it to the patriarchy then to stick it in their ass?

Unfortunately, I had to learn my pegging etiquette the hard way (lol hard) by trial and error. If it’s your first time, keep these things in mind for the safest, most pleasurable experience.

Lube. Lube, lube, lube, lube, lube. Use lube, and use a lot of it. Butt holes don’t naturally lubricate the way our other orifices do, so you gotta help a brother out. Personally, I prefer silicone lube because it’s super-duper slick and a little lasts a looooong time, whereas water-based lubes dry up and must be continuously reapplied. Some people are divas and think silicone lube is annoying to clean up – and you know what I’ve got to say about that? Quit yer bitchin! A few extra minutes of cleanup is worth keeping that precious, uber-sensitive butt hole happy. There is one little problem with silicone lube, though – you can’t use it with silicone toys. But don’t you fret! If you’ve got a silicone cock, water-based lube is just fine, and will only ensure an even more wet and wild ride!


Smooth, tapered, AND glow-in-the-dark?! YES PLEASE!!!!

If the person you’re pegging has little to no experience with anal – DO NOT DIVE IN DICK FIRST!!! Our butt holes actually need to be trained to maintain a certain elasticity that a good anal pounding requires. Before you even invest in a super dope harness and the big, glittery cock of your dreams – try some finger play with your partner first, to make sure they even like it. Once a finger becomes more and more comfortable, upgrade to a small toy, then gradually work your way up. Make sure the plugs and dildos you choose have a tapered tip to ease insertion and a base that’s wider than the toy’s widest point so it doesn’t get lost forever (or really, until an embarrassing hospital visit…) I suggest using smoooooooth, tapered toys with no drag for beginners solo anal use - glass, metal, and ceramic are perfect – and softer materials like silicone and PVC for strap-on use. Though hard materials slide the best, I don’t let other people use them on me because one wrong movement is just, like… oooouuuuuccccchhh!!!!!!

Now, if you’re gonna dive into the poop shoot, you’re gonna need to be prepared for the not-so mystery that lies inside. There’s just no way around it and no way to put it lightly – there’s poop up there. It’s just a biological fact. You can enema all you want, you can starve yourself all day (which I seriously don’t even recommend for any reason ever), but there’s still gonna be poop up there… AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. To the person being pegged – don’t you ever be ashamed of your bodily functions. To the person doing the pegging – don’t you ever shame someone for their bodily functions. If you can’t stomach the possibility of poo, then you have no business pegging.

A lot of cis straight dudes get super skeeved out when considering pegging, like they have to defend their heterosexuality. But, uh, guess what guys – every cis dude has a prostate, and every prostate feels AWESOME when you get at it. Period. It’s just, like, science. Also, FYI, your sexual identity is not defined by the sexual acts you perform or even the sex partner(s) you have – it’s whatever YOU identify as. And even if getting it up the butt did make you gay – so what? There’s nothing wrong with being gay anyway.