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The Anti-Fifty Shades Wish List

If Fifty Shades of Grey has you feeling fifty shades of annoyed over the fifty million Facebook posts bombarding your feed, take heart. Even if you’re steering clear of the book and movie, you can still take advantage of the best part of the hype: the sex toys! Retailers are stocking up on more than just handcuffs and Ben-Wa balls. If you hate the idea of being tied up and a ball gag makes you… well.. .gag, there are still plenty of options for toy lovers and first-timers. Forget Christian Grey. Anastasia is missing out on the fun and fulfillment of self-pleasure!

16563953622_4199f5613a_z (2)

WOW! G-Motion

G-spot goddesses, take note – the latest addition to our Wow! line does all the work for you! See that curved tip? Instead of awkwardly maneuvering the toy with your hand, just click the button and that curved end repeatedly bends in the same “come hither” finger motion recommended for discovering your G-spot. Two powerful motors, located within the curved tip and inside the cute, little bunny at the base, offer seven different vibration patterns to kick things up a bit. The control system lets you choose the intensity of your alone time: with or without vibration in either motor, plus the option for a vibrate-only mode without the wiggling of the G-Motion. One look at this silicone wonder tells you everything you need to know – you definitely won’t be spotting this toy in Fifty Shades.

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 Crush Luv Bug

Silicone toys are all the rage at the moment, and with good reason. This material does, in fact, contain pores, but they are so tiny that icky bacteria can’t grow within them. Our brand new Crush line hopes to make the silicone trend a mainstay, offering 18 unique pieces, each with their own shape, size, and color. The Luv Bug is a great way to begin your crush on body-safe toys. This little guy is only 3 inches long, but he packs a punch with 10 vibration patterns and a strong motor that vibrates his antennae. Plus, his pretty purple is as far away from dull grey as you can get!


Neon Luv Touch Mini Mite

Whether you’re a veteran toy collector or can hardly navigate the landscape of a crowded adult boutique, the Mini Mite is a standard that doesn’t disappoint. The Neon line puts a colorful touch on an old favorite, turning your “red room” into a rainbow of toys. The soft Luv Touch powder coating and 4 interchangeable caps offer fun textures. Though this toy only features a single speed, I doubt you’ll be dissatisfied. The Mini Mite and pocket rockets like it are toy drawer staples for a reason – they’re intensely strong. Maybe Anastasia would have passed up Mr. Grey altogether if she had one of these babies next to her bed!

16646511262_06fd77d458_z (2)

iSex USB Massage Kit

Pipedream steps into the tech game with iSex, a full line of USB-powered vibrating pieces designed to travel wherever you go. Plug one into your laptop during a Skype session with your long-distance lover, or take advantage of those new USB ports installed in the bedside lamps at hotels on your next business trip. The iSex Massage Kit takes everyone’s old favorite – the high-speed bullet – and adds 3 extra cap options for sensation play. This no-frills collection of classics has something for everyone, from anal beads to nipple clamps. The fresh, pearly-white shine of each piece adds a clean touch, perfecting for chasing away all those Grey days.

I do what with the huh?
How-To Rope Bondage + sInspiration

il_340x270.603032594_ogk1Rope bondage is, to put it quite simply, the shit. I’m pretty easy to entertain, but I’m also pretty quick to bore. I need diversity! Newness! All of the stuff and many of the things! Unfortunately, there are times when one’s bank account won’t accommodate the infinite supply of toys that it would require to hold one’s attention span. Maybe there’s ONE toy that would satisfy many cravings; ONE item with a plethora of uses; ONE item that was super flippin’ cheap…

Ladies and gentlegerms, I introduce to you – rope!!!!

Yes, rope. It’s stupid simple and history has proven its worth as the ultimate form of seduction. Literally translating to “the beauty of tight binding”, Kinbaku is a Japanese style of intricately woven rope bondage. The word “Shibari” hadn’t typically been used to describe this style, though, until the 1990s. It means “to tie” or “to bind”. first time I saw rope bondage – it was seriously the most beautiful pentagram restraint ever – I was both overjoyed and overwhelmed.  Oh my god, my body is ready, but where the hell do I even start?

Well it turns out there’s also this thing called “The Internet” where you can “Google” instructions, video tutorials, and diagrams. Who’da thunk it! Here I’ve gathered some of my favs.


Analysis Paralysis of the Pleasurable Kind
Choosing the Right Vibe in a Sea of Sex Tech

As a veteran of adult novelty retail, I can attest to the importance of an enthusiastic, knowledgeable sales associate. Before I hopped planes on a regular basis for Pipedream, my home was behind the counter of an adult store chain that prioritized sex education. I know from experience that a lackluster employee can easily dissuade a buyer from making the right purchase. Even worse, a customer might be convinced to pay for something that’s completely useless for their needs, painful to use, or leaves them with a terrible impression of the otherwise amazing world of sexual enhancement products. Before you drop a single dime on one of retail’s infamously unreturnable items, assess your needs, get educated, and impress your local pleasure retailer with your new sex toy geek status.


Figure Out Your Body’s Needs

Sex toys can seem relatively simple… until you step into an adult boutique. There are options for your insides and outsides (and sometimes both!), and toy design has moved far beyond skinny, plastic vibrators and The Rabbit. When I used to coach customers on how to choose a toy, the first question I asked involved thinking about what body parts are the most desirable to stimulate. Do you prefer stimulation internally or externally? Do you need a little of both to enjoy using a toy? Is anal play something you’d like to add? Once you figure out what parts you’d like the toy to please, the decision-making process becomes a lot easier.

Go Big or Go Home (Happily With a Small Toy)

I think we all know by now that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to sex. When I’m on the road working with retail sales associates, one of the most common complaints is that many toys, despite otherwise good design, are just too big. Think about what you like when you’re with a partner or alone, or what you’d like to try now that you have a plethora of toys from which to choose. If hearty girth and length feel good from a human, you might enjoy the same from something silicone. If a couple fingers or stimulation around the entrance are turn-ons, go for something small and powerful with multi-speed options or an insertable vibe no larger than your hand. It’s usually more comfortable to start small and move up in size if needed, but if you know you like it big, then go for it!

16237404051_92eb6e8e5f_z (2)

Need for Speed (or Not)

Vibrators have come a long way since “slow,” “medium,” and “fast.” The amount of rumbling, tumbling, and twirling options are enough to confuse even the savviest of toy connoisseurs. When it comes to power, there are different kinds of vibrations in addition to intensity levels. Some toys produce a “buzzy” vibration, which is a fluttery, surface-level sensation, often compared to what it might feel like to trap a large swarm of angry bees in a tin can. “Rumbly” vibes are the toy equivalent of a deep tissue massage. They resonate from the core of the vibrator deep into the body, and feel like sitting on the amp of a bass guitar. The best way to test whatever kind of vibe you’re seeking is to visit an adult shop that allows customers to view toys outside of the box, fully charged or with batteries. In the end, you might decide a good ol’ dildo without any power at all is the right choice.

Do Your Research

Before you begin browsing adults-only shops, you have lots of options to see how your toy of choice has fared for other users. There is a seemingly endless amount of pleasure product enthusiasts who regularly test popular toys for their personal blogs. Companies often distribute products to these veteran toy users for the purpose of a fair, unbiased review. Not every toy can be found on review websites, but all of the latest advances in sexual technology usually garner an opinion from the blogging community. When searching for a good blog to follow, look for a writer that takes different body types and activity preferences into account. A good adult toy reviewer will understand that a toy they thought was horrible might be perfect for someone else. You’ll have the best chances of understanding what a sex toy can do for you when a blogger pays attention to the material, functions, and options for use.


Hit The Shops!

Although it can be tempting to hide behind a computer screen, choosing a toy from a brick-and-mortar store is a smarter choice if you’re not 100% confident in your purchase. A reliable retailer will employ sales associates with knowledge of how to use adult products, what kind of experience most products provide, and the kind of questions to ask customers to ensure they’re sent home satisfied. Retailer websites and Yelp reviews can help you decide which store holds the most qualified employees. If possible (and it absolutely should be possible at stores that promote sex ed.), ask a clerk to let you take the toy out of the box. If it requires batteries, staff can usually get a vibrator up and running so you can see all the details for yourself. If it’s a rechargeable toy, many stores will already have a charged-up version on the counter. Some shops even hold classes and seminars on adult pleasure products and living a healthy, happy sex life. Finding the most up-to-date retailer in your area is the final step in upping your status as a sex toy tech geek (and being a geek of sex is never a bad thing).

The secret exercise that will change your sex life forever!

50112Regardless of the incredible results that are guaranteed with consistency, most of us are never really stoked about hitting the gym and getting our sweat on. But what if we told you there was one work out that guarantees the strongest muscles without lifting a single weight? An incredibly easy exercise that can be done simultaneously alongside your 9 to 5, while prepping for taco night, at the $3 movie theater – seriously, anywhere – that will change your sex life forever… without even breaking a sweat!

Pause. Before we get to the life altering fun times, let’s go over some Vagina 101.

The vagina does not just consist of a button and some holes. In fact, the vagina is a community of muscles that are super elastic in order to stretch and contract (because babies). Because of this elasticity, it’s pretty easy to build incredibly strong vaginal muscles – if you put the work in.

But why would I want a beef cake vagina?  Because the secret to a stronger orgasm is… a stronger vagina!

That exercise we hyped up earlier? Kegeling. Every good core workout needs a little weight, and the kegel’s barbell is the ben-wa ball. Kegeling tones your PC muscles, which are some of the muscles that contract during orgasm, so working them out will naturally increase pleasure and even make it easier to climax.

It takes patience and consistency to identify your PC muscles and learn how to contract and relax them. Here are some pointers from the Mayo Clinic:

Find the right muscles. Stop urination in midstream. If you succeed, you’ve got the right muscles.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.18.54 AM 1Perfect your technique. Empty your bladder and lie on your back. Tighten your PC muscles, hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. Try it four or five times in a row. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions.

Maintain your focus. For best results, focus on tightening only your PC muscles. Be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Avoid holding your breath. Instead, breathe freely during the exercises.

Repeat 3 times a day. Aim for at least three sets of 10 repetitions a day.

Don’t make a habit of using kegel exercises to start and stop your urine stream. Doing kegel exercises while emptying your bladder can actually weaken the muscles, as well as lead to incomplete emptying of the bladder — which increases the risk of a urinary tract infection.

Naturally, you can enhance this exercise by using your favorite Fetish Fantasy vaginal exercisers. Not only will ben-wa balls enhance your sex life, but vaginal strength will improve urinary tract health and better prepare your body for giving birth. So try kegeling right now, and tell us in the comments where you’ve inconspicuously pumped your sexiest guns today!

Beginner’s Bondage Tips

10423654_10153009737899788_9038250081914617595_nWe’ve been anxiously anticipating the 50 Shades theatrical debut since the moment it was revealed, fantasizing about the breathtaking bondage scenes that will appear on the big screen in just 148 days (seriously, we’re that excited). While wondering which of our favorite fetish toys will grace mainstream screens, we quickly realized that upon this release, tons of closeted kinksters will very eagerly dive right into the vast sea of leather, clamps, and restraints. The incredible variety of BDSM gear can be overwhelming to a newbie. There’s just so much to choose from! How do I know which toy is right for me? Check out these BDSM essentials to get you started, easing your way into your very own favorite shade of play.

BLINDFOLD: Who knew that something as simple as a sexy silk mask could bring the most intense pleasures to life? Sensory deprivation is an incredibly simple and effective way of increasing the body’s sensitivity, muting one sense to increase the others. Try blindfolding your partner before teasing them with a feather tickler – you’ll quickly see how much more intense your lover’s trembles of satisfaction will become!

pd4458-23_03bNIPPLE CLAMPS: The nipple is one of the most sensitive spots on your lover’s body. In fact, for women, the sensation from the nipple travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina and clitoris. Logic will tell you that your climax can only intensify if you simultaneously pleasure your nipples along with your genitals. The next time you find yourself at play, add some feather nipple clamps to keep your nipples perked with pleasure, while the super-soft feathers delicately tickle your sensitive skin for even more stimulation.

CUFFS: Consensual restraint is another very simple way to quickly increase your partner’s pleasure. Very much like sensory deprivation, restraining a lover’s arms puts the dominant partner in complete power. Not only is this level of trust as sexy as you can get, but this leaves the comfortably cuffed partner with exceptionally heightened sensitivity as they anticipate what will happen next.


Recipes for Pleasure: How to Have the Most Vibrant Orgasm with Neon!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.54.13 AM

Look how stoked this silhouette is! It’s obvs ’cause she just had the WORLD’S GREATEST ORGASM!!!!

Even though I’m pretty proud of overcoming Only Child Syndrome, I can still get pretty bratty sometimes – I want it all, and I want it now! This totally spills into my solo sex life. I just want to feel all of the things so I can have the best possible orgasm, is that so much to ask?! Nope, not at all, and our newest Neon Luv Touch items offer everything you need to bring you the brightest blast off.


STEP 1: Warmup with the Fantasy Kit’s Warming Massage Lotion, rubbing it all over your most sensitive spots (don’t forget the nips!) Really get to know your body. Arousal doesn’t come solely from genital play. Pay attention to your most erogenous areas – maybe your neck or hips. The more you touch, the more you’ll find yourself riling up!

STEP 2: Once you’re super hot and need to get some juices flowing, grab the Lil Rabbit. Don’t let its small size fool you – this bitty bunny packs plenty of pulsating power. Begin by tickling your thighs and lips before slipping the fluttering ears inside to tease your clit, getting you wet and ready for the real rabbit rock show.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.02.35 AMSTEP 3: There are way too many pleasurable parts of our anatomy and, in fact, most people with vaginas can’t get off on penetration alone. But with the dual stimulating Rabbit Vibe you’ll kill two birds with one… uh… bunny. Squirt some Moist all over this sucker and the tapered tip will easily slip inside. The deeper you go, the closer the rabbit’s fluttering ears will flick against your clit as the bubbly textured shaft massages you with every thrust.

STEP 4: Two in the pink and one in the stink ain’t just a Shocker thing – it’s actually like, the best possible combo to have the most intense orgasm. Well, at least in my book, simultaneous clit, vaginal, and anal stimulation is the key to the ultimate climax. We’ll throw it back to an OG Neon item for this purpose, grabbing the P-Spot Stimulator and slathering it with Silicone Moist for the slickest and longest lasting lubrication. Although this toy is perfect for reaching its namesake pleasure point, people of all genders can enjoy this butt buddy.

STEP 5: Now that your entire pleasure palace is tended to, you’re ready for blast off! 3… 2… 1… CUM!!!!

For more tips on toys and other sexual curiosities, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick via email at or anonymously inquire on our web site

Enter a World of Back Door Bliss!

We know it can be nerve wracking to quietly search the web on potentially NSFW web sites such as our own. That’s why we’ve uploaded our SFW Sexpert, brand, and product videos to the Pipedream YouTube!

Check out the first 7 spankin’ new videos from our Anal Fantasy Collection to get up-close and personal with this 75+ piece collection!

Turn Your Bedroom into an Erotic Playground!

My top three most exhilarating feelings of all-time are as follows:

#1. Screaming just as loud as I was speeding mid-air through the treetops of a Wisconsin zip line;

#2.  My first orgasm; and

#3. Discovering I could experience my #1 and #2 top two most exhilarating feelings of all-time simultaneously.

The swing de la sexy times, in my personal experience of pleasure products (which is like, a freakin’ ton), has got to be the greatest, most widely recognized and applauded bang toy I’ve ever known. Sex swings simply offer that one thing that no other product in the entire world (other than spaceships, I guess) can provide – weightless sex.

Whether you’re a vanilla virgin or the kinkiest cuckolding couple – anyone can spice up their sex lives with the incredibly unique element that is experiencing the purest form of bodily pleasure amid the open air.

Before diving into your mid-air mojo, you should probably know about the variety of sex swings (yay, options!) There’s a diverse selection of Fetish Fantasy Series swings to satisfy any niche, from the original Fantasy Swing, to the Yoga Sex Swing for ultra flexibility, the Fantasy Bondage Swing for fetish fun, or even the Spinning Fantasy Swing for rollercoaster fanatics. Among the vast choices, though, are typically two types of sex swings – ceiling swings and door swings.

Ceiling swings are this Professional Pervert’s swing o’ choice, as you can permanently transform any room into your very own pleasure playground. Drilling our heavy-duty metal hardware into a secure ceiling beam offers the strongest application possible, so you can play and swing hard. You’ll experience the freest passion and truly defy the laws of gravity with a free-hanging swing. You know what’s even better than that fantastic flush feeling after doing it in the air? Leaving your swing out as fun, floating additional seating, and then watching your friends’ faces turn red when explaining what they’re sitting in really is.

Are you stoked about totally weightless sex but your landlord’s already pissed that your last birthday bash may or may not have “damaged” the walls? Have no fear! Pipedream’s Fantasy Swing Stand offers weightless sex without risking any more of your security deposit! All hardware is included with minimal assembly required (that’s less than ten minutes, by the way). There’s no drilling, it’s not permanent, it’s super-portable, and best of all – the frame features “Bondage Loops” to connect a variety of Fetish Fantasy Series restraints, cuffs, and ties for endless possibilities of pleasure.

Door swings offer a more discrete form of swinging. There’s no labor involved with these swings, outside of the labor of love, of course. Pipedream’s Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing comes completely assembled and ready to go – seriously, you’ll go from opening the box to swinging from your door in 60 seconds flat. Just drape the straps over the door, then close and lock it, strap yourself in, and get ready for a wild ride! No bulky hardware makes this swing the perfect on-the-go pleasure palace for honeymoons and long overdue getaways, and allows you to breakdown and safely store it in seconds. Hanging from the door also offers additional stability for the swinger, who can lean, thrust, or push off the door, as well as for the standing partner, who can also utilize doors and walls for a sturdy stance to hit all the right spots.

You don’t even need a partner to be a Pipedream swinger! Enjoy the freedom of weightless sex with a solo ride on the Fantasy Saddle. This must-have swing attachment takes the strain off your legs and thighs, and provides added comfort and thrills with a soft, cushioned seat and two interchangeable phthalate-free dildos.

With ten models to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect Fetish Fantasy Series swing for you, and discover that top three most exhilarating feeling of all-time for yourself. And if you’re still not sure which sinfully seductive swing to choose, your favorite resident Sexpert will be waiting for your call.

Pipedream Extreme Dollz Instructions & Care

Sexpert&BBBOur Pipedream Extreme Dollz blew everyone’s minds at the January ANME show! Although they haven’t hit retail shelves just yet, we want you to get to know our girls (and guys!) inside and out. You know, why not actually learn a little about your new lover before you hit the sheets? ;)

Sexpert Sabrina got up-close and personal with Big Beautiful Becky to find out just how to best and most safely care and clean her fellow Pipedream Extreme Dollz.



How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use a manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.

Cleaning Instructions: Rinse the doll with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.



How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use the included manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.

Cleaning Instructions: Rinse the doll with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.



How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use the included manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.

Cleaning Instructions: To clean the Fanta Flesh pieces, remove them and clean separately from the doll. Rinse the Fanta Flesh in warm water, then scrub with toy cleaner both internally and externally using your hands or a soft cloth. Rinse with warm water, then pat dry with a lint-free cloth. Sprinkle internally and externally with Fanta Flesh Revive powder to dry excess moisture and help maintain the material’s softness.

To clean the doll, rinse with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.

Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material.



Storage Instructions: Deflate the doll, then carefully fold it before loosely wrapping it in a lint-free cloth. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, like a trunk or closet.

Other Care Instructions: Avoid sharp objects. Repair punctures promptly using the included repair kit and instruction sheet. Ensure the puncture is clean and dry for an airtight seal.

Need some clarification or have further questions about the world’s best, most affordable and most realistic inflatable doll collection? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts.

Pipedream Unleashes the Ultimate On-the-Go Vibe!

Pipedream’s best-selling Neon Luv Touch collection continues to offer the best in beginners items, now introducing the Mini Massagers display bowl. This single-speed massager is available in the six signature Neon colors and features satin-soft Luv Touch coating that feels great against the skin.

Completely body-safe and waterproof, take the Mini Massager in the shower or hot tub for some wet and wild fun. At just 4-inches long, it’s the perfect on-the-go vibe that is small enough to fit in your purse, and discreet enough to use by day to relieve tension and relax sore muscles. Don’t let its small size fool you though, because this little lover packs plenty of pulsating power.

“The Neon Mini Massager is a time-tested classic design with a colorful twist,” said Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel. “A must-have for any retail environment, the display bowl can be placed by the register for an easy upsell, especially amidst impulsive Valentine’s spending.”

The convenient display bowl comes with 24 Mini Massagers that are pre-packaged in clear plastic wrapping and a cute silver bow, making it the perfect last-minute holiday gift.

Customers are urged to place their orders now while supplies last. All Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor, and online catalogs are available in multiple formats. Product videos are available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.