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FAQ: I can’t stay wet enough! Which lube do I use?

What kind of lube do I use with the King Cock 7″ dildo? I used a gel which I believe is water-based but it didn’t stay lubricated for long.

I just had to show yous my new favorite toy. The average dick can shoot cum at like, 28 mph and our new King Cock squirters totes give those biological weens a run for their money!

I just had to show yous my new favorite toy. The average ween can shoot cum at like, 28 mph and our new King Cock Squirters totes give those biological dicks a run for their money! Click the pick to catch the action on video.

A water-based lube is totally safe to use with your King Cock – or any toy that’s made with any material, really – and that’s the beauty of this concoction. But the downside of water-based lube is the fact that, well, it’s made with fucking water. And water like, evaporates and shit. So it’s totally typical for your water-based lube to to dry up and require multiple applications.

My current fave silicone toy, the Crush Cuddle Bear is the shit 'cause it has two motors - one in the head and one in the clit stimulator, the latter of which is perfectly thumb-shaped to press right the fuck up against your clit. It's a beautiful thing, really.

My current fave silicone toy, the Crush Cuddle Bear is the shit ’cause it has two motors – one in the head and one in the clit stimulator, the latter of which is perfectly thumb-shaped to press right the fuck up against your clit. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

The alternative that I always suggest is a silicone-based lube. This shit lasts foooorrrreeevvveerrrrr! And with minimal re-application comes less interruptions. It’s also super-duper slick and I especially recommend using silicone-based lubes for anal. BUT!!! There is also a downside to my favorite type of lube – you can’t use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys. The silicone components react to one another, causing damage to the silicone toy. So, sorry frandz, you’ll just have to buck the fuck up and tolerate the re-applications of water-based lube whenever you’re using a silicone toy.

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Recipes for Pleasure: How to Have the Most Vibrant Orgasm with Neon!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.54.13 AM

Look how stoked this silhouette is! It’s obvs ’cause she just had the WORLD’S GREATEST ORGASM!!!!

Even though I’m pretty proud of overcoming Only Child Syndrome, I can still get pretty bratty sometimes – I want it all, and I want it now! This totally spills into my solo sex life. I just want to feel all of the things so I can have the best possible orgasm, is that so much to ask?! Nope, not at all, and our newest Neon Luv Touch items offer everything you need to bring you the brightest blast off.


STEP 1: Warmup with the Fantasy Kit’s Warming Massage Lotion, rubbing it all over your most sensitive spots (don’t forget the nips!) Really get to know your body. Arousal doesn’t come solely from genital play. Pay attention to your most erogenous areas – maybe your neck or hips. The more you touch, the more you’ll find yourself riling up!

STEP 2: Once you’re super hot and need to get some juices flowing, grab the Lil Rabbit. Don’t let its small size fool you – this bitty bunny packs plenty of pulsating power. Begin by tickling your thighs and lips before slipping the fluttering ears inside to tease your clit, getting you wet and ready for the real rabbit rock show.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.02.35 AMSTEP 3: There are way too many pleasurable parts of our anatomy and, in fact, most people with vaginas can’t get off on penetration alone. But with the dual stimulating Rabbit Vibe you’ll kill two birds with one… uh… bunny. Squirt some Moist all over this sucker and the tapered tip will easily slip inside. The deeper you go, the closer the rabbit’s fluttering ears will flick against your clit as the bubbly textured shaft massages you with every thrust.

STEP 4: Two in the pink and one in the stink ain’t just a Shocker thing – it’s actually like, the best possible combo to have the most intense orgasm. Well, at least in my book, simultaneous clit, vaginal, and anal stimulation is the key to the ultimate climax. We’ll throw it back to an OG Neon item for this purpose, grabbing the P-Spot Stimulator and slathering it with Silicone Moist for the slickest and longest lasting lubrication. Although this toy is perfect for reaching its namesake pleasure point, people of all genders can enjoy this butt buddy.

STEP 5: Now that your entire pleasure palace is tended to, you’re ready for blast off! 3… 2… 1… CUM!!!!

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Up-Close & Personal with Pipedream at Adultex!

Pipedream rocked the 10th annual Adultex Awards, scoring “Best New Product Range” for Ceramix, as well as CEO Nick Orlandino’s coveted lifetime achievement recognition. The Awards ceremony wasn’t the only place to party, though – thanks to our Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Lube Wrestling Ring, the Pipedream booth was dripping wet with fun! Check out these exclusive, behind-the-scenes pics to capture the glistening memories from lube-covered cuties to VP Ruben Dietz’ acceptance speech.

Sex Toy Secrets: Alternative Uses For Adult Products

In light of my recent shock and awe at the possibilities of e-stim beyond sexual arousal, I’ve been finding more and more interesting ways that sex toys can be incorporated in everyday life beyond the bedroom.

Vibrators can be used to improve a singer’s range!

Bullet Vibrators 

One vocal coach uses small bullet vibrators to massage his students’ throats as it “relaxes tension in the larynx [and] improves range and projection.” University of Alberta teacher David Ley goes on to explain, “What I’m trying to do is help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy.” Some may assume students would be uncomfortable when being introduced to a sex toy in school, but it turns out they’re actually more comfortable with the toys on their necks rather than an instructor’s hands.

Powered by a whisper-quiet motor, the Mini Wanachi massager is the premier choice for revitalizing tired muscles.

Wanachi Personal Massagers 

Any Wanachi is perfect for an all-over massage. Their sturdy wand design makes it easy to handle and the bendable head can be easily manipulated to reach even the tightest spots. The relaxing vibrations of the whisper-quiet Japanese motors can relieve tension and reduce muscle fatigue, giving your aching body the recharge it deserves!

Moist Personal Lubricant 

Lube is a great addition to any all-over massage. It helps your fingers or massager slip through muscles easier, and water-based lube won’t be as messy as massage oils since it dries up. You can also use lube to help yank off a tight ring, untangle chains and hair, and can even use it to replace your household lubricant!

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FAQ: How Can I Give a Better Blowjob?

Say Ahhhh - RD244

You want to blow his mind away with an amazing blowjob, but you just don’t like how it tastes, or are not sure how, or have a gag reflex from hell.

Well Pipedream is here to help! Here are some feel good fellatio tips that will have him whistlin’ dick-see and some links to products you’re going to want in your sensual arsenal so you can take your focus off the bad taste in your mouth and onto pleasing him.

Your Perception
If you just don’t like giving blowjobs at all and your heart isn’t into it, it will be difficult to perform like a pro. Either work on shifting the perception in your mind, so that it is an enjoyable thought rather than it seeming like a chore you have to get through, or find an alternative. Remember, giving a good handjob, or using a realistic Fanta Flesh stroker can feel just as good as a blowjob if you do it right.

Know His Sweet Spots
Every man’s penis is a unique playground of fun with certain spots that will send shivers of delight through his loins and body when manipulated properly. The only way to find the spots on your man is to discover them through sexual exploration and allowing him to provide constructive feedback on what he likes while you’re going down on him.

Put Your Tongue Into It
The tongue is a muscle. Like all muscles in your body, it will get stronger over time if you exercise it. Eventually you’ll be able to exert it’s power to tickle and tantalize those sweet spots on his love muscle that will take him over the edge. According to sex advice columnists Ask Dan & Jen, a strong tongue can put six to eight lbs. of pressure on the penis.

Tongue Pilates & Breathing Exercises on Your Off-Time
Find ways you can exercise your tongue anytime, anyplace that will make your mouth and tongue a sexual olympian. Being able to hold your breath for long periods of time will also help you give better head. Swimming laps can help you learn to hold your breath for longer periods of time.

The Trick is To Keep Breathing
Learn how to incorporate your hands into the mix while giving a blowjob so you can give yourself a breather. This will also switch things up so they don’t get repetitive. Even the best deep throat will lose it’s power if that’s all you’re doing to him for an extended time. Once you’ve caught your breath, inhale deep and go for it!

Ditch Your Gag Reflex
Changing your perception of performing oral on your man should help you gag less. But there is still the physical challenge of it actually fitting. If you are plagued by a gag reflex you cannot seem to get rid of for one reason or another, try one of our Comfortably Numb deep throat aids.

Leave a Good Taste in Your Mouth
Let’s face it, not everyone likes the flavor of fellatio. Pipedream offers several ways to get past this problem and bring you closer together. Try one of our Flavored Moist lubricants, BJ Blast oral sex candy, Head Job oral sex lotion or even Body Heat flavored warming massage lotion while you’re going down on him.

FAQ: Where is the Glycerin used in your MOIST® lubricants derived from?

It’s no secret that personal lubricants add slickness to one’s sexual experience. Adding a drop or two to the vagina or anus — or even to one’s own hand during masturbation— allows sex parts to glide into position with ease and makes sex itself more pleasurable.

Think, if you will, of the pistons in your car’s engine. When the motor is well-oiled, your car runs efficiently with minimal wear and tear. Your body is no different.

Keeping a bottle of lube around for those special moments is good practice for maintaining your tip-top performance. And with so many personal lubricants available, you’re sure to find just the right one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

MOIST Flavored Lubricant contains PLANT derived glycerin.

Basically, there are two different types of lube available — water-base or silicone-based. While silicone-based is super-slick and long-lasting, it can be less easy to clean up. Water-based lubes are prepared with a compound called Glycerin. Glycerin adds a lasting viscosity feature to lube while still being water soluble thus making it easier to wash off. Through the wonder of modern science, there is even a Glycerin-free formula available that is just as effective.

MOIST Free contains no glycerin.

Frequently, we are asked where the Glycerin in one of our most popular lubricants — MOIST® — is derived from. This is a valid question since, after all, with water-based lube, we are applying it onto our most private areas. Below are some facts that will shed light on our intimate friend Glycerin.

Glycerin is a fatty compound that is a by-product of soap and biodiesel manufacturing — those of which are primarily derived from animal fat and vegetable oil. While that may sound like a harsh beginning, the by-product itself is colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting and is FDA-classified as a “caloric macronutrient” — which means that it is safe for human consumption and application. This compound is used in a vast array of everyday items ranging from food and beverage products to personal care lotions and creams. Glycerin is perfectly suited for lube because of its slick and smooth consistency. The Glycerin used in Pipedream’s MOIST® lube is plant-derived — which is great news for you animal lovers and vegetarians!

MOIST Voted Best Lubricant by Women's Health Magazine

Pipedream’s MOIST® lube — voted BEST Lubricant by Women’s Health Magazine — is available in various formulations, shapes and sizes. Extreme® MOIST® Lube is available in the handy 4oz size. MOIST® Anal Lube is specially formulated for anal pleasures, and is also available in the 4oz size. For those of you on the go, MOIST® Anal Lube Insertz™ makes those anal encounters easy. Our Glycerin-free MOIST® Free is specially formulated for women and anyone who has an allergy to glycerin. It’s also long-lasting, condom compatible and water-soluble. Or for those of you who like to dish around the water cooler, try the MOIST® Lube Dispenser. It’s the refreshing splash of lube you and your sex partners have been waiting for!

DP: It’s Not Just For Threesomes Anymore

DP can stand for a lot of things… when it comes to sex, however, it usually refers to “double penetration” — the act of inserting phalluses or toys simultaneously into the vagina and anus. The notion of this act

can make first-timers nervous or anxious.

Once couples have made the decision to explore the pleasures of DP, they may not be ready to bring a third person into their sex play. They’ve tried involving a toy, which — unless one partner is a contortionist — can make matters complicated and clumsy, and takes the focus off your sexy fun.


Another form of anxiety may arise for women: will her anus be able to handle having a phallus inserted without pain? The old adage “No pain, no gain” does not apply here. The best advice we can offer is to listen to your body and ease into anal play. Just remember that your anus will adjust to accommodate phalluses and anal sex will become an intensely pleasurable experience. The bottom line (pardon the pun) is that DP is a hot and healthy way to expand your sex life.

If you first-timers can relate to these scenarios, we have some options for you:

PD3740 - Fetish Fantasy Series Double Trouble

Pipedream has a solution that gives you what nature didn’t: the new Fetish Fantasy Series® Double Trouble™ Strap-On Dong. Designed for the man to wear, its durable, skin-friendly, PVC construction acts as a performance-enhancing cock ring while the larger bottom ring loops around his balls for a snug fit. Complete with a tapered-end, TPR, 5.5″ dildo (hypoallergenic and easily inserted into her anus), it is a hands-free way to add DP to your sex life without bringing in a third person! More information on the Fetish Fantasy Series® Double Trouble™ Strap-On Dong can be found here.

We also offer this in a non-phallic shaped, 100% medical grade Elite Silicone version. Learn more about it here.

Pipedream also has two products that reduce the sting and make up for the fact that the anus does not produce natural lubrication like the vagina does. The first one is Anal Eaze Desensitizing Lube. Available in .5 or 1.5oz sizes, there is plenty to take the edge off first-time anal play and make insertion easier. Its cherry flavoring adds to the sexy fun! More info on Anal Eaze Desensitizing Lube can be found here.

The second one is Moist Anal Lube. Voted BEST Personal Lubricant by Women’s Health Magazine, Moist Anal Lube is available in 1 or 4oz sizes, and is water-based for easy clean up. More info on Moist Anal Lube can be found here.

Remember: If you decide to use a desensitizing cream, such as our Anal Eaze, be sure to use caution and your best judgment, listening to your body as you insert the dong for the first time. You don’t want to do it too fast & cause yourself any discomfort in the long run.

And there you have it — all you need (and need to know) for a pleasurable and sexy DP without having a threesome! Enjoy!


Fanta Flesh & Lube Compatiblity

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about Fanta Flesh and lube compatibility. Besides water-based lubricants, what other types of lube can be used? Are silicone & oil the same thing?

Fanta Flesh is compatible with any Moist brand lubricant.

Our Fanta Flesh is a TPR blend is unique to Pipedream Products. Other faux flesh materials made by other manufacturers, while similar just aren’t quite the same as our proprietary blend.

Pipedream has tested and can recommend any of formula from its line of MOIST lubricants, manufactured in its facility in the United States. This includes waterbased MOIST, Anal, Gel, Lite, Glycerine Free, Mist, Heating or even our MOIST Flavored lubricants.

Silicone Moist is also compatible with any Fanta Flesh product, but it should be noted is not an oil based lubricant. Silicone and oil are two different substances and should not be confused. Pipedream does not make any oil based lubricant, which is also not recommended for use with any Fanta Flesh product.

Not sure which Moist is right for you? Try a sampler pack first.


Pipedream has not tested the compatibility of other manufacturer’s lubricants and cannot confirm compatibility of other lubes with Fanta Flesh products. Oil based lubricants are also NOT recommended for any items made of Fanta Flesh. This includes our male masturbators and Real Feel vibrating dongs.

We also recommend reviewing our Cleaning & Maintenance instructions to keep your Fanta Flesh in optimum condition and help extend the life of your new product.

Additional questions can be emailed to

X-Rated Ways to Celebrate National Lollipop Day

Little Pecker Hard Candy Suckers PD7434

Did you know that July 20 is National Lollipop Day? For real’s, google it.

In honor of this bizarre holiday, we’ve rounded up some ways Pipedream can help you celebrate. It also just so happens to be Hump Day, so you have no excuses, we expect you all to get laid or pleasure yourselves tonight and make your coworkers jealous of your FFF glow you have the rest of the week.

Our Award-winning MOIST lubricant comes in several flavored varieties including Strawberry, Cherry, Passion Fruit and Kiwi. It’s the same formula as our original Moist lubricant that Women’s Health Magazine awarded best lubricant and so tasty it will make his lollipop even more scrumptious than it already is when you plan for oral sex to lead to intercourse.

If you’re merely planning for an oral adventure, check out our Tasty Treats Body Toppings available in Berry Dream Strawberry, Very Cherry Vanilla, and Sinful Citrus Orange Creme. Its creamy and leaves the skin moisturized, fragrant and all over kissable.

Tasty Treats Very Cherry Vanilla

For chocolate lovers, Pipedream offers its ever popular Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping in Raspberry, Strawberry, Almond or Cafe Mocha. All four are available in sampler sizes as well as 8 oz tubes if you know which flavor you already prefer.

Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping Sampler

If you’re like some of us and still recovering from your sexual exploits over the past weekend, you can still celebrate National Lollipop Day the old fashioned way… with candy! Our Lil Pecker Hard Candy Suckers and All Day Boobie & Pecker Suckers are perfect to get your oral fixation while you let your knees finish recuperating.


Rest them up so you can do it again next Saturday!

FAQ: Basix Rubber & Lube Compatibility

BASIX Made Fresh Daily

Time and again we get asked about what types of lubes are compatible with our Basix Rubber Works Collection of dongs and vibrators and specifically if silicone lube is safe to use. This question likely stems from what people know about Silicone toys not being compatible with silicone lubricants.

But this rules doesn’t apply to our Basix Collection. These dongs and vibrators are made here in the USA at Pipedream’s factory in Chatsworth using hypoallergenic, phthalate-free rubber so they are compatible with all different types of lubricant that Pipedream makes including original waterbased MOIST, Anal, Gel, Lite, Glycerine Free, Mist, Heating or even our MOIST Flavored lubricants.

The MOIST Lubricant Collection