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Diamond Products Sweeps XBIZ Awards Nominations!



Diamond Products is already anticipating a prosperous 2016 after sweeping the thirteenth annual XBIZ Awards with 23 total nominations. While Devil’s FilmJimmyjane, and Sir Richard’s Condom Company enjoy six, five, and two nominations respectively, Pipedream has been recognized across ten categories:


Devil’s Film

  • All-Sex Release of the Year Starlets of the Year
  • All-Black Release of the Year Chocolate Cheerleader Camp 3
  • Latin Themed Release of the Year Angelic Latin Asses
  • Transgender Studio of the Year
  • Transgender Release of the Year America’s Next Top Tranny Season 20
  • Transgender Release of the Year The Tranny Bunch


  • Luxury Toy/Line of the Year
  • Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Technology Hello Touch X
  • Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Design Form 5
  • Excellence in Product Packaging
  • Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year

sir-richards-redSir Richard’s Condom Company

  • Marketing Campaign of the Year – Consumer (RED)
  • Condom Manufacturer of the Year

“We want to thank XBIZ and all of our customers for the nominations and for their continued support,” said Diamond Products Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “This type of recognition only validates our vision as we continue to acquire all of the best pleasure brands under one roof. I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished  2015 was our best year ever and we will continue to set the industry standard and lead the way in product and industry innovation.”


WIN Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Violet Wand!


What better way to celebrate Halloween than with free sex toys?! One lucky winner will soon become the proud owner of our best-selling Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Violet Wand Electro-Sex Starter Kit! Entry is simple – just follow us on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and Instagram, then share/retweet/reblog/repost the contest post on each platform for your chance to WIN!

Sorry international friends, this giveaway is open to US residents only. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Winners will be chosen on Friday, October 30, 2015.

Welcome to the Freak Show
Exploring “Weird” Sex Toys, Part 3

PD3725-05 shock therapy electro massage kit

What the hell is “weird” anyway? Strange and bizarre; “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.” Sometimes we’re afraid of the unknown and instead of exploring our curiosities and filling ourselves with the knowledge of experience, we quickly dismiss things we don’t understand.

Well guess what — ignorance ain’t bliss, people, especially in your pants! You may have popped your cherry years ago, but there’s still like, an infinite source of sensations to explore. Broaden the horizons of your ecstasy and experiment with a new shape, a new texture, or even a new fetish!

Fantasy X-tensions Vibrating Real Feel 2” Extension

male enhancement

“But I can’t feel anything!” he may complain. Oh, well that’s convenient because I can’t feel anything either when you cum and I don’t. The female orgasm is so flippin’ underrepresented that some dinguses think it’s actually a myth. Just because it takes a little extra work to bring a vag to climax doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Most people can’t cum from penetration alone anyway – our clit is where the action really is. That’s where this bomb ass Fantasy X-tension comes in. Not only does it feature a super-powerful clit stimulator, but the tight shaft and stretchy ball strap will keep your partner hard so the pounding can prevail on even if his boner doesn’t. – no excuses!!

Shock Therapy Professional Wireless Electro-Massage Kit

electrosex, estimThe words “Shock Therapy” may instill some uncomfortable visions of like, lobotomies and shit, but I swear that electrosex is the shit! The OG Shock Therapy Kit is actually a staple in the day-to-day office life here at Pipedream Headquarters. I could name at least five employees other than myself who keep one at their desk for tense shoulders and achey backs – true story. Regardless of the intricate control unit, the OG Shock unit remains on of our best-selling toys. But we heard your pleas for an upgrade so we stepped up our game with the new-and-improved Wireless Electro-Massage Kit. The wireless pads allow more freedom of movement and the easy-to-use control unit even features a diagram with suggested placement inspired by the ancient Chinese pressure points. Enjoy a deep tissue massage or add some jolt to your next sack sesh.

Icicles No. 49

anal plug, bondage, floggerThis shit just makes me laugh – and that’s totally cool! Personally, I think a lot of people take sex way too seriously. If laughing is one of the most enjoyable feels in the world, then what’s wrong with combining it with the other most enjoyable feel in the world? The Icicles flogger is actually a top-seller and best-reviewed toy – and it deserves the title, too. The butt plug is everything an anal aficionado looks for – super-smooth, tapered tip, thin neck, wide base – and the flogger’s bunch of super-soft leather tresses offer everything from a light tease to a sharp bite.

You may be thinking, uh, okay, so what about this perfect product makes you giggle? Furries. Okay, maybe not furries themselves, because I’m not tryna dismiss anyone’s sexual taste, but wearing this plug totally makes me feel like some sorta BDSM horse goddess who doesn’t even need a Dom(me) ‘cause I can flog myself with this bad boy! We actually whipped it out during my last appearance on Veteran porn star Ginger Lynn’s podcast “Blame It On Ginger,” where my girl got a kick out of this Icicle in the very same fashion, popping it in and trotting around the studio – beaming – as we cackled every time she paused to swing her hips and wag her “tail” or spank herself. You gotta check out the show on

Fetish Fantasy Series Shocks Again!

Pipedream’s award-winning Fetish Fantasy Series continues to grow as their best-selling Shock Therapy series expands to include the Shock Therapy Pleasure Panty. Perfect for customers who want to give their love life a charge, these easy-to-use electrosex panties feature a vinyl lace-up G-string and a super-soft Luv Touch handheld power unit that doubles as a hand massager.

Choose a setting on the power unit’s dial to control the intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in seconds. Users can switch between “slow” or “fast” to control the frequency of the shock, or adjust the dial at the base of the compact remote to control the strength of the shock. Switching to “in” mode lets users enjoy the remote as a hand massager, as the oval center piece delivers shocking stimulation once their palm touches any other part of the metal. A small pocket on the front of the panty allows the wearer to conveniently holster the power unit when the action heats up.

“Our Shock Therapy Pleasure Panty is the perfect solution for kinky couples looking to add a little jolt to their sex lives,” says Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “Great for beginners, the familiar design of the sexy G-string panty is much less intimidating than other Shock Therapy units. And the hand control unit couldn’t be more simple to use with just two switches and one dial to control its plethora of functions!”

Customers are urged to place their orders while supplies last. For those who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats. Product videos are also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.


For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via email at

Let’s Talk About Sex… and Pipedream!

One of our very good friend and reviewer, Let’s Talk About Sex, hosted a few Sexy Santa Workshops in Michigan last week. The educational events took place at Get Curious in Ann Arbor and Deja Vu in Ypsilanti, and featured a slew of our best-selling brands. LTASex showcased our Icicles to demonstrate temperature play, Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Luv Gloves to demonstrate e-stimulation, and Fetish Fantasy Series 8″ Hollow Strap-On when discussing erection enhancement and strap-on play, along with a slew of our other award-winning brands. We’d like to send our deepest gratitude to LTASex, Get Curious, and DeJaVu for their continued support, and wish you all the warmest holiday season and most prosperous New Year! To learn more about the items featured in LTASex’s Sexy Santa Workshop, hit up Sexpert Sabrina at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!

Throwback Thursday: More Celeste Star!

Our good friend Celeste Star dropped by the office yesterday for a little help updating her toy chest! We spent the afternoon in our showroom where I taught her all about the power of ben-wa balls and keggling, and the gradual training it takes to more comfortably enjoy anal. I also introduced her to my latest sex toy obsession — pussy pumps! The mind-blowing sensitivity one can attain with a pump definitely sparked Celeste’s curiosity, so she purchased her very first pussy pump! And though the shock of e-stim scared her a bit, I eventually eased her into her very first Shock Therapy session.

Check out more of Celeste’s Pipedream shopping list:

Icicles No. 32

Now, we’ve known Celeste since she was just 19. She’s one of our most utilized models, appearing on an array of Fetish Fantasy Series products like our Beginner’s Silk Rope Bondage Set and Beginner’s Ball Gag. We also got to see the hardcore side of this traditionally girl/girl actress when she shot for our Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection, to which she admits to getting tweeted at the most for appearing on our Interchangeable Gag. Her beautiful face is also hidden beneath our Inflatable Latex Gas Mask and Scared Straight Hood!

To celebrate our long-term love affair with Celeste, we bring you a second TBT dedicated to this brunette bombshell. Here you’ll find exclusive photos from yesterday’s shopping spree, along with a never-before-seen photoshoot! Be sure to check out our very first TBT post that just happened to feature Celeste here.

Would you like your very own Sexpert sesh with Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick? Hit her up with your own naughty curiosities at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

FAQ: Can Flat Chests Utilize the Spinning Nipple Stimulators?

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these incredible Spinning Nipple Stimulators!

Being the resident Pipedream Sexpert and just an all-around sex fiend, very rarely do I stumble upon questions I hadn’t heard before. But along with the incredible evolution of the novelty business comes new innovative products—and new questions! This one comes from our very loyal customer and friend, Howard.

Q: I have seen illustrations of your Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators. It appears to be a pair of plastic domes to fit over female breasts of a certain size and shape, and creates a vacuum to suck up the nipples, preparing them for the stimulators.

Could a male adapt this device to create a vacuum and to bring the spinning stimulators into contact with his nipples? There is a large market waiting for male nipple stimulators that are exciting and erotic. Plain vibration is not exciting or erotic.

Give your sex life a charge with the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps!

A: I just tried the Spinning Nipple Stimulators on the higher part of my chest as well as my leg to see if the cup would create a vacuum elsewhere — and it does!

I’m sure it differentiates depending on how much flesh is available for suction on the user’s chest, but the cups are super soft and flexible, so they’re easy to manipulate. All I did was flip the cups backwards, then placed the spinning stimulator directly on the flat area I wanted to stimulate. Once I flipped the cup forwards, it instantly created a vacuum seal over the area, sucking the flesh inside, pushing my skin against the tickler and spinning stimulators.

Again, this may differ depending on how fatty the area is. If the chest is too “hard”, it may not be easy for the cups to pull in that flesh in order to push it against the stimulators.

I hope that all makes sense! In the gallery below, I tried to depict the flipping of the cup, as well as showing the vacuum suction over the flatter area of my chest and an arm. Please excuse the crappy Photobooth quality…

Here are some other fun nipple stimulators beyond the typical clamp:

Is there a dirty question you’ve been dying to ask but don’t know where to go? Feel free to hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick anytime at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Pipedream Dominates South Carolina’s Guilty Pleasures!

One of my favorite aspects about working here at Pipedream HQ is just how much everyone here cares about our products. Whether it’s a graphic designer or sales exec, we all really do take pride in the products we produce, and we even have some favorites! Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel is a huge fan of the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves, and even walks around the office wearing the original Shock Therapy device for her tense shoulders. (This is actually pretty common around here — a few of us can usually be heard buzzing behind our desks!)

We spend so much time with all of our award-winning collections, so it’s only natural that we get to know them really well. Knowledge is the number one key to higher sales — it’s much easier to confidently sell a product that you know inside and out. That’s why we send our Dream Team sales execs around the globe to give Pipedream distributors and retailers the hands-on training they need to effectively sell our brands.

Cheryl spent some time last week in North Charleston, SC with Pipedream retailer Guilty Pleasures for their annual Ladies Night and product training. Check out how our Fetish Fantasy Series dominates their store, and see some behind-the-scenes fun from their private Pipedream training!

For more information about Pipedream Products, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

FAQ: Shock Therapy Butterfly Stimulator – Where the hell do I put this thing?!

Okay, I think we’ve covered everything you need to know about our original Shock Therapy device in Shock Therapy 101 and Shock Therapy 101, Part 2… but what about the Butterfly?! Though the guidelines are the same, here are some placement suggestions for the Shock Therapy Butterfly Stimulator featuring none other than our in-house Mega Fuck Slut, Cupcake. You really can place any Shock Therapy adhesive pads over any muscular area – they work especially well for sore or tense muscles – but you must always avoid the chest.

Need more Shock Therapy help? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Making March Our Little Bitch With Spankin’ New Fetish Releases!

We’re closing out the month and making it our submissive bitch with 17 spankin’ new Fetish releases! Our Fetish Fantasy Series, also known as the number one selling bondage line in the world, continues to grow with 5 new items, while its hardcore counterpart, Fetish Fantasy Extreme, completes our new galley.

Fetish Fantasy Series

Okay guys, let me tell you how absolutely friggen’ psyched I am to see the release of our Shock Therapy Luv Gloves. Not only were they the talk of the town at January’s ANME, but I’m really excited about introducing a friendlier e-stim device to the couples-friendly collection. I’ve recently hopped on the electrosex bandwagon after having been floored by the array of pleasurable possibilities e-stim provides. But the term “shock therapy” makes people nervous, probably due to the connotation derived from that terrifying practice of psych wards.

So there I am, chasing my roller derby friends around with those 4 little adhesive pads with hopes of releasing the tension of their sore muscles… but all they can imagine is being fried Cuckoo’s Nest-style! A foreign device with a negative connotation can be extremely intimidating — the Luv Gloves offer a much more familiar design that will ease the minds of those new to electrosex. And the mere fact that you get to utilize your own hands as a method of transmitting electrodes makes for a way more intimate experience!

Fetish Fantasy Extreme

As a material snob, I was thrilled to see our award-winning Elite Silicone introduced to our Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection… but what really got my panties wet were our new Face Fucker Gags! My most favorite toys are ones with multiple uses, because any good slut seeks the most bang for her buck! Not only do these gags shut your bottom the hell up, but they turn them into your own personal fuck toy, letting you ride your partner in a whole new way!

Distributors, be sure to contact your sales rep to place an order ASAP! For more information about these lines, or any other Pipedream product, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!