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Welcome to the Freak Show!
Exploring “Weird” Sex Toys, Part 4

What the hell is “weird” anyway? Strange and bizarre; “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.” Sometimes we’re afraid of the unknown and instead of exploring our curiosities and filling ourselves with the knowledge of experience, we quickly dismiss things we don’t understand. Well guess what — ignorance ain’t bliss, people, especially in your pants! You may have popped your cherry years ago, but there’s still like, an infinite source of sensations to explore. Broaden the horizons of your ecstasy and experiment with a new shape, a new texture, or even a new fetish!


Ceramix No. 10

Beetlejuice or Dr. Seuss – I don’t really care what you wanna compare it to, but this thing is adorable AND functional as hell. I’m already a sucker for non-traditional materials, but then you go and slap some stripes on it? #sold The ribbed shaft is juuuust enough to add that extra little oomph, but subtle enough not to overwhelm you with that curved G-Spot strokin’ tip.

If you haven’t tried our Ceramix dildos yet then I’m not really sure what you’re doing with your life. They’re perfect for temperature play just like our glass Icicles, but get this – each of the Ceramix dildos (and plugs!) are hollow, meaning your ADD-ass won’t have to wait for that shit to soak in ice-filled water. Nope, just run the tap right into that bitch and SHAZAAM your arctic fuck toy is ready in a snap.


Fuck My Cock XL

BIGGER!!!! IS!!!! BETTERRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!!! …right? This remake of our OG Fuck My Cock stroker just makes me laugh every time I see it. Like, I really wanna give it a little smiley face and call it Brad. Even though this concept may look bizarre as fuck to some people, our gay reviewer friends have actually been head over heels for my boy Brad ‘cause he offers a total reach-around experience. Moral of the story? Don’t judge someone’s jam just ‘cause it’s not your cup of tea. Every sexual appetite is different and that’s totally O K A Y !


Bonnie Rotten Spit Lotion

Don’t you lie to my face! You know you like that rough and messy shit. Even if you don’t need any help juicin’ up, you can never have too much lube – especially if we’re doing it in the butt. Plus, who doesn’t wanna fuck their favorite porn star? Drench yourself in Bonnie Rotten’s Spit and you’ll feel like you’re fucking the infamous Squirtwoman herself! This water-based formula will totes keep you wet, wild, and porn star ready all night long.

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Bonnie and Kendra totally stole the show at Vegas ILS

11075225_10153151234379788_8916876850912222992_nWe teamed up with our top distributors this week at the International Lingerie Show, the nation’s largest B2B show of its kind, hosted at the Las Vegas RIO Hotel.

Not only were key execs from the Dream Team on-hand to offer expert knowledge and customer support, but Kendra Sunderland and Bonnie Rotten also stopped by for in-person appearances to support the monster hype of their collections. The Bonnie Rotten Collection continues to top sales charts, while the Kendra Sunderland range was a must-have for distributors and retailers.

“ILS always offers an intimate environment that allows us to spend quality time with our customers,” explained Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “They still can’t believe how quickly we took Kendra’s line from concept to market, and the heated anticipation of King CockiSex, and Crush continued from our ANME show.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.10.26 AM
“Working with Kendra was a blast, she’s so sweet and her line was a hit!” said Sales Exec Chris Armstrong. “It was a pleasure getting to know our distributors even better and strengthening our already successful business relationships. We want to thank them for their continued support and generosity at this year’s ILS.”

We’re so proud of you, Ms. Rotten!

pr-bonnie-xrcoWe’ve always been on the pulse of the hottest trends, snatching up an exclusive contract with 2014 AVN Performer of the Year to release the signature Bonnie Rotten Collection last July. Bonnie’s rising stardom continues to skyrocket this week as she garnered the most X-Rated Critic Awards nominations out of the entire industry.

“Bonnie Rotten is at the top of her game – no wonder her collection sold out before it was even in stock,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “It’s only natural that the most award-winning manufacturer would team up with the most award-winning performer. We are so proud to have Bonnie on our team.”

The Popporn Awards also recognized both Bonnie and Pipedream with nominations for “Performer of the Year” and “Best Sex Toy” for our Pipedream Extreme Toyz Roto-Bator Mouth. Customers and fans can vote now at popporn.com/popporn-awards/a-4.

The Bonnie Rotten Collection is now shipping and customers are urged to place their orders immediately – as Bonnie’s career continues to boom, supplies are extremely limited. Catalogs are available by request from your sales rep and can be viewed online in multiple formats. Complete your Bonnie Rotten planogram with a free LCD screen featuring the HD brand video, also available on PDTV.

We rocked last night’s XBIZ Awards!

In a perfect bookend to a whirlwind week of industry events, we were honored at last night’s XBIZ Awards with two accolades just 24 hours after receiving the Free Speech Coalition Award for Pleasure Products Company of the Year! Unlike anything in the fetish market, our unique Fetish Fantasy Series Lube Wrestling Ring was recognized as Fetish Pleasure Product of the Year. We’re especially stoked to have also scored the prestigious Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year Award.


“I would like to thank XBIZ for their continued support and recognition, as well as my phenomenal Dream Team for all of their hard work,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “I am proud of what Pipedream has accomplished in the last year, and winning Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year only inspires us to work even harder. Pipedream will continue to set the industry standard and lead the way in product innovation.”

#pipedreamhumpday: Fulfilling Your HalloDreams!


Every day is hump day here at Pipedream, but who couldn’t use an additional reason to jump out of your panties and onto your lover! Through the entire month of October, we’ve introduced you to our best sex toys in pink as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we’ve got something spooky up our sleeve this week…

BOO!! It’s our creepiest, kinkiest favs! Vanillas BEWARE!

There is nothing more terrifying than being forbidden from pleasure. (Cue dramatic gasp.) For the ultimate All Hallow’s Eve tease, try on a chastity panty and leash. Perfect for roleplay, just throw on some kitty ears and pose on your hands and knees as your Master (or Mistress!) leads you to the final sex-stination of their choice!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.33.28 PM

We are avid preaches of all of the simultaneous sensations for intense stimulation and the most powerful orgasm… but I can already hear the spine-chilling shrieks of lovers who stumble across someone with a second, biological ween. Have no fear! That’s what strap-less DP strap-ons are for, duh. With super-stretchy rings to accommodate most sizes and put a squeeze on performance let downs, they hand just below your natural parts and feature smooth, tapered tips to ease insertion.


And there’s just no way we could even contemplate publishing a horror-centric blog without mentioning the Scream Queen of our Pipedreams, our signature star Bonnie Rotten! Snag her Make-A-Porno-Kit packed with temporary tats taken right from Bonnie’s actual bod. Slip into the free pair of thigh-high fishnets and you’ll be screwing like a porn star in no time.


Tell us in the comments about the fetish fantasies YOU are bringing to life this Halloween for your chance to WIN a Bonnie Rotten bundle of Deep Throat Spray, Spit Lube, Anal Lube, and our famous spiderweb boobie tee!

Fallback Friday: Bonnie Meets Bonnie!

We can’t believe it’s finally (almost!) time to unleash our most rotten collection yet! ANME opens its doors tomorrow at the Burbank Marriott, where we’ll be debuting Bonnie Rotten’s new signature collection… and the starlet will even be there herself! Yeah, that’s right, Ms. Rotten will be hanging out at the Pipedream booth from 2-5PM on Saturday AND Sunday!

Bonnie stopped by PD headquarters to see her final results, and was ecstatic to see the lifelike, high-quality Rotten replicas!


XBIZ Gets Rotten!

Bonnie Rotten is taking over XBIZ this month! She’s graced the cover, we’ve offered a sneak peek at her ultra-realistic deluxe love doll, and there’s even a super in-depth interview chronicling the process of her collection from development until now.

“I’m so excited to join forces with the biggest pleasure products company in the game! My fans have been going crazy for unique, one-of-a-kind Bonnie Rotten products that only Pipedream can develop and deliver.” 

Check out the entire article below or in XBIZ Premiere’s digital edition. Stay tuned as we count down to the debut of her entire collection at this weekend’s ANME!


Pipedream Gets Rotten With AVN’s 2014 Performer of the Year!

Bonnie Rotten appears at the 2014 AVN Awards where she was named Performer of the Year!

Pipedream Products and Bonnie Rotten are teaming up to bring fans the exclusive “Be Rotten” superstar collection, developed and inspired by porn’s first and only alternative starlet to win AVN’s coveted “Performer of the Year” award. The exclusive toy line will celebrate the 20-year-old superstar’s twisted sexual imagination, giving fans an up-close and personal experience with her sought after suck and fuck skills. Her signature line of toys will offer something for everyone while satisfying Bonnie’s ever-expanding global fan base.

Fans can’t wait to get a piece of porn’s most popular hardcore video vixen – the “Be Rotten” collection will debut at July’s ANME show, where the star looks forward to an exclusive autograph appearance. Bonnie’s bad ass attitude, rocking tattooed body, and bubbly bad-mouthed personality couples perfectly with Pipedream’s proven track record of best-selling contract stars.

“We’re very excited to have Bonnie Rotten on board. She’s at the top of her game right now, so it makes perfect sense for her to pair up with the #1 adult novelty manufacturer in the world,” said Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino. “Pipedream is committed to giving her fans the most authentic, most realistic Bonnie Rotten experience ever imagined. Our global marketing machine and worldwide distribution network will offer her audiences a never-before-felt experience with the industry’s most sought after sweetheart!”

Bonnie has quickly skyrocketed to the A-list of adult entertainment after only two years in the business, appearing in close to 50 films which have garnered her 30 awards nominations and 12 wins, including 2014 AVN “Performer of the Year”. Recognized and applauded for her incredible ink, spectacular squirting abilities, and anal anomaly, the high-profile honey has quickly become one of adult’s most sought after starlets.

“I’m so excited to join forces with the biggest pleasure products company in the game,” said Bonnie Rotten. “It’s a match made in heaven! My fans have been going crazy for unique, one-of-a-kind Bonnie Rotten products that only Pipedream can develop and deliver.”

Like all Pipedream brands, the “Be Rotten” collection will be complete with physical and digital catalogs, demo videos, and hi-res images and artwork to support our retail partners. Contact your Pipedream salesperson for more details.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.