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Pipedream on Playboy Radio!
“Death by Orgasm” Recap


Miyoko wanted to take some spooky Halloween pics after the show… luckily this derby girl is always equipped with a bottle of fake blood!

I had a blast with Miyoko on her Playboy Radio show “Play With Me” this week! In celebration of Halloween i.e. the only holiday that actually matters, the episode was titled “Death by Orgasm” — an homage to the French expression “la petite mort” which translates to “the little death” and means ”the brief loss or weakening of consciousness,” though modern usage specifically refers to “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death.” We talked about orgasms A LOT throughout our hour-long conversation — about the different types of orgasms, about the physiological occurrences during orgasms, about the scientific reasoning for the endorphins released by orgasms, and of course, which of Pipedream’s toys offer orgasms that are simply TO DIE FOR!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.54.57 PM

Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up, yo pump it!

Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump: Pussy pumps are seriously the best thing that’s ever happened to my sex life. I’ve always had a hard time naturally lubricating and especially struggled with a lack of sensitivity, so much so that I eventually gave up on ever getting off. Then I used a pussy pump for the first time and I swear to you, angels fucking sang as a heavenly light shot right the fuck out of me. No sexual contact had ever felt this good in my life. The entire pumped area – vulva, labia, clit, and all – became engorged with blood, turning every single nerve into a land mine of pleasure (mind you, there’s 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone). My sensitivity increased by like, at least a million, billion percent, and all that blood flow kept my clit super erect and much easier to stroke. So whether you’re disappointed in your orgasm or just want to cum like you’ve never done before (and seriously, who doesn’t want that?), then you absolutely need to make the pussy pump a staple in your toy box.


Oh so fake but feels SO real!!

King Cock Squirters: Sometimes I go on a good ol’ fashion dick binge and other times I go on a sex sabbatical, the latter of which I chose to do so rather recently. After a few months without partnered sex, I really, really, reeeaaaally started to miss cum. Messy sex is super fun and cum is like, the cherry on top of a sloppy romp. While amidst a solid bitchfest about my severe lack of facials, a colleague finally stopped laughing just enough to audibly speak the words that would send me running through Pipedream headquarters screaming in ecstasy, like a fucking 12-year-old Belieber or something. He said, “Dude, didn’t you hear we’re gonna put out some King Cock Squirters?” WHAT?! I fucking lost it, sprinting to another colleague to share the amazing news. I’m gonna have a cock that cums!!!! OMG I can give myself a facial!!! I can give myself a creampiiiieeeee!!!! Our King Cock line in general is simply the shit. They’re SO fucking realistic – like, each cock is created from its own unique, hand-sculpted mold and the colors, from the head to the veins, are meticulously hand-painted in our Chatsworth facilities. Yep, you heard that right – they’re completely manufactured right here in gotdamn America. USA!! USA!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.43.40 PM

Such vibes, many pleasure!!!

Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Ass-Gasm: I am a glutton for pleasure – I want all of the sensations all of the time. I mean, it’s just a scientific fact that if you simultaneously stimulate a bunch of your erogenous zones, then you’re definitely gonna experience increased pleasure, putting you directly on the road to the most intense, explosive orgasm you’ve ever experienced. And if I had a biological cock, then the Ultimate Ass-Gasm would certainly be my permanent weapon of choice in the war to beat my meat. Consider for a moment all of the possible points of pleasure for someone with a cock — there’s the head and the shaft, of course, but then there’s the balls and the perineum and the butt hole aaaand the prostate. And guess the fuck what? The Ultimate Ass-Gasm stimulates ALL of these areas in ALL of the ways! First of all, the cock ring maintains blood flow to the cock, encouraging erection and sensitivity. The ball ring gives your little guys a squeeze and keeps them from retracting during orgasm (when a dick cums, the balls clench into the body, so halting this provides a super intense sensation). The thumb-shaped butt plug presses snug against the prostate and the entire piece is made of super-smooth silicone, so it’s ultra-hygienic and won’t snag skin or hair. But what makes this piece so ridickulously amazing is the four strategically placed bullet vibes – I REPEAT, FOUR. FUCKING. VIBRATORS!!! One placed at the top of the cock ring to offer stimulation to the wearer’s partner, one at the base of the cock ring to tickle the wearer’s balls and the partner’s taint, one between the ball ring and the plug that buzzes the shit out of the wearer’s taint, and one inside the butt plug that tickles endless anal nerve endings and powerfully massages the prostate. ALL OF THE SENSATIONS FOR ALL OF THE PLEASURE!!!

Anyway, enough of my babble — I could talk about my favorite sex toys for mothafuckin days. Catch a 15 minute teaser of “Death by Orgasm” here, though the full episode will be available shortly so keep your panties on just a little  bit longer!! In the mean time, go ahead and exercise that other head of yours and get your sex education on with these related blog posts:

Analysis Paralysis of the Pleasurable Kind
Choosing the Right Vibe in a Sea of Sex Tech

As a veteran of adult novelty retail, I can attest to the importance of an enthusiastic, knowledgeable sales associate. Before I hopped planes on a regular basis for Pipedream, my home was behind the counter of an adult store chain that prioritized sex education. I know from experience that a lackluster employee can easily dissuade a buyer from making the right purchase. Even worse, a customer might be convinced to pay for something that’s completely useless for their needs, painful to use, or leaves them with a terrible impression of the otherwise amazing world of sexual enhancement products. Before you drop a single dime on one of retail’s infamously unreturnable items, assess your needs, get educated, and impress your local pleasure retailer with your new sex toy geek status.


Figure Out Your Body’s Needs

Sex toys can seem relatively simple… until you step into an adult boutique. There are options for your insides and outsides (and sometimes both!), and toy design has moved far beyond skinny, plastic vibrators and The Rabbit. When I used to coach customers on how to choose a toy, the first question I asked involved thinking about what body parts are the most desirable to stimulate. Do you prefer stimulation internally or externally? Do you need a little of both to enjoy using a toy? Is anal play something you’d like to add? Once you figure out what parts you’d like the toy to please, the decision-making process becomes a lot easier.

Go Big or Go Home (Happily With a Small Toy)

I think we all know by now that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to sex. When I’m on the road working with retail sales associates, one of the most common complaints is that many toys, despite otherwise good design, are just too big. Think about what you like when you’re with a partner or alone, or what you’d like to try now that you have a plethora of toys from which to choose. If hearty girth and length feel good from a human, you might enjoy the same from something silicone. If a couple fingers or stimulation around the entrance are turn-ons, go for something small and powerful with multi-speed options or an insertable vibe no larger than your hand. It’s usually more comfortable to start small and move up in size if needed, but if you know you like it big, then go for it!

16237404051_92eb6e8e5f_z (2)

Need for Speed (or Not)

Vibrators have come a long way since “slow,” “medium,” and “fast.” The amount of rumbling, tumbling, and twirling options are enough to confuse even the savviest of toy connoisseurs. When it comes to power, there are different kinds of vibrations in addition to intensity levels. Some toys produce a “buzzy” vibration, which is a fluttery, surface-level sensation, often compared to what it might feel like to trap a large swarm of angry bees in a tin can. “Rumbly” vibes are the toy equivalent of a deep tissue massage. They resonate from the core of the vibrator deep into the body, and feel like sitting on the amp of a bass guitar. The best way to test whatever kind of vibe you’re seeking is to visit an adult shop that allows customers to view toys outside of the box, fully charged or with batteries. In the end, you might decide a good ol’ dildo without any power at all is the right choice.

Do Your Research

Before you begin browsing adults-only shops, you have lots of options to see how your toy of choice has fared for other users. There is a seemingly endless amount of pleasure product enthusiasts who regularly test popular toys for their personal blogs. Companies often distribute products to these veteran toy users for the purpose of a fair, unbiased review. Not every toy can be found on review websites, but all of the latest advances in sexual technology usually garner an opinion from the blogging community. When searching for a good blog to follow, look for a writer that takes different body types and activity preferences into account. A good adult toy reviewer will understand that a toy they thought was horrible might be perfect for someone else. You’ll have the best chances of understanding what a sex toy can do for you when a blogger pays attention to the material, functions, and options for use.


Hit The Shops!

Although it can be tempting to hide behind a computer screen, choosing a toy from a brick-and-mortar store is a smarter choice if you’re not 100% confident in your purchase. A reliable retailer will employ sales associates with knowledge of how to use adult products, what kind of experience most products provide, and the kind of questions to ask customers to ensure they’re sent home satisfied. Retailer websites and Yelp reviews can help you decide which store holds the most qualified employees. If possible (and it absolutely should be possible at stores that promote sex ed.), ask a clerk to let you take the toy out of the box. If it requires batteries, staff can usually get a vibrator up and running so you can see all the details for yourself. If it’s a rechargeable toy, many stores will already have a charged-up version on the counter. Some shops even hold classes and seminars on adult pleasure products and living a healthy, happy sex life. Finding the most up-to-date retailer in your area is the final step in upping your status as a sex toy tech geek (and being a geek of sex is never a bad thing).

SNEAK PEEK: Crush, iSex, and King Cock

We can’t keep our panties on in anticipation of ANME! Our massive booth has already been in production all week, we’ve got a slew of new products added to some of our already best-selling lines… but what we’re super-duper stoked about is the debut of THREE completely new collections!

Okay, this is the part where you run to the bathroom, check your hair and swig some mouthwash, because we’re about to introduce you to your new bedside besties!

crush-sweet-heart-3dJust like that special someone who runs through your mind all day – you’ll never forget your first Crush! This 18-piece collection of silicone vibrators is made from our exclusive medical-grade Elite Silicone that’s phthalate-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, and completely body-safe. These waterproof wonders feature 10 super-powerful pulsation patterns, 3 distinct sizes, and 18 completely unique shapes and textured. From sensuous and seductive clit stimulators to sophisticated and exquisite dual vibes, you’re sure to find a Crush that you can fall in love with over and over and over again!

news-anme-previewGive “plug-n-play” a whole new meaning with iSex, our 9-piece collection of portable USB-powered pleasure devices. There’s no need for batteries – just plug into the USB port of your computer, car, or cell phone plug, and you’re instantly ready for fun! We’ve included all your playtime essentials such as bullets, strokers, and even a vibrating nipple clamp, which are all easy-to-use, perfect for beginners, TSA-approved, and eco-friendly. They’re perfect for college students, long distance video chats, solo stroking sessions, office rendezvous, road trips, and any other time you need plug-n-play satisfaction.

We’re super excited about our first collection to be conceived and produced at our brand new manufacturing facility. King Cock is the ultimate collection of dildos that looks and feels just like the rock-hard stud you’ve always fantasized about! Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. Each dildo features a strong suction-cup base that sticks to nearly any flat surface and offers harness compatibility for strap-on fun. They’re all phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, hypoallergenic, and best of all, they’re proudly made in the USA so you can enjoy every masterpiece with confidence.


Hump Day (Pipe)Dreams: Celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Our Favorite Pink Vibes


Every day is hump day here at Pipedream, but who couldn’t use an additional reason to jump out of your panties and onto your lover! Through the entire month of October, we’ll introduce you to our best vibrators in pink as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

PD1415-11_01Rabbit vibrators are perfect for those of us who require a variety of sensations. A classic and coveted design, the internal and external stimulators compliment each other to bring you to climax that some report as their quickest and most intense solo orgasm. With a bulbous tip, fluttering bunny ears, easy-access multi-speed dial, and waterproof, body-safe materials, our Neon Luv Touch Rabbit Vibe is, hands down, the most powerful vibrator available to beginners.

pd1169-34_02A small clit stimulator is just the thing you need to take your sex life over the edge. Most women will not climax from penetration alone, so clit stimulation is definitely required if you want to be a pleaser, not a teaser.  Our Le Réve Silicone Bunny is the best vibrator for couples – its small, round body easily fits into the palm of your hand as the silky-smooth silicone ears perch snug around your clit, encompassing it with direct vibrations. Don’t let its small size fool you though, because this waterproof wonder has seven mind-blowing pulsation patterns, making it the most powerful vibrator of the most compact size.

pd2955-00_01Glass dildos are the luxurious alternative for when the average toy just doesn’t cut it. Sex toy connoisseurs live for the range of features that glass provides – 100% nonporous, body-safe material, incredibly unique shapes and designs that other malleable materials could never offer, quick and easy cleaning, and back-arching temperature play. Our newest Icicles No. 55 goes two steps further – not only does it offer double-sided G-spot bliss, but either side features a ribbed and a beaded texture. Hands down, this dildo offers the best hump for your buck!

Which Hump Day (Pipe)Dreams have YOU swooning? Tell us about the PD toy that you’ll be seducing tonight!

New Galley Available Including 13 Award-Winning Icicles!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.33.41 PMOther ANME show favorites that are now available include the Fetish Fantasy Series International Portable Sex Machine and the Fetish Fantasy Extreme 11″ Extreme Glass Dong. View the entire New Galley here.

If you’re not already subscribed to our New Galley mailing list, then SHAME ON YOU!! :P Just kidding, you can email info@pipedreamproducts.com and ask to get in the loop with our bi-weekly galleys.

All items in each galley are in stock and shipping NOW, so get yours while supplies last! Catalogs are available by request from your distributor, and online catalogs are available in multiple formats. Product videos are available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.

Curious about a new toy? Like the features but not quite sure how the hell it even works? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina @ pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!

AVN Live Has a Blast at PDHQ!!!

AVN Live stopped by our Chatsworth headquarters yesterday for a little behind-the-scenes action that should hit the web by Valentine’s Day. Until then, check out our fun filled afternoon with Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz, Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel, AVN Live Host James Bartholet, and camera dude “Just” Dave!

If you’d like to cover your favorite adult manufacturer for your magazine or blog, all media inquiries can be directed to Sabrina Dropkick via email at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Pipedream’s Ceramix Pleasure Pottery Now Available!

After months of buzz with stellar debuts at ANME and eroFame, Pipedream’s impressive new collection of Ceramix Pleasure Pottery is now available. The eco-friendly collection is in stock and shipping, and customers are encouraged to place their orders while supplies last.

Made from natural, recyclable materials, these organic handcrafted massagers are body-safe, hypoallergenic, and nonporous. The range includes six vibrating and six non-vibrating pieces that are whimsically hand-glazed and infused with Yttrium for exceptional strength and polish, the same ingredient used by high-end jewelers. From incredibly smooth anal plugs to ribbed G-Spot stimulators, you simply cannot achieve these types of designs and textures with any other material.

What really sets this collection apart is the incredible potential for temperature play. Ceramic is the only material that will immediately attain the desired temperature and maintain it for up to twenty minutes – the same way a coffee mug keeps your beverage warm.

Best of all, you won’t have to pause your pleasure time to wait for your hot or cold toy – the hollow pieces feature a silicone plug at the base, allowing you to fill them with water for immediate warming or cooling.

“When our customers feel these they are blown away. It really is a very tactile experience,” explains Ceramix designer Kristian Broms. “The vibrating models are incredibly quiet and powerful, and the non-vibrators are so hot and so cold. Once you hold them in your hands, you’ll understand that feeling is believing.”

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Ceramix interactive supplement. Ceramix product videos are also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.


For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via E-Mail:sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

ETO Magazine: Inside the Dream Factory

ETO stopped by Pipedream Headquarters while in town for ANME to check out our state-of-the-art facilities in the company of CEO Nick Orlandino, who offered insights into our mass productions, branding our business, and the immense growth Pipedream has seen in just a few years –

We’re now a branded business. I made the decision a couple of years ago to go into that direction. We tried it, it worked, we’ve developed our own merchandising strategy and it’s paid off – we’ve doubled in size in three years. And we were already big to begin with, so it’s a very big number now.

Read the article in its entirety below. Check out magnified versions at the following page numbers: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

For more info on the history of Pipedream and our products, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!


Pipedream Brightens Summertime with New Neon Additions!

Pipedream kicks off summertime with a vast new galley including twelve new vibes from their best-selling Neon collection. Fun, fresh, and full of vivid colors that are guaranteed to get the party started, this entry-level collection is phthalate-free, perfect for beginners, and comes in bright, colorful packaging that shines in any retail environment.

The Neon Gems feature lifelike textures recognizable from their sister vibes, the Neon Lil’ Gems. These seductively slender PVC vibes feature an easy-access multi-speed dial at the base that controls mind-blowing yet whisper-quiet vibrations.

You’ll hit all the right spots with ease using the Neon Finger Fun Vibe! A stretchy ring at the base wraps around your finger, allowing you to bask in the intimacy of you or your partner’s touch. Don’t let its small size fool you, because this G-spot stimulator packs plenty of pulsating power. It even includes free batteries!

Both additions are available in the traditional Neon color palette of pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Totally waterproof, they can be taken to the shower or hot tub to turn bath time into playtime.

View the complete list of Pipedream’s latest new galley. For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Neon PDF. Product videos are also available to download for in-store or online use from PDTV

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Pipedream’s Hottest Line Makes A Splash! Entire Juicy Jewels Collection Now in Stock and Shipping

Following its highly successful sold-out debut, Pipedream’s best-selling Juicy Jewels collection is available once again in its entirety. All 28 unique pieces are now in stock and shipping, and customers are encouraged to place their orders while supplies last.

“This collection is a must-have for any retailer, the numbers don’t lie!” says Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “Juicy Jewels are already proven top-sellers thanks to their great quality, competitive price-point, and overall marketability.”

These super-soft, phthalate-free vibes are perfect for beginners, featuring powerful multi-speed vibrations and flexible shafts that curve with your body’s contours. Just in time to make a splash for summer, Juicy Jewels’ waterproof design is perfect in any wet enviroment! The manufacturer is confident the line will sell out fast, so distributors are urged to contact their Pipedream sales rep to place an order today.

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats here, including the brand-new Juicy Jewels interactive supplement. The latest Juicy Jewels product video is also available to download for in-store or online use here.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.