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Beat Away Those V-Day Blues: Lupercalia & Flogging

Bree Daniels is ready for a fierce flogging in our Divine Addiction from Fetish Fantasy Lingerie.

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. I really hate the whole Hallmark holiday BS, but ummm… I love candy and presents, duh! Regardless of your relationship with this holiday, there’s another February celebration that I think we can all get behind.

Before Cupid, February 13th – 15th was reserved for the ancient festivities of Lupercalia. Screw the history lesson, let’s get to the good stuff – it’s said that the Lupercalia celebration involved running naked through the streets and spanking anyone around! And the ladies were thrilled to bare their rears, believing that bum beatings aided with fertility and pregnancy.

“Shaggy thongs” – or floggers – were the whips of choice, typically made of animal hides and consisting of a cluster of tails. Though leather is still probably the most popular material for floggers, there are now a plethora of materials and styles that deliver an array of sensations.

Our Fetish Fantasy Series features some great classic flogger styles. Our super-soft suede Designer Flogger is perfect for beginners, as it’s lightweight and features a textured handle for easy grip. The suede falls are great for teasing, tickling, and light lashing. If you prefer a bit more bite on your behind, check out our Beaded Cat-O-Nine Tails. This vinyl flogger features a soft backside on each blade so the lash won’t be too harsh, though the blunt edges still provide a savory sting.


Once you’ve become acquainted with light flogging, you might be craving some more powerful play. Our Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Bondage Whip, made from our medical-grade Elite Silicone, is a bit heavier than our classic floggers. The elasticity of the silicone provides a stinging sort of lash, like the snap of a rubber band. If pain is your game, then you’ll love our Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chain-O-Pain. These heavy-duty ball chain falls are easy to swing and pack a serious whack! They’re also great for temperature play and can create electrical sensations when used in a flogging motion.

Our Anal Bead Whip makes the perfect tail for pony play!

Want more bang for your buck? Check out our multi-functional floggers. Our Icicles No. 38 has been the talk of the town lately, with rave reviews and a rank on EdenFantasys’ Top 10 Dildos and Dongs. It features genuine bull leather tresses with a unique hand-blown glass handle that doubles as a dong! The elegant textured swirls provide added stimulation and can be easily heated or cooled for tempting temperature play. For more penetrable play, our Fetish Fantasy Series Anal Bead Whip features a handle of five textured beads that turns these thin tresses into the perfect tail! Couple it with our Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Bit Gag for some pretty pony role-play!

For more information about floggers, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at Sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com. You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

Lady Balls: A Beginner’s Guide to Ben-Wa Balls


Guess what girls — we’ve got balls too! Ben-Wa balls, that is. But unlike those nature-made, testosterone-induced ones, our Fetish Fantasy Series Ben-Wa Balls are about the size of a marble, and made of metal or glass. Other versions of the Ben-Wa balls are hollow with a smaller, weighted ball inside that rolls around with movement. They can come as a pair of two separate Ben-Wa balls, or connected with a string to ease removal.

Inserting a Ben-Wa ball is quick and simple as long as you are properly lubricated. Lubrication is key to safe and enjoyable sex of any kind, so if you need a little help getting wet, try our Moist Personal Lubricant. Once you’re all oiled up, just place the ball against the vaginal opening and gently push it inside with your fingers. To ease insertion, be conscious of your vaginal muscles —  make sure they’re completely relaxed as you push the balls inside, one at a time. If you’re tensing up, it may help to play with yourself a bit prior to insertion.  Massage yourself with a super cute Neon Luv Touch vibrator to aid with both lubrication and relaxation, and penetrate to help stretch the vaginal opening and canal.

Once the Ben-Wa balls are in, you can enjoy them alone or with a partner, but do not engage in penetration while the Ben-Wa balls are still inside of you. Getting off with Ben-Wa balls is all about external stimulation. In fact, most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, though penetration does enhance a clit-stimulated orgasm. As you gyrate your hips, use your vaginal muscles to hold the balls in place. If you’re using hollow Ben-Wa Balls, the inner balls will bounce around inside of you, creating vibrations that enhance sensation in your vaginal canal.

We benefit from Ben-Wa balls beyond just an intensified orgasm. When you’re not at play, Ben-Wa balls are a great tool in strengthening your lady parts, too. Don’t forget that your vagina is a muscle that will benefit from working out just like any other muscle. Strengthening your vagina by coupling the Ben-Wa balls with keggle exercises improves sexual performance — just imagine how great a tighter grip on his dick will feel for the both of you! Strong vaginal muscles are also imperative when preparing to give birth, as well as increased vaginal elasticity, which will improve with continued exercise. Keggling is also used to treat mild urinary incontinence by enhancing bladder control. In fact, Taoists and Tantra practitioners credit the Ben-Wa ball directly as an important tool in exercising control, as well as exploring one’s sensuality.

If you’re looking for more variety of Ben-Wa balls, then stay tuned for our soon-to-be released handblown glass Ben-Wa balls from our Icicles collection!

Ben-Wa balls are not butthole-friendly! The anus leads to the rectum where objects can be easily lost. This is due to the rectum’s shape – which is in the shape of an S — so those curves can make it impossible to retrieve items without medical assistance. It’s important that the only objects inserted into your anus are specifically designed and labeled for anal play, such as our Ready-4-Action Vibrating Anal Beads or Wallbanger Waterproof Jelly Butt Plug (and don’t forget our Moist Anal Lube!)

Be sure to clean your Ben-Wa balls before and after each use with our Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. If you have more questions regarding Ben-Wa balls, or any other Pipedream Product, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

FAQ Video: Fetish Fantasy Series Ball Gag Training System

Looking to step up the intensity of your playtime while still easing into things? Check out the Fetish Fantasy Series Ball Gag Training System (PD3841). The Ball Gag Training System is perfect for beginners who are new to being gagged, yet versatile enough to satisfy a pro. The 3-gag training system allows you to start with a small gag and gradually work your way up to the larger one – and go from mild to wild as you progress! Each gag is fitted with holes to make breathing easy. You’ll teach your partner the meaning of submission in no time at all – remember practice makes perfect!

In the video below we answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • What are the dimensions of each ball gag?
  • Can it be worn by men and women?
  • Why are there holes in the ball gag?
  • How do I put it together?

If you have a question email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

The Ball Gag Training System by Pipedream Products is perfect for anyone who wants to spice things up with their partner by trying a little bondage play.

Perfect for the first timer, the training system comes with 3 different size gags: small at 1.5-inches, medium at 1.75-inches and large at 2-inches when measured across.

Each gag is made of plastic and features holes so that the wearer can continue to breathe easily while wearing the Training System.

To connect each ball gag to the leather strap, simply wrap each end around the metal o-ring and snap it shut – you can also unsnap it and switch to a different size.

The extra long , black leather strap easily adjusts to fit most sizes, so it can be worn by both women and men.

The Bag Gag Training System also comes with a free mask inside so that when you put it on, sensations and the element of suspense are heightened.

Now you are ready to experience an exciting session of bondage play that is sure to arouse both you and your partner!

If this is your first time dabbling in BDSM play, make sure to practice appropriate safety measures and know one another’s limits by communicating openly before engaging .

When you are finished, cleanup is a breeze with Pipedream’s antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

What’s so great about the new BASIX Universal Harness?

Available in Regular & Plus-Size

Want to try a little strap-on action with your partner but can’t find the right harness?

The Universal Harness (available in standard & plus size) from Pipedream’s BASIX Rubber Works line is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use harnesses out there!

The harness can be used with practically every dong from the BASIX line, in addition to any other ones you may have in your collection–even those from non-Pipedream brands.

Own a collection of dongs ranging from finger-small to missile-big? The harness set comes with 3 differently-sized, stretchable, and interchangeable silicone rings (1.2”, 1.6”, 2”), giving you the option use any size dong you choose. Whether you want to “ease into” or “stretch out” your lover is entirely up to you!

Another feature for added comfort is the adjustable strap which can fit up to a 36-inch waist on the standard and 50-inch waist on the plus-size version!

We will soon be uploading a tutorial video on how to use the harness, so stay tuned! If you have any specific questions you would like answered, leave a comment below and we will include it in the video.

Pick your Universal Harness today and enjoy an evening of fun strap-on play!

For more information about other harnesses at Pipedream, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

Are Vibrators “Recession Proof”?

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Check out this interesting take on the topic of a recent Insider Health News #ihtv report & comment below with what you think!

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