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4 Ways to Attract Today’s Consumer

4 Ways to Attract Today's Consumer

For many, 2017 was the year of consumer non-spending. Author Ann Patchett even documented her year of no shopping for the New York Times. Many consumers were consciously fitting their lifestyles into popular trends that demanded less material items – tiny homes, upcycling, campervans, and co-living concepts.

The modern consumer is well into 2018 and is experiencing varied shopping choices that put them in the drivers’ seat. Traditional retail stores find themselves competing against new, innovative business models, while new brands are emerging at ever-increasing rates.

So what can companies and brands do to attract today’s consumer whose preferences and behaviors are changing? Here are four ways to stand out from the crowd and connect with today’s buyers.

Embrace gender-neutral products. Because our world is becoming more fluid, products are being created to be suitable for all gender classifications. In mainsteam, Target has removed references to “boys” and “girls” aisles in their stores and is releasing a gender-neutral kids collection in July.

Walmart will be redesigning some of their product labels based on shopper studies reflecting how gender-typed colors influence shopping preferences.

When a product can be embraced by a consumer regardless of gender, it may be advantageous to keep that product and package language gender-neutral when possible. A great example is the Anal Fantasy Elite Collection, which boasts high-end packaging that appeals to all consumers.

Be flexible. YouTube started as a video dating site but soon discovered people wanted to share content. Instagram started as a check-in app, until people started posting pics of their food. Viagra was originally a treatment for hypertension and heart disease. Sometimes being flexible is the greatest way to uncover a bestseller.

The Pipedream Planogrammer allows retailers the flexibility to build a wall of products to match each individual store.

Focus on consumers’ desires for healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyles. CVS has unveiled plans to renovate several hundred stores to spotlight healthy living, and many others in the retail sector are following suit. According to market research, health and wellness is the next trillion-dollar industry. Considering that vibrators are considered therapeutic medical devices, it seems natural to play up their health, happiness and empowerment benefits.

Many of the female-focused products in the Fantasy For Her Collection provide a multitude of sexual health benefits. The Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set is an intimate personal trainer for a vagina, strengthening PC and pelvic floor muscles.

Find your niche. Having a distinct niche can allow a business and product to stand out in a sea of competition. Being able to concentrate on a specialized market segment lets consumers easily find your product, and allows your advertising dollars to be specifically better spent. Rather than aim for broadness, own your niche, hone your message and concentrate on your specialty.

Pipedream Products manufactures a wide array of items that can serve several niches – from fetish to electrical stimulation (or E-stim).

A few items in the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Collection feature touch-activated sound that provides a sexy voice to accompany pleasure sessions. Speech and sounds can heighten arousal and sexual satisfaction exponentially.

Sunny Rodgers is the Brand Manager for Pipedream Products, JIMMYJANE, and Sir Richards

Lady Balls: A Beginner’s Guide to Ben-Wa Balls


Guess what girls — we’ve got balls too! Ben-Wa balls, that is. But unlike those nature-made, testosterone-induced ones, our Fetish Fantasy Series Ben-Wa Balls are about the size of a marble, and made of metal or glass. Other versions of the Ben-Wa balls are hollow with a smaller, weighted ball inside that rolls around with movement. They can come as a pair of two separate Ben-Wa balls, or connected with a string to ease removal.

Inserting a Ben-Wa ball is quick and simple as long as you are properly lubricated. Lubrication is key to safe and enjoyable sex of any kind, so if you need a little help getting wet, try our Moist Personal Lubricant. Once you’re all oiled up, just place the ball against the vaginal opening and gently push it inside with your fingers. To ease insertion, be conscious of your vaginal muscles —  make sure they’re completely relaxed as you push the balls inside, one at a time. If you’re tensing up, it may help to play with yourself a bit prior to insertion.  Massage yourself with a super cute Neon Luv Touch vibrator to aid with both lubrication and relaxation, and penetrate to help stretch the vaginal opening and canal.

Once the Ben-Wa balls are in, you can enjoy them alone or with a partner, but do not engage in penetration while the Ben-Wa balls are still inside of you. Getting off with Ben-Wa balls is all about external stimulation. In fact, most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, though penetration does enhance a clit-stimulated orgasm. As you gyrate your hips, use your vaginal muscles to hold the balls in place. If you’re using hollow Ben-Wa Balls, the inner balls will bounce around inside of you, creating vibrations that enhance sensation in your vaginal canal.

We benefit from Ben-Wa balls beyond just an intensified orgasm. When you’re not at play, Ben-Wa balls are a great tool in strengthening your lady parts, too. Don’t forget that your vagina is a muscle that will benefit from working out just like any other muscle. Strengthening your vagina by coupling the Ben-Wa balls with keggle exercises improves sexual performance — just imagine how great a tighter grip on his dick will feel for the both of you! Strong vaginal muscles are also imperative when preparing to give birth, as well as increased vaginal elasticity, which will improve with continued exercise. Keggling is also used to treat mild urinary incontinence by enhancing bladder control. In fact, Taoists and Tantra practitioners credit the Ben-Wa ball directly as an important tool in exercising control, as well as exploring one’s sensuality.

If you’re looking for more variety of Ben-Wa balls, then stay tuned for our soon-to-be released handblown glass Ben-Wa balls from our Icicles collection!

Ben-Wa balls are not butthole-friendly! The anus leads to the rectum where objects can be easily lost. This is due to the rectum’s shape – which is in the shape of an S — so those curves can make it impossible to retrieve items without medical assistance. It’s important that the only objects inserted into your anus are specifically designed and labeled for anal play, such as our Ready-4-Action Vibrating Anal Beads or Wallbanger Waterproof Jelly Butt Plug (and don’t forget our Moist Anal Lube!)

Be sure to clean your Ben-Wa balls before and after each use with our Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. If you have more questions regarding Ben-Wa balls, or any other Pipedream Product, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

Getting a Charge Out of Your Batteries

When batteries work properly, we barely even notice they’re there. But when they begin to die, all rational thinking gets pushed aside, expletives fly out of our mouths and we damn the day we bought the device that’s momentarily not working. I guess it’s safe to say we have a love/hate relationship with batteries. But before you do something drastic like chuck your vibrator against the wall, we have a better solution: know your battery. Being familiar with a battery’s output capacity can put the love back into your relationship (with your toy) — and save your sanity.

Modern standard and extended-life batteries are composed of carbon-zinc, alkaline, or lithium. Rechargeable batteries utilize nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride as their force. Battery life expectancies vary depending on what type is used (standard, extended-life, rechargeable) and what the battery is made of; therefore, we cannot estimate a life expectancy. What is important here is voltage. Voltage is as important to a battery’s performance as getting the right toy is to good sex. In most cases, the lower the voltage, the longer the battery will last; the higher the voltage, the quicker it will burn out. The exceptions to this rule are lithium and A23 batteries; lithium has a higher output capacity (3 volts) — which is why they are a favorite for digital cameras and electronics — and A23′s “round multiple cell” construction gives them a super-charged output (12 volts).

It is important to understand that no battery will last forever. That is why we recommend always keeping spares on hand — or a charger along with spare rechargeable batteries (NEVER try to recharge standard, non-rechargeable batteries). Also, NEVER combine old batteries with new (it drains the power quickly) or standard with rechargeable (for the same reason). And NEVER combine lithium batteries with other types. There are, however, toys that require a combination of different types of batteries, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s requirements. Additionally, ALWAYS recycle used batteries — they are harmful to the environment if disposed of in the trash.

The list below gives a breakdown of battery sizes commonly used in sex toys. This will help you make the correct choice to get your vibe on:

AA — The most common multipurpose battery used in a wide array of devices. A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel cadmium NiCd and nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys as diverse as the Neon Luv Touch Vibe™, Waterproof Wabbit Vibe and the Pipedream Extreme Toyz™ Latino Lover use one, two and three AA batteries (not included), respectively.

AAA — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys such as Neon Love Touch Ribbed Slims™ use two AAA batteries (not included).

C — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys like the 9 Function Multi Wanachi require two C batteries, not included.

N — Also a single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). The Remote Control Waterproof Butterfly™ requires three AA batteries and one N battery to function.

LR41, LR44, AG3 and AG13 — These types of batteries are commonly known as “button cells” for their button-like appearance. They are composed of silver oxide and alkaline, and have an output of 1.5 volts. Small and compact, they come in a wide range of sizes (pay close attention to the exact battery number when replacing). Their minuteness is perfect for toys like the Neon Luv Touch One Touch Egg™ (two LR41 batteries, not included), Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe™ (three LR44 batteries, not included), and the Silicone Rabbit Pearl Deluxe™ (six LR41 and one AG3 battery, not included).

A23 — A multiple-cell alkaline battery. Sometimes encased in a cylindrical cardboard tube (like a standard battery) and sometimes stacked together and shrink-wrapped, the result is the same: 12 volts. Toys like the 10 Function Remote Control Bullet™ require a combination of batteries (six LR44 aka AG13 batteries, and one A23 battery for the remote (included).

Having a time finding replacements for those odd size batteries? We have them in stock.