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Tales From The Road: Picturesque Plan-O-Gramming

When I visit a new city for some face time with a retailer, I’m hoping to arrive to two types of pleasant views: a well Plan-O-Grammed store, and some gorgeous natural backdrops to accompany my drive. What do adult novelty merchandising displays and mountains have in common? Absolutely nothing, unless you’re a nature lover who also happens to interface with adult retailers for a living!


Last Fall, I was greeted with the best of both worlds when I arrived in Reno, Nevada. My customer could not have followed our suggested Plan-O-Grams more beautifully in his boutique-style shops. During the downtime between the staff trainings and consumer events we set up, he suggested that I take a drive up to nearby Lake Tahoe. I was in business trip heaven! My office was thrilled with the results of my customer visit, and I got to take in some of the most stunning views of the Reno area.


The Plan-O-Grammer, for those who aren’t familiar, is our custom software that aids us in designing product layout on a wall within a store to best increase sales. It’s a typical concept to those in retail – visual merchandising, really – but it’s especially important for adult novelty manufacturers. Everyone has grown up knowing popular brands of clothing and food, but how many can name the company that makes his or her favorite adult toy? This is where a Plan-O-Gram comes in. Stores that strategically place product in an easily navigable way are helping their customers develop brand recognition and understand their needs. The mass amount of toy manufacturers and brand lines can make purchasing a headache for some people. Plan-O-Grammed displays group toys by company and product line, displaying cohesive packaging that will stick in consumer minds. When a boutique client requests a strap-on-compatible rubber dong, they can now easily be directed to the slat wall section that holds the entire line of Pipedream’s Basix Rubber Works. When retailers Plan-O-Gram, it’s a win-win for everyone in the chain of supply and demand.


After admiring the walls of my customer’s stores, I headed out to his suggested drive up to North Lake Tahoe. Fitting nature into my daily duties is a huge perk of traveling for a living. The incredible beauty of my surroundings leaves me refreshed when I have to get back on the clock. Taking a breather, regardless of how small, is the best way to stay sane while living out of hotel rooms. It’s easy to get so caught up in the industrial world of a career that one forgets the importance of little sips of leisure. If you can’t fit a long break into your work schedule, steal away into the woods in-between luncheons and meetings. Trust me, the effort you’ll be able to show those future Plan-O-Grams might just depend on it.

Check out the photos from my mid-trip excursion to Lake Tahoe:

[portfolio_slideshow id=17201]

Bring Your Fetish Fantasy Series Harness Collection to Life!


Bring your best-selling Fetish Fantasy Series wall to life with Pipedream’s new Promotional Torso Displays (PD4003-55). The latest addition to the manufacturer’s award-winning merchandising efforts is now available to all customers who purchase Fetish Fantasy Series Harnesses – at no additional cost!

The smooth, white torso proudly displays the Fetish Fantasy Series logo at the waistline, and features a sturdy metal hanger with plastic hook to easily hang this half torso on any display rack, peg, grid, or slat wall. You can also dress up your complimentary displays with other wearable Fetish Fantasy Series items, such as vibrating panties and strap-ons.

“Our new torso displays are a must-have for any retail environment,” explains Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “They do all the selling for you, allowing the customer to really see and feel these exquisite new fetish essentials.”

Customers are urged to contact their sells rep now while supplies last. Catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Fetish Fantasy Series Harnesses interactive supplement. Brand and product videos are also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail atsabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Pipedream Wows Crowds at Two Major Trade Shows!

NEWS_ScalaECN_2Pipedream traveled the globe last week, attending both East Coast News’ Warehouse Show in Florida and the Scala fair in Holland. The manufacter has become an integral part of both shows, as both distributors are top Pipedream accounts. Presented in intimate trade show formats, the shows offered the opportunity to strengthen business relationships and educate customers about Pipedream’s best-selling products.

Showgoers snagged their first look at the manufacturer’s latest collections and received hands-on education about Fetish Fantasy GoldFetish Fantasy Series HarnessesPipedream Extreme Dollz, and Real Feel Deluxe. The Dream Team was on-site to offer up-close and personal training and support, allowing customers to familiarize themselves with the latest best-selling brands.

“ECN proves why they are the preferred US distributor by the level of service they provide,” said Pipedream Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. “This was their most successful show to date, and we look forward to future growth and success together.”

The Scala fair marked Pipedream’s European debut of their four brand new collections –

“It’s always a pleasure to team up with my colleague, Raymond, and the Scala team for this show,” added Honz. “It was extremely successful and customers are always pleased to see our new products!”

“The Pipedream booth was bustling with activity,” said Pipedream European Sales Exec Raymond Houtenbos. “There were great people, the atmosphere and setup were of the highest standards, and guests were unanimously ecstatic about our newest products. We thank the entire Scala team for their hospitality and great efforts to make this show a success!”

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Icicles Hand Blown Glass Massagers are Clearly the Best!

Pipedream’s award-winning Icicles collection continues to grow with 28 unique new designs that wowed ANME show goers this past weekend.

“In the last four years, the Icicles brand has quickly become the most celebrated glass range in the world,” said Sales Manager Lynn Swanson. “With breath-taking, one-of-a-kind designs and the largest selection of styles on the market, this high-end collection continues to set the global standard for erotic glass manufacturing.”

Designed with amazing attention to detail, each glass piece is sculpted to satisfy the most stringent quality standards. All Icicles are hand-blown and made from high-strength borosilicate glass, making the entire line nonporous, hypoallergenic, easy-to-clean, and always body-safe.

Every Icicle comes packaged in beautiful foam-lined gift boxes that can be easily merchandised in a convenient 36-piece POP floor display, or hung freely on a wall. Like all Pipedream brands, this collection features an eye-catching 61-piece planogram that is sure to be a welcome profit-center in any retail environment.

The easy-to-use planogram includes complimentary signage, giving storeowners everything they need to effectively merchandise the brand and create stunning visual displays.

Customers are urged to pre-order the new designs while supplies last. For those who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the 2014 Icicles interactive supplementProduct videos are available to download for in-store and online use from PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail atsabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.


The Real ANME Fun – PICTURES!!

Now that we’ve all had a chance to breathe after the hectic ANME weekend, it’s time for the real fun — pictures! There was a lot to smile about between the successful debuts of our massive Anal Fantasy Collection, eco-friendly Ceramix Pleasure Pottery, and ultra-powerful Pure Aluminium, plus our new StorErotica Award, and of course sales, sales, sales! Whether you missed all the action or simply already miss it, lez reminisce about ANME 2013 with the exclusive pics below!

Curious about our new collections? Hit up Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts.


Pipedream Dominates South Carolina’s Guilty Pleasures!

One of my favorite aspects about working here at Pipedream HQ is just how much everyone here cares about our products. Whether it’s a graphic designer or sales exec, we all really do take pride in the products we produce, and we even have some favorites! Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel is a huge fan of the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves, and even walks around the office wearing the original Shock Therapy device for her tense shoulders. (This is actually pretty common around here — a few of us can usually be heard buzzing behind our desks!)

We spend so much time with all of our award-winning collections, so it’s only natural that we get to know them really well. Knowledge is the number one key to higher sales — it’s much easier to confidently sell a product that you know inside and out. That’s why we send our Dream Team sales execs around the globe to give Pipedream distributors and retailers the hands-on training they need to effectively sell our brands.

Cheryl spent some time last week in North Charleston, SC with Pipedream retailer Guilty Pleasures for their annual Ladies Night and product training. Check out how our Fetish Fantasy Series dominates their store, and see some behind-the-scenes fun from their private Pipedream training!

For more information about Pipedream Products, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!


Pipedream Heats Things Up With Spankin’ New Icicles Showcase

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail…

No, we’re not just talking about our luxurious line of glass massagers here—we take just as much pride in our media supplements as we do our manufacturing! Just like the Icicles it depicts, this sophisticated and elegant product showcase will leave you breathless!

Distributors, retailers, and e-tailers alike are encouraged to share product demos via our Vimeo channel, and can even download all videos from PDTV for use in-store or online.

Pipedream Releases Planogrammer Version 2.0

The highly-anticipated new version of Pipedream’s award-winning Planogrammer has finally been released! The manufacturer’s unique merchandising software already boasts an accumulation of accolades and continues to improve with several updates, as well as plenty of brand new features.

“As always, our customers are our priority. The updated program was not just made with them in mind – the very basis of the new software came directly from user feedback and suggestions,” explained Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino.

Users can now enjoy eight new features including more screen space for designing walls, the ability to transfer projects to another user, more user-friendly pop-up windows, and the addition of the Metric system for international users.

“The Planogrammer was already fun and simple, but its new and convenient features will make your plan even easier to manipulate,” said Pipedream Sales Manager Lynn Swanson. “The new transfer feature, which allows a second user to continue working on the same project, will provide smoother interactions between account executives and customers.”

The updated Planogrammer can be found at www.pdplanogrammer.com. You can email help@pdplanogrammer.com for more information.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., contact Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Need Hi-Resolution Product Photos?

In case you weren’t aware, all of our products have hi-resolution images available directly from Pipedream’s wholesale website, PipedreamProducts.com

Because of the large file sizes, we cannot send these via email.

Here is an overview of the various ways you can get the downloads you need from our website.

If you have additional questions or needs you can email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com

If you are looking for a specific product or a handful of products the best route is to retrieve the images from the product detail page. You can choose from a large RGB formatted jpeg (best for web) or a high resolution TIFF file that are CMYK formatted (best for print).

You can search on our website by product name, but most people find more accurate search results by entering an item number in the search bar. All Pipedream Products have an item number. Most start with a PD followed by 4 numbers with a 2-digit extension to represent the color of the item.

If you are searching by item number you only need the first four numbers; including the PD in front of the item number is optional. We recommend not including the 2-digit color extension so you can retrieve all color options available for the item you are looking for.

NOTE: Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbators have 3-digit item numbers and begin with RD instead of PD.

If you’re looking to get more than a few images, don’t worry – you do not have to look up every item individually. Pipedream has a robust downloads area on PipedreamProducts.com where you can get images downloaded in large batches.

First up on the downloads area is our Catalogs, which are broken down by brand and/or category. From here you can get a PDF file of all content in the catalog, low-res images, hi-res images, thumbnails, and descriptions.

If this is more than what you need and you just want hi-res photos, then those are listed with links to download everything in each of the categories listed on the left side of the home page of our website. (ie. New Releases, New Galley, Anal, Bachelorette, etc).

What’s the difference between New Releases and New Galley?

New Releases include all of our newest offerings and include many that are available for pre-order only.

New Galley narrows it down to new releases that are freshly available for immediate shipment.

When you click on a link to a category (ie. New Releases, Latest Galley, Anal, Blowup Babes, etc.) it will automatically begin to download the zip file to your computer. If you accidentally click the wrong link, you can cancel the download by right-clicking and selecting “cancel” in the pop up menu.

In addition to all this you can also retrieve logos, advertisements, headers & web banners as well as plan-o-grams — each links directly to that section of the downloads area.

PHOTO GALLERY: Pipedream Days at Condom World

Pipedream Days at Condom World

Condom World recently held a “Pipedream Days” promotion and it looks like they had some fun with the visual displays. Take a look at what they did for our brands like Bachelorette Party Favors and Fetish Fantasy Series.

LeRoy the love doll even came out to play!

Thanks Condom World for sharing the photos on our Facebook. For more examples of retailer merchandising displays, check out our One Wall At a Time photo gallery.