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Conan Follows Up on Pipedream Tour with Will Forte!

Forte on Conan

After a recent shout-out by Kristen Schaal on Conan last month, the late night talk show host followed up with Schaal’s Last Man On Earth co-star, Will Forte, on last night’s episode. The comedians discussed the entire crew’s exclusive Pipedream headquarters tour, from the halls of the office to the hand-painted King Cocks in the manufacturing facility.

“We got a call from Pipedream,” explained Forte. “It’s right next door. It’s a multi– it’s like, several buildings. A dildo compound… We go over there and it is just– I just feel like dildos just exist. You don’t realize–,”

Screen_Shot_2015-12-04_at_7.51.39_AMConan interrupts, “They have to be manufactured by someone!”

Forte continues, “I never thought about that. You go in there and every detail –there’s a person who pours the latex into the mold. And then they dump it into this big thing, there’s a person who’s in charge of cooling it down, and then there’s these very nice group of ladies who paint veins.”

“You mean it’s that much attention —  it’s handcrafted, is what you’re saying,” asks Conan. “And you know what I like? That it’s made in America!”

“It’s impressive,” said Forte. “It’s a real business.”

See the entire five minute interview on Pipedream’s official Vimeo.

“We are very excited to see such incredible mainstream interest in Pipedream’s products and facilities,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “We want to thank Conan and his crew for their continued coverage, and our Last Man On Earth neighbors for continually sharing their positive impressions of our global enterprise.”

Orlandino has extended a personal invitation to Conan to tour the Pipedream facilities, plus a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to come and see how a dildo is created from A to Z; from concept, to production, to packaging.

* Product pictured on Forte: Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Nipple Clamps

Never Slip on the Nip Again!
A Guide to Unique Nipple Play

I’m not gonna lie – nip slips are pretty amusing… but NOT when your nips become a slip of the mind. I’m an “all or nothing” kind of lover – I want to feel all of the things all of the time! We have sex for pleasure, the pinnacle of which becomes your climax – so don’t you want that climax to rock your flippin’ world?! Come on, it’s just like, logic, you guys…

The not-so-secret to the most explosive orgasm you’ve always dreamt of is this: utilize every. single. delicious nerve ending that the Universe has so graciously bestowed upon us for our pleasure – AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM! Sure, it’s entirely possible to have some pretty good sex using only that stuff in your pants, but what if I told you that there’s even better sex to be had if you just paid more attention to the babes (and hunks, respectively) upstairs?

Yes, ladies and gents, the nips! Quit forgettin’ the nips! They’re totally underrated and under-stimulated. If you want all of the pleasure then you absolutely need to play with all of the things, and the nipples are key to completing that internal party of biological ecstasy. Today, we’re gonna venture beyond the traditional lotions and clamps, though, and check out some of the most unique ways to stimulate your nips

There are many types of nerve endings and the nipple contains four of them, one of which are the lamellar corpuscles – they’re the reason we make things like our Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos, because this type of nerve ending is responsible for sensitivity to vibration. The super cool thing about these little bad boys is that the bullet not only offers direct stimulation just beneath the nipple, but it shoots pulsations through the entire silicone piece, engulfing your whole nipple with vibrating goodness.

Nipples chains and hanging clamps are super sweet because they offer hands-free stimulation as they swing with every move you make. Most of these come in the form of adjustable metal clamps, though, and many of our friends who were new to kink were kind of like, “What are those jumper cables and why would I ever want to put them on my nips?!” Okay, okay, I guess I could kind of see that. But have no fear! There is still nipple fun to be had for you, too! This super soft polyester nipple chain offers that sexy swing with zero pinch.

One of my most favorite sex toys in the whole wide world happens to be one of the most underrated and totally misinterpreted toys on the market – pussy pumps. You want the most intense sensations without any work? Use a pussy pump. Just like a penis pump, a pussy pump promotes blood flow to the area, filling both your internal and external parts and offering the utmost sensitivity possible. Seriously, like, after pumping, a single poke is enough to unleash the flood gates, I swear! Well guess what – you can do the same exact thing with your nips! Our Nipple Erector Set performs the same kind of vacuum suction that boosts blood flow with other pumps.

Fun facts to inspire your nipple appreciation:

  • Hairy nipples are actually a good thing. The hair surrounding the areola adds additional sensory tissue. More tissue equals even more awesome feels!
  • The entire breast has a network of nerve endings – and it has the same number of nerve endings regardless of its size.
  • The male and female breast have a similar nerve supply but the nerves lie closer together in men, whereas in a female breast they are spread out more widely.
  • Perky nipples are actually a contraction of muscles similar to that of goose bumps.

FAQ: Can Flat Chests Utilize the Spinning Nipple Stimulators?

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these incredible Spinning Nipple Stimulators!

Being the resident Pipedream Sexpert and just an all-around sex fiend, very rarely do I stumble upon questions I hadn’t heard before. But along with the incredible evolution of the novelty business comes new innovative products—and new questions! This one comes from our very loyal customer and friend, Howard.

Q: I have seen illustrations of your Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators. It appears to be a pair of plastic domes to fit over female breasts of a certain size and shape, and creates a vacuum to suck up the nipples, preparing them for the stimulators.

Could a male adapt this device to create a vacuum and to bring the spinning stimulators into contact with his nipples? There is a large market waiting for male nipple stimulators that are exciting and erotic. Plain vibration is not exciting or erotic.

Give your sex life a charge with the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps!

A: I just tried the Spinning Nipple Stimulators on the higher part of my chest as well as my leg to see if the cup would create a vacuum elsewhere — and it does!

I’m sure it differentiates depending on how much flesh is available for suction on the user’s chest, but the cups are super soft and flexible, so they’re easy to manipulate. All I did was flip the cups backwards, then placed the spinning stimulator directly on the flat area I wanted to stimulate. Once I flipped the cup forwards, it instantly created a vacuum seal over the area, sucking the flesh inside, pushing my skin against the tickler and spinning stimulators.

Again, this may differ depending on how fatty the area is. If the chest is too “hard”, it may not be easy for the cups to pull in that flesh in order to push it against the stimulators.

I hope that all makes sense! In the gallery below, I tried to depict the flipping of the cup, as well as showing the vacuum suction over the flatter area of my chest and an arm. Please excuse the crappy Photobooth quality…

Here are some other fun nipple stimulators beyond the typical clamp:

Is there a dirty question you’ve been dying to ask but don’t know where to go? Feel free to hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick anytime at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Pipedream Penetrates April With New Releases!

The #1 selling bondage collection (did we mention that’s global sales?!) and its hardcore counterpart welcome April showers with plenty of spankin’ new BDSM-inspired releases sure to make you wetter than ever! Distributors, be sure to contact your sales rep to place an order ASAP!

Our Tit Tuggers stimulate your most sensitive areas with just the right combination of pain and pleasure!

Fetish Fantasy Series

Fetish Fantasy Extreme

I know, I know, usually you gotta get up before you can get to fucking, but sometimes getting low will get you off better than ever before! I’m super psyched about our spankin’ new Titty Tuggers and Ball Stretcher after learning about the enhanced sensations of weighted toys.

Beyond the pleasure/pain dynamic of nipple clamps, the Titty Tuggers feature one 2 ounce weight per clamp that tugs on your nipple with every. single. movement. These are a freakin’ godsend for ladies and gents and anyone in between who has sensitivity issues. The clamps are super comfy (even with my piercings!) thanks to the soft rubber linings and adjustable screws, allowing you to modify the pressure on each nipple. Try wearing these clamps the next time you back into your partner doggy style, and your nipples will perk with pleasure with every thrust!

Experience the most extreme climaxes with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Stretcher!

Now the Ball Stretcher is super interesting. At first I was concerned that adding weight to the balls would be painful, but it turns out that it actually induces the most intense orgasm ever! You see, when someone with a dick is about to cum, their testicles clench into the body. With a weighted parachute pulling them down, your body tries even harder to retract, making you cum harder than ever before! It may seem a bit intimidating to someone new to ball stretching, but that’s okay! You can gradually add the weight on, as each 1.3 ounce weight can be easily screwed off.

For more information about these or any Pipedream products, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com. You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!


FAQ: My Pleasure Cupz Won’t Stick!

Pleasure Cupz, PD2335-99

We love boobs! And really, who doesn’t? We love them so much, we’ve created an array of massagers and other accessories just to enhance the pleasure received from the most sensitive spot on second base.

Among these toys are the Pleasure Cupz. For temporary titillation, these vibrating nipple massagers have a battery life of about forty minutes. They can be easily placed on any nipple, regardless of gender, by simply sticking them onto the breast. There’s a small cup intended for the nipple – place yours inside while pressing the suction cup against your chest. Squeeze the cup that the nipple rests in. This encourages the nipple’s perkiness, filling up the cup so it remains inside.

We suggest lying down while placing and playing with your Pleasure Cupz. If you’re having trouble keeping them in place, try twisting them to stay in place, or wear them beneath your sexiest bra or a tight top for additional support.

Once you’re prepared to graduate from short-term stimulation to a more intense mammary massage, try our Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps or Vibrating Nipple Super Suck-hers from our Fetish Fantasy Series!

Fetish Fantasy Series Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps, PD3620-12 & Vibrating Nipple Super Suck-hers, PD3223-00

For more information regarding our nipple massagers, or any other Pipedream product, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com or ask the Sexpert!

FAQ VIDEO: Heavy Weight Nipple Clamps

Want to experience some intense nipple teasing? Then try our newly-released Heavy Weight Nipple Clamps (PD3615-23) from our Fetish Fantasy Series.

Watch the video below to learn about this items’ amazing features like its adjustable nipple clips, and its unique weight that’s designed to bring you extra stimulation. Just be warned, the video might cause you to experience double nipple erections!

For more info on our wide selection of nipple clamps, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com or send a question to our in-house Sexpert!

DEMO VIDEO: Collar & Clamp Set

Find out how you can introduce some light bondage play in the bedroom with our Collar & Clamp Set from the Fetish Fantasy Series. The collar is made from soft leather and fitted with 2 chained alligator-style nipple clamps.

This means they’re fully adjustable to fit YOUR nipples perfectly without pinching too tighty. They can also be set to full resistance for those into more advanced forms of nipple stimulation.

You will definitely want to use this nipple clamps set while in the bedroom again and again!

As always, exercise plenty of caution and safety during bondage play. What’s YOUR safe word?

Get a complete overview of this fetish collection staple in the video below:

Length: 15″ || 38cm
Width: 2.25″ || 5.71cm
Waist Strap: 15″-19″ || 38-48cm

FAQ VIDEO: Pleasure Cupz Vibrating Nipples Massagers

Whether you have ‘wired’ nipples or you’re just just seeking some extra stimulation, give Pipedream’s Pleasure Cupz Vibrating Nipples Massagers (PD2335) a try.

Each jelly nipple suction cup features a powerful micro-massager that delivers discreet stimulation right to your nipples. Simply place them on your breast over the nipple and squeeze, then flip the power switch on the tiny bullet. The tiny TPR nubs on the inside of the massager tickle, tease and please with every vibration. The bullet can be switched on or off and battery life is approximately 40 minutes.

In the video below we answer frequently asked questions like:

  • What are the massagers made of?
  • How long will the vibration last?
  • How do I turn them on?
  • What batteries do I use?

These questions and more answered in the video below: