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We can’t help being Shameless about our top-rated vibes!

We’re no stranger to the mainstream spotlight, with showcases on CNN, Vanderpump RulesSons of Anarchy, and most recently the Showtime hit series Shameless.


Yep, that’s our fetish gear on one of the last episodes of Sons of Anarchy!

An adaptation of the British show of the same name, Shameless follows a drunken single father and his six children as they manage to raise themselves despite an unusual parenting style, or lack thereof. In last week’s episode, the family’s neighbor and close friend Veronica – known for her adventurous sexuality – is found enjoying her favorite metallic vibrator… the Pure Aluminium Large Gold, to be exact!


Consumers agree with Veronica – the Large Gold is one of our top sellers!

“We’re very proud of our growing presence in mainstream entertainment,” said PR Manager Sabrina Dropkick. “It only makes sense that the number one names in entertainment would require the number one name in pleasure products.”

Shameless, now in its fifth season, airs Sundays at 9PM.


“I own and use MANY sex toys and [Pure Aluminium] has already become my favorite!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.56.30 AM

That’s Lesley on the right!

One of my favorite recent memories is hanging out with porn vets Ginger Lynn and Nina Hartley on Ginger’s radio show “Blame It On Ginger” at Skidrow Studios, where I also met the fierce and fabulous Lesley. While Ginger and Nina instantly jumped at our 11″ Extreme Glass Dong, Lesley was entirely seduced by our super-smooth Pure Aluminium Large Black.

Pure Aluminum Medium Black is a GREAT toy. It caught my eye, first of all, as soon as I saw it. The design is sleek and purposeful. Its graceful curves are visually appealing. It has substantial heft to it, as well. There is nothing wasted in the design.

When I was able to “be alone” with it, it continued to fascinate me. It is a powerful 3-speed vibrator that will satisfy both externally and internally. I used it to work up a little sweat before I brought out my heavy-duty vibrator, which I applied externally, while plumbing my own depths with the Pure Aluminum.

I began with the toy switched off so I could pay close attention to how my own internal curves welcomed and hugged this beautiful toy. As my external vibe helped build a wonderful tension, the Pure Aluminum foretold of great pleasures about to come.

As soon as I reached that elusive point of no return, I switched on the Aluminum and was instantly in deep ecstasy, and was able to climax several times in a very short period. I own and use MANY sex toys and this one has already become my favorite, having tested its prowess twice.


For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

The Sluts Have Spoken… and They LOVE Pure Aluminium!

SluttyGirlProblems.com is my all-time favorite web site right now. Not only is this site owned and operated by some super talented and driven sex-positive ladies, but they were able to build an entire web site and community around a simply hash tag – #sluttygirlproblems – which accidentally blew up thanks to Twitter. Man, is there anything that the power of the interwebs can’t achieve?  

Anyway, Pipedream is a proud sponsor of Slutty Girl Problems, and your favorite Sexpert has even become an official slutty author! Check out “Fuck Me, Pay Me: A Sexpert Reveals the Truth About the Adult Industry”, my first loud and proud SGP article.


SGP has also graciously accepted our toys into their mailbox and vaginas, receiving our products for completely unbiased, tried and true reviews. Check out their CEO’s first rave-review of our Pure Aluminium Large Pink:

It’s very rare that I fall in love with a traditional vibe. It’s hard to find the right combination of fullness and feeling, ease and comfort, and powerful vibrations that will please my most sensitive spots. But this Pink Aluminium vibe had me purring in all the right spots. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect introduction to aluminum vibes, and I’m so glad this gorgeous toy came my way. I’d totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys internal toys… but as someone who usually prefers external toys, even I fell in love with the Pink Aluminium. If you’re looking to try internal sensations with a bit of a twist, and a new pleasurable material, the Pink Aluminium is definitely the way to go!

Read the entire article, check out our interactive Pure Aluminium catalog to choose the perfect vibe for you, then find your local Pipedream retailer using our store locator! Overwhelmed by the mass of toys to choose from? Ask the Sexperts for help, or contact Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick by email at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Pure Aluminium POP Displays Now in Stock and Shipping!

Pipedream’s sleek new range of Pure Aluminium massagers can now be complimented by an equally sleek POP display, giving store owners an easy, space-spacing way to display this luxurious collection.

The 36-piece POP display is now in stock and shipping, and comes pre-packed with two boxes of each Pure Aluminium style, requiring only minor assembly for the base. The top row of the display holds the 5” (12.7 cm) boxes, the second and third rows hold the 8” (20.3 cm) boxes, and the fourth and fifth rows hold the 10” (25.4 cm) boxes.

“The Pure Aluminium POP display is the perfect supplement for your luxury toy section,” says Sales Manager Lynn Swanson. “Standing at over 6 feet tall, it’s just what you need to make this elegant collection ‘pop’ amidst any retail environment.”

Customers are urged to contact their sales rep to place an order while supplies last.

For customers who haven’t already received it, the Pure Aluminium catalog is available by request from your distributor, and online catalogs are available in multiple formats. Product videos are available to download for in-store and online use from PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via E-Mail: sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

HPPPA Blown Away by Pipedream’s Massive ANME Booth!

HPPPA got an up-close and personal tour of our ANME booth with Visual Merchandiser Briana Honz. Check out their recap to learn more about the incredible temperature play achieved with our spankin’ new Ceramix Pleasure Pottery, our ultra-powerful Pure Aluminium massagers, as well as Pipedream’s “bread and butter”, the award-winning 450+ Fetish Fantasy Series collection.

For more information contact Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts.

Pipedream Looks Even Better in HD!

Experience the massive Pipedream booth as if you were really there, plus CEO Nick Orlandino’s “Fuck me silly!” StorErotica Awards acceptance speech in this exclusive ANME recap. Brand videos for our spankin’ new Anal Fantasy Collection, Ceramix Pleasure Pottery, and Pure Aluminium are also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV. While you’re at it, be sure to follow your favorite adult novelty manufacturer on YouTube!

Questions about your favorite toys from the show? Hit up Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts.

ANME 2013 Recap

Anal Fantasy Collection

Ceramix Pleasure Pottery

Pure Aluminium

Digital Assets Now Available for Three Groundbreaking New ANME Lines!

After the successful debut of the massive Anal Fantasy Collection, ultra-powerful Pure Aluminium, and the real talk of the show – the eco-friendly Ceramix Pleasure Pottery – Pipedream is offering digital supplements that include hi-res images, online catalogs, brand videos, and custom Planograms.

“We made it quick and easy for customers to prepare their retail environments for these three new must-have collections,” says VP of Product Development Rob Phaneuf. “Each unique sales tool is available to download on our website so you can find exactly what you want, when you want it.”

Hi-res images are available under the “Downloads” section of the Pipedream website, as well as on each specific item’s page. Each new brand is also showcased in individual state-of-the-art videos that can be downloaded from PDTV. All Pipedream catalogs are available online in multiple formats, including an interactive supplement. Build your own luxury Pipedream walls ahead of time at www.pdplanogrammer.com.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

The Real ANME Fun – PICTURES!!

Now that we’ve all had a chance to breathe after the hectic ANME weekend, it’s time for the real fun — pictures! There was a lot to smile about between the successful debuts of our massive Anal Fantasy Collection, eco-friendly Ceramix Pleasure Pottery, and ultra-powerful Pure Aluminium, plus our new StorErotica Award, and of course sales, sales, sales! Whether you missed all the action or simply already miss it, lez reminisce about ANME 2013 with the exclusive pics below!

Curious about our new collections? Hit up Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts.

Pipedream Showcased Simultaneously on 4 Industry Mag Covers!

Along with this month's cover, we also just snagged the StorErotica Special Focus Award for our Pipedream Extreme Toyz!

They say any press is good press, but I gotta say — landing the covers of four major industry magazines within just one month takes the cake! Check us out on and in the most recent issues of StorErotica, SIGN, XBIZ Premiere, and ETO.

Along with the debut of our Anal Fantasy Collection, Pure Aluminium, and Ceramix Pleasure Pottery came the introduction of our Fetish Fantasy Series Big Box Set! We’ve added 130 spankin’ new items to the already massive collection, so you can probably imagine what an obnoxiously thick catalog that would wield! To help distributors and retailers more easily locate specific items, we’ve separated the collection by categories to create seven smaller catalogs. Also included in the Big Box Set is an updated Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition catalog, and as always, all Pipedream catalogs are available online in multiple formats.

In an industry where competition is fierce and new products are introduced on almost a daily basis, Pipedream Products proves once again that no matter how much success they have, how many industry awards they receive, or how popular their products are, they will never rest on their laurels. 

“I’m excited that we’ve come up with more great and innovative concepts for an even bigger and better Fetish Fantasy Series,” says Pipedream Products’ CEO Nick Orlandino. “Pipedream is right on the cusp of being the greatest adult novelty brand in the world!” 

Learn more about the Big Box Set in StorErotica’s feature article below, or click the following page numbers for magnified versions: 1 | 2 | 3

For more information about our catalogs or any Pipedream brand, contact Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

Pipedream Celebrates ANME Success with StorErotica Award!

After the successful debut of their brand new CeramixPure Aluminium, and Anal Fantasy Collection, Pipedream’s ANME celebrations continued Sunday night at the seventh annual StorErotica Awards. Determined strictly by votes from distributors, retailers, and fans alike, the manufacturer scored the Special Focus Award: Male Toys for their best-selling Pipedream Extreme Toyz collection.

“I want to thank Kris, Lacy, and the entire StorErotica team for the award,” said Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino. “Our original Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator has raised the bar for lifelike male pleasure products, and Pipedream Extreme Toyz continues to be one of our best-selling brands in the world. We’ve worked hard to make our brands stand out among the crowd of choices in stores. Having that hard work recognized makes it all worthwhile.”

Be sure to check out the XXX PDX demo videos, available to download for in-store and online use on PDTV. All Pipedream catalogs are available online in multiple formats, including the new PDX interactive supplement. Distributors are urged to contact their sales rep to place an order today.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.