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Sex Education Sells! Sabrina Dropkick Talks Sexpert Life with XBIZ Magazine



XBIZ did a freakin’ incredible special report on sex education this month, with articles covering the rising demand for sexual health information and the array of educational resources that are now available. There’s one article in particular that focuses on sex education that’s offered in the sex toy manufacturing industry, so of course my girl Ariana, XBIZ pleasure products editor, just had to ask for my input. ;)

For manufacturers of pleasure products, sex education is vital to business. Several companies have taken it upon themselves to guide consumers through sexual exploration by not just providing a wide range of tools but also the know-how to use them. 

Manufacturers such as CalExotics, Pipedream, Doc Johnson, and Topco have sexperts on staff to directly provide advice and information to consumers and retailers. 

“I primarily talk to customers through email and social media,” said Sabrina Dropkick, Pipedream’s sexpert and social media manager. “The variety of questions is pretty vast, though the most common are probably toy suggestions, penis enhancement, and first-time anal advice. My favorite inquiries come from people who want to better satisfy their partner or want to introduce something new to their routine — I just love introducing people to the infinite realm of pleasure that sex toys can provide.” 


My “Pegging Manifesto” is probs my fave Pipedream blog that I’ve written. YOU GUISE, I JUST REALLY LOVE BUTT FUCKING BOYS, OKAY?!?!?!?

According to Dropkick, offering sex advice and handling Pipedream’s social media go hand in hand. 

“Since a majority of my work is done online, it offers people the safety of anonymity and relieves the anxiety typically induced by face-to-face conversation,” she said. “I also do a lot of blogging and we’re about to launch a new video series, and I think having these types of educational resources readily available is extremely valuable — it’s anticipating people’s needs and answering their questions before they even have to work up the courage to ask.”

Dropkick notes that the need for sex-ed is becoming more evident as it increasingly garners more attention from the media. 

“John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ recently did a phenomenal story on the crisis of sex education in America (only 13 states require that sex education be scientifically accurate — um, what?!) Celebrities are publicly coming out of various closets, sparking plenty of much-needed conversation about gender and sexuality,” Dropkick said. 

Throwback to that time our Icicles were on John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight"

Throwback to that time our Icicles were on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight”

 ”And with the array of communities who gather online to share their experiences and network, there’s a place on the Internet for anyone to find the resources and relatability they need to feel more comfortable with and explore their particular sexuality. That’s what I think it’s really about — it’s less about making sex education ‘popular’ and more about relieving the taboo and shame associated with sex. Once we can achieve this, then sex education will become a routine occurrence. The more we talk about it, the more ‘normalized’ it becomes, and sharing our personal stories is especially effective because it brings a tangible life to the issues at hand.” 

So all of the gold stars to Ariana for writing a kick ass piece about some super important stuff, and for also having really, really, ridiculously good taste in quotes. ;) Check out the entire November XBIZ and the article below (you can catch magnified images here and here.) There a tons of other sweet ass Pipedream coverage from the issue as well, so why don’tcha just put down the gotdamn porno for once and beat your mental meat for a minute, eh?

Pipedream on Playboy Radio!
“Death by Orgasm” Recap


Miyoko wanted to take some spooky Halloween pics after the show… luckily this derby girl is always equipped with a bottle of fake blood!

I had a blast with Miyoko on her Playboy Radio show “Play With Me” this week! In celebration of Halloween i.e. the only holiday that actually matters, the episode was titled “Death by Orgasm” — an homage to the French expression “la petite mort” which translates to “the little death” and means ”the brief loss or weakening of consciousness,” though modern usage specifically refers to “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death.” We talked about orgasms A LOT throughout our hour-long conversation — about the different types of orgasms, about the physiological occurrences during orgasms, about the scientific reasoning for the endorphins released by orgasms, and of course, which of Pipedream’s toys offer orgasms that are simply TO DIE FOR!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.54.57 PM

Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up, yo pump it!

Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump: Pussy pumps are seriously the best thing that’s ever happened to my sex life. I’ve always had a hard time naturally lubricating and especially struggled with a lack of sensitivity, so much so that I eventually gave up on ever getting off. Then I used a pussy pump for the first time and I swear to you, angels fucking sang as a heavenly light shot right the fuck out of me. No sexual contact had ever felt this good in my life. The entire pumped area – vulva, labia, clit, and all – became engorged with blood, turning every single nerve into a land mine of pleasure (mind you, there’s 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone). My sensitivity increased by like, at least a million, billion percent, and all that blood flow kept my clit super erect and much easier to stroke. So whether you’re disappointed in your orgasm or just want to cum like you’ve never done before (and seriously, who doesn’t want that?), then you absolutely need to make the pussy pump a staple in your toy box.


Oh so fake but feels SO real!!

King Cock Squirters: Sometimes I go on a good ol’ fashion dick binge and other times I go on a sex sabbatical, the latter of which I chose to do so rather recently. After a few months without partnered sex, I really, really, reeeaaaally started to miss cum. Messy sex is super fun and cum is like, the cherry on top of a sloppy romp. While amidst a solid bitchfest about my severe lack of facials, a colleague finally stopped laughing just enough to audibly speak the words that would send me running through Pipedream headquarters screaming in ecstasy, like a fucking 12-year-old Belieber or something. He said, “Dude, didn’t you hear we’re gonna put out some King Cock Squirters?” WHAT?! I fucking lost it, sprinting to another colleague to share the amazing news. I’m gonna have a cock that cums!!!! OMG I can give myself a facial!!! I can give myself a creampiiiieeeee!!!! Our King Cock line in general is simply the shit. They’re SO fucking realistic – like, each cock is created from its own unique, hand-sculpted mold and the colors, from the head to the veins, are meticulously hand-painted in our Chatsworth facilities. Yep, you heard that right – they’re completely manufactured right here in gotdamn America. USA!! USA!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.43.40 PM

Such vibes, many pleasure!!!

Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Ass-Gasm: I am a glutton for pleasure – I want all of the sensations all of the time. I mean, it’s just a scientific fact that if you simultaneously stimulate a bunch of your erogenous zones, then you’re definitely gonna experience increased pleasure, putting you directly on the road to the most intense, explosive orgasm you’ve ever experienced. And if I had a biological cock, then the Ultimate Ass-Gasm would certainly be my permanent weapon of choice in the war to beat my meat. Consider for a moment all of the possible points of pleasure for someone with a cock — there’s the head and the shaft, of course, but then there’s the balls and the perineum and the butt hole aaaand the prostate. And guess the fuck what? The Ultimate Ass-Gasm stimulates ALL of these areas in ALL of the ways! First of all, the cock ring maintains blood flow to the cock, encouraging erection and sensitivity. The ball ring gives your little guys a squeeze and keeps them from retracting during orgasm (when a dick cums, the balls clench into the body, so halting this provides a super intense sensation). The thumb-shaped butt plug presses snug against the prostate and the entire piece is made of super-smooth silicone, so it’s ultra-hygienic and won’t snag skin or hair. But what makes this piece so ridickulously amazing is the four strategically placed bullet vibes – I REPEAT, FOUR. FUCKING. VIBRATORS!!! One placed at the top of the cock ring to offer stimulation to the wearer’s partner, one at the base of the cock ring to tickle the wearer’s balls and the partner’s taint, one between the ball ring and the plug that buzzes the shit out of the wearer’s taint, and one inside the butt plug that tickles endless anal nerve endings and powerfully massages the prostate. ALL OF THE SENSATIONS FOR ALL OF THE PLEASURE!!!

Anyway, enough of my babble — I could talk about my favorite sex toys for mothafuckin days. Catch a 15 minute teaser of “Death by Orgasm” here, though the full episode will be available shortly so keep your panties on just a little  bit longer!! In the mean time, go ahead and exercise that other head of yours and get your sex education on with these related blog posts:

The Pussy Pump: A Guaranteed Orgasm like Never Before!

What if we told you that there was one single toy that will completely change your sex life forever? What if we told you that there was a simple, easy-to-use, battery-free, and extremely affordable toy that is guaranteed to give you the most explosive orgasm unlike anything you’ve ever experienced? What if we told you that there was a toy that increases sensation in your most sensitive spot – and spots that you didn’t even know could feel so good?

Our High Intensity Pussy Pump is the simplest tool to achieving the most incredible orgasm!

Ladies and gents, we introduce to you…


Many of you probably weren’t even aware that pussy pumps are a thing, let alone that this contraption could offer anything in the realm of pleasure. One might contemplate and compare it to a penis pump, which primarily aims to increase one’s length and girth. You might be thinking vaginas aren’t even long! And why the hell would I want to marshmallow puff it up?  

Well, because science.

Just like the penis pump, the use of a pussy pump simply encourages blood flow to the area, which naturally increases the area’s size. Though some people really do enjoy the sight of a plump pussy – this is not the only use for a pussy pump.

With all of this fresh blood flowing through the area, your clit becomes engorged, growing and peeking from the clitoral hood to offer much easier access. Most women can’t have an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, and most partners would probably agree that it can be hard to find, especially amid face-to-face sex. Voila! Insta-clit has arrived.

Get to know your own vagina, then click ours to start the search for your perfect pump!

But our favorite effect of the pussy pump? All of this blood flood means increased sensitivity throughout the entire pumped area. So, not only does your most sensitive spot become even more sensitive, but your inner and outer labia also become incredibly receptive, more than you’ve ever previously experienced. Now it’s not just your clit or vagina that will ache for attention – your entire vulva becomes a palace of seriously mind-blowing pleasure!

So the next time you find yourself reaching beneath the bed for your favorite vibe, or grabbing a rubber for a spontaneous romp – why not grab a pussy pump too? Just a few extra minutes and you’ll be entering an entirely new world of ecstasy!


Want to know more about other unusual sex toys? Leave your kinky curiosities in the comments to find your questions answered in future blog posts!

Recipes for Pleasure: How to Have the Most Vibrant Orgasm with Neon!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.54.13 AM

Look how stoked this silhouette is! It’s obvs ’cause she just had the WORLD’S GREATEST ORGASM!!!!

Even though I’m pretty proud of overcoming Only Child Syndrome, I can still get pretty bratty sometimes – I want it all, and I want it now! This totally spills into my solo sex life. I just want to feel all of the things so I can have the best possible orgasm, is that so much to ask?! Nope, not at all, and our newest Neon Luv Touch items offer everything you need to bring you the brightest blast off.


STEP 1: Warmup with the Fantasy Kit’s Warming Massage Lotion, rubbing it all over your most sensitive spots (don’t forget the nips!) Really get to know your body. Arousal doesn’t come solely from genital play. Pay attention to your most erogenous areas – maybe your neck or hips. The more you touch, the more you’ll find yourself riling up!

STEP 2: Once you’re super hot and need to get some juices flowing, grab the Lil Rabbit. Don’t let its small size fool you – this bitty bunny packs plenty of pulsating power. Begin by tickling your thighs and lips before slipping the fluttering ears inside to tease your clit, getting you wet and ready for the real rabbit rock show.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.02.35 AMSTEP 3: There are way too many pleasurable parts of our anatomy and, in fact, most people with vaginas can’t get off on penetration alone. But with the dual stimulating Rabbit Vibe you’ll kill two birds with one… uh… bunny. Squirt some Moist all over this sucker and the tapered tip will easily slip inside. The deeper you go, the closer the rabbit’s fluttering ears will flick against your clit as the bubbly textured shaft massages you with every thrust.

STEP 4: Two in the pink and one in the stink ain’t just a Shocker thing – it’s actually like, the best possible combo to have the most intense orgasm. Well, at least in my book, simultaneous clit, vaginal, and anal stimulation is the key to the ultimate climax. We’ll throw it back to an OG Neon item for this purpose, grabbing the P-Spot Stimulator and slathering it with Silicone Moist for the slickest and longest lasting lubrication. Although this toy is perfect for reaching its namesake pleasure point, people of all genders can enjoy this butt buddy.

STEP 5: Now that your entire pleasure palace is tended to, you’re ready for blast off! 3… 2… 1… CUM!!!!

For more tips on toys and other sexual curiosities, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick via email at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com or anonymously inquire on our web site

REAL TALK! Introducing BDSM to Clueless Noobs

Kagney and Jay

I was seriously taken aback this week when a new friend confided in me that someone she knows is involved in something that’s “just not normal.” Being the offspring of a genuine yenta, I just had to nudge and prod until she finally burst – “She beats people for a living and that’s just not normal!”

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 3.14.37 PM

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Sub & Dom Kit is the perfect introduction for curious kinksters.


I’ve been in this industry a few years now and it’s been a while since being confronted with “normal people” who harbor less sex-positive perspectives. When I heard that foreign statement I went into like, borderline panic attack mode, all like, oh my god I just made this new friend but she doesn’t think BDSM is normal and I like BDSM so that means she’s gonna think I’m a freak and I don’t wanna lose my friend but I also don’t wanna silence my own values and AHHHH!!!!

Once my anxiety settled, I was able to come back to Earth and realize that this is her problem – not mine; that whatever her view is does not invalidate mine. It also became quite clear that my friend is entirely uneducated about the wonderful world of fetish.

“The satisfaction gained from S&M is something far more than sex,” explains Roy Baumeister, Ph.D., a social psychologist at Case Western Reserve University. “It can be a total emotional release.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.56.47 AM

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Bamboo Slap Happy is my fav spanker right now.

Different people may have different fetishes for different reasons, but many of us will agree that we achieve a total catharsis after a scene or a spank. It’s actually been proven that spanking releases endorphins that just make you feel super relaxed and incredible. Think of it like when someone snaps a rubber band around the wrist to ease anxious thoughts, or the zen someone feels during a long tattoo sesh. Making this concept more relatable should help your noob better understand these practices.

A lot of people who are afraid of BDSM may connect it with abuse, so it’s really important to explain the principles that we ALL abide by in this community – Safe, Sane, and Consensual. It is known and respected by everyone that all activities are performed safely – yes, there are some places you can hit and some places that you can’t, and a trustworthy Dom(me) will know this. We also only ever play in a “sane” environment i.e. a sensible frame of mind, and all acts are completely consensual. It’s imperative that partners discuss exactly what is going to occur before it happens so the receiver can agree to everything beforehand.

Sometimes simply sharing that you are part of this community is more than enough to help “normalize” a typically taboo topic. The more we “come out”, the more people will see that, hey, there are actually a ton of people who feel this way, and it becomes less and less foreign to them. Awareness is the first step to acceptance, but at the end of the day you must never forget – this is yo’ gotdamn life, and the only person whose opinion matters is YOURS.

Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick can be reached for more kinky questions and other curiosities at Pipedream Sexperts or by email at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com. 

Summer Sex Tips from Sexpert Sabrina + Lover’s Lane!

sabrinadropkickToday we bring you another post from our favorite Pipedream sexpert - Sabrina Dropkick. With summer now in full force, it’s the perfect time to read about how to bring a little coolness into your sex life. Sabrina is here to tell us all about it and give us her sexpert scoop on what to try, when to try it, and who to try it with! Read on to find out the adult sex toys you’ll want to help you cool down in the sexiest of fashions this summer.

Now that summer’s officially been unleashed, it’s getting hothothot over here in Porn Valley. Like, it’s getting way too hot for some of us to even get hot – you know, in that more desirable, similarly sweaty sort of way. Especially when I come home red-faced and sweat-drenched after a 90-something degree outdoor roller derby practice, the last thing I wanna do is sweat some more, and then have someone else’s sweat drip dropping all over me, turning my sheets into a salty wet nap.

So what is a Professional Pervert to do when the SoCal heat has exhausted me to the point of lady blue balls? Well, I actually took a lesson learned from roller derby with this one – if what you’re doing isn’t working… then freakin’ try something else!

Read more.

REAL TALK! Avoiding Painful Anal

sabrina_loves_anal_1000x1000_loNow that the word’s gotten out that I’m a Sexpert, I get flooded with sex ed questions both in and out of the industry. REAL TALK! will cover, well, real questions that real people have really asked me, and the answers that I really gave them, and really, truly believe in. Seriously! These are real concerns and curiosities that come up time and time again – so never feel embarrassed or ashamed because even though no one talks about it, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is all about the sexy times – so what’s wrong with becoming more educated about it? :)

QUESTION: A finger feels good back there but when we try anal – I cannot describe how intensely painful it is – we immediately have to stop. We’re wet, we want it, what’s the prob?

ANSWER: STOOOOOOP!!!! You can’t just hop from a little bb finger to a big, giant COCK!! You gotta do some anal training first. Gradually go from a finger, to a small anal plug, to a small (anal-safe) toy, then maaaaybe to a ween. Also, use a CRAP TON of lube. I like silicone lube because it hardly dries up, therefore less application / interruptions amidst your sexing – but you can neverever use silicone lube with silicone toys.

Remember to TAKE. IT. SLOOOOW!!!!! Any time you put something new in your butt, do it with a lotta lube and a lotta patience. If it hurts, stop. Don’t ever force anything that hurts. EVER. If it continues to hurt – even after slow, patient, gradual anal training – then your butt hole just might not be into teh penetrationz.

Check out our Anal Fantasy Collection – it has like, everything you’ll ever need to put in your butt. Our Silicone Plugs are available in 6 graduating sizes that make for a perfect anal training kit. For your initial tushy trial, though, I’d suggest our Beginner’s Fantasy Kit – it features an array of shapes and textures for easy experimentation.

If you want some more personal, custom toy recommendations for your butt sexpedition, you can contact your favorite Sexpert anytime via email at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com. :)

Turn Your Bedroom into an Erotic Playground!

My top three most exhilarating feelings of all-time are as follows:

#1. Screaming just as loud as I was speeding mid-air through the treetops of a Wisconsin zip line;

#2.  My first orgasm; and

#3. Discovering I could experience my #1 and #2 top two most exhilarating feelings of all-time simultaneously.

The swing de la sexy times, in my personal experience of pleasure products (which is like, a freakin’ ton), has got to be the greatest, most widely recognized and applauded bang toy I’ve ever known. Sex swings simply offer that one thing that no other product in the entire world (other than spaceships, I guess) can provide – weightless sex.

Whether you’re a vanilla virgin or the kinkiest cuckolding couple – anyone can spice up their sex lives with the incredibly unique element that is experiencing the purest form of bodily pleasure amid the open air.

Before diving into your mid-air mojo, you should probably know about the variety of sex swings (yay, options!) There’s a diverse selection of Fetish Fantasy Series swings to satisfy any niche, from the original Fantasy Swing, to the Yoga Sex Swing for ultra flexibility, the Fantasy Bondage Swing for fetish fun, or even the Spinning Fantasy Swing for rollercoaster fanatics. Among the vast choices, though, are typically two types of sex swings – ceiling swings and door swings.

Ceiling swings are this Professional Pervert’s swing o’ choice, as you can permanently transform any room into your very own pleasure playground. Drilling our heavy-duty metal hardware into a secure ceiling beam offers the strongest application possible, so you can play and swing hard. You’ll experience the freest passion and truly defy the laws of gravity with a free-hanging swing. You know what’s even better than that fantastic flush feeling after doing it in the air? Leaving your swing out as fun, floating additional seating, and then watching your friends’ faces turn red when explaining what they’re sitting in really is.

Are you stoked about totally weightless sex but your landlord’s already pissed that your last birthday bash may or may not have “damaged” the walls? Have no fear! Pipedream’s Fantasy Swing Stand offers weightless sex without risking any more of your security deposit! All hardware is included with minimal assembly required (that’s less than ten minutes, by the way). There’s no drilling, it’s not permanent, it’s super-portable, and best of all – the frame features “Bondage Loops” to connect a variety of Fetish Fantasy Series restraints, cuffs, and ties for endless possibilities of pleasure.

Door swings offer a more discrete form of swinging. There’s no labor involved with these swings, outside of the labor of love, of course. Pipedream’s Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing comes completely assembled and ready to go – seriously, you’ll go from opening the box to swinging from your door in 60 seconds flat. Just drape the straps over the door, then close and lock it, strap yourself in, and get ready for a wild ride! No bulky hardware makes this swing the perfect on-the-go pleasure palace for honeymoons and long overdue getaways, and allows you to breakdown and safely store it in seconds. Hanging from the door also offers additional stability for the swinger, who can lean, thrust, or push off the door, as well as for the standing partner, who can also utilize doors and walls for a sturdy stance to hit all the right spots.

You don’t even need a partner to be a Pipedream swinger! Enjoy the freedom of weightless sex with a solo ride on the Fantasy Saddle. This must-have swing attachment takes the strain off your legs and thighs, and provides added comfort and thrills with a soft, cushioned seat and two interchangeable phthalate-free dildos.

With ten models to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect Fetish Fantasy Series swing for you, and discover that top three most exhilarating feeling of all-time for yourself. And if you’re still not sure which sinfully seductive swing to choose, your favorite resident Sexpert will be waiting for your call.

Pipedream Extreme Dollz Instructions & Care

Sexpert&BBBOur Pipedream Extreme Dollz blew everyone’s minds at the January ANME show! Although they haven’t hit retail shelves just yet, we want you to get to know our girls (and guys!) inside and out. You know, why not actually learn a little about your new lover before you hit the sheets? ;)

Sexpert Sabrina got up-close and personal with Big Beautiful Becky to find out just how to best and most safely care and clean her fellow Pipedream Extreme Dollz.



How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use a manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.

Cleaning Instructions: Rinse the doll with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.



How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use the included manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.

Cleaning Instructions: Rinse the doll with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.



How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use the included manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.

Cleaning Instructions: To clean the Fanta Flesh pieces, remove them and clean separately from the doll. Rinse the Fanta Flesh in warm water, then scrub with toy cleaner both internally and externally using your hands or a soft cloth. Rinse with warm water, then pat dry with a lint-free cloth. Sprinkle internally and externally with Fanta Flesh Revive powder to dry excess moisture and help maintain the material’s softness.

To clean the doll, rinse with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel.

Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material.



Storage Instructions: Deflate the doll, then carefully fold it before loosely wrapping it in a lint-free cloth. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, like a trunk or closet.

Other Care Instructions: Avoid sharp objects. Repair punctures promptly using the included repair kit and instruction sheet. Ensure the puncture is clean and dry for an airtight seal.

Need some clarification or have further questions about the world’s best, most affordable and most realistic inflatable doll collection? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts.

NEWSFLASH!! Quit Doing This Thing That You’ve Probably Always Done and Never Thought Twice About!

mini vibe battery tab

You know when you buy a new toy, there’s usually that little tab between the cap and the batteries that you have to pull out in order for it to work? 

And then there’s usually also a paper or plastic liner inside the battery compartment that wraps around the batteries?

My paranoid ass always tore that liner out too, thinking, “Oh my god, the batteries are definitely gonna get hot and set the paper on fire and then my pussy on fire and holy shit, I knew this toy would get me fired up but DAMN…” Well, it turns out my colorful imagination only encourages my anxiety, because our Development team assured me that my pussy will never catch on fire, at least not from our toys. There’s not nearly enough energy in just a couple batteries to spark a flame, and even if there were, that liner in question — it actually fights against the flame! Wait, so you’re telling me that that paper and/or plastic liner serves a purpose other than just telling me what direction the batteries should be facing? Long story short — uh, yeah.

The battery liner actually insulates the batteries so that the toy doesn’t overheat. It also keeps the contact tight, and holds the batteries in place to eliminate noise. Most importantly, though, it ensures that your batteries live a long, healthy life.

See those metal lines on either side of the battery compartment?

Well, some batteries can make contact on all sides, like the small LR44 batteries required for most small vibes. Without the liner, the batteries can make contact with that metal line, turning the toy on without your permission. Not only will this drain your batteries, but could you just imagine if you thought you were discreetly toting around your favorite Neon Lipstick Vibe, only for it to make its presence known with a sporadic buzz. Oops, sorry boss!

So there ya have it – quit removing the battery liner in your toys! It serves a bunch of purposes, and we promise that the only thing to catch fire will be your passion. And just in case it slips your mind in the heat of the moment, we’ll be placing this casual reminder inside our vibes from here on out.

For answers to all your kinky curiosities, feel free to contact Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick anytime at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!