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Let’s Talk About Sex… and Pipedream!

One of our very good friend and reviewer, Let’s Talk About Sex, hosted a few Sexy Santa Workshops in Michigan last week. The educational events took place at Get Curious in Ann Arbor and Deja Vu in Ypsilanti, and featured a slew of our best-selling brands. LTASex showcased our Icicles to demonstrate temperature play, Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Luv Gloves to demonstrate e-stimulation, and Fetish Fantasy Series 8″ Hollow Strap-On when discussing erection enhancement and strap-on play, along with a slew of our other award-winning brands. We’d like to send our deepest gratitude to LTASex, Get Curious, and DeJaVu for their continued support, and wish you all the warmest holiday season and most prosperous New Year! To learn more about the items featured in LTASex’s Sexy Santa Workshop, hit up Sexpert Sabrina at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!

Pipedream’s Perfect Holiday Gift: Fetish Fantasy Bows & Bondage Kit

Pipedream’s best-selling Fetish Fantasy Series has everything you need for a red-hot holiday season. Wrap yourself up as the perfect gift for your lover with the Bows & Bondage Kit.

Perfect for beginners, these playful cuff and ankle restraints easily adjust with a Velcro enclosure to comfortably fit most sizes. The cushy vinyl cuffs feel great against the skin, and are strong enough to ensure your lover won’t escape anytime soon. Create endless submissive situations with the included collar, leash, and satin love mask.

“The Bows & Bondage Kit is just what your customers need to get tied up in romance this holiday season,” says Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel. “Adorned with cute little red bows, these comfy restraints make the wearer the perfect present for unwrapping.”

Customers are urged to place their holiday orders now while supplies last. For those who haven’t already received them, catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, as well as downloadable product videos for in-store and online use from PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via E-Mail: sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.

May Has Cum… And You Can Too During Our Masturbation Month GIVEAWAY!!

May is the best month ever. Spring is in full effect, your favorite Sexpert‘s birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo, aaaaand it’s National Masturbation Month!

The celebration began in ’95 by San Francisco-based retailer Good Vibrations in response to the termination of Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders. You see, Dr. Elders suggested that masturbation be introduced to young people’s sex education, seeing as how important it is to learn about our anatomy. Sure, you can totally spread your legs in front of the mirror and look around without jerking off, but once you discover those sweet spots, why the hell wouldn’t you play around? Understanding our sexual preferences is equally as important as understanding our anatomy in order to better communicate our needs. If you don’t know what you like, then how the hell is someone else supposed to figure it out?

This pleasure factor seems to scare the government, though, and they fired Dr. Elders for her suggestion. Yeah, you heard me. She lost her job for wanting to help young people discover their bodies and sexuality.

To promote awareness about the situation, May was dubbed National Masturbation Month to remind us all that playing with yourself is totally natural — equal parts important and fun! And to celebrate, I wanted to share with you, our dear Pipedreamers, all of my favorite things to fuck myself with!

Each week of National Masturbation Month, we’ll be GIVING AWAY one of my favorite toys coupled with the only lube I use – Moist Heat. So keep a lookout on our Facebook, TwitterTumblr, and Pinterest for your chance to WIN some of these mind-blowing products!

I’ve talked about my tentacle fucker i.e. our Icicles  No. 24 the way a proud mother talks about their honor roll student. I seriously can’t get enough of this handblown glass masterpiece, and it’s still in prime rotation at my bed side since receiving it from my slutty Santa. I just love options, and there’s so much you can do with this. Massage your tense muscles with its sturdy tip and bumpy texture, and heat it in a bowl of warm water to help melt those knots away. Or drip a bit of Moist Heat over those bumps and veins and fill yourself with warmth as the slightly curved G-spot stimulating tip ushers your orgasm from within.

I’m absolutely in love with our Le Réve Silicone Sweetie Butterfly. With such a busy schedule, I’ve always got a dual-stimulator in reach for a solo quickie, and this Silicone Sweetie has every little detail that pushes my climax to the max faster than every before! Its curved G-spot stimulating tip and ribbed shaft is perfectly complimented by the total coat of soft silicone that slips in and out of you so smoothly, it’s almost like a natural extension of you! But my favorite part is the butterfly’s powerful antennas. Ever so slightly spread, the antennas nuzzle right up around the sides of your clit, buzzing you ’til you just can’t take it anymore!

Even being the first (strap-on) cock I ever bought, our purple Basix Rubber Works 8″ Suction Cup Dong still gets a ton of play in my pants. As a solo cock, the best part about it is the ultra powerful suction cup. Stick that bad boy onto almost any surface and you’ll never need a partner again after this wild ride! No matter how hard you pound it, that sucker’s not slipping any time soon. One of the really cool aspects about this entire collection is that they’re made in the Basix Bakery right here at Pipedream HQ, boasting the ‘Merican-made stamp of approval!

For more information about this or future contests, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Beat Away Those V-Day Blues: Lupercalia & Flogging

Bree Daniels is ready for a fierce flogging in our Divine Addiction from Fetish Fantasy Lingerie.

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. I really hate the whole Hallmark holiday BS, but ummm… I love candy and presents, duh! Regardless of your relationship with this holiday, there’s another February celebration that I think we can all get behind.

Before Cupid, February 13th – 15th was reserved for the ancient festivities of Lupercalia. Screw the history lesson, let’s get to the good stuff – it’s said that the Lupercalia celebration involved running naked through the streets and spanking anyone around! And the ladies were thrilled to bare their rears, believing that bum beatings aided with fertility and pregnancy.

“Shaggy thongs” – or floggers – were the whips of choice, typically made of animal hides and consisting of a cluster of tails. Though leather is still probably the most popular material for floggers, there are now a plethora of materials and styles that deliver an array of sensations.

Our Fetish Fantasy Series features some great classic flogger styles. Our super-soft suede Designer Flogger is perfect for beginners, as it’s lightweight and features a textured handle for easy grip. The suede falls are great for teasing, tickling, and light lashing. If you prefer a bit more bite on your behind, check out our Beaded Cat-O-Nine Tails. This vinyl flogger features a soft backside on each blade so the lash won’t be too harsh, though the blunt edges still provide a savory sting.


Once you’ve become acquainted with light flogging, you might be craving some more powerful play. Our Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Bondage Whip, made from our medical-grade Elite Silicone, is a bit heavier than our classic floggers. The elasticity of the silicone provides a stinging sort of lash, like the snap of a rubber band. If pain is your game, then you’ll love our Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chain-O-Pain. These heavy-duty ball chain falls are easy to swing and pack a serious whack! They’re also great for temperature play and can create electrical sensations when used in a flogging motion.

Our Anal Bead Whip makes the perfect tail for pony play!

Want more bang for your buck? Check out our multi-functional floggers. Our Icicles No. 38 has been the talk of the town lately, with rave reviews and a rank on EdenFantasys’ Top 10 Dildos and Dongs. It features genuine bull leather tresses with a unique hand-blown glass handle that doubles as a dong! The elegant textured swirls provide added stimulation and can be easily heated or cooled for tempting temperature play. For more penetrable play, our Fetish Fantasy Series Anal Bead Whip features a handle of five textured beads that turns these thin tresses into the perfect tail! Couple it with our Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Bit Gag for some pretty pony role-play!

For more information about floggers, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at Sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com. You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

Screw Valentine’s Day with a Bangable Bouquet!: Pipedream’s Valentine’s Contest

The world's first bangable bouquet!

Love it or hate it, I think we can all agree that the best way to spend Valentine’s Day would be to screw it away! And what better way to do it than with a bangable bouquet?

Now’s your chance to win three of our award-winning Icicles! This bouquet’s got everything you need to get off — No. 21 is perfect for G/P-spot stimulation, No. 32 is great for anal play, and No. 12 will blow your mind with its irresistible shape and textures. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose 2 pieces from our Fetish Fantasy Lingerie – whether you share the love with your date or keep it all for yourself is up to you!

You can win our hearts (and our toys!) by submitting your best Valentine’s Day story. Turn us on with a steamy tale of a V-day affair, make us say awww with your inspiring love stories, or crack us up with your awkward date. Whatever the case, submit your story in a comment or message on our Facebook, or email directly to Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at Sabrina@PipedreamProducts.com.

Trisha Paytas rocks our Dragon Lady lingerie!

The deadline to submit is Sunday, February 10th at 11:59pm PST. USA residents only.

Keep up with future Pipedream giveaways, news, and products by reading our blog, or following us on Twitter and Tumblr. Distributors and customers alike can take advantage of our social media as a way to directly correspond with us with questions and suggestions. Not happy about a toy? Let us know via Facebook or email and we’ll find something new that’s just right for you! Love to review sex toysTweet us to inquire about free toys for review.

Don’t forget — you can always anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

We’ve Got A Wet, Hot Winner!

Our stunning winner, Jasmine!

Holidays bring on a ton of things. They bring the frigid weather. They remind us to be thankful. They fill us with good food. And my favorite part? Presents, duh!

This year we found one simple answer for all of these holiday necessities. We wanted to show our thanks for our customers by warming and filling them up with presents… of sex, of course! Or a $1000 Pipedream shopping spree, to be exact.

Jasmine Watkins was the very first person to send in this steamy story submission. Not only did she get us off with her titillating tale, but she went the extra mile and submitted a second time. This time, Jasmine showed off what can only be a rival to our very own Pipedream XXXmas Tree! Jasmine created a red-hot holiday tree of her own, decorating it with condoms and her entire toy collection.

Beyond having two amazing submissions that made all of our Sexperts quiver with excitement, I knew Jasmine deserved to win after seeing how excited and grateful she was when learning she won. “My heart nearly leaped out of my chest when I read this email. Thank you so much for choosing me… I’m going to need a few more trees next year for all these toys!”

Being the Internet troll that I am, I couldn’t help but e-stalk the shit out of Jasmine. Jasmine is a peer educator who currently studies Psychology and plans to get a Masters in Human Sexuality with hopes of becoming a Sexologist. She even spends her free time committed to sex education by running a blog called A Lover’s Mark. She’s recently started a fundraiser in order to provide better sex education for adults in Baltimore, including trucks equipped for on-site STI testing. You can donate to Jasmine’s cause here.

It is safe to say that Jasmine is a badass. She has dedicated immense time and energy to sex-positive activism and education, so we’re proud to be able to give back to those who are dedicated to helping those around them.

Fantasy Dance Pole, PD3879-00

Catch a glimpse of Jasmine’s future toy box! She sure as hell will be fulfilling all of her Fetish Fantasies.

Whether it’s a steamy strip tease or erotic exercise, the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Dance Pole will definitely make you sweat! The pole’s height is fully adjustable and includes everything you need to instantly transform any room in your home into your own private dance studio.

Anyone can exceed their physical limits with ease and access unimaginable positions with the Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master. The sturdy nylon straps hold your legs firmly in place so they won’t get tired just when things are getting good!

Any good sub would love to bend over for our Fetish Fantasy Series Silk Rope Whip. It’s sturdy enough to stimulate your senses but soft enough to avoid leaving whip marks.

For more information about Pipedream contests or products, email Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at Sabrina@PipedreamProducts.com or inquire with the Sexperts anonymously here.

Do You Really “Like” Us? – Here’s Your Chance to Win a $1000 Sex Toy Shopping Spree!

Did your dog eat your Tuggie? Maybe you’re low on Body Heat. Whatever the case, we’ve got $1000 worth of sex toys to help keep you warm during this frosty holiday season.

Whether you’re a good little elf who wants to spread the wealth, or a Grinch who’d rather hoard the goods to themselves, to reap the benefits of our gift-giving generosity, all you have to do is click a few links!

Simply “like” our Facebook, share the page with friends, then comment on the official giveaway post and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $1000 Pipedream shopping spree! Want to increase your chance of winning? Then submit your most titillating tale from a past holiday season. Ever bang Santa? Did your Bubbie give you 8 days worth of awkward sex advice? Tell us about the weirdest holiday gift you’ve ever received, or your kinkiest XXXmas adventure and send it us at info@pipedreamproducts.com or in a Facebook message!

Deadline to submit your XXXmas story is DECEMBER 15th, 2012!

Combat the cold with your very own Icicles, or ignite a kinky holiday eve with the Fetish Fantasy Series Xmas Plush Cuff Set. Whatever your pervy preference, you’ll get a whole grand to spend on any item from any Pipedream line.

Keep up with future Pipedream giveaways, news, and products by reading our blog, or following us on Twitter and Tumblr. Distributors and customers alike can take advantage of our social media as a way to directly correspond with us with questions and suggestions. Not happy about a toy? Let us know via Facebook or E-Mail and we’ll find something new that’s just right for you! Love to review sex toysTweet us to inquire about free toys for review.

So go ahead - like us, follow us, leave a witty comment… and most of all, keep those orgasms coming because, baby, it’s cold outside!

Step Into a Winter Wonderland with Icicles This Xmas!

Does the weather outside make you want to hibernate in the paradise-like comfort of your blanket-landscaped bed until spring? If so, why not bring along a sinfully smooth, ultra-bright, hypnotically handsome friend—the Icicle!  These glamorous glass massagers are hand-blown, handcrafted, and made to give you the most intensely heated climax ever!

Heat things up with the Icicle Strap-On PD29326-00

Designed to please the choosiest of users, every piece of our Icicles 40+ collection is nonporous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and uniquely shaped to reach all those sacred spots that need a little warmin’ up this winter.  The vast collection has tempting pieces for endless fun such as anal, vaginal, strap-on, and bondage play.

To heat up your Icicle, simply submerge it in warm water or heat it in the microwave for up to one minute (click here to learn more).

Snow is falling and frost is forming, but your Icicle is the furthest thing from giving you more bone-deep chills. Just heat ‘em up and melt into ecstasy as you feel the all-consuming heat of the glass awaken every frozen cell in your shivering body. Or, if you’re left all sweaty and steamy from none other than mind-blowing passion, stick your Icicle in the freezer for a refreshingly cool sensation.

So what are you waiting for? This Christmas holiday, create your very own wild winter wonderland with the sensual collection of Icicles!

For more information about holiday-themed sex toys and massagers, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com or ask the Sexpert!


Sexy Costume Ideas for Couples Halloween Night

Punky Pirate PD4735

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away! If you are planning on spending it with that special someone and you want to show a little Halloween spirit mixed with a little passion, then why not take a look at some of Pipedream’s costume-themed bedroom wear from the Fetish Fantasy Lingerie series? The 50-piece collection blends elements of kink, sex appeal, and comfort. Some are see-thru, some are cupless, and some just let you show it all — you will certainly find at least one piece to help you ignite all your fantasies on Halloween night.

Want to explore more erotic frontiers together? The Ride ‘em Cowgirl

Material Girl PD4703

is the perfect set to slip into and tame the wilderness of the bedroom. If you’re looking for an 80′s flare with a “twist”, the Material Girl mini dress-and-fishnet set is just what you need to reveal all of your most intimate blond ambitions.

Bad Cop PD4731

Need something to show off your adventurous side? The Punky Pirate is fun and sexy—it’s headscarf, eye patch, and elastic leg garter is guaranteed to please your bedroom mate! Or transform into a seductive Egyptian goddess with Pharaoh’s Slave.

Perhaps your fantasies lean more towards certain occupations? The Bad Cop costume comes with everything you need to arrest your lover’s eyes: ultra-sexy boy shorts, cop hat, waist cincher, “X” pasties, and a hot cop hat! Another Fetish Fantasy Lingerie favorite is the Nasty Nurse, a kinky, irresistible vinyl nurse set designed to improve your bedside manner….

It is Halloween after all and you might be looking for something a little more on the scary side. The lingerie series carries some of the hottest Halloween-themed sets like the The Reaper, the vampire-inspired Twilight Night, or the dangerous and freaky Femme Fatale. You won’t find a selection like this in any local costume store.

Twilight Night PD4736

All of our lingerie pieces are available in One Size and Plus Size. Additionally, everything you see on the package photo are included except for the shoes. Whatever your fantasies may be, Fetish Fantasy Lingerie will have a piece from its vast collection to bring pleasure and fun to you and your lover on Halloween!

For more tips on sexy Halloween-themed lingerie, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

Loads of new Bachelorette Party Favors!

If you’ve checked out the “New Releases” section of our website recently, you’ve noticed a load of new Bachelorette Party Favors mixed in. We’ve added a lot of new merchandise to the line based on the suggestions of our customers, and we think you’ll have tons of fun figuring out new and creative ways to throw these parties!

Pipedream Bachelorette Party Favors are now available in all major adult retailers!