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Cock Socks Making a Comeback

According to The Frisky, cock socks are making a big comeback. 55-year-old Radmila Kus of Croatia has re-popularized a century-old tradition of hand knitting cock warmers for the local men of Croatia’s Mrkopalj region. Her products inspired by this tradition have reached farther than just her local town, interest has risen so sharply that she had to recruit many knitters to meet demand.

However, you don’t have to go to Croatia to get a sock for your cock, Pipedream offers The Tuggie!

The Tuggie wraps around both your rod and sack, and keeps you warm, clean and dry. Don’t be fooled by the competitors, our premium materials are sure to be comfortable and keep a long-lasting warmth. Wear it anywhere you’ve had that chill run down your back and you wished you had a jacket for your cock. Wear it on long, cold airplane rides, at the gym after a shower, or anywhere public you’d like to keep your junk private.