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Pipedream Blows Up with Pipedream Extreme Dollz!


There has been a void of premium love dolls since overseas production came to a screeching halt two years ago… and the wait is finally over! Pipedream’s high-end love dolls are back, better than ever, and available at retail stores around the globe.

Featuring 19 unique designs between three distinct price points, there are Entry Level, Mid Range, and Deluxe inflatable life-size love dolls to satisfy every niche and fantasy on any budget.

From beginners dolls with printed faces and PVC pussies and asses, to advanced dolls with 3D-molded heads and removable, Fanta Flesh pussies and asses, Pipedream offers the most comprehensive assortment of inflatable vinyl dolls in the world.

“You wouldn’t believe how many E-Mails we get everyday from fans waiting for our high-end inflatable dolls to come back in stock,” said VP of Development Rob Phaneuf. “With this new release, we’re filling a void in the market and delivering products that customers and fans have been asking for. We’re offering something for everyone and once again creating unique products that no other manufacturer can offer.”

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Vote Daily for Pipedream’s 3 TLA RAW Awards Nominations!

TLARAW2014After snagging the “Best Sex Toy” Award last year with the best-sellingPipedream Extreme Toyz Mega Fuck Slut, Pipedream has scored three 2014 TLA RAW Awards nominations.

According to TLA RAW, “[The] Awards spotlight the best of the best that the adult industry has to offer.  Unlike other awards, our winners aren’t chosen by dollar sales or committee decisions. No, the TLA RAW Awards are chosen by the fans. So pick your winners, cast your votes, and rest easy knowing that, at least here at TLA, democracy works.”

The manufacturer scored two “Sex Toy of the Year” nominations for their Pipedream Extreme Toyz Flip-n-Fuck Me and Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Head Teazer, as well as the coveted honor of “Best Toy Manufacturer”.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by such a pertinent retailer once again!” said Pipedream VP of Sales Steve Sav. “Knowing that our customers determine these awards makes this recognition especially incredible.”

Customers and fans are encouraged to cast their votes on a daily basis through April 14 Learn more about the award-nominated brands with online catalogs and downloadable product videos from PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail

We’re The Shit: Reviewer Roundup #5

Our Pipedream Extreme Toyz tend to sell themselves. Made of our exclusive Fanta Flesh material, it feels just as good as the real thing and best of all — no commitments, no bullshit, and no worries about knocking her up! One reviewer dutifully notes the pregnancy-free perks, and even suggests our toys be implemented in parenting!

Every man who has a teenage son needs to buy one as a gift for him. Beats having your son getting a teen girl pregnant!

Mark from Seattle, WA only continues to rave about our Fuck Me Silly Petite, going on to say:

One reviewer raved about his "mind-blowing orgasms" thanks to our Fuck Me Silly Petite!

I was truly skeptical before I bought this lifelike sex doll. I mean she really feels lifelike after you get her vagina warmed up by your lubricated semi to fully erected member… At first it will feel cold, but after slowly entering inch by inch you feel her warming up just like a real lady. The ideal position would be to place her on the corner of your bed where you can penetrate her deeply as far you’re able to do. Remember – nice and slow – you want to build up the tension within your member. What’s going to happen is that a suction will be created within her vagina where it feels like she is literally deep-throating your member. Keep at it as you’re going to explode inside her. I literally was experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm.

Read Mark’s entire 5-star review on Amazon.

It’s no surprise that our award-winning Icicles glass massagers have garnered so much attention lately, especially since Women’s Health Magazine suggested the Icicles No. 8 in their latest issue. Mainstream users and sex aficionados don’t always see eye-to-eye on pleasure products, but they sure do agree on one thing — Icicles are the shit! The Director of Product Reviews over at Life on the Swingset was even surprised at her lust for our Icicles No. 31.

One Sexpert found herself squirting over our Icicles No. 31!

Having not found a glass dildo that could get me off, I was skeptical when the Icicles No. 31 showed up at the office. I had thought to hand it over to a member of my staff, but there was something about it that called out to try it myself. I am not sure if it was the beautiful blue color, the fact that both ends looked functional or that one end looked like it would be perfect for g-spot stimulation, but I knew that the Icicles No. 31 was coming home with me.

Once aroused, I introduced the Icicles No. 31 to my g-spot. Due to the bend in the massager, I was able to hold onto the handle and still hit my g-spot with the bulb. Since many g-spot toys can only be utilized by a partner, being able to use it alone makes the Icicles No. 31 more versatile.

After several thrusts, I began to hear the tell tale signs of fluid build-up. A couple more strokes had me squirting.

Read Zoe’s entire review on Life on the Swingset.

Are you a pleasure products blogger within the US or Europe? We’re always looking for Pipedream reviewers, so anyone qualified and interested should hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at Feel free to anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here about anything, any time!

Making Your Hump Day Even Happier With Real Fuck Me Silly User Demos! (NSFW)

Courtney Cummz & Ryan Driller had a blast all over their Fuck Me Silly 2!

I’m a very strict observer of Hump Day, celebrating it every single week humping as much as one Sexpert can consensually hump in the span of just one day (and that number will probably surprise you). I think most of us would agree that humping a real life body part (attached to its user, preferably…) but if your fuck friend ain’t around, why not hump the next best thing — Fanta Flesh! From our mega masturbators to our fuck sleeves, all of our Pipedream Extreme Toyz are made with our ultra soft and lifelike Fanta Flesh material.

I know, I know, they’re kinda pricey — we get it. But can you really put a price on good sex? These Fanta Flesh babes and dudes are as good as it gets next to the real thing, and we’ve got real life customers to prove it!

Our good pal Dude McBane is a longtime Fuck Me Silly fan. (We always love your videos, keep ‘em cumming!) This week he shared his XXX Playtime vid with us, wielding a homemade cock contraption that he explains was crafted with assorted off-the-shelf cock rings, as well as metal rings from a hardware store. With his stiff rod at bay, he caresses the sporty bra on his Fuck My Big Fat Titties before eventually undressing her and going to town!

(Above) McBane is ready for a McBanging! (Below) Krille's first time.

I was overjoyed when stumbling across a Fuck Me Silly virgin! Our friend Krille in Sweden shared his first time with us, proving just how good our Fanta Flesh pussy feels after blowing is load in only 48 seconds!

Now that these solo vids have you all worked up, you better head over to PDTV and finish yourself off with our official Pipedream Extreme Toyz XXX demo videos featuring Courtney Cummz, Ryan Driller, and Brandon Fox! With over 40 videos to choose from, fans and distributors alike can view and download every scene for personal or in-store use.

Distributors can also take advantage of our spankin’ new Pipedream Extreme Toyz interactive catalog. All Pipedream catalogs are available online in multiple formats.

For more information about Pipedream Extreme Toyz or any other Pipedream product, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

College Of Copulation: Sex Toy Material Vocabulary

Sexpert Sabrina to the right, known as Philly Sleazesteak or Sleaze in the derby community.

Playing roller derby has taught me so much more than just the game. I’ve learned a lot about the way our bodies work and the importance of a balanced diet. Believe it or not, the food we eat really does effect more than that number on the scale. This month, I’ve joined a Whole30 challenge, and I’ll admit it was with total dread… at first. Now, two weeks into the challenge, I’ve noticed things beyond my dress size. I have more energy and less cravings for crappy food. My mood has become better and more stable, and fresh food really does taste better!

Hey, don’t look at me like that! I can sense your shifty eyes from behind my Mac! What the hell does this have to do with sex toys? Well, being aware of the things we put into our bodies is imperative. Whether it’s food or sex toys, you should know the exact ingredients or materials, how they work, and how they effect your body. So here it is, Pipedreamers — a breakdown of the materials used here at Pipedream Products.

ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadeine Styrene): A plastic that is 30 times more durable than regular plastic. It’s not affected by temperature and holds its shape when molded by heat. ABS is a common thermoplastic sex toy material that’s lightweight, easy to manufacture, and is super- tough and impact-resistant. For these reasons, ABS can be found in a wide variety of hard plastic sex toys like your favorite waterproof vibrators, dildos, and anal plugs. ABS sex toys are also easy to clean, and are non-porous and phthalate-free.

Fanta Flesh: Pipedream’s exclusive material, a proprietary blend of TPR, TPAE, and silicone. The most lifelike material that mimics the look and feel of real human skin. Warms to the touch during use. Waterproof, lightweight, super stretchy and soft.

Glass – (Borosilicate): A 100% green sex toy material, glass is beautiful to behold and artistic in design. No additives, no allergens and absolutely no chemical residues. High- quality glass can generally be taken to high or low temperatures for erotic hot/cold fun. Specially tempered glass specifically designed to withstand temperature changes. This sex toy material is also found in some of your favorite cookware products and in professional laboratory equipment – it’s just that versatile. Borosilicate glass sex toys are made for enthusiastic use with no breakage, cracking, or chipping.

Latex: Most articles you will read on latex will lump a great many products in this category; however, it is very helpful to learn exactly what latex is, how it’s made, what varieties exist, and how they’re used in the production of such sex toys. The most common sex products using latex are condoms, dildos, fake vaginas, dolls, and fetish clothing. Latex toys are, as mentioned previously, inexpensive, so don’t expect them to last more than a year or two, even with the best of care. Cleaning should be done with mild soap and water — NEVER use alcohol or household cleaners.

Metal: A solid material that is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile. Perfect for adult novelty products, it’s firm and smooth, phthalate-free, and won’t break. Metal toys are great for temperature play and can be cooled or heated simply by placing them in warm water. They’re easy to clean too, and can be boiled or bleached (10% solution), are dishwasher-safe (top shelf), or can be washed with soap and warm water.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC, also known as vinyl or jelly, is a more affordable, yet strong plastic. What is jelly? Well, if you’ve purchased more than one sex toy in the last 10 years you probably own a jelly toy. Unlike the stuff you spread on toast, jelly rubber is made of polyvinyl chloride or “PVC.” This comprises 98% of the sex toy market because it is soft, translucent and easy to produce. If your soft adult toy does not specifically state otherwise, it is most likely made from rubber jelly. PVC is a vinyl polymer so versatile and valued for its durability and flexibility that you’ll find this sex toy material in just about every kind of sex toy – from dildos to vibes, plugs to strap-ons, and more. PVC is great for making both softer and firmer sex toys in a variety of exciting colors. PVC sex toys are durable, compatible with most lubes, and clean up easily. All of Pipedream’s new PVC products are phthalate-free and body-safe.

Silicone: is an elastomer (rubber-like material) that offers good resistance to extreme temperatures. Why do we love silicone? How do we count the ways- Silicone is an inert, latex-free, non-porous material that features the soft, elastic properties of jelly without the odor or chemical residues. It translates body heat and vibration beautifully, and, with a little TLC, a silicone sex toy can last a lifetime. Lastly, silicone can withstand extreme temperatures, which means you can easily disinfect your non-vibrating silicone sex toys in boiling water or even the top rack of your dishwasher. A mixture of organic and inorganic material, silicone is a polymer found in only the very best sex toys. That’s because this sex toy material is both fantastically versatile, durable, temperature resistant, and extremely body-safe.

TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer): Combines functional performance and properties of rubber with the processability of plastics. In other words, it’s nearly as soft and supple as TPR but made faster and more economically so as to be offered at a low price. Elastomer is the hot new word in sex toy materials because it’s a less expensive option to silicone. Like silicone, elastomer is hypo- allergenic, phthalate-free, latex-free, and ideal for people with chemical sensitivities. And, unlike silicone, most elastomer sex toys can be used with any kind of lubricant: water-based and silicone formulas.

TPR (ThermoPlasticRubber): The most lifelike material that mimics the look and feel of real human skin. Warms to the touch during use. Waterproof, light weight, super stretchy, and soft. These hybrid blends of plastic and rubber are probably the most commonly used sex toy materials today. TPR/TPE sex toys are easy to make and can be extremely soft or hard. In fact, TPR/TPE is what you usually find in specifically lifelike and real-feel sex toys like pocket pussies and lifelike strokers. TPR/TPE toys are non-phthalate, durable, and are compatible with water-based lubes.

For more information about Pipedream materials, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

A Real Piece Of Ass: Bringing Your Mega Fuck Slut To Life With Fetish Fantasy Lingerie!

Just coppin' a quick (and consensual!) feel!

Thanks to our lifelike Fanta Flesh material, our Pipedream Extreme Toyz look and feel just like the real thing! So real, in fact, that many customers have been fiending for suggestions on how to bring even more life to their girls with panties and lingerie. So I grabbed the Mega Fuck Slut from our showroom — named “Cupcake” by my officemates in light of this morning’s funfetti breakfast — and got to play dress-up with some of our Fetish Fantasy Lingerie! To spice things up, I adorned their tight little ass holes with my favorite butt plugs — our Metal Worx Mini Luv Plug for Cupcake, and the Mini Luv Plug from Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition for her Fuck Me Silly sister, Muffin.

Cupcake and Muffin fit into the “One Size” options of our Red Hot Teddy Set, Naughty Nurse Set, and Divine Addiction. They also fit into our S/M sized See-Thru Boxer, so I think it’s safe to say they’ll fit into most small-sized items. When choosing clothes for your PDX ladies, I’d suggest purchasing stretchy, breathable materials to ensure an easy fit.

Check out this blog post for specific bra sizing for the Fuck Me Silly 2, Mega Fuck Slut, and Fuck My Big Fat Titties.

Be sure to check out these other blog posts for more information about our mega masturbators:

Materials & Maintenance Reference Sheet – A quick FAQ of Pipedream Extreme Toyz materials.

Living In The Material World – More info about the materials used for our Pipedream Extreme Toyz and how to clean and maintain them.

Get Her Wet!: Which Mega Masturbators Are Water Safe?

FAQ: Fuck Me Silly versus Fuck Me Silly Petite – For measurements and side-by-side photo comparisons.

You can always hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick for more suggestions via E-Mail at You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

Foot Fetish & Flip N’ Fuck Me

Ever since the Flip N’ Fuck Me was released a month ago, we’ve been getting a plethora of questions about this Mega Masturbator. Why? Because this is the FIRST ONE THAT COMES WITH FEET!!!

Some of you might be scratching your heads and wondering what’s the big deal … but a large number of folks are utterly thrilled about this feature. Foot fetishism, according to many psychologists, and Psychology Today, is perhaps the most common “fetish” among men all over the world. Most of the time if occurs among straight men who are fixated on the feet of women. There are, however, a good percentage of gay men and lesbians who also find their counterparts’ feet very arousing.


The term “foot fetish” (AKA podophilia)is used very casually and loosely today. It can be used to describe someone who appreciates a nice pair of feet (sometimes pedicured and encased in sexy, strappy high-heels), someone who is sexually aroused by the sight of women’s feet, or even someone who CAN ONLY derive sexual arousal from feet. Psychologists, when technical, usually apply the term to the last category, but for the sake of the casualness of this blog, let’s steer towards the first 2 categories.

What is the origin of a foot fetish? The answer to this question has been debated for decades, and we still don’t know. Some theories suggest that it roots back to early childhood stages in which one of the first memories of boyhood involves crawling around his mother’s feet. Others think that the feet are extensions of the female genitalia, so there’s an instinctual arousal when seeing feet similar to when seeing the vagina. Dr. Christopher Badcock (really?) from London University shows that the sensory circuits in the brain cortex wired to genitals is located next to those wired to the toes and foot, so he thinks this can occasionally result in “overlapping”. Whatever the reason may be, foot fetishists are everywhere on a global scale (there are even foot fetish parties where men pay women to play with their feet), and that it may be something natural to our wiring.


This baby is 11″ in length, 20″ wide, and 9.5″ tall. It weighs at a total of 17.5 pounds. Each foot is about 6″ long, and 2.5″ wide — that’s roughly an 8.5 in USA kid’s shoe size.


Like all of our other Mega Masturbators, the Flip N’ Fuck Me is made from our proprietary blend of FantaFlesh, a mixture of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) material created to mimic the look, feel, and softness of real human skin. FantaFlesh is hypoallergenic, body-safe, phthalate-free, latex-free, durable, and compatible with water or silicone-based lubricants.


You should not fully submerge the Flip N’ Fuck Me in water because the backside has an opening that leads directly to the foam-like material inside the FantaFlesh. This material should not come into contact with water or else it will be permanently damaged.

Click here to learn more about which of our Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbators are waterproof and which ones are not.


You can place her in any position you can think of, but the most common ones are missionary and doggie.



Yes, you can paint her toe nails in any color you want, just be very gentle when taking it off with nail polish remover.

For more info on Pipedream’s bestselling Mega Masturbators, email us at



Get Stuffed!: Tips For Tipping Your Mate From Behind

We'll ease your anal anxiety in no time!

Traditionally, we express our Thanksgiving gratitude by shoving mounds of turkey and pie down each other’s throats. When contemplating my last Thanksgiving, though, I recalled not the tasty meal prepared by my best friends, but the stuffing that took place following our meal. Thanksgiving of 2011 was both an eye and ass opening evening for me. It was the first night I successfully and enjoyably took a pegging, so I’d like to take this opportunity to officially redefine Thanksgiving. As a life-long fat kid I am first to enthusiastically partake in any feast, but I think it’s important to satisfy our sexual hungers as well. So this Thanksgiving, why not give thanks to your loved ones with a different kind of stuffing — in the butt!

I’d been inherently against anal sex for a long time due, unfortunately, to partners who’d gone about it the wrong way. My number one rule for any type of sex is to be 100% certain that this is an entirely consensual act. If you have to really beg and persuade your partner to do it, they’re probably going to give in half-heartedly, tainting the experience for the both of you. If your partner isn’t into it, especially a partner on the bottom, they’re not going to be as comfortable and relaxed as one needs to be during a first-time pegging. And when it comes down to it, it’s just not fair to pressure your partner into anything — ever. Instead, try talking about it when you’re not in the midst of intimacy. Express your anal interests while clothed. Do some research on how to ensure that it’s an enjoyable experience for the both of you. Don’t just beg and plead. Show your partner that you care about their experience just as much, if not more, than you’re concerned about your own.

Our chocolatey Real Feel No. 9 is a perfect post-turkey dessert!

The second most important aspect of anal sex is lube. Use it. Use a LOT of it. Seriously, you can never, ever, ever use too much lube when preparing for rear entry. Our Silicone Moist lubricant is your best bet, as silicone lube won’t dry out, maintaining slick and easy entry through the entirety of your playtime. Never combine silicone lube with a silicone toy, though. The silicone molecules can bond together and create holes in the toy, which promotes the growth and spread of bacteria, making it impossible to sterilize. So if you prefer a condom-less silicone toy, our water-based Moist lubricant will suffice, though you may find yourself re-applying more frequently.

Avoid using numbing ointments when diving into your behind. Yes, anal can hurt, but that’s usually only because you’re rushing into it! Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right. If you numb the area you run the risk of being completely unaware in the event that something goes wrong. You really don’t want to numb yourself in order to take a pounding because as a beginner with absolutely no anal experience, anal tearing is a distinct possibility if you rush into rough anal sex. Anal rips can heighten the risk of STIs, as well as just being generally painful as hell! Be nice to your butthole and ease into it, because if it’s your first time, you need to gradually work up to a hardcore anal pounding no matter how much you may crave it.

It’s best to experiment with smaller probes before jumping into rough penetration. Your ass hole really is elastic, but it needs a bit of guidance to reach easy elasticity. Start with a finger. Massage the opening (with lube!) to really relax yourself and the area before slowly prodding it (with more lube!), then eventually slipping the entire finger in (where’s that lube at?!). Once you’re anally acclimated to the girth of a finger, try some toys.

Heat things up on this chilly Thanksgiving night by placing our Icicles No. 2 in a warm bowl of water prior to playtime!

Patience is key in gradually stretching your anus in preparation for a nice, hard pounding. Start with our Basix Mini Butt Plug. It’s only 2¾ inches in girth at its widest point. Once you’ve mastered the Mini, move on to a slightly larger toy like the Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating 4½” Dildo. This luxurious, smooth silicone-based toy should slide in with ease (with lube, yes, more lube!). You can stick it on the wall for hands-free penetration while tickling your tush with seven vibration patterns.

The Icicles No. 2 is also a great, gradual stretcher as its smallest bulge has a girth of only 4 centimeters. Glass toys are a ton of fun for temperature play, too. Send shivers up your rump by freezing your Icicle, or heat up those buns by placing the toy in a bowl of warm water prior to use.

High five! You’re no longer an anal amateur, and can graduate to the real stuffing! Those with two holes can enjoy more wall-bangin’ satisfaction with the Waterproof Wall Bangers Double Penetrator. Or, in preparation for penetration with a penile partner, try one of our Real Feel Lifelike Toyz. The squishy Fanta-Flesh material mimics the softness of real skin, while remaining stiff enough to penetrate that tough heinie hole. But beware — these toys feel so real, you might just lose your appetite for the real thing!

Learn more about pegging for men here, and click here for some anal prepping suggestions. You can always anonymously inquire with the Sexperts, or email me directly at

FAQ: Fuck Me Silly versus Fuck Me Silly Petite

Two of our most popular Pipedream Extreme Toyz are going head-to-head in a battle for the title of Most Fuckable Toy! Okay maybe not, as all of our mega masturbators are perfectly penetrable, but we’ve definitely received quite a few questions in regards to their size. Here are their measurements and some side-by-side photos.

Fuck Me Silly Measurements:

Item Length: 14.5 in. – ( 368 mm )
Item Width: 14 in. – ( 356 mm )
Item Height: 9.75 in. – ( 248 mm )
Item Weight: 22 lbs. ( 9.98 kgs )


Fuck Me Silly Petite Measurements:

Item Length: 10.5 in. – ( 267 mm )
Item Width: 11.25 in. – ( 286 mm )
Item Height: 6.5 in. – ( 165 mm )
Item Weight: 10 lbs. ( 4.42 kgs )

Learn more about the Fuck Me Silly in our previous blog entries. Email for more information about Pipedream Extreme Toyz or any other Pipedream product, or ask the Sexpert!

Get Her Wet!: Which Mega Masturbators Are Water Safe?

Our Fanta Flesh Mega Masturbators feel so real, you might like to treat them to a romantic bubble bath or a fiery romp in the pool! But just like any other intimate affair, don’t forget to practice safe sex with your rubber lover. Before indulging in some wet and wild fun, make sure your girl or guy is safe to submerge. Below you will find two lists that decipher the Mega Masturbators that are safe to completely submerge in water, and those that are restricted from submergence.


GET HER WET! The following toys are a-okay to completely submerge in water:

Pipedream Extreme Jizz Junkie, RD275

Anal Addict

Fuck Me Silly 2

Fuck Me Silly Dude!

Fuck Me Silly Mia!

Fuck Me Silly Sista!

Fuck My Big Fat Titties

Fuck My Hard Cock

Fuck My Tight Ass

Jizz Junkie

Lil’ Fuck Her

Mia Isabella’s Ride My Big Cock

Peek-A-Boo Pleaser

Spread-Eagle Slut


DO NOT GET HER WET! The following toys are absolutely unsafe to completely submerge in water:

Flip-n-Fuck Me                                    Fuck Me Silly Petite

Fuck Me Silly 3                                   Fuck My Big Black Ass

Fuck Me Silly                                      Mega Fuck Slut

Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Big Black Ass! RD174-23


If you can’t keep these lists handy, here are some tips on how to determine whether your Mega Masturbator is safe to submerge:

Check her holes! If your Mega Masturbator is unsafe to submerge, you will find a hole on the backside* where foam has been inserted. This foam is used to fluff her up while remaining lightweight for easy handling. When you spread the hole on the backside, you will see evidence of foam almost immediately. This is the ultimate proof that your toy is unsafe to submerge. Any water that comes into contact with the foam may permanently damage the material.

The "backside" and foam-filled hole.

Another way to check for submergence safety is to finger all the holes, both penetrable and not penetrable. Reach through one side with one hand, and the other side with your other hand. If your fingers can touch in the middle, proving that all holes are connected by one tube, then you’re ready to take your Lil’ Fuck Her for a dive!

Though it’s unsafe to submerge some of these toys completely, you can still wash them with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water – just be extremely conscious of that foamy hole! For additional tips on how to care for and maintain your Fanta Flesh Mega Masturbator, click here and here. Click here for more information about the materials used in our masturbators. See a video demonstration using some of our Fuck Me Silly toys here. You can also send questions to our Sexpert or email us at!

*Decoding Pipedream terminology: The backside we are referring to here is not to be confused with the actual buttocks of the toy. In this case, the “backside” is the flat side where you will find the hole that the foam has been inserted into.