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REAL TALK! Avoiding Painful Anal

sabrina_loves_anal_1000x1000_loNow that the word’s gotten out that I’m a Sexpert, I get flooded with sex ed questions both in and out of the industry. REAL TALK! will cover, well, real questions that real people have really asked me, and the answers that I really gave them, and really, truly believe in. Seriously! These are real concerns and curiosities that come up time and time again – so never feel embarrassed or ashamed because even though no one talks about it, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is all about the sexy times – so what’s wrong with becoming more educated about it? :)

QUESTION: A finger feels good back there but when we try anal – I cannot describe how intensely painful it is – we immediately have to stop. We’re wet, we want it, what’s the prob?

ANSWER: STOOOOOOP!!!! You can’t just hop from a little bb finger to a big, giant COCK!! You gotta do some anal training first. Gradually go from a finger, to a small anal plug, to a small (anal-safe) toy, then maaaaybe to a ween. Also, use a CRAP TON of lube. I like silicone lube because it hardly dries up, therefore less application / interruptions amidst your sexing – but you can neverever use silicone lube with silicone toys.

Remember to TAKE. IT. SLOOOOW!!!!! Any time you put something new in your butt, do it with a lotta lube and a lotta patience. If it hurts, stop. Don’t ever force anything that hurts. EVER. If it continues to hurt – even after slow, patient, gradual anal training – then your butt hole just might not be into teh penetrationz.

Check out our Anal Fantasy Collection – it has like, everything you’ll ever need to put in your butt. Our Silicone Plugs are available in 6 graduating sizes that make for a perfect anal training kit. For your initial tushy trial, though, I’d suggest our Beginner’s Fantasy Kit – it features an array of shapes and textures for easy experimentation.

If you want some more personal, custom toy recommendations for your butt sexpedition, you can contact your favorite Sexpert anytime via email at :)

Pipedream’s Extensive Anal Fantasy Collection Now Available!

Pipedream’s massive Anal Fantasy Collection is now available in its entirety after its highly successful European debut at eroFame. The 70+ piece collection is now in stock and shipping, and customers are encouraged to place their orders while supplies last.

The range includes everything needed to explore back door bliss - from beginner-friendly ABS plastic plugs, to high-end silicone stimulators for the anal aficionado. Each box includes a free 5-Piece Prep Kit to help customers ease into comfort and clean up afterwards.

“The unisex packaging makes this collection especially enticing and less intimidating for newer, curious customers,” said Pipedream’s VP of Sales Steve Sav. “Best of all, smaller custom Planograms are available to fit the needs of any retail environment.”

For customers who haven’t already received them, all Pipedream catalogs are available by request from your distributor. Online catalogs are available in multiple formats, including the Anal Fantasy Collection interactive supplement. The AFC product video is also available to download for in-store and online use at PDTV.

For media inquiries or for further information about Pipedream Products Inc., please contact Sabrina Dropkick via

Erotic Entertainment Beyond Fifty Shades: Part 2

Cha Cha Chainsaw i.e. Sexpert Sabrina's drag show host persona!

Being a film school nerd (shout out to my Columbia alum!), I can’t help but constantly wear a critical eye when contemplating what’s to come from Hollywood. They’ve been on a remake and adaptation kick for a few years, and there’s no stopping ‘em now that the world has been submerged in Grey.

After an intense bidding war amongst big dog studios this past year, Universal Pictures finally snatched up the rights to 50 Shades just two weeks ago. Regardless of the battling opinions of the book, it really does warm my little Sexpert heart to know that a lifestyle that’s typically been condemned and ostracized is now slithering into mainstream light. With this newfound interest in sexuality beyond the vanilla, heteronormative relationships usually depicted, I wanted to share just a few more pieces of my favorite sexuality-driven entertainment.

But, I’m A Cheerleader

The lesbians of But, I'm a Cheerleader.

In 10th grade I thought I was a lesbian – like, full blown dyke cut and everything. As with most queer kids, I searched high and low for any and all LGBT resources that I could get my curious little claws on. This movie was one of the first, and I’ll never forget opening it on Christmas morning — of course, the one Christmas that my pseudo-conservative Jewish grandparents decided to drop in, and upon opening this DVD my Bubbie’s all like, “What’s that about? I’d have never thought you’d be into cheerleading.” Awwwwkwaaaard.

Anyway, this movie’s super cute and campy. All-American Cheerleader Megan is sent to New Directions where she undergoes a “pray the gay away” sort of 12-step program. It’s here where she meets a great diverse group of other queers – the kinky goth girl, flamboyant dancer, bull dyke jock – who help her come to terms with her lesbian identity and, eventually come to terms with her love for the swoon-inducing bad ass butch lez, Graham. If you dig this flick then check out other works by director Jamie BabbitThe Quiet, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, as well as select episodes from United States of Tara and The L Word. But, I’m a Cheerleader gets extra points, though, for featuring my girl RuPaul.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig commands the stage - even if she must create one herself at a buffet!

I’ve always been infatuated with gender play – from drawing mustaches on my face as a tyke who’s rummaged through mom’s make-up, to hosting college drag shows in Chicago, I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with the societal expectations of gender. I really like to push people’s boundaries, to open up their mind to a new perspective they may have never been faced with before. I felt great pride during my first drag show when I overheard a confused couple contemplate whether I was a dude or a lady before finally realizing it doesn’t really fucking matter. Mission accomplished! 

This rock and roll musical follows the story of Hansel, who’s swept away from communist East Berlin by a hunky American soldier. In order to gain quick citizenship, Hansel must marry Luther, but in order to legally marry he must become a woman. He undergoes a botched sex change and becomes Hedwig, unabashed front woman of the campy rock band who’s national tour becomes the basis of the film. Jam packed with equal parts glitter, camp, and drama, Hedwig writer, director, and star John Cameron Mitchell won Best Director and Audience Awards at the Sundance Film Festival for this piece, as well as a Golden Globe nod for Best Actor. I highly suggest you check out the soundtrack (seriously, click that, it’s streaming on YouTube!), as well as another film of his — and all-time favorite of mine — the borderline XXX Shortbus. 

Female Trouble

Just look at the antics in only ONE still of this outrageous flick!

One of my biggest struggles in film school was defining my voice. I knew I was way too weird to ever become a Hollywood-bound filmmaker, and I was too campy for all that existential experimentation shit. That was only until a freshman production instructor dropped a name that would essentially change my life – John Waters. Now an idol of mine, Waters is known for his cult film Pink Flamingos as well as his mainstream titles, Hairspray and Cry Baby (if you’ve got a boner for Johnny Depp, you must check out this movie for a young greaser Johnny Depp, mmm…)

Female Trouble’s gotta be my favorite John Waters movie. His earlier, campy, guerilla-style stuff is always the best in my book, especially when they’re starring the (drag) Queen of my heart, Divine. Delinquent Dawn Davenport runs away from home when she doesn’t get the cha cha heels she expected for Christmas, going on to fuck the dude who picks her up while hitchhiking, getting knocked up, and going on to live a life of crime. She’s discovered by some beauty photographers and becomes their muse as they photograph her in the midst of committing heinous crimes.

There are two reasons I love this movie so much. Dawn’s husband’s Aunt Ida is constantly pestering him about his sexuality, wishing that he was really gay, and even going on to set him up with a gay date. She pleads, “The world of a heterosexual is a sick and boring life! Queers are just better. I’d be so proud if you was a fag.” There are plenty more amazingly crude and outrageous one-liners besides what Aunt Ida spouts, and Taffy’s gotta have my favorite: “I wouldn’t suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!”

If you like what you see here, check out Part 1 of Sexpert Sabrina’s kink-themed suggestions for more Erotic Entertainment Beyond 50 Shades. Feel free to hit her up any time at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

The Sexiest Soup Ever: Gender and Sexuality Vocab, Plus Queer Porn and Sex Education Resources!

This queerdo's favorite ladyboner! Basix Rubber Works 8" Suction Cup Dong

Though I’m a very out and proud queer woman now, my journey through the boundaries and discovery of my own gender and sexuality wasn’t always easy. Even after finally growing secure with my identity, I still come across new definitions and theories, and keeping track of the somewhat evolving “alphabet soup” of sexuality can be arduous. Mmm, soup. Is it lunch yet? Okay, my stomach says we’re starting here:

LGBTQIA: Known as “The Alphabet Soup” — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual/Trans*, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual or Ally. I’ll define these to my best ability in just a minute.

Gender versus Sex: Your sex (genitals) does not necessarily determine your gender identity. Gender identity is how people interpret themselves. Gender expression refers to the way one outwardly presents themselves, be it masculine, feminine, or otherwise.

D.C.'s Transgender and Gender Identity Respect Campaign is the first US governmentally-funded ad campaign to address trans/genderqueer discrimination.

Transgender verus Transsexual versus Transvestite: A transgender person has a gender identity that differs from their gender assigned at birth. A transsexual person has a gender identity that differs from their sex assigned at birth. Some people may interpret transsexual to mean a person who has undergone gender reassignment surgery. A person does not need to have surgery to identify as trans. In fact, some people prefer just top, bottom, or no surgery at all. It’s pretty offensive to ask someone what genitals they have and if they plan for surgery. The words “transvestite” and “tranny” are also pretty offensive, so you should probably refrain from using them. Ever.

Ally: Someone who does not identify as LGBTQI but is an advocate for gender and sexual equality.

Androgyny: When a person’s gender expression does not strictly abide by traditional “masculine” and “feminine” expressions, and may combine the two.

Asexual: Someone who isn’t sexually attracted to any gender or sex.

Bisexual: A person who is sexually attracted to two genders or sexes.

Cisgender: A person whose birth-assigned sex and gender identity match i.e. a person who is born with a vagina, is assigned the female sex at birth, and identifies/expresses themselves as such.

Feminism: Complete equality for all genders and sexes.

Thigh Strap-Ons are super popular among queer kinksters.

Gay: A person who is strictly attracted to those of the same gender or sex as themselves, both romantically and sexually. Usually used to refer to men.

Genderqueer: A person whose gender identity and expression breaks the boundaries of societal expectations for their sex.

Intersex: A person whose sex is not entirely male or female.

Lesbian: A woman who is strictly attracted to women, both romantically and sexually.

Pansexual: Someone who has no restrictions on what gender or sexes they are romantically and sexually attracted to.

Preferred pronoun: The terms a person prefers when being referred to as other than their name, i.e. her/she, him/her, them/they, ze, hir, etc. If you’re ever unsure of what pronoun to use for someone, simply ask. It’s better to admit your ignorance than to offend someone by mis-gendering them.

Queer: Frequently used as an umbrella term for anyone who falls outside of heteronormative genders, sexes, and sexual preferences.

Being a young, clueless queer kid was hard enough when just trying to gain a solid grasp of the vast range of gender and sex identities and sexual preferences in order to apply it to myself. Once I started exploring my body and watching porn, I’d become super frustrated when mainstream sites just didn’t do it for me. Luckily there’s an evolving presence and acceptance of queer-identified people, therefore more and more queer porn! Click “Read More” below for some queer porn, toy, and sex education resources.

If you have any questions about gender, sex, and sexual identity, feel free to email Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Read more

FAQ VIDEO: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Full Contact Hood


Learn how you can experience the thrill of complete sensory deprivation in this Full Contact Hood from our Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection of BDSM gear.

Find out about the materials, how it fits, and complete features of the hood in this short demonstration video that will answer the most frequently asked questions.

Cock Ring Safety Tips


Last week in Southern California, the Laguna Beach Fire Department was called upon to help a man remove a cockring that was constricting him for 3 consecutive days. According to a news article from (read the article here), the man slipped on a 2-inch metal cockring, took a dose of “Superman” viagra, and unwittingly suffered through a 72-hour-long erection that resulted in sweatiness and pain. After he was handed some lube, the man was finally able to remove it before it could do any permanent damage.

Cases like these come up every so often. Earlier in June this summer, an Englishman in Manchester was admitted to a hospital for a similar problem.

You might be curious as to know why these cockring constriction cases occur at all. To brush up on the fundamentals, the purpose of a cockring is to constrict blood flow during erections so that men can last longer and when they do ejaculate, they experience more intense orgasms because the penis was filled with more blood than usual (GoAskAlice).

Cockrings fit over the shaft and stay in place before, during, and after an erection. Some C-rings are made from various materials such as rubber, metal, and TPR; there are others that are adjustable and those are usually made from leather or rawhide. Whichever type of C-rings you choose, make sure that it fits your most valuable member! If it’s uncomfortable or it feels too tight, take it off immediately. It’s best not to leave cockrings on for more than 30 minutes at a time – especially if you are a beginner – because this can cause blood coagulation or even serious damage to erectile tissue–in other words, “Superman” viagra and a METAL cockring is not a recommended route to erection ecstasy.


Pipedream offers a variety of cockrings that are stretchable for easy slip-on and removal. If you’ve never used a cockring before, try our bestselling easy-to-use Cockring Cuties Bunny–it comes with an attached vibrating bullet with a vibrating clit tickler in the shape of bunny–you and your lover will love the tingling sensations! Another bullet-attached cockring is our soon-to-released beginner’s Neon Vibrating Cockring, a stretchy C-ring made from TPR that slips on comfortably and comes in 6 dazzling neon colors. Another “bi-party” C-ring is Pipedream’s silicone-based Ball Banger Cockring–this little guy comes with swinging balls to give you and her extra stimulation.

Pipedream wants to help you have the greatest time in the bedroom with your lover–or by yourself–and we want you to do this with a good dose of safety. For more questions/info about cockring tips email us at

Midget Man Portrait Painted With Artist’s Penis Instead of Paint Brush

Midget Man recently sat for a nude portrait by “Pricasso“, an artist from Australia known for not only painting in the nude while a crowd watches, he uses his penis instead of a paint brush.

The portrait painting took place in China during the recent AAE Taiwan trade show where Pricasso had a booth and performed his unique one-man-show.

After using his buttocks to lay down the orange base for Midget Man’s skin, Pricasso then only used his penis to complete the painting. The finished portrait can be seen in the gallery below and you can no doubt see why a big crowd formed to watch.

You can follow Pricasso on Twitter, Facebook, or see him in action on his Vimeo channel.

To see more photos from the zany adventures of Midget Man click here.

FAQ: BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy

Questions have been coming in about a Pipedream favorite – BJ Blast, a candy that fizzes pops, bursts, and explodes in your mouth, giving him incredible sensations during his favorite foreplay exercise. Therefore, we decided to provide our customers with a FAQ blog about all the functions and safety tips of America’s favorite oral sex candy.

Moby Picture User Jade Harley

photo by Jade Harley

How does it work?

Simply pour the candy into your mouth right before you begin oral sex and watch as your man go wild from the popping and fizzing produced by the candy.

What’s it made of?

Sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, lactose, and lactic acid.
What flavors are available?

The awesome sensations can be experienced in different flavors—strawberry, cherry, and green apple.
Do I need to wash my penis before intercourse?


Bj Blast Oral Sex Candy



According to researchers and health care professionals at Colombia University, sugar should not be inserted inside the body and doing so may result in large growth of yeast and bacteria, which can lead to infections ( Even though your dessert stick might be licked clean and sheen, there is still a chance that some of the sugar from the candy has been left unattended. For the health and safety of your loving partner, we suggest that you don’t take any chances and gently wipe your member with a clean damp cloth before proceeding on to the main act. 
To learn furthermore about the joy and safety tips of the rest of our sex sweets, email us at

VIDEO GALLERY: Fetish Fantasy Lingerie For Men

Fetish Fantasy Lingerie 2012

If you were at the July 2012 Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo, no doubt you had a sneak peek at the 2012 Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Collection for men. For those of you who weren’t at the expo, we offer this video gallery showcase of the collection.

We have also provided a link to download the HD movie for those of you who would like to use the video on your blogs and websites.

We anticipate the collection being available in stores in the next 60 days.

Fuck My Tight Ass XXX Demo Video

You’ve always dreamt about going bareback on a firm little power bottom, now you can without any risk! The waterproof Fuck My Tight Ass Mega Masturbator has over 15 lbs of fresh-tight-fuckhole-fun waiting to engulf your meat. Slap that big round ass and listen to the whack, it sounds and feels just like a real ass! Squeeze his nuts and feel the realistic balls inside the soft, squishy sack while you raw dog him.

Every lifelike detail is carefully molded after a real muscle hunk!

Live out man-on-man fantasies without feeling guilty the next day. Breed his ass raw and dump your hot load deep inside his tight virgin ass without having to worry about a trip to the clinic! He is the perfect no-strings-attached fuck buddy who’s ALWAYS up for a pump & dump! He doesn’t care about cock size or what you look like, he just wants his tight white ass pounded all night long.

So what are you waiting for… FUCK MY TIGHT ASS BRO!