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FAQ: Rabbit Pearl Strap-On

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Our Fetish Fantasy Series Rabbit Pearl Strap-On is a great way to make strap on play more interesting. It has all the features you love about a rabbit style vibrator, but with a harness so that you can using during intercourse and pegging.

We offer this video to answer many of the frequently asked questions about this item such as how the remote functions, is the suction cup base functional, what waist size does it fit, what type of batteries and of course how do you get that large suction cup base in the smaller hole on the harness.

Rabbit Pearl Strap-On, PD3387-00

FAQ: Who’s That Girl? RD177

Now that we’ve answered the myriad of questions we’ve received over the last few months about our new Mega Fuck Slut mega masturbator, guys are starting to wonder who the hottie is on the packaging.

Sofia Santa as seen on RD177

The model on the PDX Toyz Mega Fuck Slut is Sofia Santi.

Sofia Santi on RD177

FMS 1 vs. FMBBA Product Comparison Video & FAQ

By popular demand, we’ve created a side by side comparison of our Fuck Me Silly 1 and Fuck My Big Black Ass mega masturbators.

Video answers these questions we’ve received from customers and more.

- Are they the same shape and size?
- How does the color compare side by side?
- Are the tunnels connected?
- Are they waterproof?

Wondering which Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators are waterproof for soaking wet fun?

Waterproof Fuck Me Silly

Important Message for ANY Store Selling Fuck Me Silly

An important message to any brick and mortar retailer selling the larger Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbators.

Video / skit to demonstration how and why you should save your master cartons for the larger Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators.

Research indicates, stores who aren’t saving the master carton are losing sales. The above video will demonstrate why and how you can avoid this.

Watch the above video if you sell Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators.

FAQ: Does Phthalate-Free Mean Latex Free?

One question we’ve received from a few customers is if they see “phthalate-free” on a product, does that also mean it is latex free.

The answer is no. Phthalates are plasticizing agents used to soften plastic, PVC and rubber. They are used to manufacture many common products including adhesives, shower curtains, and nail polish.

Latex is a material itself, not an additive. Latex is a type of rubber. All latex is considered rubber, but there are some types of rubber that are latex-free, like our Basix collection.

Since some are allergic to latex, be sure to check the material information on the product detail pages of our site. If you see an item with material listed with anything besides latex (ie. TPR, Silicone, TPE, etc) then you are safe. If an item is made of latex, it should say so on our site.

If you find a product detail page missing material (or any other important information) you are invited to report it so we can update the site.


Phthalates are plasticizers, an additive to materials such as plastic and rubber in order to make them softer and bendable. Phthalates can be found in everything from baby bottles to makeup and even the interior of the car you drive.

There was a study conducted several years ago that concluded that phthalates might be cancer causing and/or have other negative consequences on your health. There still exists a debate as to whether or not they are in fact dangerous in products that you don’t internally ingest.

Being a company concerned for the safety of its customers, Pipedream ceased using phthalates in the manufacturing process of any of its products in 2007.

Any products manufactured by Pipedream since 2007 are ALL phthalate-free. You will see a logo on many of our product detail pages or in the item’s description.

If ever in doubt, feel free to submit a question to one of our Sexperts.

FAQ: Is it supposed to have that 2nd hole?

Sleeve with 2nd hole (L) and without (R)

Because some of our masturbation sleeves have a second hole on the back side of them and others do not, we receive questions all the time like:

Is this a defect?
Is there a purpose to the hole?
Does it affect the way the sleeve performs?
Can I cut a hole in mine if it wasn’t made with one?

Juicy Cyber Snatch has second hole

Not a defect:

Just like some masturbators have ribbed love tunnels and others don’t, the 2nd hole on the backside of a male masturbator is there for a reason. A few reasons actually. . .

Purpose of the hole:

Some feel the 2nd hole makes applying lubricant inside the sleeve before use, and cleaning out debris after use, easier.

Affects performance:

However, many feel that sleeves that don’t have a ‘drainage’ hole offer a tighter grip and more intense suction during use. If your sleeve has a second drainage hole, you can intensify suction by plugging it with one of your fingers (try a few different ones on either hand to figure out which is most comfortable for you while masturbating with the sleeve).

Customizing your sleeve:

Just like you can plug the 2nd hole on a sleeve when you want more intense suction, you can also cut a hole in a sleeve that comes with a fully sealed back. You can use a pen one would write with to put a hole in their sleeve. A small hole is all you need for easier drainage and that sloppy soft feel so many love in a masturbation sleeve.

PDX Toyz Cumfy Clam does not have drainage hole on back

FAQ: Which Mega Masturbators Can Be Used in Water?

Our Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators are arguably our most asked about line of products. One of the questions we get all the time is “can I use this one in the bathtub or pool?”

Some of the mega masturbators are completely sealed and encased in Fanta Flesh (TPR), while others have an air hole in order for air to escape during use so that it doesn’t pop.

Because of the large size of a couple of the mega masturbators it was impossible to make them completely sealed or made of solid rubber. Many feature a foam core so they are light enough for a person to move around during intimate play.

Here is a listing of the water-safe Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators, as well as those that are NOT intended to be submerged in water.

Water Safe Mega Masturbators

Fuck Me Silly 2
Fuck My Big Fat Titties
Fuck My Face
Fuck Me Silly DUDE!
Fuck My Tight Ass

Do not submerge these in water & use caution when cleaning.

NOT WATER SAFE (do not submerge in water):
Fuck Me Silly 1
Fuck Me Silly 3
Mega Fuck Slut

For additional tips on how to care for and maintain your Fuck Me Silly mega masturbator, click here.

Shock Therapy Instruction PDF

Below are links to where you can download the high resolution (print quality) PDF sheets of the instruction pamphlet that is included with our original Shock Therapy kit.

Shock Therapy Instruction PDF - Page 1

Shock Therapy Instruction PDF - Page 2

Additional information is also available on our Shock Therapy 101 blog post, complete with video demonstrations.

FAQ: The Lowdown on Latex

Latex is a popular material used in fetish apparel and BDSM gear. When worn properly it literally is like a second skin on the wearer. When latex apparel is worn to look its best, garments are tight and fit snugly, which can make it tricky to put on and take off. Pipedream manufactures many items made of latex from ball gags, to leggings, to masks and assorted apparel, such as skirts, boy shorts, peep hole bra tops, gloves, and more. So we get a lot of emails from customers about how to care for, wear and maintain our products that are made of latex.

Rubba-Wear Latex Apparel by Pipedream

What’s the best way to put on or take off latex clothing? How should you care for latex between uses? How can you get that slick, shiny look you see on others wearing latex out at the nightclubs?

Latex hoods & apparel from Fetish Fantasy Extreme

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Pipedream. This blog post will serve to answer these questions and more.

Putting on & taking off latex apparel can be tricky. Pulling too hard on it can leave permanent finger marks, stretch and even tear the material. Use a generous amount of baby powder inside of the garment and have patience using the palms of your hands to slide into the garment. Once on, use your whole hand to shift the material around from side to side until it is comfortable enough to wear.

A little silicone Moist goes a long way!

Some prefer to use a good silicone lubricant (or other non-oil based) lubricant when putting on latex garments. One method is no better than the other, it is just a personal preference of the wearer.

To remove latex garments, use the same ‘shift and slide’ method in reverse of pulling the garment on.

Washing Your Latex - It is important to wash your latex apparel and gear after every use to remove the sweat and any odors that accumulated while wearing it. NEVER use any type of solvent or oil-based cleaner on anything made of latex. Use a mild cleaning agent, such as our Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner or a household soft soap and lukewarm water.

Never 'wring-out' your latex garments while washing.

Never ‘wring-out’ latex garments and do not scrub them. This can damage the latex permanently. Use a soft cloth to wipe and gently shake the garment to get rid of excess water. Pat dry with a towel to soak up water and hang to air-dry in a room temperature setting. Remaining water can be wiped away gently with your soft cloth and residual moisture can be evaporated by dusting with some baby powder. This will also prevent the latex from sticking to itself while drying.

Storing Your Latex - Keep your latex gear and apparel in a dry environment, preferably one that is dark and just under normal room temperature. Plastic hangers and garment bags are a great way to keep them folded nicely and protected from the surrounding environment. NEVER use wire hangers, store in direct sunlight or store in any place that is near a heat source.

You can also use silicone lubricant to ‘shine’ the exterior of your garments once they are on. Remember a little Moist silicone lubricant goes a long way, so start with a little so you don’t waste any. Some apply a few coats to get the look they are searching for, while others are happy with a single coat of silicone lubricant.

Additionally, use caution with sharp fingernails, jewelry, watches and sharp objects when putting on or wearing your latex. Metals including copper, brass, and bronze can stain latex and should be avoided. Since latex is porous, perfumes and makeup can not only be absorbed into the material, it can stain or break down the quality of the latex. ALWAYS avoid any oil-based products to clean or care for your latex.

Who’s That Girl? Fuck My Big Fat Titties

Click on the above photo to read more about Fuck My Big Fat Titties

Who is that busty beauty on the packaging of our Fuck My Big Fat Titties mega masturbator? It’s a question we get asked on a regular basis. The model is Shay Laren, an adult actress and model with a growing fan base.

Shay was one of the best days of shooting we have had in our photography studio and has personality to match her stunning looks. Speaking of, here is a small photo gallery with select portraits from her shoot with Pipedream. Enjoy!