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FAQ: Fuck Me Silly 2 vs. Mega Fuck Slut

Our Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators are quite possibly the most asked about products that we offer. We receive emails every day from men asking about them before making their decision on which to buy, feedback about the products, suggestions on what people want in future mega masturbators we release, and even real users who send us videos of themselves using the products.

The most asked about of the mega masturbators is our new Mega Fuck Slut, which is a complete female body mold (from the neck to the hips) that includes both the front and back side.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are about how it compares to our Fuck Me Silly 2 mega masturbator. Below is a video that answers these questions and more. Scroll down for a side by side photo measurement comparison as well.

For those wondering about how it compares, side by side to the Fuck Me Silly 2, here is a photo with measurements.

Mega Fuck Slut vs Fuck Me Silly 2

Mega Fuck Slut: 27″ long x 14″ wide (8″ high)

Fuck Me Silly 2: 20.5″ long x 12.5″ wide (6″ high)

Unlike Fuck Me Silly 2, which is flat on the back with an exit hole to flush out debris, our new Mega Fuck Slut has a fully formed backside that is bendable, posable and can be used for a wide variety of positions and sexual fantasies.

When cleaning out the Mega Fuck Slut after use, place a nozzle in one hole and run water to flush debris out of the other hole. Never submerge the Mega Fuck Slut under water. 

For more information on Fanta Flesh masturbators and what they are made of, click here. If you would like more information about how to care for and maintain your Fanta Flesh masturbators, click here. For information on lubricant compatibility, click here.

If you have any more questions about this or another Pipedream Product, ask a Sexpert!

Cockrings Pt. 2: The Which

Now that you know how to use a cockring and why they are a favorite ‘go-to’ toy for so many men, we want to let you know about some of our most popular cockrings we are sure you’re going to want to check out!

To learn more about this product, click on the photo.

The Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit features two intensely powerful bullets that slide into the TPE material above and below the shaft. These bullets send two sets of small ticklers into a tickling frenzy to stimulate both the wearer underneath his balls, and to stimulate his partner as well. It features a hard wired remote control with true multi-speed dial controller, giving the wearer (or his partner) control of the intensity.

Perfect for garage sex & blue collar fantasies!

Our U Got Nutz cockring is perfect for any man who thinks sex toys and even cockrings are too feminine for a man to play with. (Yes they still exist in 2011). They are simple, sleek and easy to use. Depending on the size of the wearer, some men prefer to wrap these around the shaft only, while others wear them around the shaft and testicles. They make a great gift and are a fun way to live out some blue collar, garage sex fantasies.

The Vibrating Pleasure Ring is a disposable cockring that boasts the power of one you can use over and over. Maintain firm erections and prolong ejaculation with this one-shot Vibrating Pleasure Ring. This super-stretchy ring has a powerful micro stimulator that can be used to tickle her clit or his balls, resulting in extra explosive orgasms and long-lasting fun for the both of you. The body safe TPE is phthalate-free, condom compatible, and perfect for beginners. The one-time disposable bullet delivers up to 40 minutes of powerful vibrations.

For sizing, click on the above photo.

On the other end of the cockring spectrum, we have our Metal Worx cockring for those looking for something more luxurious and more permanent. Metal Worx cockrings are made of high quality steel and will last you a lifetime with proper care. This is why we’ve included a sturdy latching case with removeable labels so you can store it discreetly or travel with it. It makes a great gift for that special man in your life, or a good way for a guy to spoil himself. Be sure to measure the girth of your penis so you can get the size that is right for you! Metal Worx cockrings are available in medium (1.75″ diameter), large (2″ diameter) and extra-large (2.25″ diameter).

These are just a few of the many different types of cockrings Pipedream has to offer. Be sure to visit our wholesale website to see the entire range of offerings.

If you would like to know which of our rings other men enjoy the most, here is a list of our top sellers:

1. PD2219-99, Mega Stretch Rings, Assorted Colors

2. PD2365-12, Vibrating Pleasure Rings

3. PD2319-00, Mini One-Touch Cockring

4. PD2332-12, Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit

5. PD2244-99, Mega Stretch Doughnut Rings

6. PD2219-23, Mega Stretch Rings, Black

7. PD2315-11, Wonderful Wabbit, Pink

8. PD2320-12, Cockring Cuties, Butterfly

9. PD2322-12, Vibrating Ball Banger Cockring

10. PD2271-00, Mega-Stretch Designer Rings

Fuck Me Silly DUDE, Durability Test Video

For those who are questioning the durability of the cock on the new Fuck Me Silly DUDE mega masturbator is, here is a video of it being put through a rigorous endurance test. See for yourself how much wear and tear it can take.

When used properly for simulated intercourse, the Fuck Me Silly DUDE should have no problems with its cock breaking. However, some people who are on the heavier side or those who use the toy too rough by jumping up and down on it with all of his or her weight, could experience breakage issues.

We recommend treating Fuck Me Silly DUDE with the same care you would if you were on top of a real man and riding his erect penis. Hopping up and down on a real man’s erection with all of one’s weight could cause problems, think of Fuck Me Silly DUDE as the next best thing to a real man and treat it the same way.

For more information about this product be sure to check out our FAQ video demo.

Cockrings Pt. 1: The How & The Why

A stronger erection can boost confidence & help you perform like a champ!

When a man’s penis appears bigger and feels stronger or harder, his confidence level is boosted, allowing him to perform better and with more confidence in the bedroom. This is no doubt why cockrings are so popular and the “go-to” toy for many men, even those who wouldn’t otherwise be into sex toys.

Click on the above photo to be taken to our complete selection.

There are many different types of cockrings available today. Offerings range from old fashioned adjustable strap types, to mega stretch rings, traditional doughnuts, beaded love rings, ultra masculine, luxury metal rings, and simple or deluxe vibrating rings.

How to use a cockring can vary depending on the type you choose, but as a general rule, you wear a cockring at the base of the shaft, right by the body around both the shaft and the testicles.

Start with your flaccid penis and hold the ring under your balls, slipping them through one at a time. Then push your penis through the remaining space of the ring. Lubricant will help this process, and of course it is much easier when you use a stretchable ring, one that adjusts or one that actually opens and closes around your penis and testicles.

Easiest to put a cockring on when flaccid.

You can measure to see what size cockring is right for you by taking your thumb and fore or middle finger, wrapping them around the base of your flaccid penis and testicles. Then measure the width of that circle. That is the general size of a cockring you will need.

Wrap finger and thumb around and then measure width.

Part 2 of this cockring blog series will give an overview of selling features and benefits of our most popular cockrings to help you choose which ones are right for you.

FAQ: Rock Hard Power Cream

Rock Hard Power Cream is one of the best-selling and most asked about products that Pipedream has to offer. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about this time-tested classic.

Rock Hard Power Cream PD9800-00

Feel free to pass along to any of your customers who may be asking you these same questions.

What is in Rock Hard? Is it edible? Has it been known to cause vaginal irritation?

Rock Hard Power Cream is a specially formulated erection enhancing cream. This potent formula is a safe and easy alternative to expensive medical procedures and works within minutes of application. The cream contains ingredients which promote blood flow to the penis resulting in stronger, harder erections. It contains palm oil and other plant derived ingredients to give it these amazing erection-enhancing properties.

The cream is NOT edible in any quantity, however if some has soaked into the penis before getting oral sex, it should not pose a problem. Rock Hard Power Cream has not been known to cause any kind of vaginal irritation, although every person reacts differently to various creams and lotions. If you are concerned, please contact your physician prior to use.

How do I use Rock Hard Power Cream?

Dispense a dollop (about the size of a Quarter) into the palm of your hand and rub into the penis about 20 minutes prior to sexual activity.

What are the ingredients in Rock Hard Power Cream?

INGREDIENTS: Isopropyl Palmitate (Palm Oil), Benzocaine (Anesthetic), Stearic Acid (Plant Derived), Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate-60 (Plant Derived), Glyceryl Stearate (Plant Derived), Triethanolamine, Water (Aqua), Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Methylparaben, Carbomer.

Why does it numb my penis?

Rock Hard Power Cream contains a mild numbing agent to prolong your erection so you can last longer and perform better during intercourse. Most find they achieve the best results when combining Rock Hard Power Cream with a good Cock Ring.


A Guide to Pt. 3

Part 1 of this blog series gave you an introduction to our wholesale website & guided you through the home screen and top pull down menus.

Part 2 we discussed the left side column navigation of product categories and sub-category menus as well as how to shop by brand, the difference between “Pipedream Exclusives” vs. “Signature Collections” and basic search functions.

Here we dive into the more robust product detail pages our revamped wholesale site has.

When you click on a product you’ll get to it’s product detail page with the item name, product number and a general description of the product. Distributors, retailers & bloggers are welcomed to use any information and images on these product detail pages, but you might want to rewrite the description enough that it wont look like a copy/paste job for SEO purposes.

Scroll down further on the page and you will see product specifications such as UPC code, case counts, weights & measurements, features, country of origin and more. You will also notice tabs next to Specifications for Downloads and Suggested.

Downloads give you access to any available additional assets available for the product such as Hi-Res Jpegs, Hi-Res Layered TIFF images and a zipped folder to download all available images for the product easily with the click of your mouse.

The Suggested tab is where we have included some products that you might also be interested that will compliment the product you’re looking at perfectly.

If there is a product demonstration video available for the item you are looking at you will see a Video Tab as well. If there is not Video tab, that means a product demo is not available for that item.

Product demo videos are also available in one easy to navigate area of our site, pdTV, which we discussed in Part 1 of this blog series.

Should you have any troubles with Pipedream Products website or have any more questions be sure to email us so we can help you!

A Guide to Pt. 2

Part 1 of this blog series covered the home page highlights and walked you through the pull down menus at the top of the page.

Now we want to help you find the brands, products and product information you need.

If you know the name of the product or item number, simply enter it into the search field at the top left under About Us. If you are shopping by category, use the menu & explanation after the jump.

Read more

A Guide to Pt. 1

By now you have no doubt seen our revamped wholesale website, The site not only got a new look, we moved some things around to help you find what you need quicker.

This guide is intended to help you navigate the the tabs and links on the website so you can get on to the other things you need to do with your day, like using one of your favorite Pipedream Products!

Part 1 covers the main home page and all of the pull down menus and tabs across the top. We will be back with part 2 to discuss product detail pages and product category navigation.

If you have any questions about the site that aren’t answered in this post, please email us.

At the main home page you will find a scrolling carousel ad banner with some of the latest products you might be interested and Hot Sellers beneath you are definitely going to want to make sure to stock up on!


Under the About Us tab you will find a link to the story of Pipedream, the latest company news, and an overview of awards we have received.

Next in the Downloads tab, you’ll be able to save paper by using electronic versions of our supplement sized catalogs, as well as print quality image downloads including brand logos, current advertisements, headers/banners and Plan-O-Grams to help you merchandise your store.

The middle tab will take you to our in-house tube site, pdTV, where you can easily get embed codes to share our short for product demo videos as well as download them to your own computer.

The Social Media tab has links to take you here to our official blog and the Ask A Sexpert page where you can get more information about products before purchasing. Here is also where you’ll find links to a variety of other popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

Racy, Racier… JUST RIGHT!

On our Facebook you will find updates with the latest information from Pipedream for a more PG13 type of crowd. Twitter takes it a step further with PG13 to R-rated posts and Tumblr is where those who don’t worry about the #NSFW hashtag and want to see the full monty!

Next door to Social Media, you’ll find the Customer Service menu where you have access to the Contact Us form where the general public can write us, our Retail Store Locator service, our Product Registration Warranty form, recommended online retailers, a Feedback Form where wholesale customers can write us, Newsletter signup, and finally where you can order print versions of our catalogs.

Wholesale customers who have established accounts can login via the last pull down menu on the top right of the home page.

Part 2 will provide information on navigating categories, finding specific products, and the sub-category links on the left side of the website.

Part 3 will delve into product detail pages.

FAQ: Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Sizing

Because sexy comes in a lot of shapes & sizes!

You’ve spoken & we’ve listened. So many are asking questions about the sizing of our new Fetish Fantasy Lingerie collection which offers up to 4X. What’s the difference between Queen & Diva? What measurements and weights does a 1X/2X or 3X/4X actually accommodate?

Our I.T. Department has updated our new website with such information on each product detail page. As an added convenience we’ve posted this complete sizing chart below.

Queen: 1X/2X & Diva: 3X/4X

You may also download a print quality PDF of the sizing chart by clicking the link below.


If you have any further questions please email one of our sexperts.

Materials & Maintenance Reference Sheet

We have covered the topic of cleaning and maintaining your masturbators on our blog, but have received requests for a quick and easy reference sheet people can print when they can’t get to a computer.

Here is a sheet you can download and print for future reference.

08_PDX Mat&Maint

The reference sheet also includes information to answer frequently asked questions about the materials of our Pipedream Extreme Toyz male masturbators.

If you’d like a higher resolution PDF of this document, just email us a request.

We hope this helps you enjoy your new masturbator and get the most out of it!