Why We Love All That Junk Inside That Trunk

A pair of nicely round, spank-inviting, grope-worthy buttocks is euphoria to men in almost every culture on earth. Those titillating rear cushions on a woman have been enchanting us for countless generations—can we say that they’ve made vast contributions to the rapid growth of the human population? One look at those luscious, supple cheeks on a mate and the next generation is right on schedule.

Why does a great ass get us all hot and excited? Let’s explore this question from an evolutionary point of view. In 2008, scientists found amazingly intact 1.2-milion-year-old pelvis fossil remains of our species’ relative, Homo erectus, in Gona, Ethiopia. The pelvis measurements were much larger than previous finds, suggesting that the female’s hip and buttocks needed to be much wider in order to give birth to babies with large craniums (The Telegraph).

Bobbie S. Low, an American sociobiologist, wrote in her book, Why Sex Matters: A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior, that hips and buttocks are strong indicators of a woman’s ability to bear children. A healthy amount of fat distributed to those target areas means she can probably metabolize food efficiently, and safely give birth to healthy babies.

Darwin’s assistant, who studied the South African society, the Khoikhoi, found that this group’s ideal beauty is “a truly sexy woman who was unable to rise from level ground because of the weight of fat on her buttocks.” (Bobbi S. Low)

Health and fertility are all part of the ass package—arousal and reproduction are almost inseparable. Seeing a bodacious booty can instantly trigger our animal instincts to pass on our genes.

Pipedream Products understands this possible Darwinian connection between a sweet badonkakonk and the survival of the species. Our awesome line of Fuck Me Silly masturbators and our Peek-A-Boo Pleaser features some of the most realistic, ripe-for-smacking, perfectly rounded, and bouncy booty imaginable.

Get yours today and enjoy incredible hump of the rump!

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Need Hi-Resolution Product Photos?

In case you weren’t aware, all of our products have hi-resolution images available directly from Pipedream’s wholesale website, PipedreamProducts.com

Because of the large file sizes, we cannot send these via email.

Here is an overview of the various ways you can get the downloads you need from our website.

If you have additional questions or needs you can email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com

If you are looking for a specific product or a handful of products the best route is to retrieve the images from the product detail page. You can choose from a large RGB formatted jpeg (best for web) or a high resolution TIFF file that are CMYK formatted (best for print).

You can search on our website by product name, but most people find more accurate search results by entering an item number in the search bar. All Pipedream Products have an item number. Most start with a PD followed by 4 numbers with a 2-digit extension to represent the color of the item.

If you are searching by item number you only need the first four numbers; including the PD in front of the item number is optional. We recommend not including the 2-digit color extension so you can retrieve all color options available for the item you are looking for.

NOTE: Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbators have 3-digit item numbers and begin with RD instead of PD.

If you’re looking to get more than a few images, don’t worry – you do not have to look up every item individually. Pipedream has a robust downloads area on PipedreamProducts.com where you can get images downloaded in large batches.

First up on the downloads area is our Catalogs, which are broken down by brand and/or category. From here you can get a PDF file of all content in the catalog, low-res images, hi-res images, thumbnails, and descriptions.

If this is more than what you need and you just want hi-res photos, then those are listed with links to download everything in each of the categories listed on the left side of the home page of our website. (ie. New Releases, New Galley, Anal, Bachelorette, etc).

What’s the difference between New Releases and New Galley?

New Releases include all of our newest offerings and include many that are available for pre-order only.

New Galley narrows it down to new releases that are freshly available for immediate shipment.

When you click on a link to a category (ie. New Releases, Latest Galley, Anal, Blowup Babes, etc.) it will automatically begin to download the zip file to your computer. If you accidentally click the wrong link, you can cancel the download by right-clicking and selecting “cancel” in the pop up menu.

In addition to all this you can also retrieve logos, advertisements, headers & web banners as well as plan-o-grams — each links directly to that section of the downloads area.

How To Introduce Bondage Play To Your Partner

These days, everyone is talking about 50 ways to whip things up in the bedroom. Pipedream released a whole line of bondage toys and fetish-style lingerie. “Kink” is no longer an elusive little word to describe less-than-common sexual practices—it is a word that sells! Everyone is reading about or thinking about dipping into bondage play. Only 20 years ago it was considered perverted and only practiced by the mentally disorderly, but BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism) is now at the footsteps of countless bedrooms in America and around the world.

You’ve read that steamy book series with the silk necktie on its cover. You’ve licked your lips as you wondered about what it would be like to spank or tie up your lover. You might have even placed an order for a flogger or two. And now you just need to go through the final steps before you dive into the fantasy—introduce bondage play to your partner.

How? You might worry about your partner’s reactions. They might be uncomfortable, or even unwilling. But before you let any of those fears stop you from approaching your partner, stop and think about this: have the 2 of you ever been aroused from a little spanking during sex? If so, your partner’s response might be more receptive than you think.

The best thing to do is talk to your partner in an open, no-pressure, and light-hearted way about your desire to explore some of your BDSM fantasies. It’s best to start with something light such as using a spanking paddle, tying up your hands with rope or tape, or blindfolding yourself as your lover runs soft feathers up the down your body. Remember, gently ease into all of this and always make sure that both parties are comfortable.

As things began to heat up and the both of you are ready for “advancement”, try a set of nipple clamps, a ball gag, a flogger, or shock therapy!

The BDSM world encourages all players—beginners and enthusiasts alike—to establish a “safe word”. A safe word is basically a word that either party can utter to immediately stop bondage play, especially if one feels uncomfortable for whatever reason. A safe word should be something completely unrelated to the play session at hand: “burrito” or “monkey” are good examples.

As always, clearly communicate with your partner about the various bondage fantasies you want to explore. Start off with light toys and gradually progress to more extreme ones once you two are more comfortable and more experienced. Keep it fun and safe!

For more tips on introducing your partner to BDSM or its safety precautions, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com

FAQ VIDEO: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Full Contact Hood


Learn how you can experience the thrill of complete sensory deprivation in this Full Contact Hood from our Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection of BDSM gear.

Find out about the materials, how it fits, and complete features of the hood in this short demonstration video that will answer the most frequently asked questions.

FAQ VIDEO: NEON Pleasure Tape


Put your lover in a sticky situation with this non-sticky bondage tape. This shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so it does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue. It’s perfect for the novice and the fetish aficionado alike. Pleasure Tape can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. It’s easy to use and visually stunning. Wrap your lover up tonight. It’s bound to please you both!

Approximately 2″ wide by 35′ length.

Learn more about this awesome do-it-all bondage tape in this FAQ video that answers frequently asked questions and provides some visual ideas of what you can do with it.

FAQ: Does Comfortably Numb contain any alcohol?

There are few things in life more enjoyable than some hot deep-throat action. And now with Pipedream’s Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray, couples can enjoy amazing prolonged blowjobs without experiencing any discomfort.


Before the orgasmic oral sessions begin, let’s answer through some FAQ so that our customers can be rest assured of the safety of its ingredients.

What are the ingredients?

The following is a list of all the ingredients by flavor:

Cinnamon – SD Alcohol 38-B, Glycerin (vegetable), Purified Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Saccharin, Benzocaine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, and Red 40.

Mint Chocolate – SD Alcohol 38-B, Glycerin (vegetable), Purified Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Saccharin, Benzocaine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Carmel Color, Red 40 and Blue 1.

Spearmint – SD Alcohol 38-B, Glycerin (vegetable), Purified Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Saccharin, Benzocaine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Blue 1 and Yellow 5.

Does it have alcohol?

Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray contains SD alcohol 38-B—also used in products like mouthwashes and toothpaste. It is safe in small doses if ingested; however, you would not want to put a large quantity in your mouth and throat for the desired effect of numbing the gag reflex.

If you cannot have products that contain alcohol, we recommend our Comfortably Numb Mints or Lollipops.

Does it contain vegetable-based glycerin?

Vegetable-based glycerin is one of the ingredients found in this product. Glycerin, or glycerol, is used in many pharmaceutical products like toothpaste, cough syrups, elixirs, personal lubricants and more. It acts as a lubricant as well as prevents excessive humidity; it is sometimes used as a sweetener in food and beverages.

How does it work?

The active numbing agent used in all Comfortably Numb products is called Benzocaine—an FDA-approved topical anesthetic commonly used in over-the-counter pain ointments, throat sprays, cough drops and even certain condoms (to desensitize the penis and prevent premature ejaculation). This is safe for both anal and oral use.

For more information about ingredients found in Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

FAQ VIDEO: BASIX Universal Harness

Strap on the fun with the Universal Harness from Pipedream’s BASIX Rubber Works collection.

Available in standard or plus-size.

In the video below you will get answers to the most frequently asked questions including how to change the rings, what the harness is made of, the size of the rings, how to put it on easiest and sizing information.

Available in standard or plus-size, and compatible with almost every dong in the BASIX collection, these Universal Harnesses were made with beginners in mind and adjustable to fit just about any body-type.

The waist strap of the standard BASIX Universal Harness adjusts to fit a maximum of 40 inches, while the thigh straps can accommodate up to 24 inches.

The plus-size harness has an adjustable waist that fits up to 60 inches, while the thighs straps can accommodate up to 34 inches.

Both the standard and plus-size harnesses include 3 interchangeable rings, which makes them the most versatile beginner’s dongs available today.

Each of the included silicone rings can also be removed and worn as a cock ring and measure as follows:

The SMALL IS 1.2-inches
MEDIUM is 1.6-inches
and the LARGE ring is 2-inches.

In addition to the 3 rings that come packaged with each harness, you should have a medium sized ring already snapped into place.


To change the ring, simply open the four snaps and replace the ring with the size you want.

Then snap it back securely into place against the neoprene padding.

The thigh-and-waist straps are made of nylon and feature plastic buckles so you can adjust the harness to fit your body comfortably.

To adjust the straps, simply turn the buckle upright to unlock it so the nylon straps slide through easily.

Each buckle locks when flat against the strap so it stays securely in place during use.

The easiest way to get into the harness is by adjusting the straps before wearing. Loosen each so they are larger than your measurements, then step into the harness as you would a pair of underwear and tighten to fit.

The BASIX Universal Harness is made of neoprene, nylon and plastic and can be hand washed or spot cleaned with Pipedream’s anti-bacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

The Inventor of the Modern Day Vibrator: Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville

School is back in session, Pipedream University had a successful 1st summer semester with a 100% graduation rate last month, and our team—-only weeks after returning from the AAE Taiwan trade show—-is rocking it out at the ANE/AVN Novelty Expo in Las Vegas this week. In the midst of adult toy academia and global product debuts, let’s take a quick lesson on Vibrator 101 and pay homage to the man that started it all: Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville.

Image source: Rachel P. Maines: The Technology of Orgasm : “Hysteria”, the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction. Johns Hopkins studies in the history of technology N.S. 24, Baltimore 1999, p. 97

In 1880 steam-powered Victorian-era England, Dr. Granville invented a vibrator powered by a very large and heavy battery that can attach itself to many different “vibratodes” (The Technology of Orgasm, by Rachel P. Maines). This “medical” device was originally created to treat “hysteria”—19th-century England’s name for insomnia, irritability, and overly wet vaginas. Using this magical machine to treat female patients, the good doctor soon had women flocking to his office to see what the “buzz” was about. Can we say that he was the first doctor who perfected good bedside manner? Today, luckily for us, we don’t have to go to a doctor’s office for electro-powered orgasms (health insurance companies might not cover that). In 2010, 130 years later, Hollywood paid its tribute to Dr. Granville with the release of “Hysteria”, a historical comedy about his brilliance. Dr. Granville’s titillating technology was originally invented to treat orgasm-starved women but little did he know that it gave rise to a global industry aimed at bringing pleasure to all. Thank you Dr. Granville! For more information about early 19th century electromechanical vibrators, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com

Are you worried about sex toys taking over your sex life?

“Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive” – today’s sex toys might not be able to save Lois Lane from freak accidents but it can sure match Superman’s strength and speed. The joy of using vibrators, butt plugs, and dildos has evolved into a favorite American pastime in the last couple of decades, everybody and their mother has a little buzz buddy tucked away inside their nightstand. 

But is there such a thing as “liking sex toys a little too much?” We’ve received concerned messages from wives whose husbands seem to enjoy anal toys more than the real thing. Although this is not the intended result, it is understandable why these toys might greatly stimulate and excite a man’s rear region. As we’ve mentioned in our Pegging blog, the anal canal is rich with nerve endings, and the linings of the male prostate is extremely sensitive and pleasurable to the touch. With a little lube and a beginner’s butt plug, you can take your man to p-spot paradise in no time at all. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let anal sex toys dominate the bedroom. If you’ve been exclusively using anal toys for some time and you want to “get back to tradition”, try keeping a butt plug inside of him during intercourse. This allows him to continue enjoying anal stimulation while his frontal member is also getting plenty of action, resulting in powerful sensations on both ends. Another way to “double the fun” is to place yourself in a ideal position in which you can give him mind-blowing oral while simultaneously rub his rectum. For those who are a little bit more adventurous, use a douche/enema system to get him squeaky clean and give him an amazing rim job while stimulating his genitals with your hands.  

These exercises might re-condition his expectations of sensation and pleasure during anal play, thus re-shifting attention and desire back to you without him having to give up his backdoor fun. Remember, it’s not necessarily the toys themselves that he loves but rather the incredible sensations derived from using them. You, with your hands and mouth, can also give him the exact same sensations, if not better! 

Ask him what he likes, talk about it in a fun way and explore together. Communication is the best medicine for any relationship!

For more information about anal play or anal toys, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com

Learn About The Shock Therapy Butterfly Stimulator

If you’ve been wanting to test drive one of Pipedream’s many shock therapy products from its Fetish Fantasy Series, then you need to start by trying the Shock Therapy Butterfly Stim.

This extraordinary kit comes with 6 patterns of electro-massage modes and 10 powerful intensity settings, and two self-adhesive butterfly wings with (each measures an 8” inch wingspan). Simply put the included AAA batteries (2) inside the remote, attach a pair of wings to the back of the control via metal snaps, stick it onto any part of the body, and turn on the electrifying fun! 

The remote is extremely easy to use: the “program” button lets you change the electro patterns, “on/inc” turns it on and increases the level of intensity, and “off/dec” turns it off and decreases intensity. If you’re a beginner, start off with a low-intensity pattern and gradually work your way up to the maximum level. 

Stick it on your stomach, chest, buttocks, or near the genitals and experience incredible electro sensations that travel all throughout your body. If you need some tension relief, stick the butterfly on your back or behind your neck and let the shocks calm and relax your muscles while simultaneously stimulate and excite! 

The Shock Therapy Butterfly Stim is perfect for erotic muscle stimulation, neural stimulation, and an all-over relaxing electro massage. Use it with a partner or by yourself, slap it on underneath your clothes, and zap yourself into shocking bliss. 

For more information about Pipedream’s Shock Therapy products, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com