Are Vibrators “Recession Proof”?

Are these hard economic times turning people to the bedroom for a little one-on-one entertainment?

Check out this interesting take on the topic of a recent Insider Health News #ihtv report & comment below with what you think!

Looking to spice up your life with items like you saw in this news report?

If you want to improve your sex life with items like you saw in this news report, but aren’t sure where to start check out these blog posts. . .

Guys Who Use Sex Toys Have Better Sex

Pipedream For Couples

LOLz: Chinese Villagers Mistake Rubber Vagina for Mystical Mushroom

This might be the funniest, strangest, sex toy story so far in 2012!

Villagers outside the western city of Xi’an discover a rubber vagina masturbator and mistake it for a mystical mushroom, able to give people immortality. The news even reported on it and had to issue an apology when viewers called the station to tell them that it was a masturbator sleeve. Here’s the full report:

FAQ: Sex Shots Ultra

If you are looking to supplement your sex drive we recommend our Sex Shots Ultra.

How do they work?

These sweet & tasty liquid energy shooters are taken by drinking one tube about 15-20 minutes prior to sexual activity. They are formulated to give you an overall boost of energy so you can perform your best in the bedroom. They will help increase stamina and endurance during rigorous physical activity… like good sex.

Sex shots do not work like viagra to automatically provide an erection or incite lustful feelings. These single serving energy drinks are to give your body and muscles an extra boost of energy when it counts so you can go the extra mile to please your partner during intimate play.

How much is a serving?

Most will find a single Sex Shots Ultra shooter to be sufficient. However, some of us who have more to love, those with high metabolisms, and/or high tolerance to caffeine find 2 or 3 servings are necessary to get the boost they desire. NOTE: We do not recommend more than 4 shots in a 24 hour period.

We’ve included a complete list of ingredients in PDF form you can download it for future reference.


FAQ: Mr Thick Dick


Not sure how our Mr Thick Dick enlargement cream works? Then this FAQ blog is for you!

What is Mr Thick Dick?
Our Mr Thick Dick is a cream you rub onto a man’s penis to help achieve thicker erections and an overall plumper look while flaccid.

How does it work?
Mr Thick Dick contains ingredients that help promote blood flow to the penis for a thicker, more powerful erection.

Is it the same thing as Viagra?
It doesn’t work like viagra and will not automatically cause an erection. You will still need normal stimulation – both mental and by touch – to achieve an erection.
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Pipedream Plus Sized Lingerie Model on America’s Got Talent

Plus size Fetish Fantasy Lingerie bombshell, Trisha P recently went on America’s Got Talent to audition. Check out her vivacious personality win over Howard Stern even after he gave her the axe!

They don’t get much prettier or sweeter than Trisha. You can check out more of her in our photo gallery here.

Pipedream Co-Sponsors SKiN Event

Pipedream is co-sponsoring another event by SKiN, this one is an ultra-exclusive event for exeptional women and select couples. Unescorted men will not be permitted!

Unbound is SKiN’s annual tribute to the art of Japanese rope bondage, Shibari.

You just need to be at M by Megu, 62 Thomas St in New York, New York Between Church and West Broadway.

  • Music by international female house DJ Erica Rhone, and sets by Almond Joy and DJ Travis Bickle
  • Guest Shibari Artist Lana Castle
  • Pole performances by Aiko Haze and Odessa
  • Body Painting by Chantal Gesse
  • Photos
  • Giveaways
  • and more!

    Doors open at 11pm!

    And be sure to check out the full flyer after the jump ;)

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    Featured: Fetish Fantasy Bondage Tape (PD2111)

    Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape (PD2111) was recently featured in the ‘Sex Toys, Massage and Bondage’ episode of Youtube series Fab at Any Age. Check out the video below!

    For more info on our Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Tape as seen in the video, you can view the product page here

    Who’s That Girl? – Malena Morgan

    Spotted out in the wild — Cybergirl and Pipedream Fetish Fantasy hottie Malena Morgan on a Fascinations billboard!

    Malena Morgan, born June 1991 is a Met Models Contract Girl, and no stranger to Pipedream Products. The cover girl for our Fetish Fantasy catalog, Morgan made her start on the web, and has since been spotted all over the industry. Recently specializing in solo videos and girl-on-girl videos, Morgan measures in at 34C-25-34, 5ft 8in with two tattoos, one on each side of her bikini line. Malena Morgan certainly is one of the leading nude models out there today.

    quote from her contracting page:

    I am really good at cumming “on time.” I get myself ready to cum, and then seeing someone else orgasm sets me off. I’m also really good at being on top and in doggy-style during sex. -That, and I have no gag reflex, so I’m pretty great at giving head. :-P

    You can check out her twitter: here
    and her unofficial fan blog: here

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    FAQ: Deluxe Vibrating Enhancement Sleeves

    PD1952-11 (pink) & PD1952-14 (blue)

    Increase your girth and intensify pleasure for you both with this Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer. This video will answer frequently asked questions about these sleeves and including how to use them, how to customize them to fit you better and more.

    Redroom of Pain Pt 2: Quick Reference 50 Shades of Fetish Sheet

    We’re back with part 2 of our Red Room of Pain blog trilogy featuring Fetish Fantasy recommendations if you’re looking for items to live out your 50 Shades fantasies.

    Here is a quick reference sheet and downloadable PDF you can use at the store or at your home parties!