FAQ: How many uses can a person expect out of our Shock Therapy Pads?

It varies from person to person, how they use and care for the Shock Therapy Pads. There are too many variables to give a numerical answer, but just know that with proper care, a person can expect to get quite a few uses out of the pads.

FAQ: Do you have cake pans that include a vagina?

Question: Do you carry cake pans of the male and female upper torso that includes the breast and chest with the vagina and penis? I do erotic cakes and I need these types of reuseable pans.

Answer: Unfortunately we do not carry cake pans including the vagina. But we do have other several fun, adult themed cake pans. Here are links to some you might be interested in…

Don’t forget to check out our official Facebook page and album full of adult cakes baked by awesome people using our pans!

Bonus: Here’s a great video of a 94 year old grandmother who used one of the pans to bake her husband a sexy cake!

FAQ: What is the largest size dildo the Heavy-Duty Harness can accommodate?

Our Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal Heavy-Duty Harness can accommodate our largest Basix Dildo, which is 12 inches long. Just be sure that the base fits through the opening in the harness, thn it will work.

The Heavy Duty Harness can accommodate the same dongs that our Elite Beginner’s and Breatheable Harnesses can. We have a video demonstration using large BASIX dongs with both harnesses here.

FAQ: How to use a penis pump, the #NSFW demo video!

There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger penis. If you are reading this, you’ve probably learned that a penis pump can help, but you could use some help putting it together correctly and showing you how it works.

Many of you have written and we have heard you!

By popular demand, we have created an instructional video to demonstrate how to put together and use a penis pump on a live model. This video also includes information on how to clean and care for the pump after you are done using it.

Our Penis Pumps 101 blog features written instructions and more information on using a penis pump for the first time.

You may also be interested in reviewing our blog post on customizing pumps to fit you better.

We hope this helps you pick and enjoy a PUMP WORX penis pump that is right for you! Feel free to contact one of our Sexperts if you have any more questions.

Red Room of Pain: Part 1

Want to create your own “Red Room of Pain” at home and live out your favorite 50 Shades fantasies like Anastasia & Christian? The multi-award-winning Fetish Fantasy Series has you covered with a large variety of BDSM essentials priced for the beginner.

Here are some suggested selections similar to items you read about in the book to get you started:

Non-Sticky Pleasure Tape PD2111

Put your lover in a sticky situation with this non-sticky bondage tape. This shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so it does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue. It’s perfect for the novice and the fetish aficionado alike. Pleasure Tape can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection.

Want to experiment with getting tied up, while knowing you can easily escape should you become too uncomfortable? Our pre-knotted beginner’s bondage rope set allows you to simply slip them on or off and tighten easily for a comfortable fit. Perfect for the beginner who is nervous about being tied up for the first time!


Another pre-tied favorite is our Silk Rope Hogtie. Perfect for the beginner and strong enough for a pro, they also come pre-assembled so they are ready to just slide on, tighten to comfortable fit and go.

Take the beginner bondage with you with these silk rope love cuffs. Another pre-tied & ready to slip on solution that allows you to be fully restrained without being pushed beyond your beginner limits or uncomfortable.

Take full control of your lover in almost any position with Fetish Fantasy Multi-Position Beaded Rope. The beads slide along the rope for versatile restraint play while giving your submissive all the comforts of being taken.

Whip your lover into a full body frenzy with our elegant and silky whip made of rope. Stimulate the senses without the marks other materials can leave behind. Great to tickle, tease, and passionately punish your lover’s senses.

Want to try your hand at some rope work of your own? We offer a soft and silky rope which is sold by the foot, or spindle so you can buy as much or as little as you need. It’s available in black, pink, purple, or red.

PD3869 also available in pink

You can also opt for this 35-foot, pre-cut, bondage rope that is ideal for those who simply want to tie their partner’s hands and feet, but long enough and durable enough for those who want to engage in Shibari style rope bondage.

These sexy silk rope cuffs and tethers feel great on your body, but with a simple tug on the plastic cinch, you’re held comfortably captive and at the mercy of your lover! The cuffs and tethers all interconnect using sturdy plastic clips, allowing you to explore new positions you never thought were possible. The tethers also have loops at the opposite end of the clip, so you can slide them around a bed post or bed frame.

Titillated by tit-torture?

We have a wide variety of nipple clamps for you to choose from. The Nipple Chain Clamps, Tit Chain Clamps and Japanese Clover Clamps are all fan favorites others have enjoyed, we’re sure you’ll love them to! Our Alligator Nipple Clamps are also great for those looking for adjustable control over pressure intensity.

For those of you who like the look of nipple clamps, without the biting pain, we suggest our Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps. The magnetized clamps within the circular ring open to just over 1/2 an inch, so be sure to measure your nipple to make sure a proper fit before purchase!

We’ll be back soon with Part 2 and even more ways to bring your favorite 50 Shades of Grey fantasies to life at home!

FAQ: Is the Electro Sex Gel safe to use internally?

We do not recommend using the Electro Sex Gel internally as there is no added benefit. The Gel is intended to be used externally on the skin to provide maximum conductivity between the skin and the Shock Therapy accessories.

Who’s That Girl? Jaime Edmondson

PD4721: Midnight Prowler

Many guys (and a few ladies) have been asking who that girl is on our Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Midnight Prowler packaging. That is Former Dolphins Cheerleader & Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson. More info can be found on her IMDB bio below.

Follow @jaimeedmondson to keep up with her on twitter, or you can visit her official website.


Ravishing redhead knockout Jaime Faith Edmondson was born on December 30, 1978 in Bartow, Florida. She stems from a family of police officers. Edmondson grew up in Georgia until she was five years old. Jaime moved to South Florida with her mother and stepfather. She attended North East High School in Oakland Park, Florida. Jaime graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Criminal Justice in 2002. Edmondson worked the night shift as a police officer in Baco Raton, Florida for two years. She eventually quit the police force so she could become a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. Edmondson and fellow Miami Dolphins cheerleader Cara Rosenthal were participants in the competitive reality TV series “The Amazing Race 14.” Jaime was the Playmate of the Month in the January, 2010 issue of “Playboy.” An avid animal lover, Edmondson does volunteer work at a non-profit shelter for dogs.

FAQ: 7th Heaven Platinum Beaded Rabbit Pearl

This video blog post will answer some frequently asked questions about our 7th Heaven Platinum Beaded Rabbit Pearl including how to insert the batteries and operate it as well as measurement information and more.

Living in the Material World

There is so much more to a masturbator than a great pair of tits and a tight box. The material it’s made of is just as important as what it feels like when you hop on to get off. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to replicate the feel of the real thing — so much so that if you close your eyes, it’s hard to tell them apart. And that’s what keeps you coming back for more, again and again. In order to keep them as ready and willing as the first time, they deserve a certain amount of care.

We have posted before about the different materials used in masturbators and how to care for them, but we’ve decided to tie all that information up into a concise article for you below.

TPR (Thermo-Plastic-Rubber)*

Pipedream’s FantaFlesh® toys feel so great because they’re made of this. It’s the most lifelike material that mimics the look and feel of human skin. It warms to the touch during use, and is waterproof, light weight, super stretchy and soft. Masturbators like Pipedream Extreme Toyz® Fuck My Big Black Ass! ™ Mega Masturbator™, Fuck My Big Fat Titties™ Mega Masturbator™ and the Fuck Me Silly DUDE! ™ Mega Masturbator™ utilize TPR technology for that lifelike feel.
*A note about TPR: since it is composed of rubber, it will smell like rubber. The smell should fade over time, but will never fully go away. If stored it in an airtight box, the smell will not waft out until you open it.

TPE (Thermo-Plastic-Elastomer)

Pipedream’s pink and clear pocket-size masturbators feel so great because they’re made of this. It combines the elasticity of rubber with the durability of plastic — meaning, it’s nearly as soft and supple as the FantaFlesh® (TPR) but made faster & more economically so it can be offered at a lower price point. Masturbators like Pipedream Extreme Toyz® Juicy Cyber Snatch™ and Clear-Leader Snatch™ utilize TPE technology for a great get-off.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with anything, using a little care will prolong the life of the toy. How long it actually lasts depends on how much it is used and how rough the user treats it. Keep in mind that TPR and TPE products are compatible with any lube that Pipedream manufactures, but we recommend steering clear of oil-based lubricants.

Here are some steps to take to get the party started and keep it going: BEFORE USE, you’ll want to: 1- Remove toy from package and spray with toy cleaner or soap, 2- Rub entire product vigorously & rinse with hot water, and 3- Pat dry with towel and lubricate. Voila! It’s ready to use! AFTER USE, you’ll want to: 1- Rinse away any debris with hot water and flush orifices under faucet (we’d also recommend a good Antibacterial Toy Cleaner at this stage), 2- Follow steps 1 & 2 from ‘BEFORE USE’ instructions (above), 3- Pat dry with towel & let stand for 15 minutes, and last — and perhaps most importantly, 4- Sprinkle with FantaFlesh® Revive Powder and spread a thin layer around exterior and interior before storing toy in an airtight container or zippered plastic bag. Revive powder will soak up any residual moisture, prevent material from getting sticky and maintain the lifelike quality of the masturbator.

Here is a printable PDF of the above information available in order to keep a copy handy with your toys.

Detachable Penis

So you’ve made the choice to add some variety to your sex life? Congratulations! That is a major step in the right direction. After all, variety is the spice of life. And the spice you’ve added is the signature kit by that luscious johnson-clad transsexual herself: The Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection® Create Your Own Tranny Strap-On Kit

But say, theoretically, that you decide you want to turn up the volume on your switch — you know, add a bigger, fatter dong into the mix. Did Mia Isabella think ahead for that? The answer is a resounding yes! With any of the Basix Rubber Works™ line of dongs that have a suction-cupped base and balls, you can add variety to your variety. And to further add to the excitement, you can add a touch of pink, a man of color, or no color at all to your sexy party.

Now that’s one heck of a versatile toy!