VIDEO GALLERY: Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Showcase

Kick back and enjoy a slideshow presentation of the Summer 2012 additions coming soon to Fetish Fantasy Lingerie.

It’s so sexy you must be 18 or older to watch the video and so hot we’ve included a download HD link because we’re sure you’re going to want to watch it again. CLICK HERE TO WATCH: FETISH FANTASY LINGERIE 2012 SHOWCASE

Comment and let us know what your favorite styles are!

Merchandising Made Easy

It wasn’t that long ago that stores were cross merchandising a toy here and a toy there in DVD sections of their stores. This photo taken by our Visual Merchandiser at a store in Las Vegas shows how much adult novelties have taken over these stores.

Here you see a great example of a retailer who is cross merchandising Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection with some transsexual DVDs.

If you are looking to improve the look of your shop, you have to try our new FREE Planogrammer software. No other novelty company is offering this yet. You can read more about the PDplannogrammer on our written instruction or FAQ pages.

If you’re like me and feel you’ve read enough today, we’ve also produced 14 easy-to-follow video tutorials.

If you would like to see more photo examples of how to merchandise your favorite Pipedream brands, check out the new PHOTO GALLERY on or visit us on Facebook.

To learn more about the PDplannogrammer, check out The Pipedream Report!

Bachelorette Parties Made Easy: Part 3: Game’s on!

The Bachelorette Party often signifies one of the last chances for the girls to have a nice (and naughty!) all-girl slumber party. Whether you choose to pile into your home or pitch in for a hotel suite, this is sure to be a night to remember. Bring your comfiest night clothes, sleeping bags, favorite movies and music – but don’t forget the games to spice things up!

PD6025: 8pc Party Set

Nothing starts the night out right like a pair of Bachelorette Party Dice, Bachelorette Party Lotto or Mr. Party Pecker Inflatable Strap-On Ring Toss Game

New for 2012 is Pipedream’s new ULTIMATE PARTY KIT, complete with balloons, whistles, dice, miniature inflatable John love doll, straws, games and even stuff you can wear. One of the games included is our Pin the Macho on the Man, which is going to be featured on House Husbands, a new TV show in Australia sometime this fall.

PD6042: Ultimate Party Kit

Between the new Ultimate Party Kit and our 8 Piece Party Set, your bachelorette party is almost complete. All you have to do now is decide what to serve and where to get a good stripper who doesn’t break the bank!

Below are some photos our friends and fans have sent in to us of their “Girl’s Last Night Out” celebrations. If you have any photos showing our Bachelorette Party Favors at your party email them to

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Last month, Pipedream co-sponsored the SKiN Party in NYC. If you missed it, where were you?? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few behind-the-scenes photos for you here.
Pipedream also donated Fetish Fantasy Series Bondage Rope to the event, what’s a bondage event without some silk rope? Be sure to check out the official SKiN-NYC photo gallery as well on their website:

Photos by Pamela Paige

Bachelorette Parties Made Easy: Part 2: Get her stocked up!

One fun variation from the usual bachelorette party routine is to use the party as a chance to stock up the bachelorette’s toy chest.

For a one-stop-shop for everything she’ll need on the wedding night, take a look at these two starter kits!

The White Wedding Kit features everything she’ll need for a fantastic first night, from vibes and sleeves to coupons and ticklers.

For couples that would like to get a heart-on, they’ll love the heart-shaped Bag of Love.

It includes a variety of adventuresome items, from Lover’s Lotto Cards to a powerful Mini-Mite Massager.

Click through to Part Three of our Bachelorette Party mini-series!

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Bachelorette Parties Made Easy: Part 1 – Pecker Her Up!

Looking for a night on the town with your favorite bachelorette, but don’t know how to liven up the party? Pipedream Products to the rescue!

First, decide what kind of bachelorette party you’d like to have: the ‘traditional’ penis-adorned night on the town; the stock-up-the-bride’s-nightstand party; or the oft fantasized about bachelorette slumber party (complete with games!).

No matter which you pick, Pipedream Products Bachelorette Party Favors brand has you covered!

For a more traditional pecker-laden night on the town, all you have to do is figure out how many bachelorettes you will have attending to make sure you have enough to go around!

For dicking, er um… decking out the bachelorette’s drinks, these pecker decorations are always a hit!
- Pecker Straws (8 per package)
- Dicky Wine Charms (8 per package)
- Pecker Shot Glasses, assorted (6 per package)

One of the most fun traditions – for the bachelorette party girls anyway – is to adorn the future bride(s) to be with a plethora of peckers. Here are some ideas to get you started!

- Disco Penis Necklace
- Masquerade Glasses
- Pecker Boa
- Pecker Clip Veil

If this is a traveling party, keep in mind that your bachelorettes will want items that are disposable, easy to carry and/or wearable and be sure to grab a Pecker Whistle to keep the party goers in line!

You can check our complete line of Bachelorette Party Favors here.

Don’t miss the rest of this great information, check out Part Two of our Bachelorette Party mini-series!

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FAQ: Cumfy Hollow Strap-On No. 1 – 4

PD3365 No. 01 - 04

Say goodbye to those embarrassing midway letdowns with our Cumfy Hollow Strap-ons from the Fetish Fantasy Series. We have four uniquely shaped strap-ons to choose from that each offers its own sensation during playtime.

These are made with extra long elastic straps that adjust to fit those of us with more to love. Complete sizing & measurements can be found below.

For him, the strap-on allows both partners to enjoy the arousal of face-to-face sex even after he came or if he is having an issue with getting or keeping an erection (it happens to the best of us).

For her, the hollow strap-on can be worn like any ordinary strap-on and enjoyed for any type of strap on sex.

The great thing about these is that they are made for comfort with a wider hollow, foam lined core he can tuck himself into while flaccid.


LENGTH: 5.5-inches
WIDTH: 1.75-inches

LENGTH: 5.5-inches
WIDTH: 2-inches

LENGTH: 5.5-inches
WIDTH: 1.75-inches

LENGTH: 6-inches
WIDTH: 1.75 – 2-inches

Internal Width on all four is 1.5-inches once inside the shaft with a 3.5-inch opening.

WAISTLINE: 40 – 60 inches
THIGH STRAPS: 24 – 40 inches

VIDEO: Pipedream Receiving StorErotica ‘Novelty Company of the Year’ Award

A video clip of the Pipedream crew and CEO Nick Orlandino accepting the NOVELTY COMPANY OF THE YEAR Award at the StorErotica Awards held Sunday, July 15, 2012 at the Burbank Marriott Hotel during the ANME Founders Show.

FAQ: Double Delight Strap-On (PD3386, PD4539, PD4540)


I am writing about the Double Delight Strap-On. How do I wear it? Do you have an instruction manual showing me how to put it on, and adjust the straps? … Thanks!


You would get into your Double Delight Strap-On by stepping into the leg straps and waist band like you would a pair of underwear. The straps are made of elastic and max out at a 38″ waist and 18″ thighs.

If you are looking for a product like this that can accommodate a larger waist-line, check out our Fetish Fantasy Elite Double Delight made of 100% medical grade Elite Silicone. It can adjust to fit a 46-48″ waistline and larger thighs.

If you’ve been holding out on trying our Fetish Fantasy Elite Double Delight Strap-On (PD3386) (PD4539) (PD4540) or are having trouble with fit like the above user, you’ll absolutely want to check out our new instructional video below.

FAQ: Waterproof Wonder Wabbit

We’ve been getting a few questions about various features of our Wonder Wabbit Vibe (PD1614) and figured the best way to answer all your questions was with another FAQ video blog.

Our Watperproof Wonder Wabbit Vibe is a multi-speed, multifunction, rotating do-it-all style vibrator that is phthalate free.

This video will answer frequently asked questions about the product including how to insert the batteries, how the controls at the base of the vibe operate and how to keep it waterproof.