Detachable Penis

So you’ve made the choice to add some variety to your sex life? Congratulations! That is a major step in the right direction. After all, variety is the spice of life. And the spice you’ve added is the signature kit by that luscious johnson-clad transsexual herself: The Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection® Create Your Own Tranny Strap-On Kit

But say, theoretically, that you decide you want to turn up the volume on your switch — you know, add a bigger, fatter dong into the mix. Did Mia Isabella think ahead for that? The answer is a resounding yes! With any of the Basix Rubber Works™ line of dongs that have a suction-cupped base and balls, you can add variety to your variety. And to further add to the excitement, you can add a touch of pink, a man of color, or no color at all to your sexy party.

Now that’s one heck of a versatile toy!

FAQ: How Big Are Your Bed Binding Restraints?

Our Bed Binding Restraint kit (PD2153) from the Fetish Fantasy Series, will fit any standard size bed from Twin up to King size.

The following video will let you see the kit laid out on the floor & give you measurement information.

Getting a Charge Out of Your Batteries

When batteries work properly, we barely even notice they’re there. But when they begin to die, all rational thinking gets pushed aside, expletives fly out of our mouths and we damn the day we bought the device that’s momentarily not working. I guess it’s safe to say we have a love/hate relationship with batteries. But before you do something drastic like chuck your vibrator against the wall, we have a better solution: know your battery. Being familiar with a battery’s output capacity can put the love back into your relationship (with your toy) — and save your sanity.

Modern standard and extended-life batteries are composed of carbon-zinc, alkaline, or lithium. Rechargeable batteries utilize nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride as their force. Battery life expectancies vary depending on what type is used (standard, extended-life, rechargeable) and what the battery is made of; therefore, we cannot estimate a life expectancy. What is important here is voltage. Voltage is as important to a battery’s performance as getting the right toy is to good sex. In most cases, the lower the voltage, the longer the battery will last; the higher the voltage, the quicker it will burn out. The exceptions to this rule are lithium and A23 batteries; lithium has a higher output capacity (3 volts) — which is why they are a favorite for digital cameras and electronics — and A23′s “round multiple cell” construction gives them a super-charged output (12 volts).

It is important to understand that no battery will last forever. That is why we recommend always keeping spares on hand — or a charger along with spare rechargeable batteries (NEVER try to recharge standard, non-rechargeable batteries). Also, NEVER combine old batteries with new (it drains the power quickly) or standard with rechargeable (for the same reason). And NEVER combine lithium batteries with other types. There are, however, toys that require a combination of different types of batteries, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s requirements. Additionally, ALWAYS recycle used batteries — they are harmful to the environment if disposed of in the trash.

The list below gives a breakdown of battery sizes commonly used in sex toys. This will help you make the correct choice to get your vibe on:

AA — The most common multipurpose battery used in a wide array of devices. A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel cadmium NiCd and nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys as diverse as the Neon Luv Touch Vibe™, Waterproof Wabbit Vibe and the Pipedream Extreme Toyz™ Latino Lover use one, two and three AA batteries (not included), respectively.

AAA — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys such as Neon Love Touch Ribbed Slims™ use two AAA batteries (not included).

C — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys like the 9 Function Multi Wanachi require two C batteries, not included.

N — Also a single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). The Remote Control Waterproof Butterfly™ requires three AA batteries and one N battery to function.

LR41, LR44, AG3 and AG13 — These types of batteries are commonly known as “button cells” for their button-like appearance. They are composed of silver oxide and alkaline, and have an output of 1.5 volts. Small and compact, they come in a wide range of sizes (pay close attention to the exact battery number when replacing). Their minuteness is perfect for toys like the Neon Luv Touch One Touch Egg™ (two LR41 batteries, not included), Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe™ (three LR44 batteries, not included), and the Silicone Rabbit Pearl Deluxe™ (six LR41 and one AG3 battery, not included).

A23 — A multiple-cell alkaline battery. Sometimes encased in a cylindrical cardboard tube (like a standard battery) and sometimes stacked together and shrink-wrapped, the result is the same: 12 volts. Toys like the 10 Function Remote Control Bullet™ require a combination of batteries (six LR44 aka AG13 batteries, and one A23 battery for the remote (included).

Having a time finding replacements for those odd size batteries? We have them in stock.

Edging: Holding Out for a Bigger O

Getty Images

Guys and orgasms go together like Sundays and sports games. Both are highly anticipated, supercharged exhibitions of endurance and strength. The penis is like the star athlete — waiting to show off its skills and finesse — while the mind is like the coach, guiding and training the penis to be the best it can be. In sex, though, sometimes the star athlete scores the point too early — thus abruptly ending the game. While he still gets bragging rights for some time to come, he’s missed the amazing plays along the way, the cheerleaders cheering him on, and perhaps even the halftime show.

Who’s to blame here? No one. In sex, there are no losers. But there are better-skilled players who understand that points can be scored along the way and orgasm is like the victory party after the game.

Time Out & Stiff Delay Creams

Holding off on the orgasm — or “edging” — is a learned skill that takes practice. It takes great control and restraint to master the art of climbing up to orgasm and stopping just before one blows his load. But practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. And the payoff is tremendous — bigger, more intense orgasms for you and longer, more satisfying sex play for both you and your partner. The best way we’ve discovered to put edging into practice is to realize that foreplay is part of the sex act. Many guys tend to think that it is not. But guys… who among us doesn’t like a good, long blowjob or giving our partner a thorough muff dive? Unless you are aptly skilled at coitus interruptus (the act of pulling out) and can do so and not come, foreplay is the most satisfying option. It also takes brain power, and the brain is the biggest sex organ we have (to quote another coined phrase).

Numb Nutz

Pipedream has products that can help you confidently approach the “edging training” you are about to begin. Think of them as the right gear for the right game. Numb Nutz and Stiff Delay Cream is a desensitizing cream that is applied directly to the penis. This non-staining, non-toxic formula prevents premature ejaculation will keeping you stiff as a board, as the name implies.

For you guys that want to give your partner a good taste of what’s to come, try Time Out Delay Cream in the delicious Passion Fruit flavor. Also non-staining, non-toxic and applied directly to the penis, it keeps your bat up and ready while stopping you from prematurely swinging for the home-run hit.

FAQ: Le Reve Silicone Petite Battery Insertion

Le Reve Silicone Petite Vibrators

If you are having trouble with the batteries on our Le Reve Silicone Petite vibrator, you are not alone. This blog post will answer how to insert the batteries properly and answer some FAQs people have sent into us.

What is that round paper for when I take the battery cap off?

The round paper disc just inside the battery compartment between the disc battery and spring is to keep it from making contact during shipping or storage. This avoids the battery from wearing out before you get a chance to use it.

Which way are the batteries supposed to face?

+ Side up, where you can see the writing on the flat side of the battery when you open it.

Are all four batteries supposed to face the same direction?


The paper inside that says “do not remove” came out & I can’t get it to turn on anymore, what should I do?

Just roll the paper back up with + symbol at the top when you slide it back into the battery compartment. Then place all 4 batteries in and screw the lid on tight.

If your Le Reve Silicone Petite is still not working after following these steps, it could be defective. Email us a copy of your receipt to see if you qualify for a replacement through Pipedream’s warranty program.

FAQ: Who’s That Girl on FMS 1?

RD174, Fuck Me Silly Model: Cassia Riley

Are you one of the many wondering who that busty stunner is on the Fuck Me Silly 1 box?

That is Cassia Riley, a former Penthouse Pet of the Month and California babe. The all natural 5’4″ beauty has captivating curves on her 34C-26-34 body.

If you’d like to see more photos, check out the photo gallery in a related blog post.

FAQ: Are Anal-Numbing Creams Safe to Use In My Mouth and Throat?

The human body is a marvelous thing, able to withstand seemingly impossible feats and overcome incredible odds. Short of sounding like action heroes from a comic book, women and men truly are super. However, each and every one of us is unique and wired differently.

Some have higher pain thresholds than others — even during sex. And while having a stress test performed on one’s orifices can be impressive, it can sometimes be more painful than enjoyable. And for that reason, science has created topical numbing agents that enable we humans to engage in sex acts that stretch our boundaries, confidently, beyond their comfort zones.

Frequently, we are asked if anal-desensitizing creams — such as Comfortably Numb Anal Eaze — are safe to use for numbing the gag reflex during oral sex. Logically, this makes perfect sense. However, just because a product is safe and made for one part of your body doesn’t mean you should use it on all parts of your body. Some products are topical (for use outside of your body) and some are ingestible (to take into the body). Let’s break down Comfortably Numb products and find out which ones are right for you and your sexual needs.

Comfortably Numb Anal Eaze products contain compounds called PEG-32 and PEG-8 (Polyethylene glycol and Propylene glycol cocoates, respectively). They are commonly used in ointments, personal lubricants, cosmetics and toothpastes. While they are of low-toxicity, they are manufactured for topical use (mama always said not to swallow the toothpaste!). It is safe in small doses if ingested; however, you would not want to put a large quantity in your mouth and throat for the desired effect of numbing the gag reflex.

The active numbing agent used in all Comfortably Numb products is called Benzocaine. This is an FDA-approved topical anesthetic commonly used in over-the-counter pain ointments, throat sprays, cough drops and even certain condoms (to desensitize the penis and prevent premature ejaculation). This is safe for use both anally and orally.

We’ve established the fact that Comfortably Numb Anal Eaze is safe for taking the sting out of anal sex, but not for deep-throating. For that, we recommend the other Comfortably Numb products — available in a wide selection of styles and flavors, including: Deep Throat Spray, Oral Sex Lollipops, and Oral Sex Mints. There’s even a complete collection available, which includes all the above products — Anal Eaze too — and makes for a whole-length Comfortably Numb experience!

NOTE: As with any product containing Benzocaine: if you are pregnant or have certain stomach and gastro issues, be responsible and check with your doctor or allergist before use.

Spring Forward: Out of Your Clothing

With the spring season upon us, everything around is blooming and full of vibrant new life. Longer, warmer days bring us out of the winter deep freeze while heating up our libidos. Nothing beats springing-forward out of your clothing and into being naked, either with your partner or even alone.

There is no better way to celebrate the season of fertility and life than with egg vibrators, masturbators and toys that surely will stimulate, satisfy, and add a little zing to your spring!

From the runway to bedroom, Spring 2012 is all about NEON!

Here, we have compiled a list of season-appropriate “must-haves” that new for 2012. Compact, colorful and discreet, all they need to party with you this spring is you and your sexy imagination — and maybe a couple of batteries.

Neon Luv Touch — Ingenious packaging and hip design, each Neon Luv Touch product is available in all the hot colors of the rainbow and a variety of shapes and styles. Orgasmic features like slim, ribbed, waves, slender G-spot, and the classic vibe (each sold separately) make this an exceptional, versatile, and must-have vibrating toy. There is even a whopping 10″ version for you who are in full bloom. Smaller versions, like the egg and the bullet are powerful, fun and fit discreetly into your basket. If you need to be on the super-DL, consider the one disguised as a lipstick. And if assortment is your game, the one that comes with attachments should suit you fine. For guys, there is the one that stimulates the prostate for an unbelievable climax. It’s hard to keep a good product down, so new Neon Luv Touch products are on the way! For a sneak peek (and to pre-order), look here for what will be the rage in crotchless panties and pasties, and here for the new wave in vibes. Check individual items for amounts of batteries needed (not included).

Fetish Fantasy Extreme® Hunny Bunny Latex Hood™ — Imagine hopping down the bunny trail in this high-quality latex bunny hood! Each one features a lace-up back for comfort and an open mouth for ease of breathing. The eyes each have several small holes to see through, making visibility difficult but not impossible. This fun toy will have you role-playing and humping like, well, rabbits in no time!

FAQ: Is Spanish Fly Safe For Pregnant Women?

Frequently, we are asked whether or not Spanish Fly is safe for pregnant women to take.  While we like to play doctor from time to time, none of us have taken the Hippocratic Oath or put in the years of schooling it takes to become licensed, practicing medial doctors. We can, however, weigh the facts and issues surrounding this valid question in order for you to make an informed decision.

Let’s start with a brief history of the product itself and how it became synonymous with the aphrodisiac it is widely known for today.

Spanish Fly is an actual insect (a beetle) whose body produces a powerful, blister-inducing substance called Cantharidin. It is this substance that — for years, dating back to the Roman times of Augustus Caesar — was considered to have aphrodisiac-like properties because the substance itself has irritant effects on the genital and urinary tract areas of the body. With advances in medicine, by 1810, the substance was isolated by a French chemist and identified as toxic and poisonous. To this day, it is illegal in most countries. Through modern medicine, though, Cantharidin has been mimicked in the lab (minus the toxicity and poisons) and is still used to some degree — mainly in the product we today call Spanish Fly.

Modern day Spanish Fly (for her / for him) consists of a multitude of ingredients that, while not FDA-regulated, are categorized as safe, homeopathic, herbal supplements. Ingredients like Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid and water are all compounded in Spanish Fly, and are good for your body in certain dosages. As with anything, depending on the brand you buy, this list can vary. Add to that a fruit-flavored Spanish Fly and you will be adding another ingredient to the supplement.

Now, let’s combine what we know about Spanish Fly with what we know about pregnancy.

Doctors generally concur that sex during pregnancy is safe. Certain factors will disrupt a woman’s ability to have sex during pregnancy, though, such as the psychological causes of a decreased sex drive including depression, stress, and anxiety, or physical causes such as hormonal changes. Sometimes the medications taken during pregnancy can interfere with the sex drive too.

Common sense says listen and pay attention to your body. If you are healthy enough to be pregnant and healthy enough to have sex, than you are wise enough to include your doctor in this decision. Now that you are thinking of the little one too, you wouldn’t want to do anything potentially harmful. A good suggestion is to bring the above list of ingredients to your doctor and see what he or she thinks about sex and Spanish Fly during pregnancy.

One Wall at a Time in South America

Here is a video from a recent expo in South America showcasing Pipedream brands displayed at their best… One wall at a time!