FAQ: BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy

Questions have been coming in about a Pipedream favorite – BJ Blast, a candy that fizzes pops, bursts, and explodes in your mouth, giving him incredible sensations during his favorite foreplay exercise. Therefore, we decided to provide our customers with a FAQ blog about all the functions and safety tips of America’s favorite oral sex candy.

Moby Picture User Jade Harley

photo by Jade Harley

How does it work?

Simply pour the candy into your mouth right before you begin oral sex and watch as your man go wild from the popping and fizzing produced by the candy.

What’s it made of?

Sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, lactose, and lactic acid.

What flavors are available?

The awesome sensations can be experienced in different flavors—strawberry, cherry, and green apple.

Do I need to wash my penis before intercourse?


Bj Blast Oral Sex Candy



According to researchers and health care professionals at Colombia University, sugar should not be inserted inside the body and doing so may result in large growth of yeast and bacteria, which can lead to infections (goaskalice.colombia.edu). Even though your dessert stick might be licked clean and sheen, there is still a chance that some of the sugar from the candy has been left unattended. For the health and safety of your loving partner, we suggest that you don’t take any chances and gently wipe your member with a clean damp cloth before proceeding on to the main act.

To learn furthermore about the joy and safety tips of the rest of our sex sweets, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

Midge Does Hong Kong

As the Pipedream crew prepares to head to China for 2 major trade shows, our very own Midget Man got a head start so he could enjoy some R & R before the rest of the Dream Team arrives to put him to work.

He sent us back some photos of his travels thus far… ENJOY!

UPDATE: 8-24-12

Looks like Midge might be pinch hitting for the other team while on the other side of the world. Two new scandalous photos have surfaced showing him enjoying the company of local leather men in China!

VIDEO: Pipedream University with Honey’s Place

A toast with the Honey’s Place team after graduating mega-cum-louder at the PDU: Pipedream University 2-day product education course.

Pipedream Team with the Honey's Place Crew

Be sure to watch a video recap of the 2-day course below!

FAQ Video: NEON Vibrating Crotchless Panty & Pasties Sets

PD1431-11, pink

Find out why our NEON Vibrating Crotchless Panty & Pasties Sets are the funnest pair of panties you will ever own in this demonstration video that answers frequently asked questions like:

  • What are they made of?
  • What kind of bullet is included?
  • Do I need glue for the pasties?
  • How big are they?

If you have additional questions after watching this FAQ Video, please email one of our sexperts at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

Length (bullet): 2″ || 5cm
Width (waist): 26″-40″ || 66cm – 100cm
Girth (bullet): 2.25″ || 5.71cm

Not All Men Like Skinny Girls, Want to Know Why?

Model: London Andrews

A drop-dead-gorgeous, slender, somewhat meal-skipping-looking woman might not always get the boys drooling. A recent article from Men’s Health magazine reveals that men sometimes prefer a foxy lady wearing luscious curves in all the right places.
When shown pictures of women ranging from stick-like to ooh-la-la voluptuous, researchers find that men under stress were sometimes attracted to the more curvy ones.
Why? Because, according the British researchers, a female with a generous figure is thought to possess traits like “independence, control, and strength” (read the article from MH here). When you’re working hard and living hard, a hot roomy mama might be the only thing that gets you hard.
Wrap your arms—and legs—around your full-bodied babe or have her snuggle up against you after she slips into one of our sizzling Fetish Fantasy Plus-Sized lingerie collection. Fun, flirty, and naughty, the collection ranges from Chambermaid to Bad Cop. And if you’re wondering about that beautiful girl modeling the collection, she’s none other than actress and model Trisha Paytas. To see more pictures of Trisha, click here and enjoy the photo gallery! 

FAQ: New Pipedream 5 Hour Power

If you’re one of the retailers wondering about the size of our new 5 Hour Power POP Displays, here are the measurements so you can see how easily it will fit on a counter in your store. We realize the real-estate space in your store is more important than ever, and we’ve made the packaging as compact as possible with this in mind.

For more information about 5 Hour Power Sexual Supplements for Men and Women, read about it on the special Pipedream Report.

Pipedream Nominated for Six ‘O’ Awards

AVN Magazine has announced finalists for its 2012 O Awards, which honor outstanding achievements in all sectors of the adult novelty and pleasure products industry from manufacturing to distribution and retail.

This year, Pipedream is proud to announce it has been nominated in six categories!

- Outstanding Innovation, Fantasy Glide
- Outstanding Non-Powered Product, Fantasy Glide

That’s right, our Fantasy Glide is nominated in 2 categories! Find out why it’s so incredible.

- Outstanding Lingerie Collection, Fetish Fantasy Lingerie
- Outstanding Accessory Product or Line, Bachelorette Party Favors
- Outstanding Accessory Product or Line, Fantasy Swing Stand

And last, but certainly not least is…

- Outstanding Packaging, ICICLES.

Last year, Icicles No. 4 won the O Award for best non-powered product. Icicles are made of borosilicate glass, the same material used for Pyrex dish ware.

Learn more about how you can heat or cool them for added sensation here!

Are you going to the O Awards? Let us know on Twitter! #OAwards

FAQ: PVC & Latex

PD2133 Latex Ball Gag

If you’re wondering if our products made of PVC also contain latex, or just want to know more about these materials, then this blog is for you!

FAQ: Are PVC & Latex the same thing?
PVC and latex are two different materials. PVC, aka vinyl, is a widely produced plastic made largely from solidifying the gas vinyl chloride (Encyclopedia Brittannica). Latex, on the other hand, is made from the milky white liquid found primarily in the Para rubber tree…and no, it’s NOT tree cum! 

PD3365 - Made of PVC & doesn't contain any latex.

FAQ: Do your items made of PVC contain any latex?
A Pipedream item made of PVC like the Cumfy Hollow Strap-Ons from our Fetish Fantasy Series will not contain any latex. Similarly, strap-on dildos such as the Double Penetrix Strap-On is made of latex and doesn’t contain any PVC.

This also applies to all of our dongs and vibrators made of PVC including old-favorites like the Jelly Fantasy vibrators, Eager Beavers, and Krystal Fantasy vibes – none of them have latex in the rubber. It is a big misconception that just because something is made of PVC, that it automatically contains latex. This is not true. This may have been the case a generation ago, but all items in our current inventory made of PVC are indeed latex-free.
If you are allergic to latex, an allergy that can develop over time with frequent exposure to the material you can use a product made of PVC with peace of mind. 

PD3925 made of Latex & contains no PVC.
FAQ: What’s that smell? Will it go away?
Items made of PVC and latex will always have an odor. It will dissipate some over time, but will never fully go away. If you’re looking for dongs that have no scent or odor whatsoever, we recommend checking our Fetish Fantasy Elite collection of 100% medical grade Elite silicone as well as our Icicles collections of glass dildos

To find more about PVC or latex-made Pipedream items email info@pipedreamproducts.com.

Pegging: The Pleasure Sensation Sweeping a Nation

Have you heard about the latest pleasure sensation that is sweeping the nation? It’s called pegging and since August is “National Anal Sex Month”, what better time than to give your secondary entrance a try?

Men are no strangers to anal sex. Some have been known to beg, barter and bribe in exchange for some time in the back door. But there is a myth that claims if you are a man on the receiving end of anal sex, you are gay. This could not be further from the truth.

Enjoying some prostate stimulation or a good pegging from your special lady friend doesn’t make you gay. There are many gay men who do not enjoy–or even pratice–anal penetration, but that doesn’t make them attracted to women.

So now that you don’t have to worry about questioning your sexuality just because you want a more powerful orgasm, let’s talk about why it feels so good, as well as suggestions for some Pipedream items that will make backdoor play even better!

The anal canal is rich with nerve endings, which makes anal sex gratifying for both sexes. Men ‘on the bottom’ of the pegging order have an added bonus: anal penetration stimulates the prostate, one of the most sensitive spots in the male body. Think of it as your male G-spot – or P-spot if you will.

If you’ve never explored your anal region before, we recommend you begin by using your fingers and try some items geared toward the P-spot beginner.

Once you’re a little more familiar with your prostate–where it is and how to stimulate it– you’re ready to try pegging. But where do you start?

Thankfully, Pipedream has a wide variety of strap-ons to appeal to every taste and tightness level, ranging from small for the first-timer, to larger 10″ and beyond for more advanced players.

Entry-level receivers need to look no further than our Beginner’s Strap-on for Him. It features a non-intimidating slim dildo that curves slightly, making it a cinch to hit the prostate just right.

If you are looking for a harness that can fit those of us with more-to-love, or is more comfortable in general, you have to try our Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal Breathable Harness. Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, making it ultra stretchy and comfortable for a wide range of body types.

Ladies, if you would like to take “ass authority” to a whole new level, you can’t go wrong with the soon-to-be-released Strap-On Mistress costume from our Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Collection. It comes with everything you need for a night of domination over your man’s rear meat: a sexy crotchless corset strap-on with garter straps, studded mask, stockings, leather flogger, a striking black dildo that will reign supreme over his retral realm. It also comes with 3 differently sized silicone rings that you can switch out.

Search for: PD4728

PDU: Pipedream University Graduate Video with Williams Trading Co.

This weekend Pipedream held its first 2-day Training Seminar at the Pipedream University (PDU) in Chatsworth, CA. The first to graduate-cum-loud was Williams Trading Company.

Williams Trading & Pipedream Crew during 1st ever PDU Seminar

Here is a video recap of the event: