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FAQ: What size bra should I buy for my mega masturbator?

RD175, RD178 & RD177 (from left to right)

Pipedream Extreme Toys currently offers 3 mega masturbators featuring realistic breasts. Now that they are rising in popularity around the world, boob & lingerie fetishists from the U.S. and beyond are writing in to us asking about bra sizing for the mega masturbators with breasts. These include RD175: Fuck Me Silly 2, RD177: Mega Fuck Slut, and RD178 Fuck My Big Fat Titties.

Here we offer more in depth measurements than ever before for all three mega masturbators and recommended bra sizing* based on a standard Victoria’s Secret 36D bra which we paired with each product.

Recommended bra-sizes

RD175: Fuck Me Silly 2 – 32C
RD177: Mega Fuck Slut – 36D
RD178: Fuck My Big Fat Titties – 36D

Many are also asking if Pipedream makes lingerie for the mega masturbators and the answer is yes, we recently released Fetish Fantasy Lingerie, and while the designs were created for living women, as you can see from recommended bra sizing above, and measurement photo gallery below, you can use bras (and lingerie) made for real women on our mega masturbators.

We will be back with another blog post with Fetish Fantasy Lingerie recommendations for our mega masturbators and a photo gallery for you lingerie enthusiasts!

* NOTE: Bra-sizing fluctuates from manufacturer to manufacturer. Above recommended bra-sizing based on Victoria’s Secret bras & measurements.